Fear the Drowning Deep

Fear the Drowning Deep Witch s apprentice Bridey Corkill has hated the ocean ever since she watched her granddad dive in and drown with a smile on his face So when a dead girl rolls in with the tide in the summer of s

  • Title: Fear the Drowning Deep
  • Author: Sarah Glenn Marsh
  • ISBN: 9781510703483
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Witch s apprentice Bridey Corkill has hated the ocean ever since she watched her granddad dive in and drown with a smile on his face So when a dead girl rolls in with the tide in the summer of 1913, sixteen year old Bridey suspects that whatever compelled her granddad to leap into the sea has made its return to the Isle of Man Soon, villagers are vanishing in the night,Witch s apprentice Bridey Corkill has hated the ocean ever since she watched her granddad dive in and drown with a smile on his face So when a dead girl rolls in with the tide in the summer of 1913, sixteen year old Bridey suspects that whatever compelled her granddad to leap into the sea has made its return to the Isle of Man Soon, villagers are vanishing in the night, but no one shares Bridey s suspicions about the sea No one but the island s witch, who isn t as frightening as she first appears, and the handsome dark haired lad Bridey rescues from a grim and watery fate The cause of the deep gashes in Fynn s stomach and his lost memories are, like the recent disappearances, a mystery well guarded by the sea In exchange for saving his life, Fynn teaches Bridey to master her fear of the water stealing her heart in the process Now, Bridey must work with the Isle s eccentric witch and the boy she isn t sure she can trust because if she can t uncover the truth about the ancient evil in the water, everyone she loves will walk into the sea, never to return.

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    1. It’s with a tremendous amount of excitement that I began reading this story, one I very much anticipated for the past few months.That’s right, I’m a sucker for everything witch-related.Which is why I wanted to cry when I realized it wasn’t going to be a main focus. Bouhouhouhouh.It’s not about Morag or Bridey’s apprenticeship. For the record, at first it’s more of a magical realism theme that is being presented than a head-on ‘‘magic’’ one so, consequently, Bridey being the [...]

    2. A massive case of insta-love killed this book. Prepare for SPOILERS and sea monsters. Ah, kidding, there's no sea monsters, just the one called insta-love that gutted this book.So, what Fear the Drowning Deep is basically about:There was a girl and she hated and feared the water, because her granddad jumped off the cliff before her eyes. The girl wanted to go far far away from the sea. The girl had a best friend. She liked him a lot. They even kissed once. One day the girl saw a body washed asho [...]

    3. Official comments: FEAR THE DROWNING DEEP is gorgeous. Lyrical. Atmospheric. Magical. Sarah Glenn Marsh’s debut is perfect for anyone who’s ever looked out at the sea with awe, and wondered what kind of creatures lurk in the deepest places. Utterly haunting.

    4. This book is as gorgeously spooky, haunting, and intriguing as the cover would suggest. It's cinematic, atmospheric, and an utterly thrilling page turner. I read this in the dead of July, sweating, and I already can't wait to read it on a misty Autumn night, wrapped in a blanket, with something hot to drink and nowhere I have to be and nothing I have to do. It's THAT kind of a book. Five WELL earned stars. This is an author to watch.

    5. Review posted on Fafa's Book Corner! Beware spoilers ahead!I received this E-ARC from the author and the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I am also participating in the Sunday Street Team. I had heard about this book through Twitter. Quite a few people were talking about it but at the time it didn't catch my eye. It wasn't until I got the sign up form for the street team that I considered reading it.Now I suppose because I didn't really care much for Fear the Drowning Deep I didn't ha [...]

    6. I knew going into this book that it was going to be masterful, and I was not disappointed! Fear the Drowning Deep is like nothing I've ever read before. Sarah's writing is hauntingly beautiful in this enchanting and treacherous tale. The characters are wonderful, the plot is well-executed, the writing is gorgeous—I mean, what more could you ask for?Fear the Drowning Deep brings to life a culturally rich setting that I've never read about; I truly loved reading and learning about the Isle of Ma [...]

    7. ~*Full review notes on The Bent Bookworm!*~“Nothing from the ocean is meant to survive on land forever.”Feels:Satisfaction. I adored the resolution of this book. It’s not a perfect happily-ever-after (HEA) and that makes ME so very, very happy. I’m a disgruntled, hard-hearted porcupine when it comes to love, and while I like endings with hope, only rarely do I completely get behind a tidy little HEA. FtDD has a very hopeful ending, but one that could go several different ways. I loved th [...]

