The Bathing Costume: Or the Worst Vacation of My Life

The Bathing Costume Or the Worst Vacation of My Life The book s protagonist is Michel an eight year old Parisian boy His brother Martin who s twelve detests him and he detests Martin right back This summer Michel will go away alone which really me

  • Title: The Bathing Costume: Or the Worst Vacation of My Life
  • Author: Charlotte Moundlic Olivier Tallec Claudia Zoe Bedrick
  • ISBN: 9781592701414
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The book s protagonist is Michel, an eight year old Parisian boy His brother Martin, who s twelve, detests him, and he detests Martin right back This summer, Michel will go away alone, which really means without his mom, to stay with his grandparents while his parents move apartments To add to the horror, Michel s older boy cousins will be going, too As Michel says, TThe book s protagonist is Michel, an eight year old Parisian boy His brother Martin, who s twelve, detests him, and he detests Martin right back This summer, Michel will go away alone, which really means without his mom, to stay with his grandparents while his parents move apartments To add to the horror, Michel s older boy cousins will be going, too As Michel says, To put it simply, they are big, strong, and pals with Martin I am their scapegoat Recounted by Michel himself, his vacation doesn t turn out to be such a complete zero after all Between a competition to see who can shower the least, wild bike rides without gear, and a tooth that finally falls out, Michel discovers both independence and real moments of happiness.The text is both very funny and moving, with good reason, for we see an eight year old s vacation with his grandparents and older cousins through his own eyes, with all of the little things that are important to a boy of eight the dumb things that he ll never tell his mom the small triumphs the disregard and mocking of the older cousins the shame of having a bathing suit that slips off in the pool the freedom of being away from home and the satisfaction of overcoming fears As always, Olivier Tallec s illustrations render all the emotions of our little hero with an enormous amount of expressiveness, talent, and sheer gorgeousness.

    The Bathing Costume Or the Worst Vacation of My Life https Bathing Costume Worst Vacation Life dp The Bathing Costume is enticing and humorous reading that youths will relish with a charming art style, recommended Julie Danielson, Kirkus Moundlic gets the voice just rightTallec is gorgeously sensitive to the passions of childhood The New York Times Book The Bathing Costume Or the Worst Vacation of My Life by https book show the bathing costume Jan , The Bathing Costume Or the Worst Vacation of My Life is a story about a year old boy BATHING COSTUME meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionaryhttps dictionarymbridge dictionary english bathing costume bathing costume definition a piece of clothing that you wear for swimming a piece of clothing that you wear for swimming Learn . The Bathing Costume Enchanted Lion Bookshttps enchantedlion all books the bathing costume The Bathing Costume is enticing and humorous reading that youths will relish with a charming art style Recommended The Midwest Book Review the translation is smooth and the narrative is broken down into daily vignettes that can be read s bathing suit costumehttps s bathing suit costume s k s of results for s bathing suit costume Skip to main search results Prime Eligible for Free Shipping Free Shipping by fun shack Womens Victorian Bathing Suit Costume Adults Historical Swimming Outfit . out of Women s Bathing and Swimming Costume in the United Statesgutenberg files h hm Although women s bathing and swimming costume achieved an identity of its own during the th century, the evolution of this garb followed certain innovations in women s underclothing, namely, drawers in the first half of the th century, the History of Bathing Suits PICTURES Victoriana Magazinevictoriana library Beach FashionableBathingSuitsm Women typically dressed in black, knee length, puffed sleeve wool dresses, often featuring a sailor collar, and worn over bloomers or drawers trimmed with ribbons and bows The bathing costume was typically accessorized with long black stockings, fancy lace up bathing slippers

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    1. Charlotte Moundlic Olivier Tallec Claudia Zoe Bedrick

      Charlotte Moundlic is the art director at P re Castor and the author of several French books for young readers She lives in Paris.

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    1. Using short, quick sentences like another of Charlotte Moundlic's picture books, The Scar (only to vastly different effect), The Bathing Costume follows seven-year-old Ronnie's summer vacation to his grandparents' chalet in the French countryside while his parents finish up details of their move to a new home in Paris. Ronnie has never vacationed without his mother, and he's less than thrilled at the thought of joining his three older cousins—Jean, Edgar, and Hector—for a week with no parent [...]

    2. This book is all about an 8 year old boy's vacation at his grandparents' home, and he's staying there without his parents. This book was published in France, and it definitely has some of those cultural elements. As a result, this book wasn't all that relatable to me, nor do I see it as relatable to my students. I wasn't sure how the author wanted me to feel about the young boy, and so I just felt annoyed by all the characters. I did like the ending of the story though. The story is short, and s [...]

    3. The family will be moving in a month. The parents have decided to have their son Bonnie Ronnie spend a week in his hometown Paris with his grandparents, while they take a separate vacation of their own. Bonnie Ronnie was nervous about the visit and to make matters worse he was given swim wear that was over-sized and dropped continuously during his visits to the pool. However, once he began having fun with his cousins and grandparents, and conquered his fear of diving from a 10-foot board he didn [...]

