Fogo Gabe Jace e Ash tr s dos homens mais ricos e mais poderosos do pa s Est o habituados a conseguir tudo aquilo que querem Tudo mesmo Para Ash trata se de uma mulher submissa que o faz esquecer todas a

  • Title: Fogo
  • Author: Maya Banks
  • ISBN: 9789722527477
  • Page: 211
  • Format: None
  • Gabe, Jace e Ash tr s dos homens mais ricos e mais poderosos do pa s Est o habituados a conseguir tudo aquilo que querem Tudo mesmo Para Ash, trata se de uma mulher submissa que o faz esquecer todas as outras No que toca ao sexo, Ash sempre gostou de explorar o seu lado mais radical Exige dominar e prefere as mulheres que gostam das coisas assim At mesmo as que pGabe, Jace e Ash tr s dos homens mais ricos e mais poderosos do pa s Est o habituados a conseguir tudo aquilo que querem Tudo mesmo Para Ash, trata se de uma mulher submissa que o faz esquecer todas as outras No que toca ao sexo, Ash sempre gostou de explorar o seu lado mais radical Exige dominar e prefere as mulheres que gostam das coisas assim At mesmo as que partilha com o melhor amigo, Jace Mas Jace envolveu se com uma mulher que n o quer partilhar E agora at Gabe, o amigo dos dois, assentou numa rela o com uma mulher que lhe d tudo aquilo de que ele necessita, deixando Ash a sentir se inquieto e frustrado ent o que Ash conhece Josie, que parece ser imune aos encantos e riqueza dele Intrigado, d in cio a uma persegui o inabal vel, determinado que est a n o a deixar escapar.

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    1. Swept Away By Romance's Joint Review for BURNKristen – 3 1/2 StarsSteffi – 4 StarsCrista – 4 1/2 StarsWhat worked:Kristen: I really enjoyed the love-at-first-sight dynamic between Ash and Josie. Very few authors can write this type of setup and make me a believer but Maya Banks always does. Both Ash and Josie were fun characters to get to know and the chemistry between them was blazing HOT! What I especially appreciated was the fewer quantity of sex scenes. Unlike the last two books in the [...]

    2. 2.5 disappointing starsI so so wanted to like this book. And it wasn't bad - it just wasn't anything. We start again with the insta-relationship. While Ash and Josie hold off on the "I loveYou's" for a short while - we seriously go first meeting (which leads to the apparently inevitable stalking of the heroine) to first date, to moving in together in the first week (and they didn't even see each other in the week between the first date and the moving in talk). It felt more than a little like a r [...]

    3. Am I feeling the "Burn" ??I always wanted to know more about Ash since his appearance in Rush as the mysterious 3rd business partner and then in Fever where you learn a bit more about the interesting connection Ash has with his best friend, Jace. But by the end I was like :The beginning of the book I just felt like Ash and Josie kept having the same conversation of what he expected from her but not what she expected from him. I just kept thinking the relationship was kinda dull. In all of these [...]

    4. This book is unreadable it is so bad. I rarely don't finish a book, but I got through 35% and could take no more. What happened to this series?? Rush was SO GOOD. Gabe Hamilton was smart and sexy. Jace in Book 2 was ridiculous. He couldn't speak a full sentence to save is life and the whole concept about falling in love with a homeless girl after 30 minutes was absurd. I had hoped that Fever was the exception in the trilogy in that it was so bad, but unfortunately that was not the case. Rush was [...]

    5. DNF @ 51%As much as I liked the first two books in this series, this book just isn't working for me. First off, I LOVED Ash in the first two books! He was charming, playful, easy going, and was my favorite of the three guys in this series. Unfortunately, he's like a completely different character in Burn. I didn't see any of the charm or playfulness that I came to love in Rush and Fever. Secondly, the insta love and the fact that Ash and Josie's relationship is moving at lightning speed is not w [...]

    6. 3* STARS!Plus:- Steamy.- A little suspense in the final.- Better than Gabe and Jase.- Finally, it's done!Minus:- Almost the same like Jase. Too Cinderella syndrome.- Insta lust and love.- BDSM wanna be.- Too stalker-ish.- Pussy-whipped hero :pOverall: This is the last book from Breathless Trilogy. It didn't leave me breathless but brainless. It was so dumb and empty. Finished with disappointment and surprised that I finished all the books. Once again, an okay read for Cinderella syndrome romance [...]

    7. Although I was sure I’d enjoy the last book in the Breathless trilogy ‘Burn‘ by Maya Banks, I didn’t think it could top book two for me. Yeah…well I was wrong. ‘Burn’ is my favorite of the three and Ash McIntrye is the biggest reason why. In the first two books Ash comes off as a little bit too laid back for my taste. I like my literary men to be complex and to have a certain intensity about them. Well…in his own story he is that and more. He’s proven to be a loyal and fierce f [...]

