Best Foot Forward: Exploring Feet, Flippers, and Claws

Best Foot Forward Exploring Feet Flippers and Claws Whose foot is this An intriguing close up of an animal s foot piques curiosity that is satisfiedon the following page with a stunning full size photo of the animal itself and a brief descriptionof how

  • Title: Best Foot Forward: Exploring Feet, Flippers, and Claws
  • Author: Ingo Arndt
  • ISBN: 9780823428571
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Whose foot is this An intriguing close up of an animal s foot piques curiosity that is satisfiedon the following page with a stunning full size photo of the animal itself and a brief descriptionof how the foot is used.

    • Best Read [Ingo Arndt] Ñ Best Foot Forward: Exploring Feet, Flippers, and Claws || [Self Help Book] PDF ☆
      385 Ingo Arndt
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    1. Ingo Arndt

      Ingo Arndt Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Best Foot Forward: Exploring Feet, Flippers, and Claws book, this is one of the most wanted Ingo Arndt author readers around the world.

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    1. The main problem with this is that it's too short! But it may just encourage kids to go and look at their pets and pests more carefully. Note - the photos are gorgeous, unless you have a strong aversion to creepy-crawlies. Please do not pass that aversion onto your children! I learned a few things, and was only able to guess some of the feet I was unaware of the thing about seals fascinating for all ages. A bit like Tana Hoban if any of you remember her books.Note - not all animals are shown in [...]

    2. I love, love, love the photographs in this book about animal feet. It starts by showing a double page spread of an animal foot and asking "Whose foot is this?" Even my 10 year old loved guessing. My 8 year old and 5 year old did too. Then the next page would tell which animal it belonged to and how the animal uses its foot/flipper/claw. Then the other side of the page would show 2-4 photos of other animals with interesting (often similar) feet. This pattern then repeats with a new set of animals [...]

    3. I loved seeing the bottoms of different animals' feet. And the fact that you turn the page to find out what animal a foot belongs to is cool. I only wish that all feet that are pictured had a picture of an animal to go along with it. Sure kids know what an elephant looks likebut how much cooler would the book be if the animal was shown as well as the foot? A lot of animals are shown, just not all. Even if it was just at the end of the book and all the animals were lined up in order of which foot [...]

    4. Cute, I loved it and thought it was informative, however it didn't give the big picture of the animal. If the child wasn't already familiar with animal it does not give context.

    5. by Ingo ArndtHoliday House, New York, 2013ISBN: 978-0-8234-2857-1Description: 28 unnumbered pages : color illustrations ; 23 cmDewey: 591.47Subject: Informational nonfiction; animal adaptations; question and answer formatInterest Level: K-3; Reading Level: 3.5Lexile measure: 9205 out of 5 stars Summary from jacket flap: “Whose foot is this? An intriguing close-up of an animal's foot invites you to guess. Turn the page to find out if you’re right. You’ll discover that feet aren’t only for [...]

    6. This first U.S. Edition of Best Foot Forward by German photographer Ingo Arndt allows young children to get an up close look at animal feet and how they are used. He divides the feet up into 6 different categories such as ”Feet that climb” and “Feet that dig”. The first page of each section is a close up of a foot with the caption “Whose foot is this?” When delighted children have made their guess, it’s time to turn the page where we find a full view of the animal and a short descr [...]

    7. Cool. Cool. Cool. Now THIS is interesting. I love good children's nonfiction and this book is fascinating. The author/photographer examines animal feet. Crisp photographs show the underside of an animal's foot and give the reader a chance to guess what animal it might be. The author then reveals the animal and shows other animal feet that are used in similar manners. He shows feet of animals that walk, climb, swim, dig, and jump, as well as a few feet that are just plain extraordinary. There are [...]

    8. This is an engrossing book, first published in Germany in 2007, that introduces young readers to the concept of animal locomotion via guessing game. A variety of photographs of animal feet are presented on a black-background spread with the caption “Whose foot is this?” The answer is provided on the next page along with four other examples of similarly-footed creatures, beautifully photographed in their natural habitats. The sparse text deals only with how the animals use their feet: to walk [...]

    9. Young readers will be fascinated by the colorful, upclose photographs that fill this book's pages. Because they encounter a photograph first and must guess whose foot, flipper or claw it belongs to, readers are encouraged to make predictions. They can then turn the page to find out if they are right and to learn even more. The book is divided into sections that feet that walk, feet that climb, feet that swim, feet that dig, feet that jump, and feet that are extraordinary. Readers will be intrigu [...]

    10. "Best Foot Forward" by Ingo Arndt would be a perfect twin text with Dr. Suess' "The Foot Book". These two books, if you can't already tell by the name, talk about lots and lots of feet. Dr. Suess' is a very colorful book that talks about how there are diffent types of feet everywhere. Even though the illustrations in the book are not real world creatures, we still ge the picture that there are many different kinds of feet all around us. "Best Foot Forward" provides amazing pictures of the bottom [...]

    11. A great science book for the youngest readers.Whose foot is this? An intriguing close-up of an animal's foot piques curiosity that is satisfied on the following page with a full-size photo of the animal itself and a brief description of how the foot is used. On the facing page are two to four other related feet: feet that jump, feet that swim or grip. This book provides an entertaining and informative science lesson about how various animals' feet are perfectly adapted to their particular use.

    12. A fascinating look at feet, flippers, and claws -- from below! From the pads on a tiger's paw to the ribbed feet of a gecko, 25 animals are presented foot-first, and then their identity is revealed.With full-color photographs, this picture book will be enjoyed by ages 6 and up. Quiz your family! Adults love to guess what foot belongs to what animal; some of these photos will surprise you! A great gift for any occasion.

    13. This non-fiction book is more picture than text so it will appeal to young children. Each of the six three page sections start with a large photograph of an animal foot and the question,"Whose foot is this?" The next page shows the animal with a sentence about it and another box with something about animals' feet followed by a few picture samples of other animals who use feet in the same way and a sentence or two about each sample. Little curious minds will love it.

    14. unleashingreaders/?p=4232What a fun and different way to look at animals. The photographs are very well done, and I loved seeing the close ups of their feet. It also is interactive because it starts with the foot close up and inquiry, then gives the answer. Will keep kids engaged.

    15. INCREDIBLE images for a wide variety of feet from all kinds of animals to be matched with the animal they come from. A wonderful start to understanding the different kind of footing needed for land vs water vs climbing animals. Gorgeously detailed photography.

    16. A fascinating look at a variety of feet - including the author's! Some are easy to guess, other'st-so-much. Some of the pictures are huge and ask "Whose foot is this?" then the reader has to turn the page to find out. This is a nice interactive element for younger kids.

    17. Nice photographs of various animals' feet promotes curiosity. Animals are separated by their foot type: feet that swim, feet that dig, etc. Text is fairly simple but many unusual facts can be learned.

    18. An entertaining and informative book aimed at primary students. The text invites readers to guess who certain feet belong to and then provides brief facts about different types of feet.

    19. Fascinating look up close at the feet, flippers, and claws that propel creatures of all sorts. Informative factoids accompany the beautiful photographs.

    20. LOVE the presentation - double page question and then reveal - and the detail in the photographs is unbelievably awesome! Sure to draw in your audience. Would make a good early elementary book talk.

    21. The photos are really amazing. We learned a lot from just a few photographs. Very enlightening and fascinating book!

    22. I love this book. I am planning a storytime with a game where we look at puppet feet after reading this book to guess the animal/what its feet are used for.

    23. Great, clear photos bring a concept from pre-school to curious 5th graders. Whose foot is this? high interest, well-made!This could be done with shoes and careers?

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