Room for Just a Little Bit More

Room for Just a Little Bit More Five years ago my dreams were shattered in an instant One year ago a horrible rainstorm flooded a bridge in town leaving us with an Inn full of stranded travelers Turns out one of those travelers w

  • Title: Room for Just a Little Bit More
  • Author: Beth Ehemann
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Five years ago, my dreams were shattered in an instant.One year ago, a horrible rainstorm flooded a bridge in town, leaving us with an Inn full of stranded travelers Turns out one of those travelers would give me a whole new set of dreams, ones I never thought possible Brody Murphy spent the last year teaching me what it was like to live, and importantly love, againFive years ago, my dreams were shattered in an instant.One year ago, a horrible rainstorm flooded a bridge in town, leaving us with an Inn full of stranded travelers Turns out one of those travelers would give me a whole new set of dreams, ones I never thought possible Brody Murphy spent the last year teaching me what it was like to live, and importantly love, again.Two days ago, he asked me to marry him, and if I d said yes any faster, I would have interrupted the most romantic proposal ever offered I can t wait to marry him and spend the rest of our lives spoiling our Twinkies.One year from now I ll be Mrs Kacie Murphy, assuming everything goes nice and smooth.

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    1. I loved the way Room for More ended, but lets be honest I wanted MORE. Just a little bit more ;) When books end with epic engagements, that's fantastic, but most of the time we want to see what happens next. I was so happy this novella was written. It completed Brody, Kacie and the Twinkies story. I look forward to seeing more of them in Vipers and Andy's books, but their story is blissfuly over. If you're looking for something sweet, sexy, and swoon with a hero thats to die for- check these out [...]

    2. 5 Happy Stars! I’m going to be very brief because this was just a sweet novella / long epilogue.If you’ve read the previous two books you probably fell in love with Brody, the sexy, funny and sweet hockey player just as I did. And you also fell in love with Kacie and the Twinkies. This happens right after the end of the second book and takes place after the proposal. This book show us the life between the engagement and the wedding and a little more. I love romance. I love the beginnings of [...]

    3. 4.5I'm gonna die alone because there's only one Brody Murphy and he's takenstars"What's your absolute favorite Disney movie?" Brody looked back and forth between the two of them. They look at each other for a split second before blurting out "Cinderella!" "Mine too!" he looked at me and winked. "You know how after the prince tried the slipper on Cinderella and it fit, they got married and lives happily ever after?" The girls nodded, their eyes fixed on Brody. "Well, last night I asked you mom to [...]

    4. This novella kicked some full length stories butts! This had all the charm, wit and engaging plot that all the big boys do. Which makes me question, why have I been letting this sit on my Kindle since July 16, 2014? My only sadness was that it was short was a Novella after all! With just 161 pages (according to my Kindle), this nicely wrapped up Brodi and Kacie's story.This begins where Room For More leaves offe engagement. Brodi and Kacie are just engaged and have to plan their wedding. Brodi i [...]

    5. This novella was a cute and sweet ending to Kacie and Brody's story. I'm hoping they'll appear in Viper's and Andy's books. I really enjoyed myself even though I didn't think there was any need for this novella since Room For More ended on a high note. Everything that happened in Room For A Little Bit More was as I expected. They got their wedding and then some. This was all about the characters and also reason why I had to read it. They are incredible and the true definition of family.3 BadAssD [...]

    6. This novella was perfect! It picks up right where "Room for More" left us, with Kacie and Brody engaged and now planning their wedding.As usual, Brody was so incredibly sweet and caring, it melted me. This series is the kind of books I'd like to give to a potential suitor with a note: "guidelines, how to date me properly." Because this man, this man! He's just so ohhhh, and awwww, and yes!Tomorrow I’m marrying the girl of my dreams. I take that back. I’m marrying the girl of every man’s dr [...]

    7. For two whole novels and a novella, I've been trying to pinpoint what exactly has made this series so damn fantastic for me. It's hard to attribute it to one single reason because everything from the writing to the character development to the sharp, witty dialogue has wholly impressed me. But I think it just clicked for me and it's really so simple.The Cranberry Inn series is a story about a single mom and the superstar celebrity hockey player that inadvertently finds himself on the doorstep of [...]

    8. For Readathon-2017: 39/52In the category "A book with at least 7 words on the title"OMG, I may be the least romantic person in the earth but what I read was over the top even for the most cheesy of romantics. I mean cheese core, with cheese frosting and cheese cherries.I got the chills while reading it and not in a good way. Like millions-ants-crawling-all-over-your-back way. I'm happy for Brody and Kacie, they deserved their happy ending but lets just put an end here. No more. Ok?

    9. And Brody steals my heart again. I really do love this family. There is nothing much I can say as this is a super sweet, fast read about their wedding. It was beautiful. Kacie was lovely. Brody was amazing. The twinkies were adorable. If you haven't read this series yet, you should!

    10. I am on a high after reading this amazing novella that gives us a whole lot more of the happily ever after of Brody and Kacie. In true Ehemann style, Beth continues to wow me with her ability to make me laugh, cry and swoon all in the same chapter. What affected me the most was as I read the story, it brought out the best emotions and memories of my own experiences as I read about Brody and Kacie building their own. The relate-ability factor is off the charts. Brody continues to be the man of Ka [...]

    11. This was so sweet my teeth hurt a little. You couldn't have written a happier "Happily ever after" novella if you tried.

