The Ways of the World

The Ways of the World From the Edgar Award winning internationally bestselling British writer Robert Goddard comes a captivating new trilogy of historical thrillers set at the tail end of World War I and featuring the de

  • Title: The Ways of the World
  • Author: Robert Goddard
  • ISBN: 9780593069738
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the Edgar Award winning, internationally bestselling British writer Robert Goddard comes a captivating new trilogy of historical thrillers, set at the tail end of World War I and featuring the devilishly charismatic James Max Maxted, a Royal Flying Corps veteran who has a hard time keeping himself out of trouble.Four years of horrific fighting have finally ended onFrom the Edgar Award winning, internationally bestselling British writer Robert Goddard comes a captivating new trilogy of historical thrillers, set at the tail end of World War I and featuring the devilishly charismatic James Max Maxted, a Royal Flying Corps veteran who has a hard time keeping himself out of trouble.Four years of horrific fighting have finally ended on the battlefield, but in the spring of 1919, Paris is filled with delegates from around the world who are still trying to hammer out the terms of peace One such delegate is British diplomat Sir Henry Maxted, in charge of liaising with the Brazilians regarding seized ships But before a deal is reached, Sir Henry turns up dead outside a Montparnasse apartment building, apparently having fallen from the roof His sons Max and Ashley are sent to Paris to collect the body, and it quickly becomes clear that the theory the French police have put forward is flawed But since the murder of a diplomat could be disastrous for the peace conference, no one is keen to ask questions except Max.What begins as an innocent inquiry into his father s death soon leads Max into a dangerous world of secret allegiances, international espionage, and people double crossing each other at the highest levels of government How far is he willing to go to discover the truth about the death of a father he barely knew And how much will the authorities and others let him find out before threatening Max s own life

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    1. Robert Goddard

      In a writing career spanning than twenty years, Robert Goddard s novels have been described in many different ways mystery, thriller, crime, even historical romance He is the master of the plot twist, a compelling and engrossing storyteller and one of the best known advocates for the traditional virtues of pace, plot and narrative drive.

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    1. Definitely above average in broad spectrum of espionage fiction. It leans toward: historical atmospherics, though with less of a focus than in Furst’s World War 2 tales; suspenseful intrigue, though less twisted than Le Carre; and levels of thriller action that are less pervasive than most, perhaps on the level of early Follett. As a plus we are treated to the fascinating setting of Paris after World War 1, a time when so many countries and factions had people in town trying to tilt the negoti [...]

    2. (view spoiler)[Bettie's BooksThe shelving, status updates and star rating constitute how I felt about this book. (hide spoiler)]

    3. The Paris Peace Conference was an international meeting that took place in January 1919 at Versailles, with its purpose to establish and agree the terms of the peace after the Great War. In total the number of nations attending was almost 30, but the main representatives and influencers were France, Britain, America and Italy (the big four), and it is amongst this gathering of nations and inter-country politics that Robert Goddard's new book links itself and is set.The story has many twists and [...]

    4. After reading a good many of Robert Goddard’s novel one thing he does to perfection is take you back to the past. I’m still not sure how he does it - whether it is the tone of his writing, the way his characters talk or an accumulation of details relevant to a particular time but it works. You are in that particular decade and not just because he mentions one famous incident associated with that decade; you are in that particular part of the country and not just because he names it. I trust [...]

    5. An excellent spy story set in the aftermath of the Great War. It's 1919 and the victorious gather in Paris to decide the fate of Germany. When one elderly diplomat falls from a roof, his son Max travels from England to prove that his death was not an accident. The war continuesFull review forwinternights.wordpress/

    6. Starts brightly but as the pages mount the cleverness that marked the other books by this author flee to be replaced by a real clunker, great for anyone who loved Biggles and wanted a non ironic refresh. This book thuds flatly. Maybe splats might be a better description.

    7. 3.5 - 4 stars.The Ways of the World tells the tale of James “Max” Maxted’s efforts to uncover the truth behind his diplomat father’s death in Paris, during the 1919 peace talks. The city is full of international diplomats discussing what should be the outcome of Germany’s defeat in the First World War, when Sir Henry Maxted falls from a roof and dies. The French police have decided that suicide is the most likely reason for the fall, but Max uncovers certain clues which will not let hi [...]

    8. Set in Paris just after World War I, The Ways of the World takes a look at the battle for peace. James ‘Max’ Maxted was a Royal Flying Corps ace during the war but now finds himself in a completely new situation. While the world looks to Paris as diplomats and politicians try to negotiate peace, Max is trying to work out what happened to his father. Sir Henry Maxted was a British diplomatic who mysteriously died from a fall off the roof of his mistress’s apartment building. The authorities [...]

    9. This book is written to a formula;a formula that has been out of date since 1957, about when I started reading thrillers. I enjoy a good thriller, but this is not a good thriller.There are derogatory and anachronistic references to the Japanese the use of 'Jap' very jarring in the context of 1919; it should be remembered that we fought on the same side in WW1 and there would have been none of that sort of reference.There won't be any spoilers as I've stopped reading it on page 190 and I've given [...]

    10. If you were about to sit down and write a historical espionage thriller what better setting could you imagine than Paris following the Great War. Paris, 1919 with historical characters ranging from Ho Chi Minh to Woodrow Wilson all together in the city of lights, trying to redraw the boundaries of defeated empires and bring about self-determination is an amazing setting. It is on this stage that Robert Goddard has created an engrossing tale entitled, THE WAYS OF THE WORLD. Goddard has written ov [...]

