Popped Everything changes once the cherry has popped Starting a relationship with a sex contract wasn t the best way to chase after her happily ever after Symone Esquire realized this the hard way when her

  • Title: Popped!
  • Author: V. Kelly
  • ISBN: 9781539436775
  • Page: 304
  • Format: ebook
  • Everything changes once the cherry has popped .Starting a relationship with a sex contract wasn t the best way to chase after her happily ever after Symone Esquire realized this the hard way when her contract with the sexy and brooding rocker, Sid The Cherry Popper Cooperton ended abruptly, forcing her to choose between her developing feelings for Sid, and the feeliEverything changes once the cherry has popped .Starting a relationship with a sex contract wasn t the best way to chase after her happily ever after Symone Esquire realized this the hard way when her contract with the sexy and brooding rocker, Sid The Cherry Popper Cooperton ended abruptly, forcing her to choose between her developing feelings for Sid, and the feelings she s always had for her best friend Trevor Sid Cooperton would ve never agreed to the sex contract if he had known how much it would complicate his life It didn t take him long to realize that the nerdy virgin was going to turn his world upside down, but nothing could ve prepared him for what happened after their contract ended Now he s faced with an even bigger problem than falling for the girl who wears Yoda shirts for fun a problem that is sure to change his life forever.Both desperate to find themselves and running from the decisions that will alter their futures, Sid and Symone embark on a spontaneous road trip where they continue their lessons, and explore their connection once again.But even fun road trips have to come to an end, and sometimes running away from your problems only makes them chase after you faster.

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      V. Kelly Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Popped! book, this is one of the most wanted V. Kelly author readers around the world.

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    1. I received Popped! In exchange for an honest review. Popped, Popped, Popped . that's what my emotional bubble has been through with this book- in the best way possible.I swear to all that is Holy, V Kelly is a splice between evil and angelic with her damn plot twists and storytelling. I was constantly sitting on the edge of my seat, biting every nail I had off while my heart either stood still in turmoil or beat faster than Thumper from Bambi smacking his foot on that damn log from excitement. T [...]

    2. I love love love this book just amazing great storyline and the plot twist yesway to gut punch me I busted my gut laughing and hurt my heart crying all I wanted in a book this has it .rap yourself in ladies cause you thought pop was good .is book tops thatI am so team Symone!!! forever

    3. I had the privilege to read the ARC/Beta version of this book. I would definitely recommend that Pop! is read before reading so you get to know the character's and the plot to this awesome book. POP! Ended on a cliffhanger with Sid entering his dad's office to be faced with news that could change his life forever. While Symone is wondering if the sensible option is really the wrong option.There is laughter, sadness, loss, joy, betrayal, hatred, lies, forgiveness, loyalty, love & sex rammed i [...]

    4. Just when I think she can't out do herself BAM! V. Kelly has done it again!! This book was incredible! It had me laughing(so hard I almost peed my pants! In my defense I am 5months pregnant lol) and it had me crying, and when I say crying I mean for a moment I was hysterical! (Hasn't anyone ever heard it is not right to mess with a pregnant woman's emotions?!) This book was very well written and I love the suspense and the excitement! All of your favorite characters are back and better than ever [...]

    5. This book was mind blowing and absolutely incredible! If you haven't read pop yet you have too! I can't get enough of V. Kelly and her unbelievably insanely talented writing! This book took me to places of insane happiness and then to the depths of hell and then back to happiness best Romcom books both book one and two are so good they are literally the best ones I have ever read in my lifetime so yes I give this book 5 stars and yes I will be recommending to every single person who will listen [...]

    6. V.Kelly did it again! The turmoil, laughs, tears andall around feelers from the story line and characters was amazing! The internal battle both Symone and Sid go through throughout their story is one that I was definitely able to feel. Watching Symone come into her own growas a character was absolutely amazing; seein Sid s transformation from being a closed up rock star to being a loving man was great. Their story wasnt one lacking anything in my opinion highly reccomend this book.

    7. Omg!!Absolutely LOVED it!! Team Sid all the way. V you are an amazing writer, as well as an amazing friend. Love you and looking forward for a future POPPING! Sensation. Huge hugs always.

    8. This story picks up right where the first book left off. It is continued in alternating POV between Sid and Symone. I don't know what happened with this book. The first book contained a fair amount of humor and was very light-hearted but I felt this one turned into a drama (even sad and depressing at times) and not very much humor at all. I felt like there was repetition and I found myself skimming over pages. While I did like the overall story line, I felt like there was a lot of unnecessary fi [...]

