The Wings of Morning

The Wings of Morning Lovers of Amish fiction will quickly sign on as fans of award winning author Murray Pura as they keep turning the pages of this exciting new historical romance set in during America s participati

  • Title: The Wings of Morning
  • Author: Murray Pura
  • ISBN: 9780736948777
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lovers of Amish fiction will quickly sign on as fans of award winning author Murray Pura as they keep turning the pages of this exciting new historical romance set in 1917 during America s participation in World War I.Jude Whetstone and Lyyndaya Kurtz, whose families are converts to the Amish faith, are slowly falling in love Jude has also fallen in love with flying thatLovers of Amish fiction will quickly sign on as fans of award winning author Murray Pura as they keep turning the pages of this exciting new historical romance set in 1917 during America s participation in World War I.Jude Whetstone and Lyyndaya Kurtz, whose families are converts to the Amish faith, are slowly falling in love Jude has also fallen in love with flying that new fangled invention, the aeroplane.The Amish communities have rejected the telephone and have forbidden motorcar ownership but not yet electricity or aeroplanes.Though exempt from military service on religious grounds, Jude is manipulated by unscrupulous army officers into enlisting in order to protect several Amish men No one in the community understands Jude s sudden enlistment and so he is shunned Lyyndaya s despair deepens at the reports that Jude has been shot down in France In her grief, she turns to nursing Spanish flu victims in Philadelphia After many months of caring for stricken soldiers, Lyyndaya is stunned when an emaciated Jude turns up in her ward.Lyyndaya s joy at receiving Jude back from the dead is quickly diminished when the Amish leadership insist the shunning remain in force How then can they marry without the blessing of their families Will happiness elude them forever Welcome a powerful new voice to the world of Amish fiction

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    1. Murray Pura

      Murray Pura was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, just north of the Dakotas and Minnesota His first novel was released in Toronto in 1988 and was a finalist for the Dartmouth Book Award Since that time he has published ten novels, two collections of short stories, and several nonfiction titles including the Zondervan books Rooted and Streams and the Baker devotional Majestic Wild He has been a finalist for several awards in the US and Canada and in 2012 won the Word Award of Toronto for Best Historical Novel Murray lives and writes in southwestern Alberta and is currently published by Barbour, Baker, Harper One, Zondervan, and Harvest House as well as several other publishing houses he works with publishers in Canada, America, the UK, and Holland His releases for 2013 include the novels Ashton Park, The Rose of Lancaster County, A Road Called Love, Seven Oaks, The Painted Sky, Whispers of a New Dawn, Beneath the Dover Sky, The Name of the Hawk, and An Amish Family Christmas His diverse writing spans many genres including historical fiction, contemporary fiction, literary fiction, romance, adventure, western, suspense, fantasy, Amish, and inspirational Most of his work is available in ebook format for Kindle, Kobo, and Nook as well as in paperback Also write under the name Murray Andrew Pura

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    1. Besides the fact that I simply adore Murray Pura as a colleague and now friend, this was the first of his books that I have read. After reading this one, I can assure everyone that ALL of his books will adorn my bookshelves! I will read all of his Amish books. There were two unique things that set this apart from other Amish books that I have read. First, the setting is in the past. Murray Pura is quite the historian and I love books that provide detailed insight into history. He is a masterful [...]

    2. An exciting and inspirational romance, though I was shocked to discover that the author was male.(Did anyone else think of Disney Channel star Zendaya while reading Lyyndaya's name? I definitely did; then again, I'm a big fan of the Mouse network.)

    3. Title: THE WINGS OF MORNINGAuthor: Murray PuraPublisher: Harvest House PublishersFebruary 2012ISBN: 978-0-7369-4877-7Genre: Inspirational/historical/AmishLynndaya Kurtz is working in her garden when an aeroplane flies overhead and then lands in the hayfield. She and everyone else in the community run out there to meet the pilot, who turns out to be Lyyndaya’s friend, Jude Whetstone. Jude takes the bishop up first, then Lynndaya, flying upside down and everything at Lynndaya’s demands. The co [...]

    4. GENRE: HISTORICAL/AMISH/ROMANCEPUBLISHER: HARVEST HOUSEPUBLICATION DATE: FEBRUARY 01, 2012RATING: 5 OUT OF 5 – NEAR PERFECTPROS: Well-researched historical detail; encouraging presentation of the Amish; gets the reader emotionally invested in the storyCONS: None!It is 1917 and the Amish have not yet decided whether to ban the flying machines that are taking the country by storm. While they abhor the use of them as a weapon of war across on the frontlines of France, Jude Whetstone has been allo [...]

    5. Murray Pura has found a new fan across the ocean! After reading The Face of Heaven I can’t get enough of his writing. So, The Wings of Morning was the next of Pura’s books that I’ve read – and certainly not my last! From the first page I was hooked and I knew this was going to be another awesome book.It’s 1917 and the Amish have not yet made a decision on aeroplanes. Jude Whetstone is a convert of the Lapp Amish community. He loves the aeroplanes and took lessons to fly. Some people of [...]