    8. If you were looking for the third in Maya Banks' 'Breathless' series to be the steamiest of the three you will be disappointed, I sure was. 'Rush' the story of Gabe and Mia was the classic 'Beauty and the Beast' story with an erotic flair not for the faint of heart. The second novel 'Fever', had Jace turning away from his threesome ways with best friend Ash to settle down with a 'Cinderella' Bethany. I was sure Ash was the most deviant of the three and was interested to know the fairy-tale story [...]

    9. I was expecting so much from this book! Ash seemed like such a cool character, and to be honest I was hoping they'd keep his laid-back personality because I feel like that's such a foil to his business man persona. It would have made him different from the other two.ead all three men were basically the same. Which made me feel like this book was just a different love story with the same man. In other words I got bored. I even started to scan through the love scenes because there was nothing spec [...]

    10. Disappointed That's my one word review for this one. I loved the first two of this trilogy and I was eagerly awaiting Ash's story because he had so much potential. Jace's story was filled with angst. The whole Cinderella type thing with Bethany. I LOVED it. And while I loved Ash and Josie both and immensely enjoyed the hot sex scenes (Maya Banks can write some steam), I was sorely disappointed by the lack of conflict. There is absolutely ZERO conflict to these two getting together until 80%. Z-E [...]

    11. I hate this entire series. No offense. I bought the second one at the airport while I was in between connecting flights, and I bought this third one at a used bookstore because I couldn't find anything else that might tickle my fancy at that moment. I'll just say, these books are very generic, not to mention book 2 and book 3 Jace/Ash are exactly the same person, character and trait-wise. They talk the same. They act the same. They treat their women exactly the same. Nobody uses pronouns. Like f [...]

    12. I ADORED this book! Of course when I’m talking about Maya Banks, everything is always really good. Ash and Josie together set the page on fire. I loved how Josie spurned the advances Ash kept making towards her. Instead leery because she’s still in a dying relationship when they meet, Josie is determined to not jump from one bad relationship to the next. She ends her relationship with a man who was just playing Dom to her sub but when he attacks her Ash finally steps in and takes the reins [...]

    13. I wasn't really to thrilled on Ashs story! It seem to similar to Jaces story! I would of liked to be more convinced of his dying love! I was not! I still enjoyed all the streamy sex scenes! I just think it is sad I wanted to know more about Brittany and Kai relationships more than the main characters of this book! It was not horrible but not wonderful!!!

    14. It's no secret I'm not a big fan of this series. Book two, in my opinion, was absolutely ridiculous, the premise anyway. The premise of this one was better at least, but still had the same issues I've continued to have with this series: 1) All the men are billionaires, despite not having the job/career to really, in fact, be one. 2) The whole "love at first sight thing" is taken just too far. I get that can happen, sometimes. But, in this series, it happens way too quickly and for seemingly no r [...]

    15. Its a really sad thing, when the ONLY book you really loved was the First book of the whole series :/Book one Rush was an absolute four star read hence clearly entertaining compared to Fever and Burn which Both sadly earned 2 stars from me.Fever was sadly rather slow and predictable almost like every other billionaire romance in its gene.I found myself putting the book down way too often than i normally wouldwhich happens veryVERY rarely.

    16. If I could give this more stars I would.My kindle was sucked into my face literally.Ash is my new Alpha hot ass crushIm hoping for more books that link these characters together. Britney's story perhaps.

    17. A little disappointing for me. Wasn't fully sold on the insta-love between Ash and Josie and was a little bit bored by the 'I am a Dom, will you be my sub' theme. Maybe I've had enough of this kind of storyline? I don't know. It just seemed that not a whole lot was going on in this book, and I was tempted to skim a few times (but I didn't).Things did pick up for me near the end (It sure took a long time for Ash's "deception" to be revealed), and this whole villain who (view spoiler)[ attacked Jo [...]

    18. I enjoyed the third book in the Breathless Series. I've noticed that they've taken out the "trilogy" after "Breathless", so I'm wondering if there will be more books. I wouldn't mind Caroline or Brittany's stories. :)I liked Ash and Josie's story. It wasn't very angsty, and they fell into a relationship easily. Of course, there is some conflict, but it doesn't season the entire relationship. I think Ash is one of those men that is a good man in spite of the viper's nest he was raised in. And Jos [...]