    4. Myron hates his name, his brother picks on him, and now he has to go on vacation without his mom, who has always gone on vacation with him. Myron, a.k.a. Ronnie, is extremely apprehensive about being sent to spend a week with his Grandparents and three cousins in the country because he is scared of his grandpa and his cousins are bigger and tougher. He has adventures like riding bikes, a scary storm, and the 10 foot high dive. The book is a sweet, genuine, at times funny tale about growing into [...]

    5. A sweet little read, translated from the French. 8-year-old Ronnie goes to spend a week with his grandparents in the country. This is the first time ever that he's been away from his mother, and he's a bit concerned about missing her - and about getting picked on by his older, rough cousins. A family tradition is to jump off the high dive at the local pool - something that everyone has to do as they turn 8. Ronnie is terrified of this expectation - and even worse, he's wearing his older brother' [...]

    6. TCL Call Number: J Beginning MoundlicCindy's Rating: 4 starsThis is a sweet book intended for grades 1-3. The illustrations, particularly on the faces of the boys as they take showers are priceless.It is the story of Myron who is almost 8 years old. He is leaving to stay with his grandparents for the summerwhich makes him anxious since he has never been away from his mother. He also has to overcome a few other uncomfortable incidents, all of which he does in a realistic humorous way.By the end o [...]

    7. I was charmed by this. A boy spends a week of his summer vacation with his grandparents and cousins. At first, he's not thrilled about it, but in a completely realistic way that will have most kids nodding the "I've been there" nod. Plus, part of the story revolves around a too-big swimsuit, which is always good for a laugh.

    8. This is a "throw-back" type of picture book, with small type, block text on most pages. It is wry, charming, and offers a recognizable view of a young boy's transition from timid to confident in himself and his place in the family. Illustrations are delightful and augment the text well.

    9. This book was humorous and can easily be related to children. It would be great especially for a timid child or to increase independence, but great for all as well.

    10. I love a picture book for older kids. This is like Two Boys Have the Best Week Ever but with downs alongside the ups. Lots of text, but lots to enjoy.

    11. The Bathing Costume: Or the Worst Vacation of My Life is a story about a 7 year old boy who is going to be away from his mother for the first time because he's going to spend a week with this grandparents due to him and his family moving in a month. As the days go by he's having a better time with his family then he thought he would and becomes closer to his grandparents. I would recommend this book for 3rd grade because the character in the book is in 3rd grade and the pages of the book have lo [...]

    12. 2014 Batchelder Honor BookTheme: Summer vacation at Grandparents' home/Swimming/Biking/Stories/Letter writing/Away from parentsThis is too long for storytime."Dear Mama, I hope you're fine. Here it's a really nice day and I'm having fun with the cousins. I'm eating everything Grandma serves, including the green vegetables. Even seconds. Today we're going to the pool. Grandma said, "Don't forget your bathing costumes!" hearing her call our swimsuits that really made me crack up." - inside left ja [...]

    13. Text to text: Since this writing style was much like a diary format, this reminded me of the book "Diary of a Fly". Both are very realistic accounts of a person's true feelings and perspective of their days. The reader is able to see all emotions involved in a day. It would be really interesting to read this book and challenge students to have their own journals for a week or whatever length of time while experiencing something different. That way, the students can compare experiences and emotio [...]

    14. When eight-year-old Michel is sent to stay with his grandparents for a week, he can't help but worry knowing it will be his first time away from home. Even worse, his older cousins will be there too – all leading to an unforgettable vacation.The story is told in first person through the eyes of Michel with such an honesty and innocence that it takes the reader back to when they were that age and experiencing their own first time away from home. The reader gets to experience the rollercoaster o [...]

    15. This Batchelder Award winner from France is a wonderful read. Though it is from a foreign country, I feel like it is very relatable to American children.Like many kids his age, Myron is about to take his first summer vacation away from his mommy. As this is a new concept to him, he feels terrified and worries that this will be the worst vacation of his life. Myron goes to his grandparents' house in the country. Here he fears his strangely silent grandfather and has trouble getting along with his [...]

    16. This is a book that might make helicopter-type parents squeamish.Myron, who is eight, is sent to his grandparents' house for a week while his parents prepare for the family's move. His brother lucks out and gets to visit a friend in England. This is Myron's first time being away from his dear mama, and both are dreading the idea.It turns out that a few of Myron's cousins will also be staying with the grandparents that week, but this only adds to Myron's fears. It would seem that now that Myron h [...]

    17. This book is good for students in grades first through third. The proposed Fountas and Pinnell level of this book is . A highlight of this book is that it is arranged into almost a diary-like structure. It has "Day One, Day Two, etc". I really like this because it not only shows how an eight year old sees through his eyes, but also how he feels. This book is adorable because the grandmother calls a swimsuit, a bathing costume (hence the name). I don't love the illustrations in this book, I feel [...]

