Forever Dark

Forever Dark One tragic night One backseat promise shattered forever Madison Thomas is shouldering guilt she may never forgive herself for Her darkness has consumed her for three years and slowly seeped into every

  • Title: Forever Dark
  • Author: Chelsea Landon
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 489
  • Format: ebook
  • One tragic night One backseat promise shattered forever Madison Thomas is shouldering guilt she may never forgive herself for Her darkness has consumed her for three years and slowly seeped into every part of her life She s relying on substance She s trying to be brave when all she ll ever be is bent Cash Bryant, a college quarterback with a promising career, wants tOne tragic night One backseat promise shattered forever Madison Thomas is shouldering guilt she may never forgive herself for Her darkness has consumed her for three years and slowly seeped into every part of her life She s relying on substance She s trying to be brave when all she ll ever be is bent Cash Bryant, a college quarterback with a promising career, wants to show Madison there s still hope He s her one sliver of light that never fades He wants to let go He needs to let go before she destroys him completely There s something about the girl wearing hoodies to hide her dark eyes that reminds him of the girl he fell forever in love with In the shadows of their blue lit mornings, she makes him weak, steals the beat in his chest, and he s reminded of the girl he used to know Author s Note This book was previously available as Forever Love with Megan Smith We have separated the books into two standalones, Forever Dark and Forever Light You will see that both stories follow the exact same time frame and include the same group of friends but while you read something in Forever Dark you will see some extra interaction in Forever Light, Landon and Macy s story.

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      Chelsea Landon Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Forever Dark book, this is one of the most wanted Chelsea Landon author readers around the world.

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    1. Warning: May be some spoilers.This was a very difficult read. It was dark, gritty and real. It showed the consequences of one mistake that effected 6 lives, leaving 5 to deal with the aftermath. There are hella many difficult themes present and throughout the story, you're gonna be experiencing an array of emotions that you just don't know how to handle. Madison and Cash had their forever in the palm of their hands, after graduating high school and Cash winning the last football game, they were [...]

    2. 3 Forever Love Stars!Wow! Six teenagers. Three boys and three girls. All have been friends and in love for most of their lives. Then one night everything changes. Now we have five teenagers. All broken after a night that went wrong. One is broken because she loses the love of her life. Two are broken because it was their fault the car swerved into incoming traffic. Three turn to drugs and alcohol trying to numb the pain and guilt. This means two are left to pick up the pieces. This went on for t [...]

    3. Note: I read these books together as a series, so the review is written with both books mentioned.This series just completely broke me. I knew it was going to be a rough ride, but I am not sure I was prepared to fully live through it several times. What these two authors did separately and together was amazing. It was heartwarming and touching and it was completely heartbreaking. I haven’t quite recovered from it yet. Somehow these two authors took one truly tragic event and told two completel [...]

    4. Forever Dark is a book that is extremely moving, and it may make you cry, but that is okay, if you do not read this along with its companion novel Forever Light, by Megan Smith, you will be missing out on a wonderful two books.This book tells the story about a group of 6 teenagers that have known each other since they were all very young, and after something happens in their lives, it tells of what happens to them, and the way they all cope, or don't cope with what has happened. This book tells [...]

    5. This review will be the same for Forever Love #2 seeing as they complement eachother. I knew from the authors message that I'd have to read both books if I wanted to get the full story, so I did. What I wasn't expecting was to be left hanging with both books. The stories of Landon & Macy and Cash & Madison are incomplete and had I realized this I would not have read them. I am told in both conclusions that there will be another set of books coming to continue their story, but I can't see [...]

    6. Oh I would love to have more stars to give this book. This story not only affected me emotionally as a reader, but as a mother it took me to a whole new level of emotions and pain. Megan Smith and Chelsea Landon have become two of the best authors I know who can describe a scene in a book and draw every possible emotion out of the reader while still progressing through the story. Two of the most dramatic scenes in this book not only had me holding my breath, but I could literally hear the crashi [...]

    7. Forever Dark is definitely a raw and gritty journey. A brief glimpse into the story can be best described as six inseperable friends that find themselves living a real life nightmare. The story that follows previews all of the repercussions of many immature choices, and the obvious damage that is caused by the curveballs life throws. Madison and Cash were on the fast track to their forever, and watching how everything falls apart is literally soul crushing. Regardless, of the decisions of the th [...]

