Dying for the Highlife

Dying for the Highlife Jimmy Homestead s glory days as a high school stud were a distant memory His adulthood had amounted to little than temporary jobs cheap boarding houses and discount whiskey But he always felt he was

  • Title: Dying for the Highlife
  • Author: Dave Stanton
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Jimmy Homestead s glory days as a high school stud were a distant memory His adulthood had amounted to little than temporary jobs, cheap boarding houses, and discount whiskey But he always felt he was special, and winning a 43 million lottery proved it With all that money, everything is great for Jimmy until people from his past start coming out of the woodwork FJimmy Homestead s glory days as a high school stud were a distant memory His adulthood had amounted to little than temporary jobs, cheap boarding houses, and discount whiskey But he always felt he was special, and winning a 43 million lottery proved it With all that money, everything is great for Jimmy until people from his past start coming out of the woodwork First, his sexy stepmother, who seduced him as a teenager Then his uncle, just released from Folsom after a five year jolt for securities fraud, a crime that bankrupted Jimmy s father Mix in a broke ex stripper and a down on his luck drug dealer, both seeking payback over transgressions Jimmy thought were long forgotten Caught in the middle are investigator Dan Reno and his good buddy Cody Gibbons, two guys just trying to make an honest paycheck Reno, fighting to save his home from foreclosure, thinks that s his biggest problem But his priorities change when Gibbons and Jimmy are kidnapped by a gang of cartel thugs out for a big score Fighting to save his friend s life, Reno is drawn into a mess that leaves dead bodies scattered all over northern Nevada.

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    1. Dave Stanton

      Dave Stanton is the author of six novels in the Dan Reno private eye series They do not have to be read chronologically to be enjoyed, but for those who want to know, the order is Stateline, Dying for the Highlife, Speed Metal Blues, Dark Ice, Hard Prejudice, The Doomsday Girl.Born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1960, Dave Stanton moved to Northern California in 1961 He received a BA in journalism from San Jose State University in 1983 Over the years, he worked as a bartender, newspaper advertising salesman, furniture mover, debt collector, and technology salesman He has two children, Austin and Haley, and lives with his wife, Heidi, in San Jose, California.Stanton s six novels all feature private investigator Dan Reno and his ex cop buddy, Cody Gibbons.

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    1. Another fun adventure with PI Dan RenoA wild,fun filled adventure wit private investigator Reno and his friend Cody, as a woman hires the both of them to locate a long lost son who recently won the lottery. You meet several different people who also hear about Jimmy's winnings and concoct wild scenarios in which they can finagle money from him. A fast, crime filled story as all kinds of things happen during the hunt for Jimmy and his money.

    2. REVIEW DYING FOR THE HIGHLIFE by Dave StantonDan Reno (that's pronounced like "Renno," not like "Reeno," as in the Nevada city) is a failing part-time detective in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada, an area noted for its beautiful scenery, and rampant casinos. Dan can't find sufficient investigative work, so must supplement his meager income with bartending at Caesars Casino. Approached with a request to locate a missing person which he knows is couched in lies, Dan wants to demur, but finally accedes, o [...]

    3. This was a hard book to read, though for decidedly less altruistic reasons than the recently-finished-and-reviewed Isabel's Run. There was no one to root for in this book.Jimmy Homestead wins the lottery. All kinds of people from his shady past (more like his shady existence) come out of the woodwork to stake a claim or downright rob him of his money. Jimmy is a piece of work himself with his hard-partying ways and total disregard of women as anything other than play toys (at best). Dan Reno, th [...]

    4. Dying for the Highlife was my third Dan Reno/Dave Stanton novel. I have enjoyed them all, but so far, Dying for the Highlife is my favorite.A 'down and outer' who has wasted his life drinking whiskey and frequenting whore houses gets lucky and wins a $43 million lottery. Suddenly, long lost family members are chasing him for their share as are crooks that he's associated with over the years.Dave Stanton cleverly weaves a number of plots and subplots together to produce an outstanding, hard to pu [...]

    5. The second one was as good as the first!I am pretty impressed with Mr Stanton's writing style. I just kept reading. I continued on wondering just how all these greedy people were going to fare. Was Jimmy gonna end up broke and a sad, lonely drunk like he was before his big win? Funny how every bad guy in your life (and some new ones) come calling when there's money to be had. Well, Dan and Cody certainly added to the excitement! Dan is one lucky man! He always manages to survive some pretty toug [...]

    6. If you are looking for action and murders, this is a book for you. You may never talk about winning the lottery again as it was the beginning of the end for one lucky man. Everyone he had ever interacted with felt entitled to a piece of it. The result was horrifying. The winner and about a dozen other people ended up dead. It was certainly filled with action and intrigue.

    7. As Dan Reno and his partner Cole find they have been hired by the same woman with the same payment terms to find her son who just won the California Lottery, things get messy. Jimmy has a big mouth when he is drinking, and he is always drinking, so naturally he has told everyone he sees that he won the lottery. Now the last 15 years of people from his past are looking to collect what he owes them, or they think he should pay them. Dan and Cole are in the middle of this maylay. Lots of laughs and [...]