    6. Those who know me know that I am not usually a fan of Amish fiction. For some reason or other they've never really appealed to me. . .I think they're just no my style.However, I LOVE historical fiction. So when my sister randomly pulled it out of a shelf at our church library, the front cover and description seemed interesting enough that I thought I'd give it a try.I'm so glad I did! This was totally unlike all the other Amish books I've tried over the years. While there was some romance, it wa [...]

    7. Refreshingly unique, and well done.The one thing that really caught my eye about thia book was how different the premise was from other Amish books. And I loved every minute of it! Slightly reminding me of Gilbert Morris, Mr. Pura wove an engaging story about a young man full of honor and a commitment to doing his duty. We need more heroes like that! A book that made me smile and sigh, hoping that somehow the truth would come out, though non of the problems were caused by the lips of the main ch [...]

    8. It is 1917, and the Amish have not yet decided whether or not to ban the areoplane, which is taking the country by storm, (they have also not decided on cars or electricity at this time.) While they are not allowed to use them in war, Jude Whetstone is allowed to take flying lessons in Philadelphia, and members of his Amish community are amazed at the tricks he can in his plane. Jude intends to keep flying as long he can before it is banned.He is courting Lyyndaya Kurtz, whose parents don't appr [...]

    9. Murray Pura had me from the moment the plane came out of the sky to land in an Amish farm field! Pura’s characters are believable and real. The plot is well thought and makes you think ‘this may not be fiction’.It’s 1917, and the Amish have not decided to reject planes and pilots, Jude is able to fly and he does. unfortunately he flies too well and is soon imprisoned at an Army base along with other ‘conscientious objectors’ from his home in Paradise PA.All he wants is to do is serve [...]

    10. This is an Amish romance story, and nothing like any you have ever read before! The story is set beginning in 1917 and includes WWI and the Spanish Flu epidemic.Lyyndaya Kurtz's family and the fellow she has eyes for Jude Whetstone's family are both converts to the Lapp Amishry unusual. Again another unusual feature is Jude flying aeroplanes! When it is discovered what a great pilot he is, I can't stand what happens! I want to believe that these things happen in another Country, but not here nai [...]

    11. Minor glitches in the early flying scenes had me wondering if I should finish reading this book. I'm so glad I kept going! I learned so much - that the Amish once used telephones, that each new invention was met with soul-searching and not just immediate condemnation. And that many in this country condemned the Amish position against war and persecuted them for it - an ugly chapter in US history. The conflict built steadily to an amazing resolution that had me in tears. As pilots say, Attaboy, M [...]

    12. If you live in the Amish world you must learn to give up certain conveniences of the world, electricity, cars and modern technology. However in the small Amish town of Paradise, the subject of flight is still up for debate. So while it is not yet banned, Jude Whetstone continues to pilot his Curtis JN-4, the Jenny as he affectionately refers to it to the amazement of the residents below. But his heart belongs to more than the sky, it belongs to Lyyndaya Kurtz. "If God had meant for us to fly, Ma [...]

    13. The Whetstone and Kurtz families both joined the Amish about 10 years ago and during that time Jude Whetstone and and Lyyndaya Kurtz started falling in love. Jude also fell in love with aeroplanes and since they were new the church had not decided whether to ban the use of them so they allowed Jude to take flying lessons. He even gave every Amish member a ride that wanted one but when he took Lyyndaya up she asked him to do barrell rolls, dives and fly as fast as he could, she fell in love with [...]

    14. Lyyndaya Kurtz and her family became Amish and were living with the Lapp Amish settlement for 10 years. Jude Whetstone and his family had done the same. Jude and Lyyndaya were friends from day one. Now older and ready to court, Jude and Lynndaya were attracted to each other.Jude loved flying and could do maneuvers like no other. It was 1917 and the Amish had yet to decide if aeroplanes should be allowed or not. It was also the beginning of WW1. The US Military found out about Jude's extraordinar [...]

    15. Amish beauty Lyyndaya Kurtz is in love with Jude Whetstone, the blacksmith’s son. Trouble is, Jude has taken a shine to the new invention the flying machine. The year is 1917, the location the Lapp Colony of Paradise, Pennsylvania in Murray Pura’s The Wings of Morning. It is the first book in the “Snapshots In History” series which sets out to “…tell compelling romantic stories about faith-filled men and women caught up in the high drama of past historical events the Civil War, Pearl [...]

    16. **I received this book from Harvest House Publishers through NetGalley. I am not required to give a positive review, just an honest one. This review is posted on , , and my personal blog: nickswifey09** According to :Lovers of Amish fiction will quickly sign on as fans of award-winning author Murray Pura as they keep turning the pages of this exciting new historical romance set in 1917 during America's participation in World War I.Jude Whetstone and Lyyndaya Kurtz, whose families are converts to [...]

    17. Lyyndy Kurtz and Jude Whetstone had known each other from the time they were young. When he learned to fly Lyyndy was excited and asked for a ride into the blue sky. Others in their community of Amish folk were hesitant but watched in awe as Jude and Lyyndy flew higher and higher and then did some stunt flying. Bishop Zook was interested in Jude's skills as a pilot, an unusual hobby for an Amish blacksmith. Others had also noticed Jude as he gave a show to the community at picnics. Then a group [...]

