Homage to Catalonia

Homage to Catalonia Orwell s classic novel on the Spanish Civil War that details the bleak and comic aspects of trench warfare

  • Title: Homage to Catalonia
  • Author: George Orwell Lionel Trilling
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Paperback
  • Orwell s classic novel on the Spanish Civil War that details the bleak and comic aspects of trench warfare.

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      483 George Orwell Lionel Trilling
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    1. George Orwell Lionel Trilling

      Eric Arthur Blair, better known by his pen name George Orwell, was an English author and journalist His work is marked by keen intelligence and wit, a profound awareness of social injustice, an intense opposition to totalitarianism, a passion for clarity in language, and a belief in democratic socialism.In addition to his literary career Orwell served as a a police officer with the Indian Imperial Police in Burma from 1922 1927 and fought with the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War from 1936 1937 Orwell was severely wounded when he was shot through his throat Later the organization that he had joined when he joined the Republican cause,The Workers Party of Marxist Unification POUM , was painted by the pro Soviet Communists as a Trotskyist organization Trotsky was Joseph Stalin s enemy and disbanded Orwell and his wife were accused of rabid Trotskyism and tried in absentia in Barcelona, along with other leaders of the POUM, in 1938 However by then they had escaped from Spain and returned to England Between 1941 and 1943, Orwell worked on propaganda for the BBC In 1943, he became literary editor of the Tribune, a weekly left wing magazine He was a prolific polemical journalist, article writer, literary critic, reviewer, poet and writer of fiction, and, considered perhaps the twentieth century s best chronicler of English culture Orwell is best known for the dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty Four published in 1949 and the satirical novella Animal Farm 1945 they have together sold copies than any two books by any other twentieth century author His 1938 book Homage to Catalonia, an account of his experiences as a volunteer on the Republican side during the Spanish Civil War, together with numerous essays on politics, literature, language, and culture, are widely acclaimed.Orwell s influence on contemporary culture, popular and political, continues decades after his death Several of his neologisms, along with the term Orwellian now a byword for any oppressive or manipulative social phenomenon opposed to a free society have entered the vernacular.

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    1. This book is justly famous for its disillusioned account of how the Communist Party—in its eagerness to defeat Franco--betrayed the successful anarchist experiment in Catalonia for the sake of expedience, how it executed and imprisoned its anarchist and socialist comrades for the sake of a temporary alliance with the bourgeois. I found all this very interesting, but have to admit that the real reason I liked the book so much was for its gritty account of war on the cheap, where guns are poor, [...]

    2. HEADLINE: For students, here the politics is explained.For you students who have this great book imposed upon you in a syllabus, here is the best help I can give you with regard to Chapters V and XI, which are in some editions included only as Appendices.It is interesting to note that at the outset Orwell himself was nonplussed by the alphabet soup of the political situation in Spain. At first he was at a loss when confronted with the idea of right wing communism as you probably are. It was only [...]

    3. 1. Homage to Catalonia has the distinction of being on my mental to-read list for longer than any other book. I've wanted to read this book longer than any of the people who elbowed or punched me in the face this week have been alive. I figured after almost twenty and half years I should finally read it. I've owned the book for over a decade.I have no clue what book now currently holds the distinction book I've wanted to read for the longest time but haven't.2. When I was a senior in high school [...]

    4. Homage To Catalonia, c1980, George OrwellHomage to Catalonia is George Orwell's personal account of his experiences and observations in the Spanish Civil War. The first edition was published in the United Kingdom in 1938. تاریخ نخستین خوانش: سیزدهم ماه اکتبر سال 1983 میلادیعنوان: درود بر کاتالونیا - گزارشی از جنگ داخلی اسپانیا - سال 1937؛ نویسنده: جورج اورول؛ مترجم: تورج آرامش؛ [...]

    5. 3 ½ stars.Now, after many false startsIn my first attempt at reviewing this, I began by saying “This is a first rate source for information on the Spanish Civil War.” Wrong!!! It really is a very poor source of information on the SCW. Because it is on a very personal level, and is mostly seen from a very limited and narrow point of view, this is really an almost useless book for learning anything historically significant about the war.So, let’s start over. Why is this book so famous? The [...]

    6. I have always found the Spanish Civil War confusing. After reading Homage to Catalonia, I at least feel that I was justified in my confusion. On the surface, of course, it was a conflict between Franco’s Fascists and the democratic Republican government, but it was far more complicated than that. When Orwell arrived in Spain to fight on the Republican side with the P.O.U.M. militia, a P.S.U.C. position was pointed out to him and he was told “Those are the Socialists” to which he responded, [...]