    8. This book was as great as the first!Dying for the Highlife tells the story of Dan Reno, a private investigator in South Lake Tahoe. He's broke, alcoholic, and desperate for a case. Enter Ms. Shiela Majorie, a very attractive woman who knows how to use her feminine wiles to get what she wants. She hires Reno to help her find her stepson Jimmy Homestead, who, it turns out, Reno went to high school with and has just won the Lottery jackpot to the tune of $43 million. Reno accepts the case knowing i [...]

    9. Given To Me For An Honest ReviewDave Stanton's book Dying for the Highlife: A Dan Reno Novel is a must read. And you more than likely will re-read it again to make sure you read what your read. This story is about Dan Reno and his partner Cody. They are hired to find a missing Lotto winner of forty three million dollars. Throughout the story, Jimmy, the lottery winner has no idea that anyone is looking for him. And there is a lot of people who want to find him. At the end of your chaotic messy r [...]

    10. I received this book for a fair review. Overview: It’s been nearly fifteen years since Dan Reno has seen anyone from the Homestead family. But here is the former Mrs. Shelia Homestead seeking to hire Dan to find and arrange a meeting with Jimmy Homestead for her. Did I mention that Jimmy has won the lottery? Care to guess how many are seeking to cash in?Likes: We get to see Cody again. And he seems to be crazier this time around if that’s even possible. We also get to meat Lou Calgaretti, an [...]

    11. Dying in TahoeI have lived in Tahoe for thirty-five years. The combination of reading of my hometown and reading a fast-paced twisty thriller has me addicted. Dan Reno, our shady but moral investigator, sees South Lake as is: poverty with a view, over-bearing law enforcement and all powerful casinos. Lake Tahoe is an amazing place to live however with 24 hour drinking and gambling, wages based on tips and corruption on all levels; there are many ways to die. [ sorry, got a little off course] Mr. [...]

    12. Loved this book which combines crime, murder, mystery and humor with loads of adventure. Jimmy Homestead is a loser and not a very nice guy, so when he wins a 43 million dollar lottery, everyone wants a piece of it and of the guy that they all feel owes them because of their past relationships. Most of them, not good. San Reno joins in the fun when he is hired by Jimmy's step mother, Sheila. The author did a great job in this adventure with the twists and turns that keep the reader glued to the [...]

    13. I thought that I would like this 2nd installment in the series about Dan Reno better than the first, but I was wrong. Although it was a good plot, it really got bogged down through the middle with lots of people just doing lots of traveling. They all come together at the denoument (with a big explosion!), but I'm not sure it was worth the wait. I'm happy to see the main character come out ahead at the end, though, and will try the 3rd book after a while.

    14. HumorousJimmy is such a bungler, and has the innocence of stupidity carrying him through all the deadly wishes of the money rubbers. I really really like Sheila's machinations and I just howled as the two brothers try to kill each other. It seems to me that this whole story is delightfully crazy, but at least the working stiffs got theirs.

    15. Another page turner from the pen of Dave Stanton.The second book in the "Dan Reno" series lives up to the promise made by the first. A good, slow build-up of both characters and plot, leading to an explosive, and wholly unexpected ending. A cracking read, and a must for fans of the genre.

    16. I received a copy free from author in exchange for an honest review.I really loved the cover for this novel and found it better then the first book.I enjoyed the book from start to finish.I am really glad I tried the second book.There was never a dull moment and I looked forward each day to reading.Sadly I have finished this book and look forward to reviewing the 3rd.Highly recommend.

    17. Very good series and this installment doesn't disappoint.It started out pretty simple, then got more complicated with more and more characters, but still, each one important to the story in their own way. Love the Dan Reno persona and his methods. Looking forward to the next installment.

    18. I read Stanton's first book and gave it 3 stars out of kindness. However I'm afraid his writing hasn't improved, his books come across as if they have been written by a teenager. They read like a poor quality dime novel and I'm afraid it doesn't look like changing so I'm not going to bother reading any more of his attempts.

    19. Convoluted, entertainingEnjoyed the road trip and the confluence of years of poor personal decisions of a slew of disparate characters coming to an explosive, ridiculously coincidental head, although not everyone actually received their just desserts. Perhaps in a subsequent book! Two thumbs up!

    20. Good readThis is the first book I have read by this author. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Good story line and interesting characters. Will definitely be adding Mr Stanton to my list of favourites.

    21. Good readA very interesting and convoluted chain events tangled into an interesting plot line. Reno came out ahead in the end with perhaps a most unusual fee payment that I am sure the I.R.S. never would hear of.

    22. Great storyLoved the detail and twists and turns this author took The blending of the individual stories and their related purposes was told in a easy manner. Highly believable in today's world

    23. A wild rideI enjoyed the story. The writing is good, the characters are engaging and there isn't a lot of filler material. So many twists and turns to keep you reading. A good book.

    24. Low Lifes in the High SierrasInteresting family connives after hearing a family member has won the lottery. Dan Reno has problems with his new job after he's hired.

    25. I didn't like this one as much as others in the series. The plot was pretty loosely woven, and the characters didn't engage me much.

    26. Dan Reno PII couldn't put it down and definitely recommend this book for anyone who wants a great book and the time to enjoy it

    27. Dying for the high life Winning the lottery for this nut was his undoing. Everyone wanted his money. Lots of humor and fun to read.

    28. Action overloadAnother action packed Reno adventure. As usual Dan and Cody take it to the limit and save the day (for some)in the nick of time.

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