    18. First time to read one of Murray Pura books but It won't be the last, he writes a wonderful historical romance that keeps you turning the pages to see what will happen next. If I take the Wings of the Morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea even there shall thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold mePsalm 139:9-10"The Wings of Morning" by Murray PuraThis is the story of Jude Whetstone who found he loved to fly aeroplanes at the time when there was much controversy if Amish sh [...]

    19. This is not your typical Amish love story book! I loved this book! Why? Because I had to keep turning pages to see what happened next and there was always something happening! I was never a fan of books with a war theme but this book was totally different.Jude Whetstone and his family are converts to the Amish faith and have been part of the faith for about 10 years. He has fallen in love with two things - Lyyndaya Kurtz, also an Amish convert, and the aeroplane. His love of flying gets him in a [...]

    20. One of my favorite genres to read in between a good Christian historical and a young adult paranormal is an Amish fiction! Amish fiction is unlike any other genre and I just love reading about their ways of life even if I don't really understand it! This is my first time reading anything by Murray Pura and I was impressed by the attention to historical detail in this Amish fiction.Both Jude Whetstone and Lyyndaya Kurtz are from families that have recently converted over to the Amish faith and no [...]

    21. THE WINGS OF MORNING by Murray Pura is a wonderful christian historical fiction set in 1917 America and France. The first in the “Snapshots in History” series. An Amish story with a twist. Young Lyyndaya Klutz and Jude Whetstone are young,Amish, and falling in love but war may get in their way. As these two young Amish people are separated by faith,war, and the Amish community. They must deal with a shunning,misunderstanding,persecution in America,faith,the new invention the “aeroplane”. [...]

    22. The Wings of Morning was an awesome and quick read – after the first chapter anyway – as I had a hard time thinking of the Amish actually allowing one of their own to fly a plane but since it’s set in the early 1900′s I guess it’s possible. It isn’t your typical Amish book either with the lovey dovey romance stuff, and with the twist of military enlistment it makes for a story full of twists and turns and true love. Since the main characters can’t actually write or be with other, t [...]

    23. I enjoyed "The Wings of Morning" by Murray Pura very much. It is about Jude, an Amish pilot during World War I who agrees to fly for America in order to save his friends even though it means he will be shunned. Lyyndaya and Jude develop a friendship which leads to a romance but their letters must remain at the post office because of the shunning. This is the best Amish romance I've read because it didn't poke along and the main character was male instead of female. I liked the description of the [...]

    24. If you like historical fiction, and you love a good romance, this is your book! Author Murray Pura tells a beautiful love story, set during the first World War. This story is unique, however, in that it is told from the perspective of an Amish community in Pennsylvania. I had never imagined what it must have been like for the Amish at this time in history, the persecution they must have faced for their stand against fighting in war, and the fact that they spoke German, when the enemy at that tim [...]

    25. The Wings of Morning was a very good read and I can't believe how much I enjoyed it. I'm not a huge Amish fiction reader, so this wasn't a book I was excited about going in, but the story was so touching and I found it enjoyable from the beginning. I loved the characters, setting, and plot. It was really interesting to read about an Amish man who went to war in order to save his friends and then while in war tried to stay true to his Amish faith.All in all, a good read. *I received this book for [...]

    26. What A Fascinating Read!The Wings of Morning is the first book I have read by Murray Pura. How exciting it was for me to read about the Amish from a different perspective. The main characters Jude Whetstone and Lyyndaya Kurtz will capture your heart. Both will have their faith challenged. Will Jude be able to stay true to his faith and still be involved in war? Will Lyyndaya be able to walk away from her Amish roots if necessary?This story really played with my emotions. There were times when I [...]

    27. Great story!! In the first part of the book, I found the persecution that the Amish men had to endure because of their exemption from the draft on religious grounds a bit disturbing, but it all turned out all right in the end. The way in which Jude handled his role in World War I was incredible. I have no doubt but that there was some truth in the persecution of Amish men, as well as other religious groups, that were exempted from the draft for religious reasons. I only hope that such persecutio [...]

    28. Most Amish fiction is set in modern day America but this one was set during World War I - not even a common time for historical fiction in general. I enjoyed learning about a time in history of which not much is written or at least I've not read. The Amish are dealing with the new airplane and what will the Church decide about its use. I never had thought about the fact that the Amish had these modern technologies come upon them slowly and with each, had to make faith decisions. Surprisingly the [...]

    29. The Wings of Morning is a very good book that can be enjoyed by several people in your home or reading group. The story opens a window in time that is popular in literature today. This story addresses the new technology of flight as it blends with the philosophy of Amish and other plain people. To go further, these pacifist people are drawn to serve their country during a traumatic time in our history. Murray Pura is an excellent author. My husband and I both enjoyed the book and our house guest [...]

    30. When my friend Jeane Wynn recommended I read this book, I resisted because there have been SO many Amish books crossing my desk recently. But Jude and Lyyndaya captured my heart. Also, I had not idea how much persecution the Amish and other religious groups suffered during the wars. I interviewed Mr. Pura and he was delightful but not as delightful as this book!

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