State of Emergency

State of Emergency Countdown To ArmageddonTwo agents Russian and American are brutally murdered College students working as drug mules die gruesome deaths from radiation poisoning Powerful dirty bombs explode minute

  • Title: State of Emergency
  • Author: Marc Cameron
  • ISBN: 9780786031801
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Countdown To ArmageddonTwo agents, Russian and American, are brutally murdered College students, working as drug mules, die gruesome deaths from radiation poisoning Powerful dirty bombs explode minutes apart in San Francisco and St Petersburg, Russia slaughtering citizens and spreading blind panic throughout the world But this is only a warning The next attack willCountdown To ArmageddonTwo agents, Russian and American, are brutally murdered College students, working as drug mules, die gruesome deaths from radiation poisoning Powerful dirty bombs explode minutes apart in San Francisco and St Petersburg, Russia slaughtering citizens and spreading blind panic throughout the world But this is only a warning The next attack will be nuclear Enter Air Force OSI agent Jericho Quinn and his crack team of specialists Their mission track down the black market arms dealer who masterminded the plot with a Soviet era, suitcase sized bomb and dismantle them both When the trail leads to South America, Quinn has to join the famous Dakar Rally, a 6,000 mile motorcycle run that s about to become the most dangerous race in history It s not the finish line they re racing for It s the fate of the world One of the hottest new authors in the thriller genre.Awesome Brad ThorPraise for the novels of Marc Cameron Action packed, over the top Publishers Weekly on Act of Terror Fascinating characters with action off the charts Masterful Steve Berry on National Security

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    1. Marc Cameron

      A native of Texas, Marc Cameron is a retired Chief Deputy US Marshal who spent nearly thirty years in law enforcement His assignments have taken him from rural Alaska to Manhattan, from Canada to Mexico and points in between A second degree black belt in jujitsu, he often teaches defensive tactics to other law enforcement agencies and civilian groups Cameron lives in Alaska with his wife and BMW motorcycle.

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    1. I very much enjoy reading Marc Cameron's thrillers. The only detracting point, a la Lee Lofland and others: where oh where are Cameron's editors (and frankly, many other editors) on the use of "cordite" (page 218)? One can't know the smell of cordite unless one is approximately a hundred years old: it was last most widely used in the late 1800s up through WWI, and somewhat in WWII. It simply is not in use now. enpedia/wiki/CorditeEverything else about this book is Cameron at his finest: the many [...]

    2. Whatever terrifying scenarios can be imagined in a world of international terrorists, drug dealers, arms dealers, spies and just plain ruthless characters, Marc Cameron has brought them all together in State of Emergency, the third thriller featuring Special Agent Jericho Quinn.After two college students who have been traveling in Finland die gruesome deaths from radiation poisoning, and a Russian and an American special agent are murdered, Quinn is put on the case, even as he trails the United [...]

    3. It was an interesting departure for the Jericho Quinn novels; for him to be in the desert and jungle settings of South America rather than the typical US/Middle East settings. I find myself drawn to the characters, wanting more of their stories and desiring them to move on with their lives. Cameron doesn't disappoint as we see more and more of the characters character emerge. A few of the situations that they got out of were a little predictable and convenient. However in typical fashion, I coul [...]

    4. Another good read from Marc Cameron. Cameron's protagonist, Jericho Quinn, compares nicely to Mitch Rapp, John Wells, and others in the spy/terrorist hunter type action thriller. On the down side, Cameron is leaning more and more toward the cliff hanger ending. Too bad, too. An author of an action series should let his work compel the reader on to the next novel, not a cliff hanger ending.

    5. Nearly gave this three stars, but ended up with 4. His previous two books were about an independent operator stopping international terrorist incidents with a lot of motorcycle and knife use. This one seems to be more about motorcycles and knives with a side-plot about terrorists. Just felt like he lost his focus and was forcing the plot along.

    6. Lots of different players that sometimes it was hard to keep track of who was who and what affiliation they had. I don't believe that in the end our guy had to die. The chance was always there, but we could have tried to take out the prissy spanish guy instead.I loved the South American settings though and it was interesting to learn a little about motorcycle racing.

    7. Love the Jericho Quinn series's! Love the Jericho Quinn series's! This genre is one of my favorites. Great fast read filled with action adventure. Love the new Russian character. Can't wait to read the next book. I recommended series

    8. Powerful read, Cameron does it again. The spectre of what people of bad intent want to do to the rest of us evolves and those that rise up to stand against them deserve our admiration and support.

    9. A good story from Marc Cameron. It has been out for a while so I read it as I have become a Cameron serial reader. Great action from Jericho Quinn that comes with a cliff-hanger.

    10. State of Emergency by Marc Cameron is the third book of the Jericho Quinn series.In the USA, a college student dies in suspicious circumstances only minutes after entering a hospital's emergency room. Before dying, she confesses that she has been carrying drugs in her stomach, concealed in condoms, and fears one of them must have burst. However, the speediness of her demise suggests a cause of death other than a drug overdose.It is soon confirmed that the actual cause of death is radiation poiso [...]

    11. All in audiobook format, this review references the first 3 books in the Jericho Quinn series. Two, National Security and Act of Terror, are narrated by Tom Weiner, State of Emergency by Luke Daniels. All are between 10-11 hours of listening, so in total, these three represent approximately 30 hours of the Jericho Quinn adventures.Jericho Quinn is a Mitch Rapp (Vince Flynn), Jason Bourne (Robert Ludlum), Jack Ryan (Tom Clancy) well, you get the idea. He’s the self deprecating good-guy-tough-gu [...]

