In Case We Die

In Case We Die It wasn t the pounding headache or the all too familiar taste of blood in my mouth that woke me that morning but the stink of cat piss They all have cats Cats and bad tattoos and mops of dyed black h

  • Title: In Case We Die
  • Author: Danny Bland
  • ISBN: 9781606996751
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It wasn t the pounding headache or the all too familiar taste of blood in my mouth that woke me that morning, but the stink of cat piss They all have cats Cats and bad tattoos and mops of dyed black hair that reek of cigarettes and watermelon Bubblicious This debut novel by veteran Seattle musician Danny Bland follows a pair of outsiders who find themselves locked in It wasn t the pounding headache or the all too familiar taste of blood in my mouth that woke me that morning, but the stink of cat piss They all have cats Cats and bad tattoos and mops of dyed black hair that reek of cigarettes and watermelon Bubblicious This debut novel by veteran Seattle musician Danny Bland follows a pair of outsiders who find themselves locked in the palpable, dizzy grunge rock scene of early 90s Seattle.Vulnerable to the high relief of heroin addiction, Bland s characters Charlie Hyatt and Carrie Finch are unapologetic protagonists whose epiphanies are as blinding as their weaknesses Finch, 21, beautiful and dangerous, drowns out the voices in her head and the consequences of a misled life with electric guitars, booze and petulant misbehavior Her single abiding faith takes the form of an unlikely savior 60s psychedelic musician Roky Erikson.At the ripe old age of 28, Hyatt attempts to make sense of the cards he has been dealt a miserable job in a porn shop, a drug habit he cannot afford and the wildly unstable woman he had chosen to love.Two damaged people can balance a seesaw for a long time, even finding the illusion of safety but when one gets off unannounced, the other will fall As Finch finds sobriety, her sanity and her relationship with Hyatt falter until an inevitable event brings the two back together a decade later.

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      Danny Bland Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the In Case We Die book, this is one of the most wanted Danny Bland author readers around the world.

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    1. Devastating, beautiful, and all-consuming. not since Neil Gaiman's The Ocean At The End of The Lane has a book moved me to such a fetal, teary-eyed mess. This book blew my mind; I don't know if Danny Bland has written any other novels, but I'm going to seek them out immediately.

    2. Stick around long enough you're going to hear someone tell your story. Uh huh, that's what they say, and yeah, Danny Bland's In Case We Die isn't exactly my story. But it sure as hell does have similar elements. Junkie dope fiend protagonist – check. Hot fucked up junkie girlfriend – check. Bank robberies – check. Half-assed failed attempts at getting clean – check. Guilt, shame, and shitload of emotional upheaval – check, check, and double check. Well, shit the list goes on and on – [...]

    3. I'd give it five stars if I didn't know the author. Seems tacky somehow.Though my experience of Seattle in the '90s was nowhere near as harrowing as that of the characters in this book, I recognized people on every page. The sense of place is totally solid and I was invested at every page. Well played Mr. Bland!

    4. I was completely blindsided by how much I loved this book. It is truly everything that you could ask for in a work of fiction. Danny is a fantastic writer and I was drawn into this world from the very first page. It's hard to believe that this is his first novel! I wouldn't want to give away anything about the characters or the plot of the book. I'll just say that it's hilarious, it's lewd, it's dark, it's dirty, it's human and I loved every second of it. Ultimately, it's the heart of this novel [...]

    5. In Case We Die is an emotional tour de force. Admittedly, I went into it with the preconceived notion of desperate, drug-addled souls resigned to the inevitable (and there certainly is that), but I was not at all prepared for the overarching themes of realism, genuine love, and excruciating loss. The love story between Charlie and Carrie has all the depth of feeling of Abelard & Heloise, Romeo & Juliet, Heathcliff & Cathywith happily ever after being cruelly denied, in this case, bec [...]

    6. I finished this book and knew I loved it but I had so many different things running through my head I didn't think I could write a coherent review. So I decided to cleanse my palate by reading about Eugene Atget and looking at his photographs--except I keep thinking about IN CASE WE DIE. I can tell this is going to be one of those books that stays with me for a long time.

    7.     Charlie is the Modern, Modern Hero.  He steals from the rich to get drugs for the needy. He is wanted no matter how sick and smelly he is because he is a Real fucked up Man; hard and good looking, and came cum whenever needed. He doesn't shakespear himself; whining or complaining while surrounded by those he wants to trust because he thinks they are like him, a good hearted prostitite, but has found they don't know the secret code and he feels more screwed than ever.   He is the Atticus [...]

    8. Danny Bland was a musician in Seattle during that era described around the world using the "G" word. He played in the bands Cat Butt, The Dwarves and Best Kissers in the World. In addition he was the road manager for Dave Alvin, The Knitters, The Gutter Twins and The Supersuckers. Having read this on the dust-jacket, you'd think this book may not be all that good--another "writer" relying on his past to make a mid-life career change. Well, all those prejudices melt quickly away once you start re [...]

    9. This book is like candy with sand on it; a little gritty and and easy to read. Danny's prose is clear, lucid and concise.He accurately nails the small details of the everyday life that most people gloss over for fear of anything too real. He shines a light on the beauty of that illusive thing we call the Human Condition. You have to grab it all,the good the bad and the ugly to live this glorious life to the fullest. Thanks Danny.