    11. "The truth, it struck him, was like that, revealing itself, if at all, only by its effect on something else.”How good is this book? Let me count the ways…etc.Beautifully written, a wonderful evocation of a much maligned and partially forgotten time - apart from those who lived through it, I guess - and tense and thrilling and intriguing and all that and more.The period between the two great Wars (in Europe I should perhaps hasten to add) has interested me for a number of years now and is ref [...]

    12. Много обичам да се разхождам в някой любим град, в който нямам никакви спешни и неотложни задачи да обикалям туристически забележителности, да сядам по кафенетата и да си чета книжка, в която действието се развива във въпросния град. Париж е един добър пример за такъв град, [...]

    13. The Ways of the World is a period espionage thriller set at the end of WWI, and the first of a trilogy featuring Lieutenant James “Max” Maxted, a royal flying corps veteran. Robert Goddard's novel is impressive, full of well-developed characters, fast paced action, and accurate historical details. Any lover of mysteries set during the end of WWI will enjoy The Ways of the World.Some of my favorite Agatha Christie novels are her classic spy thrillers, such as The Man in the Brown Suit and The [...]

    14. I really enjoyed reading this - it is an almost theatrical combo of genres all rolled into one action packed story.(view spoiler)[ Like others i protested (not silently) at the all caps cliff hanger(hide spoiler)] and then used even worse language when I realized the next two in the triology were not available for my kindle ereader - which taught me something abt my new expectation for books that I'd like to share and talk about a bit: if I have to spend proportionally more time seeking a book o [...]

    15. The time is 1919, the war is over, and an ex-RFC pilot, James Maxted, learns that his father, a senior British diplomat, has died by falling off a roof in Paris. At the same time, an important conference involving the victors is going on, James suspects that the death of his father was no accident. James' elder brother inherits everything, including the baronetcy, and wants the father's death to be buried, and just about everyone else shows little interest, nevertheless with a lot of effort, ver [...]

    16. I read this as an ARC from Net Galley, in exchange for a review. I have read Robert Goddard's books before and enjoyed them. I enjoyed this story, but found it a bit slow moving. It seems the author intends to continue the story as part of a series, so perhaps he was laying the groundwork for that. The story takes place in Paris just after the end of WWI. Lieutenant James Maxted, Max to his friends, has returned from the POW camp where he spent the last months of the war after being shot down in [...]

    17. I have read all of Goddard's novels, but this novel disappointed me so much I can't see myself rushing to buy another. The cover promises 'adultery Paris 1919', but the adultery took place before the novel started, and - apart from some crippled veterans begging - there was little sense of place. I love historical mysteries for being educated whilst being entertained, but know no more about The Treaty of Versailles and postwar Paris after 500 pages.As Max tried to discover his father's murderer, [...]

    18. This is my second book by this author. The first one was “Long Time Coming” and I found it to be okay. On the other hand I really did enjoy this one. The story takes place mostly in Paris during the peace talks that took place after WW I, in 1919. There are a lot of historical facts about the participants in that conference and the machinations that took place behind the scenes. It also involves the participation of the British Secret Service, created in 1909, which is the predecessor to MI [...]

    19. James Maxted is an ex-RFC (Royal Flying Corps) pilot, hero, and POW. When his father, a retired British diplomat, baronet, knight of the realm etc. falls to his death in Paris while serving as an aide to the British delegation at the Versailles peace conference, James ("Max" to all but his family) goes into action to find out the truth about his father's death (that it was murder). Max shows the same gutty disregard for personal danger that he showed in the war. Aided by his former chief mechani [...]

    20. I was really looking for a 3.5 star rating. I've always loved Robert Goddard books (granted some a lot more than others), so was looking forward to this one. I'm glad I read a review before reading it though as I would have been unaware that it was part of a trilogy. After reading that I decided to park the book until all 3 had been published so I could read together.Just finished this 1st one and I'm glad I waited because I doubt I'd remember all the names and what role they played. A few too m [...]

    21. James (aka Max) Maxted is one of Robert Goddard's strongest and most interesting characters yet. Returning from the war, he intends to use his pilot skills by starting up a flying school, when he gets a call to say his father has died in Paris.Suspecting things are not quite straightforward when he arrives in Paris to repatriate his father's body, he remains there in search of answers and there follows a breath-taking adventure which puts his life in danger and that of his friend Sam Twentyman, [...]

    22. I felt like something a bit different to what I had been reading of late, so decided to give this a go. Yay for it paying off. I have read other Goddard books over the year and always enjoyed them, so shouldn't really be surprised. He is a good writer, very readable, and creates engaging characters.In this instance it is the main character 'Max' who you find very easy to read about. A solid, traditional hero, though not without foibles which of course only add to the readers interest. In Sam, Go [...]

    23. A book full of intrigue, murder, suspense and spies. Moves along at a good pace and leaves the reader in suspense at the end. Unfortunately none of the press releases or websites show that this was a novel to be continued. As a regular reader I felt cheated and somehow given little respect. I shall tread carefully before purchasing a Goddard again.

    24. This was my first encounter with Robert Goddard and I can't wait to get the next installment in the James Maxted series. Set in Paris and London just after the end of WWI, this was a fast paced who done it, full of suspense, interesting characters, family disagreements. All in all a solid 4 star read for me.

    25. seemed interesting and the first few pages were entertaining, but then it became a run of the mill thriller which I fast read just in case it became more interesting; even a sort of cliffhanger ending left me completely uninterested in more

    26. It was reasonably enjoyable, fairly standard Goddard stuff I think. I hadn't realised that it was book one of a trilogy, so the events at the end surprised me as I expected the story to conclude, and instead it took an unexpected change of direction, to be continued in the next book presumably.

    27. There are few things I dislike more than turning a page a reading "To be continued." But, taken on its own, it was historically interesting, though only fair writing with flat characters.

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