Impossible Promise

Impossible Promise Three years ago Layna Blair listened in horror over a telephone line as her parents were murdered When the killer said she was next Layna panicked and made a deadly deal his secret in exchange for h

  • Title: Impossible Promise
  • Author: Sybil Bartel
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Three years ago, Layna Blair listened in horror over a telephone line as her parents were murdered When the killer said she was next, Layna panicked and made a deadly deal his secret in exchange for her life She s paid the price every day since, becoming a prisoner in plain sight.Marine Sergeant Blaze Johnson offers Layna a way out her freedom, his rules, no questions asThree years ago, Layna Blair listened in horror over a telephone line as her parents were murdered When the killer said she was next, Layna panicked and made a deadly deal his secret in exchange for her life She s paid the price every day since, becoming a prisoner in plain sight.Marine Sergeant Blaze Johnson offers Layna a way out her freedom, his rules, no questions asked and she takes it, despite knowing what her keepers do to people who get too close She doesn t know Blaze is fighting his own demons or that beneath his warrior fa ade is a man on the verge of breaking.Embarking on a wild revenge mission with Blaze and his smooth talking best friend, Talon, is not what Layna signed on for But attempting to run when Blaze has made no secret he intends to make her his is a reckless mistake With the killer closing in, it s up to Blaze to save them all and to Layna to realize that she s risked the one thing she can t afford to lose.Book one of two93,000 words

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      Sybil grew up in Northern California with her head in a book and her feet in the sand She used to dream of becoming a painter but the heady scent of libraries with their shelves full of books about wistful summer days and first loves drew her into the world of storytelling Sybil now resides in Southern Florida and while she doesn t get to read as much as she likes, she still buries her toes in the sand If she s not writing or fighting to contain the banana plantation in her backyard, you can find her spending time with her handsomely tattooed husband, her brilliantly practical son and a mischievous miniature boxer But Seriously Here are ten things you really want to know about Sybil.She grew up a faculty brat She can swear like a Sailor She loves men in uniform She hates being told what to do She can do your taxes but don t ask The Bird Market in Hong Kong freaked her out Her favorite word is desperate, or dirty, or both, she can t choose She has a thing for muscle cars But never rely on her for driving directions, ever And she has a new book boyfriend every week don t tell her husband.To find out about Sybil, visit her on Twitter to see what she s up to Commitment phobic until she met her husband, she loves those little 140 character snippets.Or check out her Facebook page, if, you know, you re feeling wordy.

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    1. I tried 25%, but not feeling it for the main characters.The heroine is all over the place, even from her POV, I don't know what the heck is she thinking.

    2. I am torn by this book. I enjoyed reading it, I really did. But from the first time Layna meets Blaze, I just didn't buy the connection or his need to protect her. I enjoyed the action part of the story line immensely, however the romance aspect felt seriously forced. Blaze was NEVER there, and honestly I didn't really know where Sybil Bartel was going with the whole Talon aspect. I wasn't sure is she was trying to bring in a menage trois aspect or if Layna was just a cheater. Honestly I found m [...]

    3. Check out my other reviews at Little Miss Bookmark!Now, this is the story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down just kidding. I had you going, didn't I? That song is stuck in my head today. Anyway, Impossible Promise is about a woman named Layna who has been on the run from a faceless villain for three years. One day, she walks into a church (seemingly the only place where her henchmen stalkers will leave her alone) and kind of meets Blaze. Within the few seconds of their interac [...]

    4. I really wanted to enjoy this book as I thought it sounded very interesting, but, unfortunately, it failed to live up to my expectations.I was sucked right in at the start as it's BAM -straight into the action and I LOVED that. It was exciting and fast-paced and full of promise. About a third of the way in, the pace started to drop and the characters started to get annoying. Then it all fell asunder and I struggled to finish it.The writing is, in the main, decent and consistent with other books [...]

    5. RATING: 3.75Love me some Sybil Bartel! Another fun read by one of my favorite people!This is definitely an emotionally weighty read, in my opinion. There's a lot more to take in and a lot more to figure out. This story follows Layna Blair and her struggle to stay out of the hands of the people that killed her parents. She is constantly on the run, trying to protect herself, until she can't anymore. She meets the mystery Marine Sargeant, Blaze Johnson, who decides to involve himself in her fight [...]

    6. Have you ever come across a book that you read and it sticks with you , the storyline and the characters. For me, that was Impossible Promise and trust me readers, I wasn't expecting it to and to be completely honest I am not sure why it is still sticking in my head as it's not like the storyline was completely original or anything. I think it was the way that the story was written as the writing captivated me and made me not want to put the book down and the characters , I fell in love with Tal [...]

