The Lady and the Laird

The Lady and the Laird An Indecent Proposal Lady Lucy MacMorlan may have forsworn men and marriage but that doesn t mean she won t agree to profit from writing love letters for her brother s friends letters that become inc

  • Title: The Lady and the Laird
  • Author: Nicola Cornick
  • ISBN: 9780373777419
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • An Indecent Proposal Lady Lucy MacMorlan may have forsworn men and marriage, but that doesn t mean she won t agree to profit from writing love letters for her brother s friends letters that become increasingly racy as her fame grows That is, until she deliberately ruins the betrothal of a notorious laird, Robert, Marquis of Methven Past centuries of bloodshed have lefAn Indecent Proposal Lady Lucy MacMorlan may have forsworn men and marriage, but that doesn t mean she won t agree to profit from writing love letters for her brother s friends letters that become increasingly racy as her fame grows That is, until she deliberately ruins the betrothal of a notorious laird, Robert, Marquis of Methven Past centuries of bloodshed have left the Methven and MacMorlan families bitter enemies and Robert is furious that Lady Lucy s letters have cost him the bride he needs so urgently to save his ancestral clan lands Now he makes Lucy a shocking proposal in return for his silence she must become his wife and provide him with the heir he needs It is an inconvenient marriage of convenience but can the rugged laird and the bluestocking beauty fight against the power of love Scottish Brides Where Regency elegance meets Highland passion

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      International bestselling author Nicola Cornick writes romantic historical mysteries and witty and passionate Regency romance She studied History at London and Oxford and was awarded a distinction for her dissertation on historical heroes It was a tough study but someone had to do it Nicola has a double life as a writer and guide at the stunning 17th century hunting lodge, Ashdown House.Nicola lives near Oxford and loves reading, writing, history, music, wildlife, travel and walking her dog She also loves hearing from her readers and chatting to them on her blog at nicolacornick She can also be found on Facebook and Twitter NicolaCornick

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    1. Golden IsleI loved this captivating romance!Set against a backdrop of the wild Scottish highlands, THE LADY AND THE LAIRD is a story of secrets, honour , trust, romance, passion and old enmities.Who can resist a rugged Scottish Highlander hero? Not me! So I couldn’t help but fall for Robert (he may wear trousers rather than a kilt but he’s still a hottie!). He is proud, honourable, honest, determined, protective and loyal and the safety of his clan and his lands means everything to him. But [...]

    2. I received a copy of this book through Netgalley by Harlequin. This is the first time that I have read from this author, and I really enjoyed myself wit this story. It was a bit unique in the way it developed, It starts out a bit slow in the beginning, but when you really start to get into it, then the plot tends to escalate even further. I wouldn't say that this is my favorite romance by any means, I would say it was enjoyable and fun but nothing about it really stood out to me.Robert, has just [...]

    3. I love me a good Highlander romance, and even though this one started out great, it lacked somethingINGS I LIKED ABOUT THIS BOOK:1) I really liked the author's writing style. Nicola Cornick is good at laying out beautiful settings that ranges from house parties, society gatherings in castles, a Scottish island, and forest terrain, alike. I felt like the story was constantly flowing from setting to setting, and it was quite enjoyable. 2) The characters were interesting and adventurous. This may b [...]

    4. This is a Quickie Review. For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.Expected Release Date: July 30, 2013Publisher: HarlequinImprint: HQNAuthor’s Website: nicolacornick/My Source for This Book: NetgalleyPart of a Series: Yes, Book 1, Scottish BridesSeries Best Read In Order: N/ASteam Level: SteamyPet Peeves: Public (Forced) NudityFavorite Tropes: Forced Marriage, Enemies To LoversAn almost silly premise — with the heroine having penned some rather scandalous notes for her brothers a [...]

    5. I've given this a B at AAR, which makes it 4 stars here.The Lady and the Laird is an enjoyable, well-paced story in which the principal characters are well-drawn and the central romance thoroughly engaging. The historical background which tells of the plight of the crofters and farmers of the Highlands and Islands of the time was also very interesting and was used to good effect as a backdrop for the story, the underlying theme of which was the long-standing conflict between the opposing clans o [...]

    6. What do you get when you mix the luxury and propriety of the Regency era with the passion of the Highlands? You get this fantastic first book in a new series. The Lady and the Laird had steamy romance, hidden secrets, and the remnants of clan rivalries. In other words, totally brilliant.Lucy was a woman haunted by her twin sister's death. After that traumatizing event, her entire life became shaped by her fear of passion. She has refused to marry anyone in order to avoid it. Lucy was a strong he [...]