    7. و الكلمة الوحيدة التي لا يملك الغريب إلا أن يتعلمها هي كلمة "مانيانا" أي غدا و معناها الحرفي اليوم التالي. فإن كان بالمستطاع يؤجل عمل اليوم إلى المانيانا.أنا شوفت الكلام ده فين قبل كده  يتحدث في أحيان أخرى عن الكرم الأسباني و عن الشعور السوداء و العيون العربية و البشرة السمر [...]

    8. Should anyone want to understand why George Orwell, a life long socialist, developed the antipathy to the Soviet Union which informed his best known novels Animal Farm and 1984, then this is the book to read. When Orwell travelled to Spain in December 1936, intending to fight fascism and write about the Spanish Civil War, he stepped into a complex and murky political situation. The left-wing forces supporting the Republican government against the fascist forces led by Franco had different and co [...]

    9. Another *FAQ* I wrote from back in the day in usenet for altoksorge-orwellMr. Orwell has kindly granted me an interview regarding his book,Homage to Catalonia B: There has been some talk about the Spanish Civil War lately, perhaps inspired by the recent movieEl Laberinto del Fauno . This war was a labyrinth as well: sorting out the various factions and who did what to whom certainly is quite a chore. But first things first. Could you describe your ensemble - you are wearing some unusual clothing [...]

    10. music: Durutti Column - "Street Fight"(also because there's a small, POUM-hostile extremist-anarchist group called Friends Of Durruti mentioned in the book, who were used as part of false-information war by the government)(my book has intros by Hochschild and Trilling, both very excellent. Two chapters of the book have been appendixed to the end, which I also think as a wise choice, since both are rather political side-comments 1: why and how Communists suppressed the smaller leftist groups 2: a [...]

    11. I have the most evil memories of Spain, but I have very few bad memories of Spaniards. I only twice remember even being seriously angry with a Spaniard, and on each occasion, when I look back, I believe I was in the wrong myself.Autobiographies and memoirs are, I think, the best books to read on vacation. Not only are they light, easy, and entertaining, but they’re usually not hard to put down. This is important because, if you’re like me, you may end up spending your whole vacation with you [...]

    12. A wonderful book full of the stink and horror of war. The accounts of the Republic's assaults on the Falange, save for one instance, are pitiful and sickening. Descriptions, too, of Madrid during the conflict the likes of which I have not come across anywhere else. Exquisite and appalling. Read concurrently with Hugh Thomas' The Spanish Civil War.

    13. I found this memoir-like book surprisingly interesting and readable in terms of his direct experience in the Spanish Civil War. I think George Orwell didn't try to be a hero there since he himself was gunned down by a shot through his throat one morning. He simply wrote, "The whole experience of being hit by a bullet is very interesting and I think it is worth describing in detail" (Chapter X, pp. 143-4) However, his valor didn't diminish and he still kept writing based on his political ideology [...]

    14. As important as Animal Farm and 1984 are, Orwell was probably a better non-fiction writer than a fiction writer. In telling true events he is moved to outright explain his feelings and beliefs in perhaps less quotable, but far more important fashion than his fiction. You almost have to read his descriptions of the Spanish people in this book to truly appreciate the coldness of 1984's characters. Dealing with real people and real struggle he wrote his truly most memorable passages - such as why h [...]

    15. Possibly my favourite book ever. I couldn't put it down. This will not be the case for everyone but as I have always had an interest in the Spanish civil war I found Orwell's account brilliant and much better than regular Spanish civil war books. Orwell conveys with great clarity the boredom, confusion, and lies of the Spanish civil war. I would recommend anybody who wants to learn about the Spanish civil war (an extremely complex subject) to first look to this book.

    16. "And I hope the account I have given is not too misleading. I believe that on such an issue as this no one is or can be completely truthful. It is difficult to be certain about anything except what you have seen with your own eyes, and consciously or unconsciously everyone writes as a partisan. In case I have not said this somewhere earlier in the book I will say it now: beware of my partisanship, my mistakes of fact, and the distortion inevitably caused by my having seen only one corner of even [...]

    17. Orwell left England in 1936 and spend six months fighting fascism in Spain - actually fighting fascism, like, throwing grenades and living in trenches, and being shot at, and crawling across 'no man's land' in the mud. He was a member of P.O.U.M 'Partido Obrero de Unificación Marxista', or the Workers Party of Marxist Unification. Orwell was not a Marxist, but a strident opponent of Franco's fascist forces. The book, like his 'Road to Wigan Pier', is a collection of Orwell's observations told i [...]