    8. Holy craziness, what an intense, emotional trip this was, one that'll stick with me for a long time.One night of actions cause emotional and physical turmoil for lifeat's hard to wrap anyones head around.Six childhood friends never the same in the blink on an eye. Boy is that saying right.This was phenomenally written, felt every heartache and the emotions that go with reminiscing the good times. Does it all come together or are these friends torn apart for good???It's a defiantly must read!!!Pr [...]

    9. This was such a tough read for me with all the drug abuse, guilt, a consuming blinding love, with some steamy sex scenes mixed in. Amazing book!

    10. Forever Dark by Chelsea Landon is the first novel in the Forever Love series and it definitely set the bar extremely high for the rest of Forever Love, as well as for future releases! This was a heartbreaking, emotionally raw tale that quite literally took my breath away at times. I ached with these characters; loved them, felt pride with them. As a reader, I became a part of their journey from hopeful kids with futures to wandering adults desperately seeking answers. There was something so trag [...]

    11. This book was given to me for an honest review.5 starsThis is the first time I read a book with two authors and all I can say is wow. The way these authors teamed up it felt as hey wrote as one. I would think it would be difficult to find a steady flow, but I was truly mistaken. A story of six teenagers in high school following the aftermath of a tragedy was such a real story that everyone needed to here. Everyone reacts so differently that it was nice to be able to see everyone's pov. One event [...]

    12. What can I say, this book was difficult to read, there is so much sadness, misery, heartache, at times I felt like it was going to be too much to keep reading but I had to know what happened to these characters. Chelsea really showed what a life can be like if a person is depressed, an addict, set on slowly killing themselves. The start of the book is lighthearted, fun, and I fell in love with all of the characters but always in the back of my mind I knew there was going to be something terrible [...]

    13. 4.5 StarsI'm going to do something perhaps a little unusual and admit my rating is based off what I think it should be and not based on what I was getting from Forever Dark or feeling as I was reading it. What the hell does that mean and why am I doing this? Easy. I know me and I know when I'm not connecting to a book because of my own moodiness or when I'm not connecting with a book because, well it sucks. I'm trying to be fair and honest with a book I know on any other given day would have had [...]

    14. This was the first book that I read of Chelsea Landon's and I have to say, that I loved it. These two books can be read as a stand alone, but I suggest you read both, Forever Dark and Forever Light. Both books are about six teenagers whose lives were changed from one night one horrific accident, and none of them were the same afterwards. Two of them are struggling with guilt because they feel as though their actions caused the accident. In Forever Dark, Madison struggles with an addiction to try [...]

    15. Check out more of my reviews on my blog gemmareadstoomuchforittomenorm4.5 StarsForever Dark is book #1 in the Forever Love Series, this book is written by Chelsea Landon. This is the first book I have read by this author and I was lucky enough to have been given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review so here goes.This book is dark, it’s gritty and harsh and I kind of loved it!!This is not your average college romance at all; Cash and Madison feel more like Romeo and Juliet more t [...]

    16. Oaky I went into this story with a smile in my heart and ready to read a love story that would knock my socks off. I got that and so much more!!! Chelsea and Megan, Have given us two books that are so beautifully written that I swear to you I took the emotion with me to work and could not stop thinking of the character that made such a huge impact in my soul. Cash, Landon, Madison, Macy, Alexa and Steven brought me such highs and lows in the emotional roller coaster of a journey to forgiveness. [...]

    17. UMMMMMMI am not sure how I feel about this book The beginning was different not what I expected three couples tragic accident leaving one dead and the rest not sure what to do with themselves After the accident the story fast forwards to two years later and they are all at the same college struggling to come to terms with what happened that night dealing with it in their own way I can understand how broken the characters are I can understand still trying to figure out life after what happened bu [...]

    18. I received the book from the author for an honest review.To be honest, I have no idea how to begin this review, and I don't mean this in a bad way; other wise I wouldn't have given it 5 stars. But, the emotional turmoil in this story, the absolute pain that you have to face while wondering if the two main characters, Madison and Cash, will ever survive to make any kind of relationship work between them. These two knew each other from age 9, and made promises of forever to each other, but when tr [...]

    19. I'm very particular about how many stars I give an item and this was a tough decision for me but overall I just want it known that I DID really enjoy this book, but there were some things that really just didn't do it for me. The overall storyline I really liked and I am very invested in the characters and if a sequel comes out I will buy it in a heartbeat. I really like all 4 characters involved in this series, this first book focus' on Madison & Cash. The part that I didn't like about the [...]

