Highlander's Magic

Highlander s Magic Book Two in the Highlander Heat series HIGHLANDER S MAGICTraveling through time for a Highlander Wearing the four hundred year old amulet she inherited Marie MacLean enters a faerie circle near the r

  • Title: Highlander's Magic
  • Author: Joanne Wadsworth
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 344
  • Format: ebook
  • Book Two in the Highlander Heat series.HIGHLANDER S MAGICTraveling through time for a Highlander.Wearing the four hundred year old amulet she inherited, Marie MacLean enters a faerie circle near the ruins of Dunyvaig Castle A veil rises A warrior from the past makes a wish to win the war against the Chief of MacLean, and as the veil thins, she falls through into his timeBook Two in the Highlander Heat series.HIGHLANDER S MAGICTraveling through time for a Highlander.Wearing the four hundred year old amulet she inherited, Marie MacLean enters a faerie circle near the ruins of Dunyvaig Castle A veil rises A warrior from the past makes a wish to win the war against the Chief of MacLean, and as the veil thins, she falls through into his time.Highland warrior Archie MacDonald has been gifted a faerie who insists she s from the future and the progeny of both his and his enemy s clan The last thing he expects is for her to stir him on a level he s never experienced before All he needs is her aid in the war, no matter where she believes she s from.Determined to keep history on course, Marie enters the crux of the battle She must ensure the MacLean chief who has yet to father her paternal line isn t killed, and all without perishing herself Can Archie see past his need for revenge before he kills his enemy If he wishes to save the woman who s crossed centuries to be by his side, he must.Novella Highlander s CaptiveBook 1 Highlander s CastleBook 2 Highlander s MagicBook 3 Highlander s CharmBook 4 Highlander s GuardianBook 5 Highlander s FaerieBook 6 Highlander s Champion

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    1. Joanne Wadsworth

      Joanne Wadsworth is a NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY Bestselling Author who adores getting lost in the world of romance, no matter what era in time that might be Hot alpha Highlanders hound her, demanding their stories are told and she s devoted to ensuring they meet their match, whether that be with a feisty lass from the present or far in the past.Living on a tiny island at the bottom of the world, she calls New Zealand home Big dreamer, hoarder of chocolate, and addicted to juicy watermelons since the age of five, she chases after her four energetic children and has her own hunky hubby on the side.So come and join in all the fun, because this kiwi girl promises to give you her Hot Highlander oath, to bring you a heart pounding, sexy adventure from the moment you turn the first page This is where romance meets fantasy and adventure Highlander Heat Series HIGHLANDER S CASTLE, HIGHLANDER S MAGIC, HIGHLANDER S CHARM, HIGHLANDER S GUARDIAN, HIGHLANDER S FAERIE, HIGHLANDER S CHAMPION, HIGHLANDER S CAPTIVE.The Matheson Brothers Series HIGHLANDER S DESIRE, HIGHLANDER S PASSION, HIGHLANDER S SEDUCTION.Clan Matheson Series HIGHLANDER S KISS, HIGHLANDER S HEART, HIGHLANDER S SWORD.The Fae Series HIGHLANDER S BRIDE, HIGHLANDER S CARESS, HIGHLANDER S TOUCH.The Matheson Warriors Series HIGHLANDER S SHIFTER, HIGHLANDER S CLAIM, HIGHLANDER S COURAGE, HIGHLANDER S CRAVING.Regency Brides Series THE DUKE S BRIDE, THE EARL S BRIDE, THE WARTIME BRIDE, THE SECRET BRIDE.Princesses of Myth Series PROTECTOR, WARRIOR, HUNTER, ENCHANTER, HEALER, CHASER.Billionaire Bodyguards Series BILLIONAIRE BODYGUARD ATTRACTION, BILLIONARE BODYGUARD BOSS, BILLIONAIRE BODYGUARD FLING.

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    1. I received this book to read for an honest review. I am so mad! Not because this was a horrible book, but because it is over! It has been a long time since I have read a book in just one sitting. I read this book in just 1 SITTING! It starts off grabbing your attention. Ships, battles, romance, adventure, AND TIME TRAVEL?!? Whaaaaaaaaat?! You can't go wrong with this book. I loved it. Archie is sexy and Marie is stubborn. They belong together. Joanne did a great job. This book is short and very [...]

    2. Oh, Archie! Well, well, well, what's not to love about a sexy, protective all-Alpha Highlander? Even better is his modern 'faerie' sent back through time to grant his wish. There are only two problems: Marie doesn't actually possess magical powers, and if Archie gets his wish, Marie's family line will end hundreds of years before she's born.Through intense and immediate attraction--very well written and combustible--Archie and Marie embark on several dangerous journeys. The Scottish setting and [...]

    3. Another amazing book from Joanne Wadsworth!Joanne gifted a Copy of Highlander's Magic to me and I was instantly drawn right into Marie's world. Marie and her twin were on a mission to find out what an ancestor meant when she passed down an amulet throughout generations until the first lady born to both a MacLean and a MacDonald. Marie is determined not to change history for fear she will not exist. Archie MacDonald makes a wish upon the faerie circle near Dunyvaig Castle and gets more than he wi [...]