    7. This review originally appeared on BrizzleLass Books.Oh my freaking God!You know it’s kind of weird jumping all the way back to the beginning. I know ultimately how this story turns out because I’ve read all of the later books featuring other characters who are just on the periphery in this book but I just needed to read Blaze and Layna’s story and hot damn, is it lighting a few fires!This is where it all starts, this is where the groundwork is first laid for all those guys I’ve already [...]

    8. Original review can be found at Tina,The BookwormI received a copy in exchange for an honest review, this does not affect my review in any shape or form.Imagine, you are sixteen on the phone with your parents probably rolling your eyes at whatever they just said and then you hear it. A voice, a chilling voice some arguing, some gunshots and you scream. The voice comes back on the phone threatening you, say a word and you’re dead too. He owns you now and you don’t even know his real name. You [...]

    9. Title: Impossible PromiseAuthor: Sybil BartelGenre: New Adult Contemporary Romance, SuspenseSeries or Standalone: Series (Unchecked #1)Rating: 3.5 Stars (rounded to 4 for & )ReviewImpossible Promise is the first novel in the Unchecked Series by Sybil Bartel and is told from the point of view of the main character, Layna (Jennifer) and follows her life on the run from resident bad guy Miami and straight into the arms of Blaze (Buck). Layna three years before found herself on the other end of [...]

    10. I was immediately sucked into Layna's story. It begins in a church where she escapes to find a moment of solitude -- something she desperately needs because she's constantly being watched, followed, and threatened, by the mysterious Miami. Blaze Johnson is the marine in the pew next to her -- a trained soldier who knows when someone is in need of help. The problem is, everyone who tries to help Layna winds up dead.The book is fast-paced full of sexual as well as other tension, and builds to astr [...]

    11. Layne is running and wedding in the world that is know her life, having geared her parents being murdered over the phone at a young age and heart g the killer, she knew she was intros le when they treated her life too. So she finished school as fast as she could and moved out of town to start her life in hidding and keeping her self closed off from others. Working dead end jobs to make sure no one gets close while being watched and reminded her life is always in danger. After a bad week and scum [...]

    12. This book took me by surprise and didn’t let go till the very end! Impossible Promise takes you on a wild ride where you attempt to know which way is up and which path is the right one for Layna. This story has passion, intrigue, romance, and adrenaline pumping moments! I loved reading about Layna, Blaze, and Talon. This story was well developed and exciting!I would like to preface this review one of the reasons this books surprised me. I am not a fan of love triangles and this story has a bit [...]

    13. When I looked at Impossible Promise to review I wasn't sure whether to go for it or not. The New Adult/Romance genre is flooded with books and at times it can feel like you are reading the same thing time and time again with a few name changes. However, I hadn't read a book with marines in for a while and the cover looked interesting, add to that this would be the first book I was reading by the author Sybil Bartel and I decided to go for it - I am so glad I did!I read this book in an afternoon/ [...]

    14. ARC generously provided by publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Layna has been captive by her parents murderer for the past three years. He watches her every move and controls her entire life. Layna dreams of an escape, but after hearing her parents being murdered over the phone line she has no doubts he will kill her in a heartbeat. Then a marine, Sergean Blaze Johnson, enters her life. All he does is see her in church and he breaks down all her walls and can see right insid [...]

    15. Buck is a complicated hero. One look at Layna and he's in - no questions asked. At least not right away. The attraction between them is instantaneous. You might even call it Instalove. The question is whether Layna can get rid of her past and break down Buck's walls to even get to the part where they can hope for the future. On the whole, the book is good. It has a decent amount of action, the characters and scenes flow well and I didn't find the writing style to be off. However, I didn't fall f [...]

    16. The title Impossible Promise says it all about the storyline of this book because it is impossible to see where the story will eventually land and which character will win the girl. Sybil Bartel was first introduced to me with her first book, No Apologies, which I really loved so when I saw this one, I thought let me give it a shot. While there are some fatal flaws with the book, the storyline is really engaging and I just couldn't get enough of Talon. As a secondary character, he rocked my worl [...]

    17. Impossible Promise is basically a thrill a minute. From the start of the book, you know that you are about to embark on a wild adventure that will hopefully A) Give you some answers and B) push the main characters together because their initial attraction and chemistry is palpable. Layna has lived her life everyday for the past 3 years essentially trapped. Having overheard something she should not have, she's been following another person's rules just to stay alive. Every day the weight of this [...]