    18. Genre: Realistic Fiction- this is very possible events but with made up characters.Audience: Primary- this borders on intermediate but it is close to second grade readers. The book still has easy words but it has more words than most picture books, however it is still too easy for older readers.Text to Text: My Fathers Arms are a Boat by Stein Erik Lunde both these books have a character that is insecure and worried, but they both come to realize everything will work out.Text to Self: At the end [...]

    19. This Batchelder Honor Book for 2014 is too long for a preschool story time, but could be a perfect read-aloud one-on-one. This book, translated from the French, speaks to young children away from home for the first time. Myron, or Ronnie, goes to stay at a cottage with his grandparents and cousins while his parents prepare to move. Ronnie has never been away from his mother before, so decides to write to her every day. The book is broken down by day. Day One he is sure he is about to have the wo [...]

    20. My wife and daughter read the book following my recommendation, but neither of them were bowled over. I, however, really liked it, mainly because I felt I could easily relate to the main character, a Parisian boy named Michel, whom his older brother has teasingly dubbed "Bonnie Ronnie." Let's just say that his summer does not go as well as could be expected when he is forced to separate from his parents and spend time in the country with other relatives (mischievous male cousins included). Durin [...]

    21. There are multiple text-to-self connections that I could make in this book. Text-to-self just means that I am finding ways that this book's plot or characters relate to my life. The premise of the book is that a young boy, Myron, goes off on his own for the first time to spend his summer vacation at his grandparents' house. I can definitely remember the first time I went to my grandparents' house in Iowa for the first time by myself. I felt just as nervous as Myron did to go out on my own. There [...]

    22. A great example of how an international book can describe common life experiences across cultures. A boy is sent to live with this grandmother in France while his parents are preparing for a move. The boy is terrified of his older cousins but ultimately bonds with them as they bend the normal rules of taking daily showers and wearing bike helmets. The boys build bike ramps from old wood and carry candles instead of flashlights when the electricity goes out. The book ends with the challenges that [...]

    23. Eight-year-old Ronnie is sent on what he anticipates to be the worst vacation of his life with his grandparents and cousins while his family moves. His older cousins tease Ronnie relentlessly and he is afraid of his grandfather. From the start of the week, Ronnie is wishing he could be anywhere but there. As the week progresses, Ronnie competes with his cousins to see who can shower the least, takes wild adventures without helmets on bikes and mustering the courage to dive off the high dive, a r [...]

    24. Seven-year-old Myron (Ronnie) is anxious about spending part of the summer away from his parents with his grandparents in the country. His older cousins tease him, but he decides to suck it up and put a positive spin on the daily letters he writes his mother. Over time, he starts feeling more comfortable, and the book ends with his leap from the high diving board despite the fact that he's wearing a very loose bathing costume. The lovely illustrations highlight the appeal of rural life while als [...]

    25. For ‘The Bathing Costume’ I chose to do a text to world connection. I chose this because there are many children during the summer that go off to summer camp or their grandparents’ house for a week or even a couple months. Some kids enjoy going away for a little while and some absolutely hate it. I think if there was a kid that had to go away for a little while during summer vacation and wasn’t looking forward to it, they could read this book and it could help them feel better about goin [...]

    26. Ronnie is spending his first vacation without his mama. A week in the country with his grandparents and cousins; it’s bad enough that his cousins treat him like a baby, but when they go swimming, Ronnie discovers he brought his older brothers suit (grandma calls it a bathing costume) and now that he’s 8 he has to jump off the high board. This Batchelder honor book about making the best of a bad situation would be a fun choice for the elementary library.Cross-posted to kissthebook CHECK IT OU [...]

    27. Contemporary realistic fiction.Themes- summer vacation, letter writing, family, overcoming fears/insecurities.Classroom use: could introduce or review the parts of story (characters, setting, plot), with the diving board scene representing the turning point. Could also be used for an intro/reinforcement of letter-writing and addressing an envelope. Kids could write home to their parents about school, or write to their class about vacation, and discussion could be had about what we put in letters [...]

    28. Adorable story with absolutely charming pictures. (I mean - look at that cover!!)Potential themes to be unpacked from within: change, moving, growing up, fear, intimidation, loneliness, independence There's a lot packed into this little book. I'd recommend it for older children (7-10?). It's rather lengthy for a picture book and probably wouldn't hold a younger child's attention very much. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous, though!

    29. Ha! Delightful, both in the narrative and illustrations, and plenty of easy-going humor. Nicely crafted transitions: 1) from the worst to best vacation; 2) fear of his grandfather to appreciating and identifying with him; 3) being on the outs with his cousins; 4) feeling over dependent on his mother to feeling independent. But don't overthink this, just enjoy it. To whichever friend recommended this one, many, many thanks.

    30. An engaging story about a little 8 yr old French boy sent on a vacation without his parents for the first time. In the country with his older brother and cousins he is at first the but of jokes, but after participating in some rebellious adventures: not washing, riding bikes over jumps without helmets, the boy gains enough confidence to tackle the high dive that is a family tradition. The translated text is a bit stilted.

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