    7. GovernessInRed’s Book review for “The Lady and the Laird”Author: Nicola CornickPublisher: Harlequin Pages: 384Pub: 2013My rating: C3 StarsI read this book several weeks ago and forgot to write a review.The plot was okay. Not anything real exciting but not boring either. I think the beginning of the story was good. I really liked how the hero and heroine met. I feel like around the middle of the story is where it started to slack somewhat. Then, near the end, I found it pleasant again. All [...]

    8. What an entertaining ride! While I liked Lucy well-enough, I ended up actually falling for Robert--even as I find his combination of attributes highly unlikely (and get your mind out of the gutter, I didn't mean those).Lucy as the heroine was everything you'd expect from a Scottish red-head--though with the leaven that she's scared spitless of childbirth and thus locked down emotionally (and yes, that has interesting interactions with her character and completely saves her from being in any way [...]

    9. This is Ms. Cornick’s first novel in Scottish Brides series and it really is a MUST read!The novel is very funny, entertaining and just too sweet for words!If you’re familiar with this author, then you already know that her novel’s are populated with strong, complex and always, always witty characters that stay with you a long time, and that’s what you’ll find here as well.I adored both main characters, but especially Lucy. Her background in regards to her twin sister just took my brea [...]

    10. Lady Lucy built her life around staying in the shadow and creating a life for everyone else. When her secret hobby disrupts Robert Methven’s life the table may be turned on her and the decisions she has made.Robert needed a wife to avoid losing the land his family worked so hard to hold on to. When Lucy’s assistance to her brother has Robert’s wife choosing another husband he decides he will make Lucy fill the slot. She fights, kicks, scratches, a screams a little but realizes that perhaps [...]

    11. I rather enjoy the "forced to marry" trope, and this one was fun. Robert has a deadline to meet. He has to be married to someone of a certain bloodline to save his clan lands. He's standing at the altar ready to marry this simple minded maidenbut she doesn't show up. She's run away with the brother of the woman that he kissed when she was but a girl. One look in her eyes as she sits in the back of the chapel and he knows she knows something about the situation.Lucy has a secret. She writes lette [...]

    12. Originally posted HERE.I have to admit that I struggle with historicals set in Scotland. It seems that more often than not they’re a string of He-Man and Feisty Lass clichés strung together to reach the inevitable ending.As a consequence, I had my review copy of The Lady and the Laird sitting on my Kindle for a long, long time before I opened it. I regret that, because I enjoyed this book so much.Nicola Cornick seems to have found the perfect balance for me. At first I thought the concept of [...]

    13. Posted on What I'm ReadingEarly today I finished The Lady and The Laird by Nicola Cornick. I started this story a few days ago and let just say it was pretty intense read. Let me share my thoughts.In the prologue we meet Lady Lucy MacMorlan with a lot of hopes and dreams, by the time we see Lucy again she's a completely different person. All her hopes and dreams died when her twin sister died eight years ago. As I read the story, I wonder why was that so pivotal to her life change. When the trut [...]

    14. I used to dream of being a Lady in medieval times and having a handsome Scottish Laird come for me, take me away and as I swoon from his gorgeous manliness, we marry and of course live happily ever after! What? It could happen! When I saw the cover of this book, that’s exactly what I remembered, so I had to have it! Their journey to HEA wasn’t quite as idyllic as my daydream, but… Robert Methven didn’t want to marry the silly empty headed girl, but he didn’t appreciate being left at th [...]

    15. Robert is an excelent hero. Rough and gentle where he needs to be. Lucy I liked a little bit less but still liked very much. The story has an excelent beginning. I loved the way Robert and Lucy met and how later on their paths crossed again. I thought the premise, with the erotic letters, was very interesting and fun but I felt like it wasn't properly taken advantage of. At one point they become completely irrelevant to the story. However, the story had enough to capture my interest again and so [...]

    16. Un libro que me encanto, en un principio me sentí algo decepcionada por que yo había imaginado otra cosa pero entre más avance estuve emocionada, ame a está pareja y no me decepciono nada, la verdad es que el misterio que rodea a la protagonista llama la atención, todo el trama me estuve preguntando que le ocurría y cuando se supo valió la pena.El romance se fue dando poco a poco y al llegar al climax me encanto simplemente ese final.Sin duda un libro recomendable, y claro, la portada me [...]