    19. I quit about halfway in. Just utterly unreadable. The characters got less and less developed as this series went on. I'd recommend reading Rush and not bothering with the rest of them. The author wants us to believe that the 3 male leads all have different personalities, but they really don't-- they're all written exactly the same and, oh! Surprise! Ash is the one who's supposed to be carefree and charming, but he's the same grunting caveman as the rest of them underneath. The male hero/savior c [...]

    20. Ok I am having a very hard time with this review.t I want to say I am a big big BIG Maya Banks fan!!!! I loved the first and second book in this seriesd I was so very very excited to read Ash's storyuntil nowI like his story, but this writing in this book is such a let downI am not sure what it is, but I feel like most of the sentences in the book are not started with I or You or Josie or Ashs mostly when Ash is speaking, it makes him sound like he is uneducated or somethingyways I hate that I p [...]

    21. 2.5? 3.5? 4? stars??? IDK Read a full review and others here: southernbredsouthernreadsI'm just gonna come right out and say it I was pretty disappointed in this book. I was so excited for the final book in the Breathless Trilogy because it was about Ash, who has only made small appearances in the other two. He was who I was looked forward to seeing in the other two books. They constantly were saying how he was the polar opposite of Gabe and Jace Turns out they were wrong So wrong. He was exactl [...]

    22. I pre-ordered this entire series and eagerly waited to read Ash’s story. Poor Ash…He was feeling pretty lonely after losing his partner and crime (and sex) Jace. I was really hoping Ash would find someone special. I really liked how the story begins, with Ash and Josie meeting in the park. He’s true to character and asks Josie about the collar she is wearing. This kind of conversation might be kind of awkward in real life =) but perfectly works and is true to Ash’s arrogant nature in the [...]

    23. I really wanted to give this a four when I got to the end. However, it didn't earn four stars from me until after I read 70% of it. While the sex scenes were hot as usual, the repetition of the characters thoughts were killing me. All I kept thinking was "Are they ever going to get over this chick's last boyfriend?" I found myself skimming over paragraphs till I got to something that might be more interesting then what I've already read over and over again. The next thing that bothered me was ho [...]

    24. Note: This one has Spoilers of a sort. Because if you read the first novelBoy meets Girl. Boy decides that the Universe revolves around Girl. Boy decides that he has to hug and squeeze and the name Girl George. Girl says Yes. Either before or after Boy does something really stupid and creates a Secret. Boy and Girl are Happy. Girl goes out for Ladies Night. Boy and Girl are Happy. Girl finds out Secret and leaves Boy. Boy is Sad. Girl is Sad. Eventually Boy and Girl get back together again. Boy [...]

    25. Look at the the cover I love it.Well, this was rushed for me. It happened so fast! I didn't feel a thing, to be honest :/I wanted more of Jace and Bethany. Oh that reminds me that I have to review Fever.

    26. SoI wasn't really feeling 'the Burn.'This book was a huge disappointment to me. Perhaps it's because after being introduced to Gabe, Jace and Ash, Ash's book was the one I was most looking forward to.Reading this book was almost like main character deja vu. Ash and Jace were interchangeable for me. After reading Fever and then Burn, I felt like I was getting two different versions for how one man's life could have turned out. There was really nothing to distinguish one from the other.Though I li [...]

    27. 2.5 disappointing stars Genres: Contemporary Romance/Erotica/Drama/ BdsmRecommended to: 18+ You can read my reviews of the previous books through the links below :Rush (Breathless #1)Fever (Breathless #2)The series follows three billionaires—Gabe Hamilton, Jace Crestwell and Ash McIntyre—who are best friends and business partners. The men dominate both in the boardroom and in the bedroom. Each novel in the trilogy will explore the relationship of one of the men as he discovers the woman he w [...]

    28. I really LOVE the concept of love at first sight but I just didn't get it with Ash and Josie. First, I think everything in the book was rushed. The obsession that Ash had with Josie just didn't quite ring true to me. He's just not that guy. Or at least he wasn't that guy till now. And if he WAS the kind of guy to fall head first, not feet first, then why was he not painted that way before now. I didn't recognize this guy at all. It was like I was reading a book about some other AshHis sister's H [...]

    29. 4.5 StarsBurn is the last book in the Breathless Trilogy by Maya Banks and in my opinion the best book of the series. I loved it. I have to say that i was very scared to read this book cause i wasn't sure that i would like it. From the first book of this series i knew that Ash it's a very intense guy and i didn't knew how heavy the BDSM would be but my hands down to MB how she created Ash story. He is so sexy, intense, dominant but the most important thing loving. I never thought he would be lik [...]

    30. I have enjoyed this whole series. I like Maya Banks as an author. The only draw back, for me personally, is that I am a voracious reader and $12.++ a pop for a book is a lot of money.

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