The Stranger in the Woods: The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit

The Stranger in the Woods The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit Many people dream of escaping modern life but most will never act on it This is the remarkable true story of a man who lived alone in the woods of Maine for years making this dream a reality not

  • Title: The Stranger in the Woods: The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit
  • Author: Michael Finkel
  • ISBN: 9781101875681
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Many people dream of escaping modern life, but most will never act on it This is the remarkable true story of a man who lived alone in the woods of Maine for 27 years, making this dream a reality not out of anger at the world, but simply because he preferred to live on his own.In 1986, a shy and intelligent twenty year old named Christopher Knight left his home in MassacMany people dream of escaping modern life, but most will never act on it This is the remarkable true story of a man who lived alone in the woods of Maine for 27 years, making this dream a reality not out of anger at the world, but simply because he preferred to live on his own.In 1986, a shy and intelligent twenty year old named Christopher Knight left his home in Massachusetts, drove to Maine, and disappeared into the forest He would not have a conversation with another human being until nearly three decades later, when he was arrested for stealing food Living in a tent even through brutal winters, he had survived by his wits and courage, developing ingenious ways to store edibles and water, and to avoid freezing to death He broke into nearby cottages for food, clothing, reading material, and other provisions, taking only what he needed but terrifying a community never able to solve the mysterious burglaries Based on extensive interviews with Knight himself, this is a vividly detailed account of his secluded life why did he leave what did he learn as well as the challenges he has faced since returning to the world It is a gripping story of survival that asks fundamental questions about solitude, community, and what makes a good life, and a deeply moving portrait of a man who was determined to live his own way, and succeeded.

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      Michael Finkel is the author of The Stranger in the Woods and True Story, which was adapted into a 2015 motion picture He has reported from than 50 countries and written for National Geographic, GQ, Rolling Stone, Esquire, Vanity Fair, The Atlantic, and The New York Times Magazine He lives with his family in western Montana and southern France.

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    1. Four stars, just. There were two stories here, but the author only told one. I understand why but I am frustrated so I added, 'just'.All-American kid age 20 abandons his new car and wanders off into the woods to live alone and make a career out of burglary. Strange eh? Not half so strange as his family who never even report him missing or make any attempt whatsoever to find him. The book would have been shorter if the author had stuck to the title but it was padded out with history, famous hermi [...]

    2. Wow! This book . . . I couldn't even put it down! This is the story about Christopher Thomas Knight who at 20 years old, walked into the woods and ever came out until he was caught at 47 years old. He lived in the Maine woods for all of those years in bad weather and in good weather. The only thing he did wrong was burgle cabins and Pine Tree which was a place for people with disabilities. He took any kind of food to survive, watches, books, propane tanks, etc. And when he was caught he confesse [...]

    3. This book has left me with intensely conflicted feelings. For a while I felt like I'd be rating this quite highly.The story of Christopher Knight is fascinating. However, the motives of the author are questionable at best and his behavior is positively icky.It didn’t dawn on me how intensely Finkel was harassing Knight and his family until the last twenty pages or so (all of this the author seems to be aware of, but doesn't seem to find anything wrong with.) Below is spoiler territory in sligh [...]

    4. Christopher Knight is possibly the most solitary known person in history. Capturing Knight after 27 years known as the "North Pond Hermit" was like "netting a giant squid". When captured he was wearing a pair of LandsEnd jeans - size 38 - with a brown belt:Stollen goods! Knight's story continued to be equally as fascinating after he was captured as much as why Knight chose a reclusive life in the woods of Maine in the first place. There are the details about how Christopher Knight survived: the [...]

    5. At the age of twenty, Christopher Knight, leaves his large though taciturn family, his job, and society as a whole and disappears into the Maine woods. He will live within a short distance from others but make no personal contact, will steal what he needs from cabins left empty from the winter or weekend and survive totally on his own. When he is caught, never having physically harmed anyone, he will not have spoken to another human being for 27 years. I have never read anything like this, canno [...]

    6. FOUR STARSThe audiobook is really great quality and I much preferred listening to reading this one.Despite the summary, this is not even comparable to Jon Krakauer's novel, Into the Wild. Where that book was deeply moving with a profound statement to make, this book feels like an over-expanded human interest article. Yep, exactly what it is.I could have done without Michael Finkel's side stories of solitary figures in history. Also, could have done without his forays into philosophy. Other than [...]

    7. I greatly appreciate all of the reviews here -- even the bad ones! (Though, I admit, it's sometimes a bit painful to read them.) There are so many books out there, I am grateful that you've chosen to take a peek at "The Stranger in the Woods."It took me three years of full-time work to write a 191-page book; that is a ridiculously slow pace. I can't, of course, say whether or not the book is any good -- that's for you readers to decide -- but I can promise that I weighed every paragraph, every w [...]