    8. Nothing kept secrets like the sea.2.5 stars. Fear the Drowning Deep explores a beautiful mythology and history, one that I've never personally seen explored in fiction. The year is 1913, the setting is the Isle of Man, a beautiful island in the Irish Sea. Fishing is a big part of their economy, but something in the water has been driving away the fish. And people are disappearing over the cliffs without a trace.There's something in the water.You know, I was going to put a gif here. Something cre [...]

    9. UPDATE: ENTER TO WIN FEAR THE DROWNING DEEP by Sarah Glenn Marsh Ends 12/23/16“Maybe some wonder what’s in the deep, far beyond their reach, but none of them know, and they never will.”Set in an isolated island? YEEES!! ✔Witch? YES, YES, YES! ✔Terrifying sea monsters? OHH FREAKING YES! ✔Fear the Drowning Deep by Sarah Glenn Marsh is screaming perfection. Perfect setting, perfect characters, well-executed plot, beautiful and excellent writing. What else I or even you, could ask for?Fi [...]

    10. 4.5*First thing you need to know about this book: the atmosphere is incredible. Like, I could feel the eerie, unsettling vibe of a sea town in distress. The story is set in 1913, which totally adds to the ambience- obviously no one can call for help, transportation is minimal, etc. It created a sense of urgency and isolation, and I loved it so much!The setting was obviously perfect for strange disappearances at sea. Bridey is all too familiar with this, since she lost her beloved grandfather to [...]

    11. Fear the Drowning Deep was a novel I went into without quite knowing what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised by the vivid world building and this eerily creepy sea story we have going on in this novel. It was the first of this author, and I really do hope this won’t be the last. Immediately, the writing style sucked me in. I’m someone who goes on and on about writing style, but to me it really does make a big difference as to whether or not I’ll be able to enjoy the novel. I read this o [...]

    12. ”The sea did strange things to people. It played tricks on the mind. Its vastness hid things. Bodies. Secrets.”Sixteen year old Bridey has been afraid of the ocean ever since her grandfather willingly plunged to his death when she was a little girl. It doesn’t help at all that her father’s a fisherman and lives on the Isle of Man, which is entirely surrounded by water. But ever since that horrible day, Bridey wants nothing more than to run away from the sea to somewhere, anywhere not sur [...]

    13. Title: Fear the Drowning DeepAuthor: Sarah Glenn MarshPublisher: Sky Pony Press, 2016Genre: YA Fantasy, YA Historical Fiction, YA Paranormal**I received a copy of this book free from Edelweiss and the Publisher in exchange for an honest review**This review can be found on my My Blog, TeacherofYA's Tumblr, or my  pageMy Review:Gosh. This cover still amazes meeven though my digital ARC does not include this gorgeous #coverlove. I hate that. But what are you gonna do?So, I really liked this boo [...]

    14. Checkout my full review on my blog!! omgbooksandmorebooks.From this first page I knew that Fear the Drowning Deep would be unique. With a twist of witchcraft and mythology, Fear the Drowning Deep is charming, thrilling, and just gorgeous. The writing is what I loved most about it. The lush detailed descriptions interwoven throughout the book made me look at my writing and thought, how mundane. One thing that I found surprising was the history incorporated in this book. The ending is open to inte [...]

    15. I had the wonderful privilege of reading this book as one of Sarah's critique partners and guysyou DO NOT want to miss this book. (But don't let my bias dissuade you!) It's full of mythology and danger and romance, sea monsters and witches and magic. The world is fully realized, the characters remaining in your heart and mind long after you finish reading. This is one fantasy not to be missed.

    16. Oh, what a lovely book this is! Set on the Isle of Man in the early 20th century, FEAR THE DROWNING DEEP is utterly steeped in the island's superstitions, folklore, and culture. The island and its people come alive in these pages--nosy neighbors, dangerous seas, old stories and all--and I just love how rich it all feels, with a real sense of history and community. I also adore the main character Bridey, to determined to protect her loved ones and her home in spite of her fears and her dreams of [...]