    12. I will begin my review by saying I was very much looking fwd to reading this book. I was not familiar with Mr. Cameron's previous work. However, I always enjoy political/spy thrillers of this nature. My two favorite authors are Vince Flynn and Brad Thor. Keeping in mind Brad Thor had a recommendation on the cover, I was anticipating a good read.However, I found this book very unrewarding.This is just my opinion but I just was not a fan of Mr. Cameron's writing style. I think he goes way overboar [...]

    13. Marc Cameron returns with another action-packed novel that leaves the reader on the edge of their seats from cover to cover. When bombs simultaneously explode in the US and Russia, some form of terrorist plot is suspected. Chechens claim responsibility in Russia, but the plot seems too similar to be discounted as a coincidence. Top secret US Government intel points to a ruthless Venezuelan whose lust for power (and mental instability) rivals that of Hugo Chavez. With an old Soviet-era bomb now i [...]

    14. Jericho Quinn is an Air Force investigator tasked to a special operations unit used to seek out and either expose or neutralize terrorist threats that can't be addressed through normal channels. State of Emergency is his third tale.When a Cold-War era backpack nuclear bomb goes missing and explosions kill dozens in the U.S. and Russia, intelligence points to a shadowy network led by a Latin American sociopath. Quinn and his team have to track down the nuke, the radioactive material smuggled to i [...]

    15. Get your mind revved-up for a race down the speedway of suspense with this one. A page turner that will keep you up into the wee hours. A real thriller not for the faint at heart. Extremely & descriptively well-written.Air Force OSI agent Jericho Quinn allies with a female Russian agent (Aleksandra - who has the same goal) to track down & dismantle an old Soviet-era small atom bomb (nicknamed the Baba Yaga), which has ended up in the hands of a black-market arms dealer. The chase goes in [...]

    16. Two agents one American and one Russian are murdered. Acouple of college students working as drug mules die gruesomedeaths from radiation poisoning. A couple of dirty bombs gooff minutes apart, one in San Francisco and one in St.Petersburg Russia. This is only a warning the next attack willbe nuclear. Enter Air Force OSI agent Jericho Quinn and histeam of specialists. Their mission is to track down the blackmarket arms dealer who masterminded this plot using Sovietera suitcase sized bombs. Now t [...]

    17. Another in a series with Jericho Quinn, the international "hammer". The author continues to strengthen his storytelling, with more characters to mix and match with the "hero". The story goes from the international race in Dakar (that I had never heard of) to various locales in South America. An interesting plot though for the first time, it was really slow in getting moving after the opening scene setting the stage. I am ready to read the next novel. Since Vince Flynn can no longer write, it is [...]

    18. Jericho Quinn is back with his friends to stop another terrorist plot against the USA. Action-packed, interesting story, great thrills and excellent characters, this is another winner from Marc Cameron. I found the epilogue worrying because it feels like Mr Cameron may be going the route that many thriller writers take. I'm being vague so as not to spoil anything but it will be interesting to see if I'm right in the next book.

    19. State of EmergencyI gave this book 5 Stars because it deserves it. I traveled from desert to jungle, from the highest mountain to Flat land. Action packed from start to finish. And just when you think this is the highest point of action, you find out around the corner is much more waiting then one can imagine. Jericho is not just any Agent, he is above and still a Gentleman. Marc Cameron, do not stop writing. I am looking forward to each one of your books.

    20. State of Emergency (Jericho Quinn series #3)Cameron takes you to the action and adventure in such a way that you are part of the action. How to stop a nuclear bomb going off in the middle of a huge crowd or an American city when you have only the slimmest chance of finding it before it explodes? Follow Jericho and his teammates across the country and the world as they attempt to do just that. Thanks for another great read.

    21. Another good story packed full of action of fighting terrorists and saving the world. I was a little surprised that the storyline at the start of the book wasn't wrapped up before the end of the book. The ending did provide for a new cliff-hanger which will compel me to read the fourth book in the series.

    22. Anlother awesome book from Marc Cameron. I havve already pre-ordered his next book Time of Attack. His characters are wonderfully portrayed and the dialogue is smooth. I miss the Mitch Rapp character by Vince Flyyn (RIP), so started reading thiese hoping to fill that void. Jericho has not disappointed me. With all the bad guys out there, I hope Jericho will continue for many more books.

    23. Best yet, but I still have several books to go. This one has a lead into the next in the series - who gets shot on the last page? Starting to read like a Saturday morning action serial. Several strong female characters, but will the author keep them active in the next few books?Rate this as a 3.75

    24. The plot was somewhat difficult to follow as the book moved from one character's activities to another. The foreign names made it difficult for me to keep track of all the players and how they interacted with one another and the main character. Overall the book was enjoyable but the ending was rather disappointing as it was somewhat predictable.

    25. Another entry in the genre "I've stolen a nuclear weapon . Catch me if you can". Plenty of action here as the story winds through South America, Mexico, and Texas. The main character is typically "bullet proof" and has a cast of supporting characters to assist him in tracking down the perpetrators.

    26. Even better than the last one.What a ride! At the risk of being a **spoiler alert** this fast pace full of action thriller, takes us from Russia to Miami to Venezuela and Texas. And don't stop to take a breath you will miss a lot of the ride. Great book, and the returning characters grow even more compelling. On to the next adventure.

    27. Another winner!It's thrilling to read Marc Cameron's Jerico Quinn books! You get hooked and wish immediately to go to the next one but you hesitate because it's more than I want to pay. So unless I get more credits from , this will most likely be the last one of Jericho Quinn's thriller for me. If you can afford them all, I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

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