The Tale of Raw Head and Bloody Bones

The Tale of Raw Head and Bloody Bones An explosive and daring debut novel set during the Enlightenment that tells the tale of a promising young surgeon in training whose study of anatomy is deeply complicated by his uncontrollable sadisti

  • Title: The Tale of Raw Head and Bloody Bones
  • Author: Jack Wolf
  • ISBN: 9780143123828
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Paperback
  • An explosive and daring debut novel set during the Enlightenment that tells the tale of a promising young surgeon in training whose study of anatomy is deeply complicated by his uncontrollable sadistic tendencies.Meet Tristan Hart, a brilliant young man of means The year is 1751, and Mr Hart leaves his Berkshire home for London to lodge with his father s friend, the novelAn explosive and daring debut novel set during the Enlightenment that tells the tale of a promising young surgeon in training whose study of anatomy is deeply complicated by his uncontrollable sadistic tendencies.Meet Tristan Hart, a brilliant young man of means The year is 1751, and Mr Hart leaves his Berkshire home for London to lodge with his father s friend, the novelist and dramatist Henry Fielding, and study medicine at the great hospital of University College It will be a momentous year for the cultured and intellectually ambitious Mr Hart, who, as well as being a student of Locke and Descartes and a promising young physician, is also, alas, a psychopath His obsession is the nature of pain, and preventing it during medical procedures His equally strong and far unpredictable obsession is the nature of pain, and causing it Desperate to understand his own deviant desires before they derail his career and drive him mad, Tristan sifts through his childhood memories, memories that are informed by dark superstitions about faeries and goblins and shape shifting gypsies Will the new tools of the age reason and science and scepticism be enough to save him Unexpectedly funny, profoundly imaginative, and with a strange love story at its heart, The Tale of Raw Head and Bloody Bones is a novel about the Enlightenment, the relationship between the mind and body, sex, madness, the nature of pain, and the existence of God.

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      Jack Wolf Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Tale of Raw Head and Bloody Bones book, this is one of the most wanted Jack Wolf author readers around the world.

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    1. Do not be lured in by the Cover of The Tale of Raw Head and Bloody Bones to expecting a Novel packed with Action and Magic. It is nothing of the Sort. Instead, Raw Head, as I shall henceforth refer to this Book for brevity's sake, is a slow-moving, pretentious Tale of Psychosis, Pedophilia, and Sado-masochism. While I cannot necessarily say that this is a bad Book, I can say that it is an acquired Taste, one I have no interest in ever personally acquiring.You may perhaps be wondering at my newly [...]

    2. Growing up in Berkshire (now Oxfordshire) in the eighteenth century, close by the white chalk horse, Tristan Hart spent much of his childhood with his best friend, Nathaniel Ravenscroft, the beautiful son of the village rector. Nathaniel has two characteristics that only Tristan seems to be aware of: one, he always, always, escapes trouble, seeming to disappear into thin air and letting Tristan take the blame for all their mischief; and two, he has a habit of suddenly snatching terns (a kind of [...]

    3. The Tale of Raw Head and Bloody Bones is definitely something different. It's a dark and twisted tale that leaves the reader both uncomfortable and fascinated. Wolf makes some interesting stylistic choices that might be hard for people to overlook, as they can be quite alienating if one isn't prepared for them. However, I hope that people do look past these challenges, because beyond the presentation there is a tale worth reading and some interesting questions to ponder.What are the stylistic ch [...]

    4. I was eager to read THE TALE OF RAW HEAD AND BLOODY BONES. If there's one thing I love, it's a fairy story. And the bogeyman Raw Head may not be well known on this side of the pond, but I have heard of him because I am just that much of a geek. (Okay, so he was in the latest Dresden Files novel.) Throw in a genius young man who might be mad and I'm there.Then I started the book and worried about what I'd gotten into by signing up for the TLC book tour. There was the capitalization of every noun, [...]

    5. A hard book to summarise.Jack Wolf explores the mid eighteenth century, a time balanced between the scientific future and the superstitious past, a time when talented and intelligent Tristan Hart grows up on his father's country estate west of Oxford. Tristan’s mother is dead, his father remote and lost in grief, and his only companion is Nathaniel Ravenscroft, tearaway son of the local Vicar. Tristan is attracted both by the sensual life that Nathaniel pursues and by the urge to study science [...]

