Mary Lavelle

Mary Lavelle The year is and Mary Lavelle an Irish girl leaves her family and fiance in Mellick to become a governess in Spain Little by little Mary loses her heart to the enchantment of Spain And when she

  • Title: Mary Lavelle
  • Author: Kate O'Brien
  • ISBN: 9780860684282
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Paperback
  • The year is 1922 and Mary Lavelle, an Irish girl, leaves her family and fiance in Mellick to become a governess in Spain Little by little Mary loses her heart to the enchantment of Spain And when she meets Juanito, the married son of the household, she loses her heart to him.

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      320 Kate O'Brien
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    1. Kate O'Brien

      Kathleen Mary Louise Kate O Brien, was an Irish novelist and playwright After the success of her play, Distinguished Villa in 1926, she took to full time writing and was awarded the 1931 James Tait Black Prize for her novel Without My Cloak She is best known for her 1934 novel The Ante Room, her 1941 novel The Land of Spices and the 1946 novel That Lady Many of her books dealt with issues of female sexuality with several exploring gay lesbian themes and both Mary Lavelle and The Land of Spices were banned in Ireland She also wrote travel books, or rather accounts of places and experiences, on both Ireland and Spain, a country she loved, and which features in a number of her novels She lived much of her later life in England and died in Canterbury in 1974 she is buried in Faversham Cemetery.The Glucksman Library at the University of Limerick currently holds a large collection of O Brien s personal writings In August 2005, Penguin reissued her final novel, As Music and Splendour 1958 , which had been out of print for decades The Kate O Brien weekend, which takes place in Limerick, attracts a large number of people, both academic and non academic.Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.

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    1. Wow. This was really good.The start was slow and contemplative, but then all of the doom started rushing in. It made my heart hurt. I loved the non-typical, non-romantic setting of Northern industrial Spain. All the characters say repeatedly how ugly it is, how dirty, without charm.I loved the supporting characters, the phlegmatic and understanding Don Pablo (why isn't he my friend, my father?), the cerebral uncanny Milagros, the bitter circle of other Irish 'misses', and the bitter unbending Co [...]

    2. Couldn't put this down at its final third, every twist towards the end was another brilliant revelation and the ending was like my other favourite novels- Brighton rock, gone with the wind, a farewell to arms, your totally caught up in thinking what will happen next to these brilliantly drawn characters. Loved the sketches of awful middle class irish 'ladies' misses having tea and grumbling too!

    3. 3.5Indagando nella complessa psicologia di Mary Lavelle, l’autrice dipinge il nitido ritratto di una donna coraggiosa la cui anima sensibile è divisa tra un amore impossibile e la sua forte coscienza cattolica.Intenso, passionale, tuttavia con qualche alto e basso sulla narrazione che rallenta il coinvolgimento iniziale. “Mary salì la scala per andare al piano di sopra. Ma fatti cinque o sei gradini si voltò. Anche Juanito, accanto alla porta del salone, si era fermato a guardarla, prima [...]

    4. I picked up this book despite its unattractive cover because it was a Virago Classic. Mary Lavelle goes to Spain to be the companion of three young Spanish girls and to help them improve their English. Ireland evidently has been supplying young women with no other prospects to serve in this capacity to wealthy Spanish families. Mary doesn't quite fit the profile because she is stunningly beautiful and is also engaged to be married. For her, this is a last fling before settling down.Everyone love [...]

    5. This is a wonderful bildungsroman about a young Irish woman who goes to Spain as a governess, and to get away for a time from her home and her stolid Irish fiance. She wants to learn more about the world, and works for a Spanish grandee family. The family's fathter is an aging liberal, and his son Juanito is also concerned with the reform of Spanish politics. His son is married, with a young child, and falls in love with Mary

    6. Una storia d'amore e di vita appassionante in una Spagna assolata e densa di umori, bellezza, convenzioni e trasgressioni. exlibris20102012/2

    7. I seem to be one of the few men to have read this book, at least by the evidence of the reviews on . This book was apparently banned in the thirties in Ireland when it came out, and it is only in the second half that you discover why. It is quite daring for an Irish novel published in 1936, with adultery and open discussion about same-sex attraction. - "I like you the way a man likes you."I enjoyed the novel much more than I was expecting. Mary Lavelle, a middle class Irish woman in her early tw [...]

    8. “Mary Lavelle” racconta la storia di un amore travolgente Ma è anche, la narrazione di una evoluzione femminile che registra un cambiamento interioreIl romanzo manifesta un sapore classico che ci riporta alla romantica Jane Eyre, eroina di Charlotte Brontë, sia per la professione che le accomuna, sia per quel percorso di crescita ed evoluzione che il romanzo sottende alla storia d’amore.Kate O’Brien affronta in maniera anticonvenzionale il tema dell’amore nelle sue molteplici facce. [...]

    9. Oh! This is good. Written in the 30's and banned for its single racy love scene. The ending is wonderful - leaving things to the reader's imagination without really leaving any loose ends. You know what the characters thought they would do, but are left to think about whether or not they really did and the consequences of their potential actions. Mary grows throughout the story becoming more real as the book goes on.

    10. Devo dire che questo libro è stato una piacevole sorpresa.Mi sono lasciata conquistare dalla recensione positiva di una youtuber ( Sara Cantoni) e non ho potuto non prenderlo non appena l'ho scovato in libreria. Effettivamente questo libro non ha deluso le aspettative, anzi, mi ha talmente conquistato che per me merita 5 stelle piene e sale nella lista dei miei libri preferiti di quest'anno 2017. La storia d'amore e lo stile narrativo mi ha ricordato tantissimo quello di Jane Austen; non stanca [...]

    11. I read this book awhile ago because I had seen this movie cover at the video store and was intrigued by it. This is a case where the movie is so much better than the book! I loved the movie -- so romantic, and probably because it is set in Spain and has a lot of Spanish in it with English subtitles (I think Spanish is such a romantic language!) Anyway, after loving the movie, I sought out the book hoping to read more of the plot and character development, but was left very disappointed. The stor [...]

    12. Amazing! Gorgeous piece of literature, truly a thing of fragile beauty. Effortlessly brilliant, once you read Kate O'Brien your attitude to reading and your way of looking at literature and at life will be turned upside down. I was introduced to Kate O'Brien's work in Spain and once I read one of her novels I couldn't stop until I'd read everything I could find by her. She wrote about women, and women's lives and choices at a time when literature did not really concern itself with women. She als [...]

    13. The story of a young engaged Irishwoman leaving her sheltered life in Limerick to be a governess in northern Spain and her emotional and sexual awakening. I had read this years ago and it has lost none of its beautiful descriptive power as it unfolds.

    14. I finished this in a slightly distracted state. It was good but very slow moving, and I didn't find Mary as interesting as the characters in Land of Spices. Sometimes it is slightly annoying to be reminded constantly of how beautiful a character is. But there was a very dramatic sex scene!

    15. Adored this book so much, and this genre typically isn't my favourite. The use of language is beautiful and unique. However, this review is slightly bias, as O'Brien is from my home town, where she is seldom recognised. I shall be definitely reading more of O'Brien's work.

    16. Almost tame by contemporary standards, this novel was banned in Ireland. This is the story of an Irish governess in Spain, a young woman who is content for the most part, until she experiences a sudden and life-changing awakening.

    17. You know one of the things I really like about this book? Conlan does not jump off a bridge, or otherwise perish horribly.

    18. Spain the country itself becomes a character. One can feel the heat of the Spanish summer that O'Brien describes. Prose style is so good.

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