Behold! A Baby

Behold A Baby Step right up step right up Come see one of the most amazing astounding stunning and stupendous wonders of the world Behold a baby A loving father reveals a baby s fantastic feats smiling eating

  • Title: Behold! A Baby
  • Author: Stephanie Watson Joy Ang
  • ISBN: 9781619634527
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Step right up, step right up Come see one of the most amazing, astounding, stunning, and stupendous wonders of the world.Behold a baby A loving father reveals a baby s fantastic feats smiling, eating a banana, babbling that cause adults to go insane with joy and wonder The only audience member who remains unimpressed His big brother.

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      282 Stephanie Watson Joy Ang
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    103 thoughts on “Behold! A Baby”

    1. This book was just too cute and funny. I love books that feature siblings. Of course this would’ve been even better if it featured sisters since I have all girls, but it’s nice to see a variety every now and then since I tend to only buy books featuring girls, when it comes to sibling books, for them. The concept was cute as it’s true how we all think every miniscule thing a baby does is so awe-inspiring, even though anyone (like an older sibling) can do that and much more with ease. The i [...]

    2. A great "so you're going to be a big brother"-time book. Our big brother is not impressed with the new baby--and, oh my goodness, everyone else certainly is. "Step right up, folks, step right up!" shouts an emcee later identified as dad. "Come see one of the most amazing, astounding, stunning, and stupendous wonders of the world! BeholdA BABY!" Big brother: "A baby? Big Deal." Emcee: "Next, you will see a talent so jaw-dropping, your jaw may drop when you see it. What was once impossible for the [...]

    3. This is a cute introduction to the idea of siblings and how older siblings can help teach and be role models to their younger siblings. The only thing my daughter did not like about it was that it was all about brothers. So I added in "or big sisters" every time it talked about what "big brother" could do, and that satisfied her. She didn't mind anything regarding the baby since she has a baby brother herself. If there was another version of this for big sisters with baby brothers, we would have [...]

    4. A fun read showcasing a baby. with an older brother who is perhaps a little jealous. The big brother soon realizes he has an astounding ability - he can understand his little brother's "Diggy Dubby Bubby" putting him on showcase. Baby's are amazing but the role older siblings play is also pretty amazing too.

    5. Wonderful! This charming little book is perfect for older siblings feeling a little jealous of all the attention baby is getting. And the great thing about this book? It can be enjoyed just as well by adults as by kids

    6. Adorable and useful. Perfect for big siblings jealous of all the attention, but also models being a helpful big brother who understands the baby even better than the confused dad. Too cute.

    7. big brother doesn't see what is so special or magical about a baby"Babies are boring. Babies are boring. Why aren't you snoring? Babies are boring."

    8. Originality run amok. Will this baby need therapy after being subjected to this preposterous stage show, being hawked by a carny for a father?

    9. The ending is a little lame, but the first half is just great! It's silly and does a great job of conveying the experience of an older sibling when a new baby enters the household.

    10. A cute and funny book about the wonders of a baby-- and a big brother book! Great for a new sibling or a story time!

    11. The problem with this book is that the topic seems like it is for little children but the vocabulary is more suitable to older childre.

    12. Very cute picture book about a new baby and all of the "amazing" things they do. Perfect read for new big brothers/sisters. Good gift for new siblings.

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