The Tears of Elios

The Tears of Elios Shape shifters Rule Don t let the humans know you still exist Rule If a human finds out about you silence them Some rules were meant to be brokenRanealya ruthlessly plays by the rules and has out

  • Title: The Tears of Elios
  • Author: C.A. McHugh
  • ISBN: 9781466349582
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Paperback
  • Shape shifters Rule 1 Don t let the humans know you still exist.Rule 2 If a human finds out about you, silence them.Some rules were meant to be brokenRanealya ruthlessly plays by the rules and has outlived most of her race because of it If she wants to survive, she ll have to stick to them, especially with a genocidal tyrant hell bent on destroying all the non humShape shifters Rule 1 Don t let the humans know you still exist.Rule 2 If a human finds out about you, silence them.Some rules were meant to be brokenRanealya ruthlessly plays by the rules and has outlived most of her race because of it If she wants to survive, she ll have to stick to them, especially with a genocidal tyrant hell bent on destroying all the non humans in the realm But everything falls apart when a human saves her life.Gregor knows he s inviting trouble when he helps a wounded shape shifter, but he can t pass up the opportunity to study one before they become extinct She disturbs the quiet order of his scholarly existence, vexes him in ways than he can count, and encourages him to break enough of the kingdom s laws so that not even being the king s cousin will save his head The problem is, he s already lost his heart.

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      C.A. McHugh Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Tears of Elios book, this is one of the most wanted C.A. McHugh author readers around the world.

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    1. Wow, this was great fantasy romance tale with a medieval feel. Mages, elves, shape-shifters, dragons, griffins, fairies and humans battle again a powerful king and his evil empire set on their annihilation. A perfect read for young adults as the steam level is mild (kisses only). The Tears of Elios is a compelling and highly imaginative fantasy story with two romances. The story switches back and forth between Galen's story, a high elf commander, and Ranealya, sister to Galen and a shape-shifter [...]

    2. Final rating: between 3.5/5 starsThe Tears of Elios is the first book I have read by this author and as much as I liked it, this book had some flaws, one of them being an enemy which was not developed enough and some plot holes here and there (thankfully, the main ones have been addressed inA Thread of Magic, as well as the missing epilogue). The world building was interesting and it was a good mix of elves, mages, shape shifters and humans, but i would have appreciated more details about the cu [...]

    3. When Gregor finds a wounded shape shifter in a nearby cave he finds himself wanting to help her. He takes her in, in part to learn about her species, even though it would be certain death if the King was to find out that a human was helping one of the other species in the kingdom. Ranealya, one of the last shape shifters, has an extremely hard time trusting anyone. When Gregor heals her with his magic instead of killing her and allows her to stay with him while she heals, she finds herself truly [...]

    4. The Tears of Elois by award winning Fantasy and Paranormal author, Crista McHugh.Before I begin this review, I want to state clearly in accordance with the FTC’s new rules that I received an Advanced Readers Copy of this directly from the author in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation or consideration has been given.Shape Shifters have two rules: Rule #1 is Don’t let the humans know you exist. Rule #2 is If a human finds out about you, silence them.Ranealya is a shape-shifter [...]

    5. (4.5 stars--not quite perfect, but very close)This book hits the middle road between the Romance and Fantasy genres perfectly, and as a result, it is the first book in the Romance genre that I've truly enjoyed start to finish (maybe minus a few awkward overly romantic moments, but I suppose it wouldn't be a Romance without those, and they didn't drag on or consume the novel). Crista McHugh starts off with a basic Tolkien-inspired fantasy world (elves, dwarfs, goblins, men), throws in a hodge-pod [...]

    6. I got this book because the reviews were so favorable, but after reading a little over a third of it I have come to the conclusion that they must either:a) All be friends, relatives, or in her critique group orb) Not be have anything better to read.There are some books I can't make myself put down, this was one I just couldn't make myself pick up again. The main character was unlikable and weak and there was no reason I could find to care for her. I was bored by the writing and indifferent to th [...]