    4. Marie MacLean and her twin are determined to carry out their mother's dying wish. They journey to Dunywaig Castle where Marie enters a faerie circle and is pulled into the past. Archie MacDonald makes a wish and captures Marie. Can she prevent the death of her ancestor and make sure that history isn't changed? I loved Marie. She is such a feisty character. She won't back down from this fierce Highlander who she's attracted to. Archie is an honorable man who will fight to stop the enemy who threa [...]

    5. In this novel, the author sent Marie MacLean back to 1590, at the Dunyvaig Castle. There she meets Archie MacDonald. Instantly they feel a bound between them. The are fighting against each other at the beginning, however, he looks at her and she looks at him both wanting more from each other. Through some clan history Marie remembers, she warns Archie if a few up coming battles. As Marie is kidnapped by Lachlan MacLean, she sees there really is a clan war going on and wonders how her Archie will [...]

    6. 2nd in series, different, but as good as the 1st2nd in series, different, but as good as the 1stJoanne Wadsworth takes the time and initiative to research the history and the geography of Scotland as she weaves her loving stories into adventurous plots. Time travel by various Scottish means, truly believed by the Scots, the stone circle and a family amulet, create a wish that has a dual message. And how can two identical twin sisters be parted? But to return to the present, Marie must give up he [...]

    7. WOW, what can I say? This is a great book. Love the storyline. Plot is wonderful and it makes you wish for more at the end. I cannot wait to read the next book. I am just itching for more. Archie MacDonald and Marie MacLean are a great pair and OMG the way they talk to each other. I laughed and loved and just about rooted for this clan and these two. I would deff recommend this book to anyone who likes Time travel. From the beginning to the end you are wrapped up into a world of Fae, Time Travel [...]

    8. I received this book for free in return for a review. I normally love time travel books. This one started slow for me. Once you get through the beginning it does improve. I don't really think the beginning works well. The author tells us what started the feud between the clans and the details of the feud by having Mary explain it to Marie. I prefer to be shown. There is some action, romance and heat. This is a short story of 142 pages.

    9. Another wonderful Joanne Wadsworth book, as this is book two in The Highlander Heat Series. I have also read and reviewed both Highlander's Captive novella which is a prequel to the series and Highlander's Castle book one in the series. You can read in series order or as a stand alone books. I like to read all my books in series order, but that's a personal choice.The book starts actually in present day Isle of Islay, Scotland where orphaned twins Marie and Katherine MacLean recently lost their [...]

    10. I love a strong, stubborn hero and Joanne Wadsworth's Archie MacDonald doesn't disappoint. Archie is determined to obtain the release of his chieftain, Angus MacDonald, from the clutches of his sworn enemy, Lachlan MacLean. Lachlan wants land his father frittered away returned to his clan at any cost, and is raiding and marauding to get what he wants. Archie is set on defeating and destroying Lachlan, regardless of the consequences.But Archie meets his match in Marie MacLean, a descendant of the [...]

    11. A fantastic Scottish time-travel romance!As she did the last time, Joanne Wadsworth did not disappoint me with her short novella! I really enjoyed HIGHLANDER’S MAGIC, her second book in her Highlander Heat Series. It’s a romance filled with magic and adventure. Nice way, to continue her series, after having read Highlander’s Captive and Highlander’s Castle. If you are looking for a fun Scottish story, then this book will be perfect for you. It’s about the amulet which was supposed to j [...]

    12. I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. I enjoyed the story and read it all in one sitting. Archie is a strong, honorable highlander, and Marie is a stubborn modern woman. Their future together seems doomed from the start, as Marie will have to go back to her own time when she accomplishes her objective. But luckily the fae see fit to grant them one more wish, and of course there is a "happily ever after". This was a fun, fast-paced read, and I look forward to reading mor [...]

    13. This book was given to me free in exchange for an honest review. This is the 2nd book in the Highlander Heat series I have read. As with the 1st book, I LOVED IT! I love how Ms. Wadsworth placed beginning of book in 2014 and then traveled back in time. I was so rooting for Marie and Archie and was thrilled when Archie finally realized Marie was telling the truth about being from the future and Cheered when Marie was able to bring her twin Katherine back in time with her. It was Awesome!!!!

    14. I received this book free in exchange for an honest review. I am loving this series. Marie and Archie, the new hero's in this exciting and very entertaining romance/time travel novel. I loved Marie, she liked to boss Achie around that was great, and worried about her sister a lot. Archie took a little while to believe the truth about her time travel. He was a likeable character, the racy love scenes were loverly.This is a short story but very enjoyable none the less. Great!

    15. Twin sisters, Katherine and Marie travel to Scotland to fulfill a promise to their mother. One of them falls through time and falls in love with a Highlander.If you love reading about brawny highlanders and time travel, you'll love this read. It was a quick read with lots of action. Very enjoyable.

    16. Love and AdventureMarie and Katherine, twins, were vacationing in Scotland to return an amulet as requested by their mother who passed. They went to the circle of fairy stones where Katherine made a wish and her sister Marie disappeared to the year 1590. She falls in love with Archie also a twin. Romance meets history and makes for a great adventure.

    17. Lovely it!Hard to put down. Entrancing. I love the idea of time travel & soul mates. Captures imagination and the heart. Looking forward to reading more of Joanne Wadsworth's works.

    18. I really wanted to love this. I did love the main character though she was a hoot. Other than that I just did not fall in love with the book. The story was just okay.

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