    20. Such a great story , filled with so many emotions and connections it was hard to put down yet painful to hold onto !!Forever Dark starts out anything but dark. Cash and Madison have been together since they were like 9 years old !! So freakin cute !! You get their story as kids growing together as teens and now young adulthood. They are super hot and I just loved the small glimpse of their happiness we had. Cash is the star football player as are 2 of his best friends Steven and Landon. They win [...]

    21. Wow! Such an emotional sad story with a message of hope in the end! So many raw emotions! This isn't my fav genre, however, I enjoyed it! I have enough Saddness in real life, I don't usually care to read so much devastation! It starts off everything is grand! High school sweethearts with the boys winning the championship game their Senior year! One night changes everything! One night when one don't make it! That night follows them 3 years later! This book is the POV of Madison & Cash. The ne [...]

    22. 4.5 STARS From the best natural high to the worst possible tragedy in a matter of hours. How does one deal with that or how does it affect an inseparable group? Everyone deals with grief differently. Madison was the outgoing spontaneous free spirited girl. Unfortunately she holds herself responsible for the accident that changed their lives. In numbing her feelings she continues to hurt those she loves the most even more without notice. She is sinking faster day by day but won't give up her one [...]

    23. ARC for ReviewIt all started after a high school championship football game as a group of friends celebrating with alcohol and drugs ends up in an accident leaving one of their friends dead. Their lives take a dramatic turn in many ways as they try to cope in different ways.We have Cash Bryant a brilliant quarterback who has the potential to turn profession but does not get to ahead of his fame. He has an off on relationship with his girlfriend Madison Thomas from high school since she does not [...]

    24. Emotional and worth readingI picked this book up after reading positive reviews from other authors I enjoy. Although it's more of a departure from the alpha males and steamy love scenes I'm used to reading, it was well worth it and a very gut wrenching read. You know the characters love each other but have been through so much and dealt with it so differently that they can't seem to stop hurting each other and get back what they once had. Parts of this really made me tear up and parts made me wa [...]

    25. OMG!! Peeps of you are going to read this series which i really hope you will please know you will need tissues. It was beautiful and heartbreaking and oh so lovely to read these two stories. Once i started i could not put either of the books down until i finished them. I loved how the stories had inter-connecting characters in the twin sisters and the two male friends who each fell hard for a sister. It wove all the parts of the two stories together to make it like an epic romantic movie. A lot [...]

    26. Gut wrenching, soulful, inspiring Madison, Cash, Landon, Macy, Steve and Alexa have been friends forever and as high school ends and the thoughts of going away to college together are emerging, the unthinkable happens. A tragedy that shakes everyone's foundation. This is the story of how Madison and Cash deal with, cope and avoid what happened. We experience how one event impacts each individual differently. Madison buries her pain in drugs and alcohol, doing things that made me cringe as she tr [...]

    27. holy rollercoaster of emotions!!this book is so emotional due to it happe s everyday to teens around the world!6 best friends an it takes one night to throw them all for a tail spinis book is mostly about cash and Madisoncash has a surprise for Madisonhe just won the football game his last one for high schooleveryone's on a high there party an drinking an being silly like most teensen the unthinkable happens and these kids are left to deal with the pain an emotions, but sometimes you have to tur [...]

    28. I absolutely LOVED Forever Dark. Cash has got to be the ultimate book boyfriend. He is amazing. His love for Madison is unbreakable. My heart was crushed for him in so many ways. There was so many times when I had to stop reading to get the tears to stop, then I would start reading again and the tears would reappear. Thinking back now since I am done with it, I wish I could unread this book so I can experience it all over again for the first time. It was amazing, simply amazing. Chelsea Landon d [...]

    29. dark, raw, and loss with love to keep it togetherWow! This book gave me the chills at points. The broken, but still beautiful love. The loss and sadness. I just appreciate the depth of the characters and how they seem so real. Especially with each character dealing with loss so differently. Madison is a tough character to understand, but she is fascinating either way. Cash is so much more than the "golden boy with a secret" that you see so often in books. Even the side characters show many diffe [...]

    30. Forever Dark is a book that surprised me actually. I normally don't do high school/early college year books but this one pulled me in right away. I pretty much knew what was going to happen once I start reading but when that scene came it still gutted me. What I wasn't prepared for was the emotion that came through me during the whole book. You can't help but feel for everyone in the story. Addition is a nasty thing and when it comes after something so tragic you can’t help but pull for them t [...]

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