    18. ARC provided by netgalley for an honest review. I loved the concept of the story. It was just what I needed to read. There was plenty of danger and a lot of wondering how did it happen. But the more you read the more you find out and it like I didn't see that coming. As for Layna some of the things she did annoyed the crap out of me and some of them she was funny and I loved her smart mouth she was sometimes funny. I really didn't feel a connection between her and Blaze. I thought she had more o [...]

    19. Impossible Promises is a good sultry romance, and I found the back and forth between Layna and Blaze to be quite entertaining. Beware that this is a instalove kind of story, so for it will take a bit to accept the determination of a stranger to step into this obviously dangerous situation. Once I was over the shock and questioning of his motives I quickly fell for his character, and the alpha possessive nature he finds himself often overwhelmed with. I felt a tremendous amount of potential out o [...]

    20. I have to admit Sybil got me with this. How can a man not recognize when a female is running trying to keep herself safe? Even when she won't admit that she needs help. He and his friends protect her and start getting to the bottom of why she is running, but Blaze never expects to start falling in love with Laynar does she expect to fall in love with Blaze but Sybil did take my emotions for a rollercoaster ride! I can't wait to read book two!!!

    21. Can't wait for the next one I really enjoyed this book, its one with a situation that I don't usually like (no spoilers) but I was so intrigued these are some seriously likable characters. I'm very excited about the next, so much happened its hard to put it down.

    22. Like all of Sybil's books, once you start you can not put it down. Her books are full of suspense, romance, mystery her stories are some of the best I've read and absolutely a favourite. I started with Thrust, then Talon and Neil. Now, I see that this book is the beginning. I was able read the others as stand alone but I can see a bit more enjoyment from reading at the beginning, so that's my plan, including rereading Talon and Neil (yes, they are that good). This story is about Blaze (Buck's) [...]

    23. 4 stars. Ok this is a toughie. Firstly I really enjoyed the book with a good suspenseful storyline. This is where it gets a little tricky, the H/h and the instant attraction jsut didn't quite gel for me, maybe because it was all the heroine's POV you didn't really pick up on the intensity of feelings the Hero had for her and I found Talon a much more intricate and complex character. Saying that I totally understood the shifting emotions of the heroine, she is only 19 and has kept herself apart f [...]

    24. * A review copy was provided by the author via Netgalley for the Blog Tour *~ 4 Just the Start Stars ~ Impossible Promise is the first book in a two book series by Sybil Bartel. To be honest I really enjoyed this story. I wanted to give it 5 stars, but I just couldn't because the author put two of my hard limits into the story. My biggest pet peeves are cheating and love triangles and the author included both of these in Buck (Blaze) and Layna's story. I still can't figure out why she did this, [...]

    25. 3.5 to 4 starsThis story pretty much hits the ground running, jumping straight into the action to the point I had to double check the author's published works to see if I missed a prequel that gave background on how Layna got to this point in her life.From the minute Blaze aka Buck lays eyes on her in the church where she is trying to gain a few moments of peace from the men following her every move for the last three years, his protective instincts kick into overdrive and he is dead set on keep [...]

    26. Layna Blair is just sixteen when she hears her parents being murdered whilst on the phone with them. This tragic event leaves Layna all alone in the world and caught in the web of a mad man who she refers to as Miami. Miami has his men keep a watchful eye on Layna not allowing her to have a life and stopping her getting close to anyone.When the books starts Layna is now nineteen and the one place she can escape from prying eyes is the local church where she goes for peace and time on her own. On [...]

    27. I had very, very high hopes for this story. It ticked all my boxes, and getting head over heels into it like it did made for a really good start. It made me really like Blaze, because he was totally Marine and hero material down to his core, just the way I love it, and Layna was a fairly good damsel in distress if you leave out her drinking habit, which was only one part of her that didn't make any sense. She lived in fear, real fear, and you can design your character to either take the short wa [...]

    28. 4.5 / 5 starsReceived through Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review; original, full (lengthy) post can be found at:mnonmklreviews/20This book had the promise (no pun, I swear) to be a 5, but there were just too many little things that bothered me. So then it was a battle between a 4 and a 4.5.In the end, the 4.5 won.Here's why.On the one hand, being a pretty girl, you get annoyed with Layna soaking in the nice comments but then yelling about them later. On the other hand though, wh [...]

    29. Received a copy in exchange for an honest review“His lips met mine and a groan ripped from his chest. His hands in my hair and his tongue swept across mine. Every ounce of pain, the constant static of anxiety, the world around me. It was suddenly gone. My back was rising, my heart was racing and I was all at once on my feet, encircled in Bucks’ hard strength. One hand cupped the back of my head and the other pushed at my lower back. His kiss demanding and so, so tender, left me breathless. [...]

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