    6. “The Tale of Raw Head & Bloody Bones” by Jack Wolf was a surprise-find and a real treat for me. I saw it advertised by my favourite bookstore in Bath and decided to try this local author. The book is an incredibly well written account of the life of Tristan Hart, a physician in England’s 1750s, who battles with genius and insanity and a (sexual) fascination with pain. The books is told from the mentally ill protagonist and therefore leaves the reader at times unsure as to what is real [...]

    7. There is a lot to say about this book but the number one thing I would ask myself before deciding how to rate it would be, "Would I read this book again?". The answer is no, I don't think I would. The premise and plot were interesting enough but I never felt connected to any of the characters. The language and spelling was distracting although I appreciate that it was written thus to reflect the time period of the setting. The internal musings of the main character about the meaning of life and [...]

    8. ever since reading the three-quarters of "the tale of raw head and bloody bones" by jack wolf that I managed to choke down, I've been terrified of picking up another book written by some neckbeard misogynist. I never would have known, judging from the stylish cover and enticing summary on the back, that this book would be over 500 pages of the author wanking off to his porno-inspired interpretations of women: the witchy, evil, g***y woman (slur against Romani people - don't get me going on that, [...]

    9. This was a weird one. The main character Tristan is studying to be a doctor and exploring the link between the body and brain when it comes to pain. He has some very questionable methods and strange ideas. That in itself doesn't sound very thrilling to read but there is a whole host of fairy type characters and Tristan's mental state to keep the story plodding on.Im not sure about this book. I think I enjoyed it, I got to the end at least. It didn't have a lot of action or even a likeable main c [...]

    10. Quise tomar un respiro del libro "fantasmas" de Chuck Palahniuk que por qué estaba muy fuerte y comencé este, jajaja, peor no está pero tampoco mejor. Son sumamente bizarros los dos.Es una combinación entre sadomasoquismo y medicina con un toque de magia, eso sí muy buen escrito y muy entretenido. Ame a La murciélaga.

    11. If Sweeney Todd had gone to medical school instead of applying his entrepreneurial talents to the baker-barber business, he might have been Tristan Hart of Jack Wolf’s The Tale of Raw Head & Bloody Bones. Surely, Tim Burton must have influenced this novel as much as any eighteenth century picaresque or gothic romance. Although the protagonist is not an impoverished foundling, he feels abandoned. His mother died when he was five. His father cannot even meet his son’s gaze long before the [...]

    12. This is a messed up book. It's also odd, imaginative, a little gimmick-y, gross, captivating, fascinating, horrifying, and weird. Set in the mid-1700s, our narrator is Tristan Hart, a young man of some means and some madness. Growing up with a depressed widower father, Tristan's best friend was the ethereal Nathaniel Ravenscroft, a handsome and daring young man who eventually runs off with gypsies. Tristan grows up a rather ordinary boy until an incident with a tutor brands him high-strung and p [...]

    13. *Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book on Netgalley from the publisher in return for an honest review*AuthorJack Wolf was born in Bath, and has spent most of his life in rural Somerset. He wanted to be a singer until his interests in faerie tales and in social history led to a writing career. The Tale of Raw Head & Bloody Bones is his first novel. He is currently studying for a PhD and working on his second novel.ReviewI first saw this book on Giraffe's Day from Shannon and was int [...]

    14. Probably my favorite book! All the people who say the main character Tristan Hart is unlikeable are very misleading, or else they didn't understand the book. Tristan Hart is a medical genius, but also insane. When he is in control of his senses, he is very passionate and uses logical reasoning, being a man of science. When his mind takes over, though, he walks down a dark path that he cannot control no matter how hard he wants to. He is obsessed with the concept of pain as well as preventing it, [...]

    15. This book is nearly too strange for words. I liked the idea of reading about a crazy guy in the 1700s but because it's written in first person that makes it impossible to weed out what's real and what's a hallucination. I understand that that's the point, but at the end I felt basically like it left it up to the reader whether the hallucinations were in fact real or not. On top of that, all the random capitalization for several words in the sentences kept throwing me out of the book for the firs [...]

    16. A fascinating read. While it does contain some elements that would, and judging by other reviews, have alienated some readers (sadism, unquestioning vivisection, cruelty and abuse), and the protagonist is rarely sympathetic, regardless the work itself is ambitious and interesting. I did not find the adoption of eighteenth-century syntax and style jarring (although I expected it going in and I work with eighteenth century documents regularly), and once you get used to it, it's no barrier to quick [...]