    8. The Stranger in the Woods: The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit by Michael Finkel is a 2017 Knopf publication. Is it fact or fiction? I don’t suppose this story ever showed up on my Newsfeed here in Texas, or if it did, it didn’t register with me at the time. But, I will say, that as an extreme introvert, I am no longer concerned about my tendency to avoid social gatherings, because Christopher Knight’s case makes me feel like a social butterfly by comparison.Christopher Knight [...]

    9. This book was so fascinating and engrossing that I had to give it five stars.The Stranger in the Woods is the unbelievable-but-true story of Christopher Knight, who in 1986 decided to go into the Maine woods and live alone in the forest. He wasn't discovered until 2013, when he was caught stealing food from nearby cabins. In those nearly three decades, Knight lived outdoors in a tent, never once sleeping in a building. (This is an astounding feat considering how cold Maine gets in winter.) He de [...]

    10. "Silence, it appears, is not the opposite of sound. It is another world altogether, literally offering a deeper level of thought, a journey to the bedrock of the self."Can you think of a time when you isolated yourself for some quiet time? No communication with the outside world or other beings? I can remember a time in my mid twenties when my routine was as follows: after work on Fridays, I would turn off my phone, head to the grocery store for some weekend staples, pick up my holds from the li [...]

    11. Michael Finkel's The Stranger in the Woods is the mesmerizing account of Christopher Knight's disappearance into Maine's forests for 27 years. For reasons Knight himself never fully articulates, he abandoned civilization for a hermit's life in his early twenties. Knight made his home in a small camp encircled by concealing boulders and dense flora just three minutes (by foot) from a nearby cabin. Developing into a master thief, he survived by stealing from the cabins and camps in the area -- tho [...]

    12. Have you ever felt like getting away from the stress of modern life for a few days? Christopher Knight took that idea to the extreme, walking into the woods of Maine and living in isolation for 27 years. He was an introverted, intelligent twenty-year-old with a dry sense of humor. He had been brought up in a family that prided themselves on their practical skills and self-reliance, and set up a camp hidden by large boulders. But Knight had to steal food, batteries, books, and other supplies from [...]

    13. “metime in the 1990s, he encountered a hiker walking in the woods. “What did you say?” asks Vance. “I said, 'Hi,'” Knight replies. Other than that single syllable, he insists, he had not spoken with or touched another human being, until this evening, for twenty-seven years.” Dang, that's some solitude right there. After no identifiable antecedent, Christopher Knight walked into the woods of Maine at the age of twenty years old and never looked back. In an effort to support his lifest [...]

    14. The extreme examples in life interest me. Those who climb mountains, strike their own path, live through tragedy, walk into the wilderness alone. This true story about Christopher Knight is like that last example. What I didn’t know before reading the book is that Chris actually lived very close to civilization, almost unbeknownst "neighbors" surrounding a small lake in Central Maine. If he had not broken into their cabins for necessities to live, they would not have guessed another lived just [...]

    15. 3.5/5 stars. This book has me conflicted! I listened to it, narrated by Mark Bramhall, and he was excellent. What follows are my thoughts on this book while trying to avoid spoilers, (even though the synopsis tells a lot already). Perhaps my feelings will become more clear as I write.What I found most fascinating was this: think about how long you've gone in your life without talking to or touching another human being. I'm talking phone calls, internet, or hugs. As the author points out in this [...]

    16. I started this book and finished within 24 hours. It's absolutely fascinating. I do not think that it was acceptable to steal from others but it's pretty amazing that this guy stayed off the grid for 27 years. This book was so interesting. It has taken alot of self-control not to tell every detail to my family members. If you need a book to discuss in social settings where the people are not book nerds(like me), grab this one. Totally recommend to anyone.

    17. "Modern life seems set up so that we can avoid lonliness at all costs, but maybe it's worthwhile to face it occasionally. The further we push aloneness away, the less we are able to cope with it, and the more terrifying it gets. Some philosophers believe that loneliness is the only true feeling there is." Interesting book. While I don't think Christopher Knight is insane I do feel he has some sort of personality disorder. For someone to leave society for 27 years and have no contact with people [...]

    18. 4+★The words Extraordinary Story in the subtitle were certainly applicable with this one.A young man drives as far as his car will take him, then abandons it, walking into the woods where he will live hidden for 27 years. To avoid detection, he leaves no footprints, never building a fire for warmth or cooking throughout the subzero winters of Maine, subsisting on provisions which he steals from uninhabited summer cabins.In a global world of sameness and imitation, Christopher Knight is like no [...]

