Lentekriebels Lou zit vast in een verstikkend huwelijk Ze spreekt haar beste vriendin niet meer negeert de avontuurtjes van haar man en zet elke avond het eten op tafel Zelfs haar verlangen naar een kind is onderg

  • Title: Lentekriebels
  • Author: Milly Johnson Ineke van Bronswijk
  • ISBN: 9789049951689
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lou zit vast in een verstikkend huwelijk Ze spreekt haar beste vriendin niet meer, negeert de avontuurtjes van haar man en zet elke avond het eten op tafel Zelfs haar verlangen naar een kind is ondergesneeuwd Maar als ze op een dag een artikel leest over het opruimen van je huis en je leven, beseft ze dat het tijd wordt voor een voorjaarsschoonmaak Daarin krijgt ze hulLou zit vast in een verstikkend huwelijk Ze spreekt haar beste vriendin niet meer, negeert de avontuurtjes van haar man en zet elke avond het eten op tafel Zelfs haar verlangen naar een kind is ondergesneeuwd Maar als ze op een dag een artikel leest over het opruimen van je huis en je leven, beseft ze dat het tijd wordt voor een voorjaarsschoonmaak Daarin krijgt ze hulp van Tom Broom, de plaatselijke verhuurder van afvalcontainers, die haar lentekriebels bezorgt

    • Best Read [Milly Johnson Ineke van Bronswijk] ☆ Lentekriebels || [Paranormal Book] PDF ✓
      198 Milly Johnson Ineke van Bronswijk
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    About "Milly Johnson Ineke van Bronswijk"

    1. Milly Johnson Ineke van Bronswijk

      Milly Johnson was born in Barnsley, raised in Barnsley and still lives in Barnsley although she did study in Exeter for four years and emigrate to Haworth in West Yorkshire in the 1980s.She trained as an actress, teacher, an accountant, a Customer Services and Suggestion Scheme Manager as well as working in a variety of administrative posts for companies dealing with anything from antique furniture to plastic injection moulded poop scoops Eventually she found a happy existence writing poems and jokes for the greetings card world helping to kick off the hugely successful Purple Ronnie project which she still does on a part time basis whilst penning her novels.

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    1. Dudaba entre si ponerle cuatro o cinco estrellas, pero luego me he parado a pensar en lo complicado que es lograr atrapar al lector con un trama tan sencilla, centrada en los personajes y en una historia ya conocida pero que he disfrutado como si fuese la primera vez. Y creo que, teniendo en cuenta que todo está contado, ahí está la clave de una buena novela. Conecté con Lou desde la primera página. Lou es una mujer sumisa con muchas inseguridades y que está atada a la rutina y a un matrim [...]

    2. MARAVILLOSO!!! Les cuento, a veces me gusta desconectar un poquito del género romance-drama para descansar un poquito la mente y corazón y que mejor que el chick-lit-Romance para hacerlo? Este libro fue todo un descubrimiento… Solo por el mero echo de mantenerme tan pero tan enganchada estos 3 días y de lograr que siempre tuviera emoción y ansias por volver a leer el libro se merece sus 5 estrellas a lo grande!!! A pesar de ser una novela sencilla y que puede tender a aburrirte por el tema [...]

    3. Me ha gustado mucho ver el crecimiento de Lou, al principio del libro me agobiaba verla rodeada de gente tan tóxica y que ella no pusiera remedio. Ha sido bonito pasar con ella ese proceso de reencontrarse con ella misma de nuevo sin poder evitar revisarte tú mismo, por si las moscas ;)

    4. Originally Reviewed at Novel EscapesMove over Jane Green, Jill Mansell and Madeleine Wickham, there’s a new queen in town! I absolutely LOVED this novel and think it deserves more than 5 stars! After reading it, I thought Milly Johnson could easily become my new favourite chick lit author and when I read another one of her books (review of The Yorkshire Pudding Club coming soon) I awarded her this title and will read anything and everything she writes now. I absolutely LOVE finding fabulous ne [...]

    5. Elouise ‘Lou’ Winter is married to second hand car dealer Phil, but their marriage is far from happy. Lou knows Phil has been unfaithful, but he uses it to his own advantage, keeping Lou under his thumb.But when Lou spots an article in a magazine about clearing out clutter, she has no idea just how far how cleaning obsession is going to reach. Not to mention the small crush she has on the man who brings her skips Tom Broom, Lou is heading for a big lifestyle change, but is she ready to take [...]

    6. I'd read all of Jill Mansell's books and was looking for more Brit humor, light-hearted fun when I found Milly Johnson. 'A spring affair' is a great start to what I see is going to be an AWESOME friendship with Johnson's books!Lou was warm and personable, and the little tidbits of her relationship with her dad really got me tearing at some parts. Compared to a Mansell novel, where every character gets a little of the spotlight to themselves at some point, Johnson's more focused on the main chara [...]

    7. I loved this one. Despite the book cover picture its not fluffy chick-lit and there are some great one liners that made me laugh. The characters are very well written and the storyline just flows along - I found I was picking this up to read at every opportunity. I will certainly be looking out for other books by Milly Johnson.

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    9. Loved this just as much as the other Milly Johnson books I've read. This had fewer characters than her other books, but the impatient part of me loved it because I didn't have to wait a few chapters to pick up a particular character's story again. As with all of her books, this is simple but totally satisfying. The bad characters are REALLY unpleasant and they get what's coming to them. The good characters are rewarded with loveliness. It's chicklit but with a few key twists (emphasis on female [...]

