The Gin Palace

The Gin Palace Declan Mac MacManus some time PI turned full time Southampton cabbie has had to endure much in his young life the loss of family and friends grave bodily injuries at the hands of ruthless enemies

  • Title: The Gin Palace
  • Author: Daniel Judson
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  • Page: 167
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Declan Mac MacManus, some time PI turned full time Southampton cabbie, has had to endure much in his young life the loss of family and friends, grave bodily injuries at the hands of ruthless enemies, and the knowledge that than a few lives have been shattered by the decisions fate has forced him to make But nothing of what Mac has encountered and nothing of what hDeclan Mac MacManus, some time PI turned full time Southampton cabbie, has had to endure much in his young life the loss of family and friends, grave bodily injuries at the hands of ruthless enemies, and the knowledge that than a few lives have been shattered by the decisions fate has forced him to make But nothing of what Mac has encountered and nothing of what he now knows about his own mysterious past can compare to what awaits him in the heart pounding final installment of The Gin Palace Trilogy On a cold winter night, a troubled woman enters Mac s cab and within moments sets into motion a series of devastating events that will test the young MacManus to his very soul As he chases down leads, and his losses once again begin to mount, Mac finds himself dangerously close to a line he swore he d never cross And when one utterly unbearable loss threatens to transform him into an avenging angel, it is an unlikely ally a stranger stalking him like a shadow that may very well be the difference between Mac s final act of self destruction or his ultimate salvation.

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    1. Daniel Judson

      DANIEL JUDSON, a Shamus Award winner and a four time finalist, is the author of five previous novels, most recently The Violet Hour He attended Southampton College, and his time in the Hamptons particularly the parts that don t make the society pages was the inspiration for the setting and characters in Voyeur He now lives in Connecticut.

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    1. The Gin Palace - an ending?I read all three of the Gin Palace trilogy books and enjoyed them all. The 2nd book, The Bone Orchard, was my favorite. A couple of things disappointed me about the Gin Palace - too many deaths of important characters and too much suspension of belief that Mac could continually come back from so many severe beatings/injuries. this book wasn't any more violent than the previous two but it wasn't as believable to me. It was however, as the first two, suspenseful, taut an [...]

    2. This is an exceptional trilogy about a down on his luck Private Investigator who is just trying to escape the group who are trying to murder him. Each of the books is intense reading! I highly recommend you read each book in the trilogy, in order. Daniel Judson is a great author!

    3. This was my least favorite of the three books in the series, maybe because of the amount of violence; I don't think anybody at any age could withstand that much damage and still function (or survive). I still couldn't put the book down - one thing Judson is good at is keeping the reader turning the pages as fast as possible. I rated this one 4.4 stars. Jim gave it 4.2 stars.

    4. Another good read from Daniel Judson but the third and final book lacked something for me.I thoroughly enjoyed the first two books and was swept along with the story. Perhaps I was expecting a little to much with the final book and I was a little disappointed. Still a good read though.

    5. I think my problem with this series is there is no happyjust hardship and grief. I can take this if it seems someone is learning and growing in lifet sure Mac didspoiler alert, my favorite people ended up dead.

    6. All Wrapped Upbut no pink ribbon. The book is as gritty as the first two, if not grittier. Our antihero, again, gets beaten, mashed, and mangled. If you read the first two installments, you might as well go along for the full ride. There is a great reliance on karma and the author needs to use another phrase besides "turn the ignition until the engine caught." . Overall, a good piece of mind rock candy for the noir fan.

    7. This third installment of the Gin Palace Trilogy was definitely the best of the three, altho still a bit too action packed for me. I'm a 66-year-old woman. I enjoy a good murder mystery as entertainment in between literary and/or historical novels with a bit more substance. However, this had so many murders that I had a bit of a difficult time keeping the theories straight as to who killed who and why. This could be a difficulty because of my age and declining mental powers, but others will have [...]

    8. Could not put it down I could not put this book down. I wanted to know the ending. I was disappointed that the author killed off a teenager. I wished he hadn't done that. But I kept reading.

