Unbalanced From the author of the wildly successful Wolf Tales series and the DemonSlayers series comes the first short in the Demon Lovers series Addie Logan only meant to help the woman in the park certainly s

  • Title: Unbalanced
  • Author: Kate Douglas
  • ISBN: 2940013598980
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Nook
  • From the author of the wildly successful Wolf Tales series and the DemonSlayers series comes the first short in the Demon Lovers series.Addie Logan only meant to help the woman in the park certainly she didn t think she d be attacked, bitten, and then watch the woman disappear in a burst of flames After stumbling home to tend her wounds, Addie awakens later that night toFrom the author of the wildly successful Wolf Tales series and the DemonSlayers series comes the first short in the Demon Lovers series.Addie Logan only meant to help the woman in the park certainly she didn t think she d be attacked, bitten, and then watch the woman disappear in a burst of flames After stumbling home to tend her wounds, Addie awakens later that night to find two obviously inhuman but overwhelmingly gorgeous men standing above her bed Jett and Locan, black and white, the polar opposites of one another, inform Addie she s now their fulcrum, charged with keeping the two of them from killing each other while all three of them hunt demons Suddenly Addie has gone from the unemployment line to saving the world To stop Demonikus, the nastiest demon her men have ever seen, she s on the fast track of demon hunter training and, to keep the two men from killing each other, she s responsible for feeding their demon desires, in whatever way she can.

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    1. Kate Douglas

      Some people just seem to know they are meant to write, but it can still take a while to figure out exactly what their career will entail Kate Douglas started out writing radio copy for a country western radio station in 1972, wrote and illustrated an educational cartoon strip for the American Mosquito Control Association for a number of years, was a newspaper reporter for a small town weekly where she covered everything from high school sports to drug busts, and then, in the mid 1980s, decided to write her first romance Many submissions and rejections followed.In 1998, she sold to a small ebook publisher before anyone knew what an ebook was, but it wasn t until 2005, a full twenty years after finishing that first romance, that she signed with a New York publisher.In January 2006, Kensington Publishing launched their Aphrodisia imprint of erotic romance with Kate s Wolf Tales, a sexy paranormal series about a lost race of shapeshifters She went on to write 21 novels and novellas in that series, then wrote three other series for Kensington before moving to St Martin s Press.She has two series with SMP The Intimate Relations series complete with three novels and one novella of romantic suspense set in California s wine country, and an erotic paranormal series, Feral Passions, set in California s Trinity Alps.She is also continuing her Spirit Wild series, the sequel to Wolf Tales, independently.Kate and her husband of over forty five years have two adult children and six grandchildren They live in the small town of Healdsburg, California, in the heart of the beautiful Sonoma County wine country katedouglas and katedouglas eroticromance for full chapter excerpts of all of Kate s books You can find Kate on Facebook at facebook katedouglasthorpage or on Twitter wolftales

    283 thoughts on “Unbalanced”

    1. Contrary to the listed 74 page length listed for this book, it is in actuality a 13,800 word count read (when I used a word count to page count conversion program) which is just under 31 pages. The remainder of this book is a promo 'excerpt' for another book written by the author called: Dreams Unchained" As for the story/book itself. It was a fairly superficial fantasy quality story line that included mmf adult content though the m-m portion was more of a snap shot teaser without anything more. [...]

    2. Honestly, I have no idea how to even rate this, let alone review it I finally landed on rating as to its "entertainment" factor Which it totally had. This isn't quality literature or anything, but I sometimes find that sci-fi/fantasy rom can be just so wtf-awesome. The bad guys name is Demonikus! Come on in, guys, the crazysauce is fine!The story follows a girl named Addie who inadvertently gets mixed up with two demons(?). The worldbuilding is not that stellar, so I'm not sure what the point of [...]

    3. My Thoughts - 3 out of 5 unicorns - I liked it!!**Gifted to me through Netgalley request for an honest reviewI liked this story and started to really connect with Addie, Locan, & Jett, but then it ended. It was less than 50 pages long. I always struggle with connections in short stories, so I’m hoping that the rest of the stories are a continuation which will help my interest. This is definitely 18+, and there are some very R related erotic scenes that involved all 3 of them. I think anyon [...]