    17. If I wanted to get picky, I'd say this one really deserves 3.75 stars. I enjoyed the pseudo-olde English style of writing and I found the main character intriguing, which always gets at least three stars in my book. Parts were hard to read in the same way that a movie is hard to watch when the main character starts doing something really self-destructive and you want to yell at the screen. But overall the story transcended those awkward moments and I found it to be quite an enjoyable read. It ce [...]

    18. This was not what I expected and I found it a bit of a surprise when I first started reading it and found that a contemporary author had written a novel set in the 18th century and using language that evokes that time period. Ir's written as a kind of memoir of Tristan Hart, an incredibly intelligent young man who finds his grip on reality and sanity somewhat loose. It took me a little while to get into but in the end I thoroughly enjoyed it and found myself trying to work out which bits were 'r [...]

    19. One of the more difficult books I've read. The language, spelling and writing style are straight out of the 18th century. The capital letters were jarring and didn't allow me to fully immerse myself in the book. The plot itself was ok but the stylistic choices were too distracting to allow me to really enjoy reading it.Also, there were large sections dedicated to philosophical questions like "What is pain?" and "What is the soul?" which were too dry to be enjoyable.

    20. I will be completely honest with you—I have read this book, from start to finish, and I have absolutely no idea what to do with it. I don’t mean literally, of course. It lives in my iPad, so it’s not like I have to find a home for it like some difficult dog or slightly deformed kitten. I mean, I’ve read it, I’ve absorbed the story, and I’ll be goddamned if I really know what to think about it.But I’ll tell you what. I couldn’t stop reading it. And that has to count for something. [...]

    21. 2.5 stars*This book was pretty weird. Based on the description, I thought it would be action-packed and mentally terrifying. In reality, it was slow and not scary at all. Jack Wolf stuck true to the way books were written during our character's time period. Major props for the amount of research he did, because it did a good job in the sense of the writing style. But because of that, he put unneeded detail upon unneeded detail and every noun throughout this book was capitalized, making it diffic [...]

    22. Está es una de las historias que más me han gustado, ha sido una lectura amena, consistente y los personajes con sus personalidades no rayan en lo ordinario. Aunque hay momentos de la historia que suele ser un poco tediosa, el autor lo compensa con pasajes que te hacen interesarte más en la historia, me ha parecido que la lectura fue rápida a pesaar de que el libro puede ser algo largo. Me ha gustado.

    23. Would I read it again? Probably not. There are some disturbing things throughout this book, but I appreciate what Wolf has done. It's beautifully written, creative, and surprising.

    24. Weird, slow. Few likeable characters. Less building, more fairies, mystique.See my other ten word book reviews at my blog: tenwordbookreviews.wordpress.

    25. OK I'm vacillating between 1 and 5 stars: aka not sure if I hate it or love it :) so I'm not rating it at all.First: if you can't cope with mid-18th century language, then this is not for you. Capitals for every noun; odd spellings/phrases; all totally in keeping with the first person POV of Tristan Hart, a young man, mentally disturbed, complete genius; introspective but awfully intelligent; growing up used to his station in the world, questioning everything, and a budding anatomical surgeon.Hi [...]

    26. 2.5 Stars. This is definitely going to be one of the most unusual books I've read in a while. The story follows Tristan Hart from his youth to adulthood, and we realize from the beginning that he's a little strange, particularly as we witness his interactions with his equally warped friend Nathaniel Ravenscroft, but the story really gets going (as does Tristan's sanity) after a mental breakdown when the fear of a Jacobite invasion becomes too much too bear. Unsure of how to handle him, his fathe [...]

    27. This review originally posted at More Than Just MagicThis review is kind of hard to write because my personal feelings on this book are mixed but the writing and quality of story telling itself were extremely well put together.Let’s start with the writing. The entire novel is written in Old English – right down to the capitalization of the nouns. It took a little bit of getting used to. I mean how many of us read that style of writing on a regular basis really? But once I did adjust I began [...]

    28. Please check out more of my reviews on my blog.Bookmark the permalink.The Tale of Raw Head and Bloody Bones | Jack WolfApr10 by anninyn The Tale of Raw Head and Bloody Bones by Jack Wolf is a a literary historical. Explosive, transgressive and wildly inventive, Jack Wolf’s novel THE TALE OF THE RAW HEAD AND BLOODY BONES (Penguin Original; March 26, 2013; 978-0-14-312382-8; $16.00; also available as an ebook) is arrestingly authentic. UK based author Jack Wolf, who wrote the novel as a woman an [...]

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