    10. Hyperion Kitap’tan çıkmış olan Milly Johson’ın Bir İlkbahar Macerası adlı kitabını okumuş ve şu an itibariyle bitirmiş bulunmaktayım .Okuduğum en tatlı kitaplardan bir tanesiydi .Kitabın kapağından , sayfa kalitesine , yazı puntosuna ve en önemlisi çevirisine kadar her şey çok güzeldi .Tabi arada bazı tek tük kelime hataları da vardı , lakin kitap o kadar içten – samimi bir anlatıma sahipti ki onu nazar boncuğu olarak sayıyorum .Kitapta; Lou adlı bir kadı [...]

    11. It seems as if almost by fate that on one spring day Lou Winters picks up an old dog eared magazine on how clearing clutter from your life can really boost your mood. Little does Lou know at the time how much clearing out her clutter is going to change not only her mood but her life. What starts off sorting out a few draws here and there soon turns into a full house sort out. So much so that Lou has to start hiring skips from the gorgeous half Italian Tom Broom. Lou soon finds herself addicted t [...]

    12. Not one of Milly Johnson's best novels, I think, but quite an amusing quick read anyway, especially if you are on holiday or too busy to concentrate on more complex literature. This is very predictable chick-lit with a simple plot: a subservient wife and accounts clerk, who everyone walks all over, a manipulative unfaithful husband and a happy ending (of course!) I appreciated the writing style, the gradual character progress of Lou, and the cheerful girly humour. And the fact that Ms Johnson ha [...]

    13. I loved this book and spent a couple days curled up with it, resenting all the interruptions that stopped me from getting to the end!When Lou Winter sees an advertisement about clearing out your clutter, she goes home and starts to do just that. She meets the gorgeous 'skip guy', Tom Broom, during the process, and starts to analyse everything in her life, her relationship with her cheating husband, friends past and present, family and work.This really is a lovely feel good story with believable [...]

    14. This is one of the cutest books I think I have ever read. I think the beginning intrigued me because of the article on clearing out the clutter from your life just as Lou has begun to. The whole story was cute. Predictable, maybe a little but just as nice as can be. I plan to go read more of Milly Johnson's books immediately. They really lift the spirits!

    15. I loved this story. Lou decides it's time to declutter her house- and she feels attracted to the man who keeps delivering the skips. Whilst the decluttering is going on she re evaluates her life and gets in touch with her former best friend. It's spurred us onto planning to clear the debris of assorted clutter!!!!

    16. The story was completely cheesy, but it was exactly what I was in the mood for. The audio book narration was great.

    17. What a wonderful book to read in the spring! A fun romance romp about a woman who reinvents and renews herself through organization and throwing away clutter (both at home and people in her life). Inspiring and fun to read - I can't wait to try out more Milly Johnson books! Lou is a fantastic character and rooted for her from the start. Milly does an excellent job in keeping a great pace to the story and coming up with characters you love and appreciate.

    18. This is, hands down, one of the best books I've read in a long while for how well it captured the petty crap people put it each other through as well as the voice of the main character, Lou. Lou Winter is a woman who has been married for several years to Phil, and for all purposes, they appear to be happy in a big house, two cars, and Lou only having to keep a part time job. Lou's stability has come at a high cost, though, as Phil bullies and manipulates her constantly despite her love and devot [...]

    19. Milly never disappoints me with her books another excellent read and great to see how the main character changed through out the story. Lou is in the dentist and reads an article about spring cleaning and she decides to have a good spring clean at home and she gets the tip and finds its closed sees a sign for skips so she hires one and gets very friendly with the owner. She decides to leave her job after she meets up with an old friend she lost contact with and they decide to open a coffee shop [...]

    20. Really liked this book, it is slightly older chick lit with marriage and fertility themes (but written beautifully). Brilliant characterisations throughout, loved the way she slipped into the minds of each character and got to see things from their point of view. Sometimes this gave you a wonderfully creepy perspective on manipulative partners. Lou was a lovable if annoyingly under the thumb wife, which made her emancipation even more exciting.Great story with a few twists and turns, genius dial [...]

    21. I found this book to be just as I say - a really lovely story. I loved Lou, and everything about her, although she was starting to annoy me because she was such a perfect wife. What wonderful meals she produced - my mouth watered! I thoroughly enjoyed turning the pages and getting carried along as Lou's life began to change. I thought the book was inspirational and strangely thought provoking and I soon realised that I really do need to read that article on clearing out my clutter.This is the fi [...]

    22. A lovely tale of a woman finding out what she wants in life and working hard towards getting it. Reducing the clutter in her physical world helped Lou confront some of the clutter in her mental & emotional life. With such clarity, Lou faced her life as it was & started taking advantage of opportunities as they arose. She met a great man who knocked her manipulative husband to flinders, reconnected & went into business with her best friend, & improved her relationship with her mot [...]

    23. This was the perfect holiday read - probably because I identified to much with the main character. Where everyone treats you like an extension of a doormat, or where no one thinks you're capable of doing anything to the point where you start to doubt yourself. You stay in the relationship that doesn't fulfil you etc. And then one day you read something and start to take control of your life. It's a charming wonderful read and at the end I was so happy. I read it in an evening sat by the fire, le [...]

    24. This was such a lovely read. Lately I've been looking for easy reads before bed to take my mind off my final semester at uni but I found myself picking this up even during the day. The characters were so well written, the story had a good pace and I just found myself really drawn to the main character, Lou. I can't say I can completely relate to a wife in her mid 30s with a complete twat as a husband but for some reason, I just really liked Lou. The book also really made me want to tidy my room [...]

    25. This was my first book by this author and defo won't be the last. Loved that it was set in England :)It was a great, easy read although I wished Lou had dumped Phil earlier so that we got to read more about her and Toms relationship, the birth etc, rather than stringing the first part out (I did skim some sections I must admit).That said, the characters and story were great and I'm glad that it ended the way it did. Great value for money

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