    4. Unbalanced is for people whoke dude on dude on lady lovin'. In any order.have a soft spot for reformed demonsn't mind complex worldbuilding.enjoy when a girl kicks ass.I liked this one, but there was a lot packed into a little story. The transition from Jett and Locan's backstory to Addie's was a bit jarring at first, but I caught up. And yes, the attraction/love happens pretty quickly. Given that Addie is their touchstone, I actually thought it worked nicely.-Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal

    5. Uneven After wolf tales and the character development I expected better. Not sure if I will be reading the next one.

    6. Quick Book. Once I sat down and devoted myself to the story I finished it in about an hour. Not a long book so it moves fast. It definitely took a turn or 2 I wasn't expecting and I am hoping reading the rest of the series will flush out more of the characters. I am so happy to see a non traditional relationship which really was exciting.

    7. Good storyIt was a good story with strong, vibrant characters. Addie wasn't perfect, her two boys weren't perfect. The demon was interesting also. However, the story ends at 57% with the rest being other works.

    8. (Originally posted at keepersbookreviews; formatting may be lost)**Actual Rating**: 1 star**Book Format**: eBookI always hate when I end up giving any book less than 3 stars. It hurts; I feel disappointed and frankly, kind of mean. Sadly, this is one of those times. I tried liking the book, I really did, but I just couldn't. It just wasn't for me. I can't really even see how someone would happen to like this book, but everyone has different tastes.Unbalanced is book one in the Demon Lover's tril [...]

    9. Addie is having a last drink with her colleagues before making her way home to nurse her upcoming hangover. She has been made redundant and has nothing to get up for. On her way home, she hears a cry for help and goes to see what she can do. What happens next is beyond her wildest imaginings and sends her spiraling into the world of demons and fulcrums. What Leah did out of duty, Addie quickly comes to do out of love and affections for 'her' demons. Will she be able to balance out Jet and Locan [...]

    10. I enjoyed Unbalanced the first in Kate Douglas’s Demon Lovers series. It was a quick read but action packed from the first word. I loved that Addie was a typical woman who needed to learn fighting skills, quick fast and in a hurry. And she had a sexy incentive, in spite of the danger, in her demons, Locan and Jett. I loved that with Addie’s advent into their lives Locan and Jett were able to start a relationship and not be a responsibility. I also loved that Addie was the bridge that allowed [...]

    11. Each of these book were really short thank goodness. I really can say I didn't enjoy them. Sorry I was asked for an honest review. It had nothing to do with the m/m/f. or m/m adult time. It was simply the way it was written, that it didn't have any emotion driving the story of the three.The characters were partially developed, it also had the convenience issue. Meaning: when a problem arose it was conveniently resolved.Time displacement was a big letdown for me as well right from the start. Goin [...]

    12. It was an interesting concept, pretty good world building, but very short. It felt like big parts of the story were missing. It was like she took a few scenes from a book and tried to make a story out of them. I couldn't care about the characters because I didn't know them. I couldn't feel their love develop, because I wasn't there to see it. It had great potential if it was fleshed out more.

    13. So the story was short. Thought it would be a little longer. But I did like it though I wish there was more fighting or something. Lets see, she has sex with them after they start to lose control and try to help them out then it comes to light that the guys have been wanting to sex each other up for a long time lol though I'm not against guy on guy but it just wasn't my cup of tea. I do like they have their differences aside so I hope it will help them focus more on battles and less trying to ki [...]

    14. I was uncertain what to expect when I saw this title on for the kindle. Not one to back down from a possible good read, I went ahead and got it. I am happy to say I am not disappointed. This book is yet another that symbolizes the relationship I have with my two men. The men that love me and ask only for my love in return. While these three in the book must work together to hunt real demons and stop them from wreaking havoc, mine and I constantly battle our own demons. It was intense to see suc [...]

    15. I read the box set and this review will be based on the series as a whole. I enjoyed the first part of this series and of course the sex scenes were HOT!! The writing was good, but in the middle of this series I would have liked a little more creativity. The fact that video game characters come to life just left me feeling dumb. I didn't enjoy that part. Now, the last book was okay. HOT HOT hell hound was a good twist. Didn't mind that one. I always enjoy a good plot. Execution is always a must [...]

    16. This book was a bit of a let down first the pages it was only about 30 when it said 74 it was too quick. I liked the idea of it. Addie Logan has had a bad day first she is laid off work, then walking home from a bar she hears a women calling for help when she attempts to help her the woman Leah bits her giving her a gift or a curse. Addie is having a weird dream or so she thinks when two sexy demon hunter show up in her apartment. This would have gotten a higher rating if it was longer the book [...]