    17. I love Nicola Cornick! She hit it out of the park for me again. How does she keep doing that? Talent I guess :)

    18. Somehow I read the second book first. It can be done but I would recommend this book before the second one. Things make better sense. Lady Lucy MacMorlan lives in Forres Castle, Scotland, in June 1803. Lucy's twin, Alice is the opposite in many ways. Alice is braver than Lucy and she knows how to get her sister to do things are aren't the best choices. On a dare, Alice convinces Lucy to climb down to the balcony. When she does, she meets the Robert Methven. He doesn't give away her secret but ea [...]

    19. The Lady and the Laird è un regency romance molto carino e ben scritto, e posso solo sperare che sia lo splendido inizio di una serie altrettanto interessante: Scottish Brides.La trama mi aveva fatto pensare a una storia, forse, un po' più superficiale, ma sono stata contentissima di aver scoperto invece due splendidi personaggi, protagonisti di un bel racconto, romantico e passionale al punto giusto.Lady Lucy MacMorlan ha giurato e spergiurato che uomini e matrimonio non fanno per lei, ma que [...]

    20. 3.5En general, y como entretenimiento ligero, está bien. El título "Falsas cartas de amor" me parece que pierde sentido a los pocos capítulos, pues la trama está más centrada en los traumas de los protagonistas, y en la búsqueda de Robert por asegurar su herencia.Sin embargo, hubieron algunos detalles que no me gustaron, y que me hicieron quitarle estrellas. Primero, las situaciones anacrónicas (como el masaje que recibe Lucy). Segundo, que al inicio el protagonista masculino se la pasaba [...]

    21. UPDATE: Subtracting 2 starsWrote my review before finishing the book. Missed a delightful scene near the end where the hero flips his shit over (view spoiler)[the MC taking BC - even though he's spent 7+ chapters saying he'll do everything to make her comfortable and ease her into it. *And* after he's made such a big production of them being able to wait to conceive because there's still time left on his stupid land contract dispute (hide spoiler)]It's not just super sexist and skirchity and ree [...]

    22. Estuvo bien, pero esperaba un poquito más de él. Me gustó, la mejor parte, fue cuando Rob intento escribirle una carta a Lucy. Que bonito momento.

    23. As posted at THE READING CAFE 28 JUL 13thereadingcafe/the-lady-and-the-laird-by-nicola-cornick-a-review/REVIEW4 out of 5 for the reader folks!What a yummy, highlander, medieval, historical romance by Nicola Cornick. The first book in her new Scottish bride series, the Lady and the Laird did not let me down! In fact, it introduced me to another author of one of my fave genres! Both of our main characters first meet at a younger age where a brief encounter and kiss left it's impression. Flash forw [...]

    24. So I've read some books by Nicola Cornick before and while the last one didn't work so well for me, the other two were wonderful and heartwarming and just all of the good things I want in a historical romance novel. So I was really looking forward to exploring the world of Scotland and lairds and KILTS with her. Sadly, there were no kilts. But it did have so many of the other things that I love that I'm willing to overlook this. I really liked our heroine, Lucy. She's been through a really traum [...]

    25. Readers who like intelligent heroines will find much to like in Lucy who even as a sixteen-year-old preferred reading books to dreaming about her future husband. Who would ever imagine all that the proper daughter of a duke was learning from those books she read--erotic poetry and swordplay and all sorts of things that would later prove useful. Some may think that some of her choices suggest that she could have used more pragmatism mixed with her book learning, but people, even smart ones, do ma [...]

    26. I can't pretend that I enjoyed this novel overly much - or at all really. I felt like the whole thing was very forced and disjointed and I disliked both Robert and Lucy as leading characters.Our opening saw Robert and Lucy as youngsters engaging in an accidental midnight tryst. The whole scene felt incredibly set-up and not at all natural. Given the nature of these characters I felt that Lucy sneaking down to the library to steal a book under the cover of darkness and bumping into Robert was far [...]

    27. «Dicevi sempre che non ero un poeta, che ero troppo rude e diretto per parlare d’amore. Be’, ora ascoltami: se mi lascerai andrò in pezzi. Tu sei la mia donna ideale, Lucy.»Da un po' avevo parecchi libri della Cornick da leggere sullo scaffale e nell'indecisione ho finalmente preso il primo che mi ha ispirato e fortunatamente mi è andata bene! XD L'ho finito in un lampo e l'ho trovato davvero un bel romanzo storico, scritto in maniera coinvolgente e con personaggi coerenti e determinati, [...]

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