    18. In 1937, on his arrival in Spain, Orwell, with his knowledge of weapons acquired during the five years in the Burmese imperial police, was appointed instructor in the POUM militia.He participates then the fighting raging in Aragon and assists, amazed, during the month of May in the liquidation of the POUM by the PSUC, the Spanish Communist party formed by the federation of different parties of Stalinist persuasion.The POUM clearly anarchist party, slandered, is officially declared illegal in Jun [...]

    19. لطالما كانت الحرب الأهلية الإسبانية موضوعاً محيراً بالنسبة لي كنت أضعها دائماً ضمن خانة المواضيع المهمة والواجب قرائتها, كنت لا أترك رواية تتحدث ولو بشكل بسيط عن تلك الحرب الا وقد أشتريتها وهذا سبب قرائتي لكتب كاميلو خوسيه ثيلا ومحاولة قراءة لمن تقرع الأجراس لـ ارنست همنغو [...]

    20. cronicasdemagrat/2016/05/Maravillosa crónica cargada de duras reflexiones pero también de mucha ironía y humor. El relato de Orwell es muy sesgado y particular, narra su punto de vista sobre los meses que pasó en Cataluña y Aragón, no es en absoluto un tratado de Historia sino que todo lo conocemos desde su opinión y quizás por eso sea tan interesante. La visión de un inglés que se mete de lleno no solo en una guerra sino en medio de la sociedad española en plena guerra es algo que me [...]

    21. This is George Orwell's vivid account of his six-month (from December 1936 to June 1937) direct involvement in the Spanish Civil War. Other than recounting action-packed combative episodes on the war frontier and treacherous street-fighting scenes in Barcelona, the author also gives a clear-eyed analysis of the mind-boggling multi-faction political strife that prevailed. This essentially boils down to a three-sided struggle between the pro-Franco Fascists (prone to feudalism), the Russian-commis [...]

    22. درود بر کاتالونیا تشریح شخصی از تجارب و مشاهدات روزنامه نگار سیاسی و رمان نویس جورج اورول از جنگ داخلی اسپانیا است. چاپ اول در سال 1938 منتشر شد.

    23. Orwell's memoir of his service fighting in leftist militia in the Spanish Civil War. "A comic opera with an occasional death." Dangers of extremist politics. Great story telling. It's all here.

    24. I find the Spanish Civil War confusing. Repeatedly I am given different interpretations and different explanations of the events. I have tried to get some understanding by reading many different books. This book is another added to all the others. I have found no one book that explained it all, with a clear overview.This book cannot be considered an explanation of this war; it was published nine months after Orwell left Spain, and so the war was still not over. He was there from December 1936 to [...]

    25. Reading anything by Orwell is always worth and rewarding. And "Homage to Catalonia" makes no exception. As someone pointed out somewhere the way Orwell understood and described Spain surpasses by far what Hemingway wrote pretty much in the same years about the same country.But while Hemingway spent his Spanish time in a sort of cosmopolitan way drinking, waking up late, watching bullfighting, munching tapas and generally having fun (Fiesta!), Orwell was freezing in trenches, picking up cigarette [...]

    26. As ever, Orwell stands as a true journalist more than a novelist, keen on presenting the cold hard truth and his own judgement of it - both unblemished, and most importantly, distinguishable. Homage to Catalonia narrates the factual tale of the Spanish Civil War and life as a soldier for one of the leftist militias fighting against the rise of Franco's fascism in a torn apart country. From a foreign soldier seduced by the newfound equality of the Catalan region but horrified at the actual inepti [...]

    27. Tematika totalitarizma me privlači, jer smo eto kao civilizacija njime označeni poslednjih 90 godina, ova knjiga nije samo svedočanstvo o ratu već i prikaz medijske manipulacije, raskola između komunista i anarhista u okvirima republikanske opcije u Španskom građanskom ratu.Slabo sam poznavao događaje vezane za ovaj sukob, ali sad je dosta jasnije, prosto je neverovatno koliko podseća na balkanske podele, bar meni, strančarenja, koja su dovela do do međusobnog ubijanja u okvirima repu [...]

    28. I was quite impressed with Orwell's style in this book. I won't retell the story as plenty of others have done so already here. It's almost as if the reader is sitting with Orwell listening to him relate his adventures with little diversions to explain the broader situation. The voice is very much that of a relatively well educated middle-class British idealist of the early 20th century. It is earnest, honest and strives to be as clear as possible. In the end, Orwell basically admits to having l [...]

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