    7. It took a while for this book to take off for me (about 80-100 pages) but once I got to that point, it was really good. I really liked the parallel story lines and how they eventually crossed. I liked how all of the characters grew throughout the novel, but in a natural way that didn't seem fake or rushed. This was my first Crista McHugh book and I will definitely read another.

    8. Tough, tender, no false posturing among or between the characters, just damn good storytelling. Realistic responses and relationships that develop along unconventional lines. I loved these characters with all their flaws and faults and they do dumb stuff that people do, but rise above it anyway. Some pretty hot scenes too.

    9. ~* 3.5 Stars *~An Ambitious and Expansive DebutThe Elgean kingdom is ruled by a tyrannical king intent on racial cleansing, but non-human races and their human sympathizers have formed a unique alliance, a gathered in a Resistance against the genocide. As Elgean forces are set to march against the Resistance, four people will rise up for the cause, going above and beyond to secure the freedom of all.A shape-shifter named Ranealya breaks every one of her own rules for a human who showed her unusu [...]

    10. 4.5 stars -- wow, this book surprised me with how much I loved it! In the end, that's why I rounded up, it was just such a pleasant bolt out of the blue.I'm not a huge reader of fantasy, I tend to gravitate more towards paranormal or contemporary novels. It's kind of funny, b/c since I don't read much fantasy, many of the races and their descriptions reminded me of Lord of the Rings (which I have not read, just judging from the movie)but then again, some say Tolkein was the father of fantasy eh? [...]

    11. Some Thoughts on The Tears of Elios:You’re first introduced to Ranealya, a very primal shape shifter, focused solely on her own survival. When she meets Gregor, a quirky and introverted mage, everything begins to change and Ranealya finds she is conflicted about humans and her purpose. Through all of the supporting characters you’ll learn about the trouble that’s plaguing the land of Elgean, forcing non-humans and humans alike to form a resistance in an effort to save themselves from a mad [...]

    12. The first thing that came to mind upon finishing this book is " Holy Crap! Is that it?!" I did not want this book to end. It was such a riveting read that I read it in a day, not to say the book is short, simply put it grabs you by the boot straps so to speak and hauls you into the story until you are helpless but to keep turning the page until you find out what happens.It was the ending that completely threw me, while I applaud it, I still want to know what happened to a certain group. I am hop [...]

    13. I received this wonderful story from the giveaway and couldn't have been happier! I really loved the cover art, that is what drew my eye and I fell in love with the characters! I really couldn't put it down and had to find out what happened next. I do wish there weren't so many typos or misspellings because that was quite distracting and it took away from the story but I can't wait to read more of the story in the next book! I enjoyed seeing the different character relationship dynamics come to [...]

    14. Tears of Elios had a well-defined fantasy world and a double-punch of two romances in one that kept me turning the pages late into the night.At first I was not sure how I would feel following the two romances, but both were very compelling and wove together brilliantly. Every step through the story I was able to see my surroundings and I felt strongly about the four main characters and cared about what happened to them.The roughness of Ranealya's personality was softened by the reading of the pa [...]

    15. the-book-diariesIf you like Lord of the Rings then definitely give this a try. I really enjoyed this book. It tells the story from more than one character and there is a lot going on but Crista makes it work without becoming confusing. I normally don't like stories where it shares points of view from more than one person but I did like this. It has love, adventure, sorrow, everything that should be in a book. I would definitely recommend this book.

    16. I finished this book in three days; not because it was short or an easy read, but because it was that engaging. From the very first paragraph I was hooked! This story is beautiful. The characters are complete and full of life. You will love one character, hate another, empathize with a third, and wish death on a fourth. I highly recommend for anyone who enjoys a romantic read in a vortex of creativity. Great job Crista!

    17. First off, did anybody dislike Galen because he wouldn't help Kira on the horse? Like how do you fall in love with a guy who won't even help you on a horse?Other than that, this was a very good story. Loved Ranaelya and Gregor. Their conflict was so intense, I loved every second I was reading about them. McHugh's ability to craft interesting characters kept me reading even though there were a lot of moments in the story I was confused or left thinking duh!

