A Simple Murder

A Simple Murder Five years ago while William Rees was still recovering from his stint as a Revolutionary War soldier his beloved wife died Devastated Will Rees left his son David in his sister s care fled his M

  • Title: A Simple Murder
  • Author: Eleanor Kuhns
  • ISBN: 9781250005533
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Five years ago, while William Rees was still recovering from his stint as a Revolutionary War soldier, his beloved wife died Devastated, Will Rees left his son, David, in his sister s care, fled his Maine farm, and struck out for a tough but emotionally empty life as a traveling weaver Now, upon returning unexpectedly to his farm, Rees discovers that David has been treatFive years ago, while William Rees was still recovering from his stint as a Revolutionary War soldier, his beloved wife died Devastated, Will Rees left his son, David, in his sister s care, fled his Maine farm, and struck out for a tough but emotionally empty life as a traveling weaver Now, upon returning unexpectedly to his farm, Rees discovers that David has been treated like a serf for years and finally ran away to join a secluded religious sect the Shakers.Overwhelmed by guilt and hoping to reconcile with his son, Rees immediately follows David to the Shaker community But when a young Shaker woman is brutally murdered shortly after Rees s arrival, Rees finds himself launched into a complicated investigation where the bodies keep multiplying, a tangled web of family connections casts suspicion on everyone, and the beautiful woman on the edge of the Shaker community might be hiding troubling ties to the victims It quickly becomes clear that in solving Sister Chastity s murder, Rees may well expose some of the Shaker community s darkest secrets, not to mention endanger his own life.An atmospheric portrait of a compelling time in American history, A Simple Murder is an outstanding debut from Eleanor Kuhns, Minotaur Books Mystery Writers of America s 2011 First Crime Novel Competition Winner.

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      Eleanor is a lifelong librarian She wrote her first story at the age of ten and hasn t stopped since She lives with her husband and dog in New York State.

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    1. 3.75 starsGreat beginning to a series. This book is followed up with Death of a Dyer. In this book you meet Will Rees. His profession is a weaver - who carries his own loom with him - but he also is very good at solving crimes. In A Simple Murder we not only get his life's background but also find him tracking down multiple murders in a Shaker community. In addition, it is in this Shaker community that Will tracks down his son, one he left in the care of his sister, when he started running from [...]

    2. Eleanor Kuhns certainly knows how to write and research a story, with both the setting and the time period integral to the tale. Will Rees is a flawed hero readers can enjoy, and he has enough sense of purpose to get the job done when obstacles begin to build around him.The details and description proved plentiful throughout the novel, and the characters were by no means one-dimensional, but something was missing throughout most of the first half of this novel. It might have to do with the slow [...]

    3. I found A Simple Murder disappointing. Traveling weaver, Will Rhees, comes home to find his 14 year old son David has run away. David's Aunt and Uncle have usurped David's rights on the farm and made him into a hired hand. David, tired of the mistreatment and abandonment by his father, has gone to live with the Shakers. Will travels in haste to the Shaker settlement to reclaim his wayward son only to be immersed in the solving of a murder of one of the sisters.What could have been a wonderfully [...]

    4. I have always had a thing for the Shakers. Mother Ann Lee, the founder of the sect, fascinates me, her rich blend of feminism and traditional approach to relations between the sexes especially. She contained so many contradictions! So when I heard of a series of historical murder mysteries set in a Shaker context, I was eager to dive in.I think Eleanor Kuhns is a competent writer, and I may read on in the series to see if she goes deeper into the Shaker mind-set. This first book in the series, h [...]

    5. I picked this book up as an advance reader copy because I love historical mysteries and this was a time period that hasn't been done 1000 times. That said, I was rather disappointed overall and felt like it read very much like a first novel--not at all like an award winning mystery.My concerns/problems with the plot:The main character was a man, but most of his reactions and thought patterns read like a woman. I hadn't noticed there was a female author until in frustration I checked to confirm w [...]

    6. I really liked this book! I'm a big fan of mysteries and historical fiction, so this book had both aspects of the things I enjoy.This book is set around the year 1795 and focuses on the main character William Rees. William is a weaver by trade and travels all over the countryside to work. After his wife passed away, he let his sister and brother-in-law live at his farm in return for caring for his 13 year old son. He came home a bit earlier than expected and found out that his son, David, had ru [...]

    7. Will Rees, is a traveling weaver during the late 1700's. As he moves about taking in the spun thread of various women to weave into cloth he also solves crimes which he seems to have a knack for doing. During this story he visits a Shaker Village to see his son who has run away from his aunt and uncle to join the Shakers. Will learns that David was not treated well and pretty much ousted from the farm that would be his one day. Will also learns that a murder has occurred in the Village and is as [...]

    8. I was drawn to this book initially as I love historical fiction, and I usually stay right around the Victorian period, but i decided to stray a bit and delve into the Amish community. This is the first book about the Amish/Shakers I have ever read, but I found it interesting. It kept my attention, but not in a 'counldn't put it down type of way'. I would take long breaks beofre picking it back up, I found it off putting, though I couldn't put my finger on exactly why. As the story progressed, I [...]