    17. AWESOME! A very good start to what I hope will be a long series of Demon Lovers! Was a very quick and easy read. Took me about an hour to read it. The characters in this story were instantly loveable. Even they they were "new," due to Mrs. Douglas's writing, you felt as if you instantly knew them. As this book was released only today, I won't go into any more detail. Don't want to spoil it for others. If you are a Kate Douglas fan, or are new to her story telling, please check this one out! WELL [...]

    18. Review for all the books. My favorite character doesn't apear until the fourth book. His name is Azrael and he is the dog. It felt as if he added what was needed to the trio. Ukopach is in my mind really cute and sweet.If you don't like M/F, M/M and M/F/M scenes don't read these books. What I like is the fact that the people on the cover look like the characters in the book. There isn't much of a character development but we are talking about 5 short stories. Also Addie, Jett and Locan have alre [...]

    19. It has potential, but to be honest the book is way too short, there's very little description and there's no build up. Addie's not a willowy damsel which is great but aside from demon slaying and sexing a couple of men where is her characterization? She goes from mild mannered office chick to demon slayer in less than a week?The story read as if he needs a major overhaul add some tension, let me understand all of the characters. You can still have the sex, just give me some real emotions behind [...]

    20. I enjoyed this first book of the Series. Here we are first introduced to Locan & Jett, two demons turned good and can only remain good with a Fulcrum. Addie has been chosen after helping a complete stranger in the park late one night. There seems to be a slow attraction between the three of them, but it soon starts to build. Their bond with one another grows each day and they finally feel like a team after they have extinguished their and their kinds threat. A good quick read. Thanks to Netg [...]

    21. Free on Kindle right now! Dear friend and one of my favorite authors! Unbalanced (Demon Lovers) by Kate Douglas, Paranormal Romance Female/Male/Maleamazon/Unbalanced-DemoMore great characters for the imaginative Kate Douglas. I love that you don't overpay for Douglas' short story. I hope to see more from her with this new world. This one wickedly hot and the premise was very original. Great job Kate!!!!!!

    22. I feel like if this book hadn't been so short and there was some actually character building it would have been great. But it wasn't. And the sex was a little dull. It was so fast paced that the writing lacked and I didn't feel it when she felt that she loved them (after one day of knowing them). I think if it was made and written to be an actually book with detail and character building I would have liked it a lot more. 2.5 overall, but Ill round up to 3.

    23. This was a short story about a woman that gets bitten by a dying women which passes her gift to the woman Addie. Jett and Locan are demons opposite in looks and without there anchor will end up fighting each other instead of the bad guys. Well for a short free story it wasn't bad. Would actually be better if longer and more detailed. I enjoyed the chemistry between the males and that Addie understood what it was that they really needed.

    24. I sooo wanted to enjoy it its kinda like that carrot that hangs in-front of the donkey the human thinks the donkey is stupid enough to follow the carrot, and some doI'm not a donkey. The story idea was great and I thought the MMF was an interesting twist, but apart from that there's not much to like.It needs a rewrite and it needs painting and emotion .other that insta love. I'll keep a eye out for more books by Kate. I think she has potential.

    25. this book was great talk about steamy hottnes could not put the book down till I finished it and had a hard time waiting to read the next I got all 5books that were available made my self wait till the next night to readif the next 4 books are like the first I will be looking for more from her

    26. Not bad for a short. Everything happened quickly in this story. I am a fan of all things paranormal so the whole idea of two demon hunters once bad were thrust together in order to fight other evil demons and having a woman to balance them both so that they don't kill each other was different. I am interested to see where Kate goes with the story.*ARC provided by publisher

    27. I got this book to review in a box set and found myself thinking it would be interesting. Instead I was left bored. Completely bored. It was very scattered as far as the story went and the scenes weren't even that hot. I didn't feel like it was that erotic even. Overall super disappointed and it was not for me.

    28. How Addie met Locan and Jetta very interesting short story. I bought the bundle but I'm doing the reviews individually to keep track of everything. And I must say who wouldn't want to do a little demon fighting if the trade off was 2 sexy guys who you had to keep satisfied. Can't wait to read what's next for this trio

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