    17. The second I saw that FEAR THE DROWNING DEEP was set on the Isle of Man, I knew I needed to read it. I love books with unusual settings, and especially books that can transport me to a foreign place and make it come alive on the page; in addition, I kinda have a weakness for historical fiction - especially books that make use of an oft-neglected time period, like the nineteen-teens. FTDD promised these things, as well as sea monsters and witches and hot lads, and BOY did it deliver!Sarah Glenn M [...]

    18. I was kind of surprised by how much I enjoyed this. It was a decently paced story, with enough romance and action. I liked the main character and the various relationships throughout the story. My complaint, though, lies within the romance. I didn't like how fast it happened It felt too soon. I also wish that Bridey's best friends played more of a role in the story. Other than that, I liked how Marsh wrote! She wove magic and sea creatures into an amazing story, created a main character who was [...]

    19. This book is so crazy good I was DY-ING the whole time I was reading it! The story is immersive and slyly creepy and flat out phenomenal. Marsh has blown me away. It’s ridiculous how good this book is. If you have been thinking about buying this book—or your mouse has been hovering over the pre-order button—commit. Right now. You will not be sorry. I mean, you’ll be bummed because you have to wait until it debuts in October, but it will be worth it. Marsh’s story is layered and gorgeou [...]

    20. This book is delightful and oh so atmospheric. I loved the setting of the Isle of Man, and how it works as the perfect background for the magical goings-on in the story. Not only that, but the folklore and the Manx culture were wonderful additions. Oh, and did I mention that there are sea monsters? If you're a fan of The Scorpio Races, you'll want to get your hands on this one!

    21. Phenomenal! I was completely captivated by the world Sarah Glenn Marsh creates in Fear the Drowning Deep. The story was simultaneously touching, creepy, haunting and gripping. This is a 2016 release not to be missed!

    22. An atmospheric book about the beautiful Isle of Man and the sea monsters that can exist underneath it's waters. I enjoyed the interaction between Bridey and the cast out witch who she becomes an apprentice for and how she becomes her mentor. However, the romance had zero chemistry and I found the book to be quite shallow when it comes to the depth of the characters. A magical, oceanic read, but one that I could give or take.

    23. It's been a long time since I read such a culturally immersive book. Every time I picked this up, I was right back not the Isle of Man, speaking with a Manx lilt and wishing I could eat some kippers in a pub barefoot. As an Irish girl, this culture is immensely appealing to me and I couldn't wait to get back to this story each time I put it down.Set in the early 20th century on a tiny island off the coast of Ireland and England, we follow Bridey who has a quite well deserved fear of the sea. She [...]

    24. Wow! What an incredibly unique, sumptuous, and vivid debut novel. Set in the Isle of Mann in 1913, FEAR THE DROWNING DEEP is the story of a girl named Bridey who is terrified of the ocean-- for good reason. When she was a child, she watched the sea claim her granddad, and she has steered clear of it ever since. But when a dead girl washes up on shore, followed by a badly wounded but beautiful boy with no memory, Bridey realizes she can't avoid what is lurking in the ocean depths--especially when [...]

    25. I've been wanting to read this book for over a year now for the Manx historical setting, the promise of dark magic. FEAR THE DROWNING DEEP was well worth the wait--I loved Bridey, how despite her intense fear of the ocean, she was still brave enough to face it to save the people she loved. I adored the setting, from the bits of Manx to the complex relationship between the sea and the land, to the bits of Manx folklore woven through the story. But mostly, I loved the relationship between Bridey a [...]

    26. "Fear The Drowning Deep" by Sarah Glenn Marsh is party historical fiction, party fantasy, and entirely awesome. It lets the story of a teenage girl named Bridey who is terrified of water which is rough, because she lives on an island in a community of fisherman. Bridey is positive that a mysterious ocean danger lured her grandfather to his death a while back, and now she wants nothing to do with anything related to sea. But when a handsome boy washes up ashore, stark naked, Bridey risks her pho [...]

    27. Fear the Drowning Deep was amazing! The whole book was filled with magic and excitement and anticipation. There was a surprise in every chapter and it kept me on my toes till the very end. I loved so many things about Fear the Drowning Deep. Firstly, the names. Oh my gosh, the names. I love them so much. And I can't forget the nicknames like Bridey-bird they add such a special touch to the writing!Secondly, I loved the setting and the use of Manx (a Gaelic language). It all feels so authentic, a [...]

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