    18. I can see me reading the rest of this series. The characters are realistic and wonderfully written. The predicament is very well realized and the author has given me a passion to see the success of the people. The writing has given me a very vivid picture of the world in which these characters inhabit, and I have a great love for some characters and a massive distrust for others. They are still living in my head a month and many books later.

    19. i thought it was really good i cant believe how good the ending was awww so cool. but i knew where the story line was going, who thinks books are so predictable becaus eyou know they are going to either kill or defeat the bad guy kinds boring sometimes but hey i want to read it again. i wasnt expecting the part with the faeries that was interesting.

    20. This book was really good. When I got to the end, I was kind of sad that the next book isn't out yet. I was so excited to pick it up and see what happened with that lovely cliffhangerThis was a great fantasy book with a great romance novel sprinkled in.

    21. Fantastic. All I can say is read it! All species, elves, humans, fairies coming together to defeat the evil king trying to wipe them out. I loved it, bring on the next one!

    22. I enjoyed it, although it was a bit short for my taste, I read it in one day. Good characters and imaginative storyline. Fantasy-fiction with a trace of light romance.

    23. I couldn't bring myself to finish this book - I am surprised by the good reviews. Maybe it's a young adult book that snuck by me - it happens sometimes. If it was written for a young audience, I can maybe understand it but for me, it was awful. I pushed through for a while, trying to give it a chance to get better and ignore the inconsistencies but after an elf expressed amazement at a human making a light ball so she could see in a cave then afterwards performing a TELEPORTATION spell to take t [...]

    24. Ummmere is a continuation of this story right?? This cant possibly be the end! Im left with so many unanswered questions. Not just about Gregor and Ranaelya but about Galen an Kira as well. Their stories of forbidden but destined love gives hope to the hopeless. What becomes of Elgeus and the resistance? So many questions. But i enjoyed every page of this story.

    25. Like two storylines in one book Loved, thoroughly enjoyed the storylines, adventurous, true love found, and new friendships formed throughout chaotic times. Hats off to Christa🤠Thank you once again for another clean and enjoyable read.

    26. The editing was horrid.Apparently, Gregor got up from his desk--within a cave that he stumbled upon. Did he really find her fur covered breasts attractive? When was the last time he saw a naked woman? Uhah, about that. I found this line of writing to be borderline bestiality. And I also found it hard to accept that a man who had never seen a shapeshifter, would have found her feminine form, covered in fur, attractive at all. I would have accepted it a little better had the structure of their rel [...]

    27. Originally Reviewed for Tea and BookI can't help myself, If Crista McHugh writes it I am going to read it. Fortunately for me, so far it has been one heck of a ride. With each book telling a wonderful story. Tears of Elios is book one of her Elgian Chronicles Series and it was absolutely fantastic. Admittedly it had a slow start as Crista was creating her world and introducing the evil within. But she quickly told us a story with layers and depth. Intriguing characters and a war to be fought. Ba [...]

    28. The idea behind this book is interesting but I found the timeline to be too aggressive which stunted character development and made the romance portion (which really this is a fantasy romance with some fantasy adventure - which I was hoping for the reverse) feel forced and unnatural. I don't mind romance, I just prefer it to make sense and not just be "because".There are also races in the story that aren't really explained, like what are highmounts besides humans who I guess are similar to long [...]

    29. A fantasy romance.A journey to find all seven artifacts, the Tears of Elios. We have our human mages, Tyrrus and his apprentice, Kira and then there's Gregor.Tyrrus is a Master mage, who in my opinion is a bit full of himself. Kira is his innocent apprentice who seems a little insecure and oblivious to the power she already possesses. Gregor is known for his thirst for knowledge and for his solitude, but he has his reasons, of course.Our high elves are Galen and Jaius.Galen seems to be the leade [...]

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