    10. This is one of those books that sticks with you to the point that you can't read anything new for days. It goes from hilarious to devastating in a heartbeat. Definitely nails the reality of addiction, of destructive patterns, and of not being able to commit to anything, whether it be a relationship or getting clean. A great read.

    11. It takes place in 90s Seattle, but this is no "Singles". How could a porn store clerk with a taste for heroin redeem himself with such grace? It doesn't seem possible in the first few pages. You need to spend some time in his world to get beneath the layers. Funny, violent, moving and heartbreaking tale.

    12. Well-written flawed characters and difficult lives intrigue me; I am pulled into their stories. Although I've never been a drug addict, I could relate to the hurt, fear, and damage felt by these characters. I enjoyed reading their path to overcome their demons.

    13. A rough read due to the seediness of some of the content, but the best novel I have discovered in more than a decade. Love in the time of heroin.

    14. In Case We Die is a conundrum. On the one hand, it's a nasty, twisted, vile, testament to the ugliness of humanity. On the other, it is a testimonial to the strength and underlying goodness of humanity. It's difficult to like any of the characters in this book, though some are easier to like than others. In the interest of providing no spoilers, I'm not going to get too far into that but, like the people around us, these characters have flaws; some have surface scratches, others fatal injuries.T [...]

    15. Danny Bland's debut novel takes you to the seedier side of Seattle, mostly in the days before the city was famous due to the grunge exploson of the late 80's and early 90's. The protagonist is Charlie Hyatt - a late 20's slacker who works at the local porn shop and dabbles in heroin use. Charlie is in love with a junkie, Carrie Finch, whose only goal in life is to die. Charlie's life spirals out of control as various circumstances arise, and it is a testament to Danny Bland's skills that the rea [...]

    16. The most enjoyable, engaging book I've read in quite a while. Yet, it's not without its faults. About two thirds through, it seems that the author knew he had to fill in a gap of time in which another character is absent. The author has a catchy side story to tell and throws it in to fill the gap. The problem is the filler only progresses the narrative in the most superficial way and carries none of the weight of the rest of the book. A totally different filler could have been used. Thankfully, [...]

    17. I would have finished this book in one night if I hadn't stopped myself; as it was, it only took two nights. Brisk, compelling, believable - the small details are all right. You get the *feel* of the place and the time. It's not my world and it's probably not your world but Bland cracks the door open wide enough for you to follow along. It's also as wild and fantastical as it is solid and believable. Can't wait to read more from Danny Bland.(Disclaimer: I am acquainted with the author and he hel [...]

    18. This review is for the audio version.Using a wide variety of musicians and other famous folk to each read a chapter of this book could have been a disaster. Non-professional readers aren't always good, and some of these, I thought had the potential to be very bad. I don't know if it is the fact that most of them lived at least a part of this life, but I had nothing but mild quibbles with any of the readers, and some of them were downright excellent. I am unsure if the book itself is episodic, or [...]

    19. I just finished reading this book and I am so sad it is over. I have completely fallen in love with Charlie Hyatt, this broken man who against all odds shows us his vulnerablilty and tenderness. The gritty story of two heroin addicts in Seattle in the early 90's is not for the faint of heart. The graphic descriptions of drug use, not to mention Charlie's job at a porn shop, are at times revolting and simultaneously hilarious! This is a debut novel for Danny Bland and I was struck by the brillian [...]

    20. Gasp, laugh, giggle, shriek, tear up all in a row. Beautifully written aside from the smutty stuff-that is well written. Seamless transitions from chapter to chapter while it smoothly jumps around different time periods and scenes. In Case We Die is a rare treasure of a book. Danny Bland puts it all out there and ends with magnificent heart. This book filled me with so much emotional response. Hoping this book sees a large audience for it deserves it and all the accolades it is getting.

    21. This book takes a while to open up to you. Early scenes in the protagonist/junkie's life are told as disjointed sketches and it's halfway through before the plot emerges. But what becomes clear is the lengths that a junkie will go to find the next fix, and the constant justification of an increasingly more out-of-control life. Worth reading.

    22. Intense. Rarely do I recommend the audio book but this is an exception, especially with the notable musicians reading (John Doe, Dave Alvin, Aimee Mann, among others). Vividly captures the intensity of drug-fueled escapades, reckless love, and other bad choices. A survivor's tale, set in Seattle. Sometimes mean, often funny. No pretty filters here, just gritty goodness.

    23. Gritty, touching, real and hilarious. Disclaimer: I live in Seattle where the book is set and also know the author. I've been to most of the locations and know many of the characters he writes about. This book contains zero bullshit. If you want to know what the dark underbelly of Seattle looked like circa 1990dive in to this gripping, haunting trip. You might want to wear protection.

    24. I really loved this book! So gripping and intense! Danny Bland truly capture the desperation of drug addicts. Their whole lives are lead to the next fix.In trying to find a commonality with someone, it's almost always about the drugs. A tragic, very real, very explicit tale.

    25. Despite knowing the author, I'm giving "In Case We Die" 5 stars.It's gritty, eloquent, heartbreaking and engrossing.I listened to the audio version which I highly recommend. Such an amazing group of readers.

    26. One of the best books I have read in a while. I am impressed that this is the author's debut novel. Harsh subject matter but worth reading.

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