    19. 3.5 starsHaven't we all at one time or another just wanted to escape and get away from the noise and hustle and bustle of modern life? Maybe for a week or two. And maybe with a spouse or friend. Christopher Knight did just that - except he lived totally alone for 27 years in the woods in Maine, with extreme weather and no human contact except for one "hi" when he accidentally came across a hiker.The word hermit conjures up a vision of an ascetic who goes off to live a solitary life for spiritual [...]

    20. This author pushed hard to get this story. Almost too hard considering the cognition and emotive perceptions and receptive states of the hermit of this book's subject, Christopher Knight. And the title? Is he really the "last true" hermit? I completely doubt that and if he could do if for 27 years, than others have too.This is worth the read. The chapters 20-22 were 6 star, and some of the rest, especially in the first half was heavily padded with historical reference to past hermits, celebs, an [...]

    21. WHO MOVED MY CHEEZ-ITS?By Judge Liberty HardyFor 27 years, the residents of the North Pond, Maine, lived in fear. A mysterious interloper robbed their homes repeatedly at random times. Children were scared to go to sleep at night, afraid of the mythical boogeyman who “lived in the woods” and who might break into their homes at any moment. Security systems and cameras were installed, but still the thief kept stealing – food, clothes, batteries and books from locals. Though he remained seemi [...]

    22. Excellent book that didn't leave my hands until I finished it. Good writing and a compelling story. I cared about both of the men in the book, the sensitive hermit (Christopher Knight) from Maine, who just wanted to be left alone in his woods and the determined journalist who was trying to understand him. The story really picks up in the second half and I liked that the author, Michael Finkel, was fair in sharing his opinions of him and the situation. The saddest part of the tale was that Christ [...]

    23. Such a fascinating book, I absolutely tore through it, despite feeling it was a flawed depiction. The author over-romanticises his subject, portraying him as a philosopher-monk who "lived for a living" (um, nope - he stole for his living) and who "observed modern life and recoiled from its banality" when in fact he relied entirely on modern conveniences to survive. Among his favourite things: Everybody Loves Raymond and boxed mac & cheese. Still, I do highly recommend this incredible story o [...]

    24. "Modern life seems set up so that we can avoid loneliness at all cost; but maybe it's worthwhile to face it occasionally some philosophers believe that loneliness is the only true feelingthere is."This incredible book, 'The Stranger in the Woods: The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit' written by Michael Finkel, poses some thought-provoking questions questions which really have no definitive answers. This book tells the story of Christopher Knight who became known as the 'North Pond Her [...]

    25. It's possible that Knight believed he was one of the few sane people left. He was confounded by the idea that passing the prime of of your life in a cubicle, spending hours a day at a computer in exchange for money was considered acceptable, but relaxing in a tent in the woods was disturbedWhat did Knight to for a living? He lived for a living.This is a story that will speak to the introverts out there (hi, that's me); the people that need quiet in their days and thrive when alone. If you've rea [...]

    26. “There are no trails. Navigation, for nearly everyone, is a thrashing, branching snappy ordeal, and at dark the place seems impenetrable. This is when the hermit moves. He waits until midnight. Shoulders his backpack and his bag of break-in tools, and sets out from camp. A penlight is clipped to a chain around his neck, but he doesn’t need it yet. Every step is memorized. He threads through the forest with precision and grace, twisting, striding, hardly a twig broken. On the ground there are [...]

    27. The second I finished this I wanted to procure a hermit permit. No; I'm only kidding. I'd die outside within a day. Two days tops. Plus, I wouldn't be able to steal from cabins/homes in fear of getting shot or being beaten to a bloody pulp by a wily person waiting for me sneakily. This nonfiction gem was oodles and oodles of fun to "read" on audiobook. Author Michael Finkel wrote it beautifully and truthfully, showcasing the enigmatic woodsman Christopher Knight in a fascinating, unbiased light. [...]

    28. This book is fascinating. In 1986, Christopher Knight left society and took to the woods, not to come out again for 27 years. He wasn’t mentally ill, nothing tragic happened to send him into isolation, he just. went.He never got sick because he never came into contact with another human (I’m on my second cold in a monthIN A MONTH! And I come into contact with a whole bunch of germy kids, so this alone would be reason enough.) He never once lit a fire in the entire time he was at his camp sit [...]

    29. This is a very interesting story of a man who walked into the woods of Maine one day and never returned to civilization until captured 27 years later for breaking into nearby cabins for food. I travel to Maine every year to visit family and the one thing I always avoid is going there during the winter. It's amazing that Christopher Knight was able to survive the winters there. One of the aspects of the story that intrigued me was his thoughts and experience on solitude. For someone like myself w [...]

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