    12. Let's just start by saying that I love the Cranberry Inn series.The novella starts right after Kacie has said yes to the best proposal ever!Decisions have to be made. Our couple knows they want something intimate with their friends and family.Brody being Brody made me swoon more than once. He was so amazing to the Twinkies and to Kacie. His love for them is shown in every action and decision.The wedding was great and what follows made me very happy.The secondary characters are perfect as well. K [...]

    13. 4.5 blissfully happy ending starsThis novella is the conclusion to Brody and Kacie’s story that began in Room for You, and it is absolutely beautiful! Showing us each little moment that we would want to see as (blissfully in love) Brody and Kacie plan their future together, and it provides further proof that Brody Murphy is quite possibly the most perfect man on the planet. He loves Kacie, he loves her girls (his Twinkies), and he is demonstrative, protective, affectionate and wants nothing mo [...]

    14. 5. 100% in love with this WHOLE series stars BrodyKacieTwinkies. OMG I absolutely adored this story, one of the cutest books i have ever read. This novella was the most perfect, heart melting conclusion to this series Beth BRAVO !

    15. An absolutely GORGEOUS and SATISFYING conclusion to the Cranberry Inn series. Brody is, as always, a swoon-worthy, sexy and hilarious male lead. He is now in my top two book boyfriends EVER! Fans of Brody and Kacie will be blown away by this novella!

    16. This novella was the perfect addition to Kacie & Brody's story. We get to see them as they prepare for the wedding. The writing in this series is amazing and just drew me right into the story and the world of these characters. The sweet and humor that is woven through these books warmed my heart! The narration on the audiobooks is flawless. I never wanted it to end. "The one thing I couldn’t wait for was to watch Kacie walk down the aisle toward me, hold my hand, and swear to love me for t [...]

    17. Listened free through KUBe prepared for an unpopular opinion!I am sorry I forgotI forgot how much I disliked the heroine in the second book. Shame on me for not revisiting my own reviews.Kacie is so frustratingly immature - she drives me NUTS! Brody handed over his man card in the first book. So sad. His inner thoughts made him sound like a damned emo bitch. And way too insecure. I mean seriously. NO man thinks or talks like that!!!There was a sickening amount of sweet. Kacie being insensitive - [...]

    18. 3.5 New Life StarsBrody and Kacie are starting their lives together, getting ready of the big day. Things are good with Zach seeing the twins. Someone from Kacie's past comes back and cause her emotional pain, but Brody deals with it by making sure they never hurt her again. The families come together and they even have a little surprise.This one was much better than the last. There were no stupid reasons for them not to be together or miscommunications. It was a little saccharine sweet, but som [...]

    19. This was a fantastic close to this series. Brody is just amazing - what can I say - but such a man too and I LOVE that! I loved reading his scenes with his twinkles. They are just too adorable lol I will definitely be reading more from this author! :)

    20. WOW what an amazing journey with Brody & Kacie!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this series, and it is going on to one of my Favorites of the year list.

    21. I am a straight man and even I love Brody! Could this hero get any better???This starts soon after the propsal and acceptance. But monkey wrenches will risk their HEA again. A letter and a request to chat/meet from her dad. Now after all these years. With wedding planning, cake tasting and dress shopping all in full bloom will this put their HEA at risk orworse?I have 3 points to this series.1-the twinkies (a name I call my twin niece and nephew) are awesome! I love Piper and Lucy.2- Kacie is bl [...]

    22. If you don’t find Brody Murphy swoony, well, I think you’re dead.All I’m sayin’.“With my sunglasses shielding my eyes, she had no idea I stared at her constantly. Sometimes I got so wrapped up in watching her movements, I forgot where we were going–and who we were with.”I mean, COME ON NOW!!Room For Just A Little Bit More picks up where Room For More leaves off. Thank God. Kacie is still sort of in disbelief about the whole being engaged to Brody thing.“Kacie swallowed hard and s [...]

    23. Moving OnI was just so excited to read and enjoy the third book of this most sensational series, Cranberry Inn. Written by favourite of mine, Beth Ehemann. With these wonderful characters, we know know them so closely, and can feel so such love for her family. We all just feel completely with the romance once again between, Kacie and Brody. I just adored this book!Kacie, now was in complete shock. Things now had changed so quickly after her boyfriend, Brody asking for her hand in marriage. As Ka [...]

    24. Simply charming and loaded with romance! Every page was overflowing with extra special touches and all the sweetness love can bring. There wasn't a single thing I would change -- Beth Ehemann didn't miss the slightest opportunity in giving readers perfection in the finale to Kacie and Brody's wonderful love story. Absolutely a joy to read! I highly recommend the entire Cranberry Inn series.

    25. Sunteti curiosi cum se incheie aceasta poveste de dragoste ?Vreti sa fiti martori la o nunta de vis ?Atunci trebuie sa cititi Room for Just a Little Bit More pentru a afla cum se incheie povestea lui Brody si Kacie Murphy.Mie una mi-a placut !P.S. :Sunt tare curioasa daca autoarea o sa scoata si o carte in care-l vom avea pe Viper personaj principal.La cat de nebun este ar fi un personaj pe cinste.

    26. Loved it! Beth ehemann you did it again! Amazing read about love Loved the twinkies vow Title: room for just a little bit more Series: cranberry inn #2,5Author: Beth ehemannRelease Date: 10-08-2014Rating: 5Cliffhanger: noMore books to this series: yesGenres: love, sport

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