    9. Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so. Shelley MA

    10. So soThe first book was okay kept me interested second book started to get predictable third book couple twists but predictable

    11. TtrilogyThis was an interesting experience with the way things were slowly connected and moving into the net scene. Totally forgot not to read too fast!

    12. Reading the trilogy is my first for this author. I had trouble putting all three down, interesting characters and great storytelling. Already ordered more of his books.

    13. The Gin Palace. (Book 3)The past has finally come forward to meet the present. Mac is finally getting answers to the questions that have driven him his whole life. What really happened to his parents who killed them and most importantWHY. He has last everyone he cared about , loved and tried to help. He has been betrayed by people he thought could be trusted , if not friends. He hates them ,but mostly he hates himself, blames himself, and now that he is about to get the answers , is he going to [...]

    14. The End - BittersweetThe end of any series is bittersweet. The story is so good you want it to continue but there is finally a period at the end of all this good work is done. The finale of a lot of corruption, dead bodies piling up and one man trying to save the people in this corrupt town never really going down always seeming to come back from the dead never seems to get the answers be has been looking for. Here in book three he does finally. But at what cost? Don't miss the thrilling conclus [...]

    15. I gave the "The Poisoned Rose" 4⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and said it hit the ground running and never stopped. I gave "The Bone Orchard" 4⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and said it was even better than "The Poisoned Rose". Well here I am giving "The Gin Palace" 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Both of the aforementioned books come together to an unforgettable, exciting, well-written and planned end in the "Gin Palace". It is a 'don't trust anyone, what could possibly happen next, who done it thriller' [...]

    16. The Gin Palace TrilogyYou must read the three books back to back, although the author has written each one to be read stand alone, as well.I hope that some day there will be a book 4.Excellent author, never drops the ball for even a second story from beginning to end.lots of action, mystery, love, friendship and violenceI'm so glad I found this authorEnjoy!!

    17. Riveting!I just finished The Gin Palace Trilogy and I loved it. I went from one book to the next. The writing is riveting. The characters are deep. The story takes place mostly in areas on Long Island. I grew up there so. Was able to visualize where the characters were. Everything about this trilogy was wonderful. I love the style of this author and will read more of his work. I highly recommend this to read and enjoy.

    18. Secrets From Long AgoDark and violent final book in the series. The town gives up its deepest secrets from years long ago that still echo in the present. Gripping and I read it in one sitting, although I could have done without the graphic descriptions of the violent acts. Worth the read.

    19. By the third book old characters are being knocked off and new ones entering but somehow still connected. The big question is how will it all end and will it be believable or just too hokey? I thought it ended really well and the oddly enough it seemed to make sense. Nothing out of the ordinary for the main character of this trilogy. Well done!

    20. InterestingI read the whole trilogy. The whole series had way too much rambling. Describing a walk down a pier step by step is going too far. It seemed that the author was just trying to get enough words to meet a quota. By the third book he improved but still too much rambling.

    21. Humans are Stronger and Weaker than We ThinkA very satisfying conclusion to this convoluted tale of intertwining lives of folks from the past and present and their motives and consequences from actions past. Death and enmity are never far away.

    22. The last pieces of the puzzleInteresting conclusion to the trilogy by Judson. The thread of the story is unbroken in spite of the tension and mystery with multiple villains and victims. Keeps you reading, for sure. Action plus.

    23. Must read all three books!I was fully engaged in this story from the beginning until the end of the third book. The characters are well defined but as this drama begins twenty plus years before, its history is slowly revealed which creates a suspenseful page-Turner.

    24. Excellent seriesGreat characters, imaginative plot, and action galore. Fans of Hammett, Chandler and MacDonald will eat this up. Judson is the best new author I have found in sometime.

    25. Too violentAs with the other two books in the series, there's way too much violence. The storyline is good and it's written well, but the main character is dumb as a sack of rocks.

    26. Fast paced series. Quite a bit of violence. Good story, but every time you turn around someone is getting dead or the main character is getting beat up.

    27. ImpressiverRead the whole series. Glad I did. The story builds through each book. You need to read all three to get the whole story.

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