Solstice Day Gifts

Solstice Day Gifts After a year full of adventure intrigue and tragedy Sicarius agrees to spend Solstice Day on a tropical island with Amaranthe resting and relaxing far away from the chaos of the new republic But t

  • Title: Solstice Day Gifts
  • Author: Lindsay Buroker
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  • Page: 242
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After a year full of adventure, intrigue, and tragedy, Sicarius agrees to spend Solstice Day on a tropical island with Amaranthe, resting and relaxing far away from the chaos of the new republic But there are a couple of problems First off, the island is riddled with old wanted posters of Sicarius, along with countless people who would like to collect the bounty Second.After a year full of adventure, intrigue, and tragedy, Sicarius agrees to spend Solstice Day on a tropical island with Amaranthe, resting and relaxing far away from the chaos of the new republic But there are a couple of problems First off, the island is riddled with old wanted posters of Sicarius, along with countless people who would like to collect the bounty Second Amaranthe is hoping for a Solstice Day gift Sicarius, having never given a gift in his life, finds the second problem far daunting This holiday themed short story takes place after Forged in Blood II and before Republic It can be read for free on the author s website lindsayburoker cut sce

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    1. Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths ReviewsAfter toppling an empire, what can the leader of a group of secretive operatives and its deadly assassin do for relaxation?Well, in Lindsay Buroker’s The Emperor's Edge series, they take a cruise to a tropical island for some well deserved rest, relaxation, and romance. At least, that is what Amaranthe has in mind for herself and her significant other, Sicarius, as this short story begins.There is only one problem: on this island vacation spot, Sicariu [...]

    2. A charming little story about Sicarius and Amaranthe exploring an island after all their adventures back at Turgonia.

    3. What can be better than a Christmas short story featuring Amaranthe and Sicarius celebrating a beach island adventure on Solstice Day? This is a perfect little gift from author Lindsay Buroker as a thank you to loyal fans who voted Forged in Blood I into the ’ Choice Awards 2013 Fantasy novel finals – I would never complain about more Amaranthe and Sicarius moments, but there’s something particularly delightful about seeing the two enjoy a tropical island vacation (give or take a lighthear [...]

    4. Solstice Day Gifts is a short story based in Lindsay's Emperor's Edge world. It follows our two lovable protagonists, Amaranthe and Sicarius on a trip via submarine to a tourist outpost island. This is book 7.5 of the series, and gives the reader plenty of humour and delight.It has been a while since I've read in the EE world, and oh how I missed it. The witty banter, Amaranthe's mischievous plots and Sicarius I have missed my favourite assassin!One to make the reader chuckle at their antics, it [...]

    5. The perfect short story to read for Christmas. Amaranthe and Sicarius go on a little get-away after the events of book seven. As ever full of humour and witty banter, Sicarius struggles to buy Amaranthe a Solstice Day gift.

    6. A delightful read that combines Buroker's trademark light-hearted fantasy with a very satisfying romantic comedy with a sprinkling of action. But please! Don't do what I did, see that it's free, and read it before you have read the two forged in the blood novels. Otherwise you are going to end up with a very nasty spoiler from the two books you haven't read. As I hadn't gotten into Forged in the Blood yet I was delightfully surprised by the rather humourous POV of Sicarus who, despite his better [...]

    7. of course it was nice to have that last little morsel of delight to chew on but it was so small and now it is all gone what a fantastic journey this series has been!Thank you Lindsay.

    8. Booksie! What happened?!!The short story was fine, humanized Sicarius. But Amaranthe shedding a tear for Books and Sicarius asking if she was remembering what happened -- made me sad. I'm just starting the fourth book and I'm already dreading finding out that Books died. Books is a likeable character, unlike Akstyr. I regret getting this free short story. Just goes to show that free is not always the good choice.

    9. Set right after the events of Forged in Blood II, this lovely short story offers some lighthearted holiday fun featuring Amaranthe and Sicarius on a (supposedly) romantic tropical island getaway. Amaranthe hopes to spend Solstice Day enjoying solstice gifts, merrymaking and some alone time as a couple with her favourite assassin. Of course, with Sicarius being Sicarius, that turns out to be a lot harder to achieve than one might think

    10. Perfect DessertA short and sweet story that is the perfect light-hearted postscript to the Emperor's Edge series. If you loved the series you will definitely enjoy this. If you haven't read the series then don't start here. Start with Emperor's Edge, the first novel (free on Kindle). It's stand-alone (no cliffhanger) if you worry about that, but warning: you WILL get hooked into the series. It's just too good.

    11. Very cute, very short. I'd have loved it more wholeheartedly if Amaranthe and Sicarius hadn't just played the prank Amaranthe schemed, but had managed to bring about a more equitable system on the small island on which they spent Solstice Day. That might be to come in the (fingers crossed) future books about them!

    12. I love anything Sicarius-related, and this is a cute, quick read. It doesn't have the feel of the early Emperor's Edge series (of course, Sicarius and Amaranthe have developed a lot as characters, but now the big threat is a little girl chasing down Sicarius for bounty money?). This one is for die-hards.

    13. A cute, quick tale of Sicarius ordered to be merrySicarius has never given or received a non-utilitarian *gift* before, and it's fun to see what he and Amaranthe each come up with, while trying to avoid any possibly violent consequences of an old wanted poster. A very quick read, but perfectly showing their characters.

    14. DangnabbitI read this when I hadn't finished the series. AND NOW I KNOW A PERTINENT DETAIL THAT RIPS MY HEART TO SHREDS. WHY, LINDSAY BUROKER, WHYYYYYYYYYY? However, I did find this novella delightful and incredibly intriguing. Mm I do love me some "whimsical," considerate, and amorous Sicarius.

    15. How often does a very short story make you cry? If you're me the answer is not often, but this one did.Sicarius and Amaranthe stop off at an island on Solstice Day, pranks are played gifts are exchanged and Sicarius learns a little more about human interactions.

    16. Just a simple short story that follows Amaranthe and Sicarius as they try to enjoy a peaceful Solstice day on a nice tropical island. Unfortunately, no one on the island knows that Sicarius is no longer a wanted man.

    17. 26.2.2015 - 4*Jednohubka mezi Amaranthe a Sicariusem, na což jsem čekala zatracených pět dílů.Konečně, konečně spolu! .))Je tam i trocha děje, na tak krátkou práci, Sicarius je stále Sicarius a to na autorce zbožňuju. :)

    18. Actual rating: 2½A cute, short read. Solstice Day Gifts is light-hearted and lacks the crazy schemes, never-ending action and humour of the rest of the series. This story solely involves Amaranthe & Sicarius and I missed the rest of the team. It's just not the same without them!

    19. No AngstIt is relaxing not to be facing blood and gore for a change. As much imagination is put into humor as the previous episodes put into pain.

    20. Short but sweet. Many of us have an addiction to Amaranthe and Sicarius, so it was like tasting a tiny piece of sweet chocolate.

    21. A short story providing a coda to the Emperor's Edge series - Amaranthe and Sicarius having a 'rest' cruise on Starcrest's submarineFun!

    22. I did not think I'd like this series as much as it turned out. This is a nice little character study featuring Secarius and Amaranthe after the Empire falls.

    23. Perfect amount of sweet. A super cute Amaranthe & Sicarius quick read. The gang is always working so hard. It's nice to see A&S having fun with no death on the line.

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