    9. A simple Muder is based on a historical group called the "Shakers" whom were a religious, exsclusive and secluded group. Willam Rees return from serving six years in the continental army takes a rough turn. Rees realizes that his fourteen year old son has run away due to emtional neglect he had recieved from his temporary adult supervisors. Ree is furious and sets out to find his son, who has joined the Shakers, and has yet to sign the covenant. Willam is immediately rejected by his son, when th [...]

    10. Eleanor Kuhns’ A Simple Murder begins as traveling widowed weaver, William Rees, returns to his Maine farm after an extended time on the road to reconnect with his son, David (who was left on his Maine farm under the care of his sister Caroline "Caro"). When William arrives he is told that David has fled, probably to the nearby Shaker community of Zion. William does indeed find his son David amongst the Shakers but he also finds the remains of a young murdered Shaker woman, Sister Chastity the [...]

    11. I won this book in the giveaway first reads program. I enjoyed this debut mystery novel. The writing was good, even though it needed a little more editing and fine tuning. The story was well-paced, and unfolded nicely; the characters developed and nuanced. My only criticsm would be that the dialogue, character's thoughts, attitudes and values were not authentic to the period, even though at times they tried to be, which was slightly confusing. It almost seemed like the story could have taken pl [...]

    12. Discovered this excellent read on a visit to a neighbouring library's mystery shelves. Well written, this award winning author's debut features multiple mysteries in a unique setting and era. Fascinating Shaker community life set in 1795 with unexpected familial and neighbouring relational twists . Great reading.

    13. Minotaur Books/Mystery Writers of America’s 2011 First Crime Novel Competition Winner.One of the reasons I chose to read this book was because it won the above competition. I enjoyed the setting of post-Revolutionary War America, and of the Shaker community. I also liked the reunion and relationship building between father and son. The mystery was pretty good too.Recommended, especially for the historical setting.

    14. Even though there were some problems, I liked this book. I hope the author will continue with these same characters. I enjoyed reading about this time period as well as the Shaker community. While the book wasn't as polished as I'd like to see, I like the way the author wrote and as a first novel, it was promising.

    15. I enjoyed this book. I have been interested in the Shakers since realizing some of my mother's ancestors appeared to be involved with the Enfield, CT Shaker community. The characters are well developed and the identity of the killer had me guessing until the end.

    16. Great solid historical novel with murder in a Shaker community. Writer is a librarian so she understands what makes a good read - she won a Minitaur award for this book! We have all loved this book in the store & will handsell it to you!

    17. A First Reads win! I'm looking forward to this story. It will be fun to read a brand new author and a story of a time period I don't usually read about!

    18. Contains spoilers:I originally gave this book three stars, but after thinking about it, reduced it to two. The fact that Rees was told a fact that he could have used to solve the murders and ignored it, was too much for me. Instead he keeps travelling back and forth to keep interviewing people much so, that I felt bad for his horse. The "budding romance" between Rees and Lydia (was it?.ady forgot her name) was taking away from the story. Her character just made him look like inept. Not to mentio [...]

    19. I was pleasantly surprised by this story. I've never been especially interested in historical fiction, but I was intrigued by the time period for this one. The stilted, taciturn narration fits the character of Will Rees, and I'm interested to see how the voice evolved through the rest of the series. Normally I would have wished for a bit more emotion in the narration but since we're seeing the action from Will's POV it works well to have less. Definitely would recommend this story, but you might [...]

    20. I checked this book out because the set-up sounded legitimately fresh: a murder mystery set in an 18th century Shaker community, investigated by a widowed father who works as an itinerant weaver. The development (much like the pattern of those days, no doubt), was hopelessly slow. I liked that the mystery had lots of moving pieces, but I would have preferred the wheels to turn with a bit more vigor.

    21. Will Reese is a traveling weaver and former Revolutionary War soldier. After his wife's death, he left his Maine farm and his son to be cared for by his sister.But five years later, he returns to find his son has been mistreated and has fled to a nearby religious community.Will visits the Shaker community to try to win back his son. But while he is visiting, a young woman is murdered. And Will has a particular skill set for solving such crimes.

    22. I enjoyed this unlikely mystery. I am also surprised by the low ratings in reviews here. I lost most of a couple days reading this. It's well written and engaging. It may be that the unlikely post revolutionary war and Shaker community setting just didn't grab most mystery readers, but I enjoyed it. I try to read a mystery every couple books, and will look for the sequel.

    23. Delightful!! This first novel promises more great work from Eleanor Kuhns. Loved the setting in 18th century Maine perfectly nestled in Shaker country. I really enjoyed this read.

    24. Very well written. Set in a time where they don't have phones, cars, tv's or any of the modern amenities we have today. Trying to solve murders back then was a very hard thing to do.

    25. audio book is done wellfelt like it took the character a little long to put the clues together, but enjoyed the characters and will proabably continue with the series

    26. Looking forward to the rest of this series. Found this book during one of my wanderings through the library stacks. Well written page turner that kept me guessing.

    27. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It has suspense related to the murder and suspects as well as related to the relationships of the various characters. Great book!

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