    9. Popped! by V. Kelly is the follow up book for Pop!Sid and his brother have just found out some mind blowing information. Not knowing how to handle this new information, Sid decides to extent his tour with the band.Meanwhile Symone and Trevor are on a downward slide. It all comes to a head during a frat party that she attends with Trevor. During a game of Never Have I Ever, Symone finds out a few truths about him that are hard to swallow. This leads her right back to Sid who is in his own downwar [...]

    10. Well I gotta admit I was a bit leery with this one. I read Pop and absolutely LOVED it. I really wasn't sure how this story would play out and in an entire book. Let me tell you that I absolutely underestimated Vanessa and her phenomenal writing skills!Vanessa brought so much more to this story than I could have ever dreamed! Her writing and storytelling has matured so much over the course of this story! It may have started out with laughter but it quickly turned quite serious. I do believe ther [...]

    11. I cannot even describe how much I loved this book! I laughed and cried and laughed some more. I just got b**ch slapped by a flying vagina ball! Damn. My eyes hurt, my head hurts, my mouth hurts, my sides hurt I AM IN PAIN FROM LAUGHING WAY TOO HARD. I cannot recommend this book enough it brought me out of my book funk and then pulled me right back in it. You have broken me V Kelly and I won't forgive you unless you write a LOAD more books Too demanding? Too dramatic? Well that's what you do to m [...]

    12. I loved Popped! It’s number two in the series. It’s a well written story of passion, loyalty, betrayal and overwhelming feelings of love. V. Kelly’s talented writing skills brought her characters Symone and Sid to the edge and back. Symone is beautiful and has sarcastic and humorous personality that compliments Sid, sexy rocker’s more adventurous side. The flames ignite their passion between Symone and Sid, before his past catches up with him. The question remains; can he overcome his an [...]

    13. So let me start out by saying V. Kelly is pure evil with the way she writes books. She pulls you in fast and slams you into every wall you come across. You think the story line is going one way and she u turns your ass 6 ways from Sunday into a totally unexpected direction. By far one of the BEST authors I've read. Popped keeps you on your toes with joy and sadness while exciting you with every flip of the page. You think I'm kidding? Sit down with her books And try to stop reading. Popped conti [...]

    14. I just can't express enough how much I freaking love this book. I F'love it! I was in love with Pop! then V. Kelly had to pull out all the stops and kill it with Popped! This book has moved to my number 1 spot which is pretty impressive. Sid and Symone each trying to figure out how to proceed after a fallout from Pop! As each of them try to figure out what to do next when even more issues arise causing their paths to cross again. A road trip, crazy strippers and a wall of dildos later a true com [...]

    15. This is the stunning and long-awaited sequel to the book Pop! by author V Kelly. This is the journey of Symone following book 1, Pop! It'll make you laugh, cry, lust, and sigh. It has all of the perfect ingredient for a best-seller! Could she go through with her contract without her heart going through the trenches? Now what happens? Will Symone's happily-ever-after come just as she'd always planned? This story takes you on a journey. You'll be led from page to page and feel all of the emotions [...]

    16. After reading Pop!, I couldn't wait to get my hands on Popped! I had to see how it all ended. This story is definitely one of my favorites. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard while reading a book, ever! I swear, I think I fell a little in love with V. Kelly while reading. I did fall in love with the characters, and their various personalities. I also fell in love with the humor, the music, and yes even the sorrow etched in the pages.

    17. What a book, it mind fucked me so bad . I was reading laughing away and I got close to the end and I couldn't believe what I read. I thought this author hates me to end it like this ,it just can't be .dammit😭I had to keep reading to find out how the story played out and I'm glad I did ,it was beautiful. I will never see a dildo and not name it . Too freaking funny 😂😂😂Five Cherry popped stars

    18. Hold on to your kindles y'all Popped! the sequel to Pop! Is coming soon. Popped! Has got to be one of the best books I've read this year. I laughed so hard! In public! It also gave me all the feels. I laughed, I was angry, I cried, but in the end there is nothing but love ❤️. I absolutely loved it. A must read.

    19. Giggiling so much. This series was amazing and I laughed so much but also sad intense and I cried and cried happy tears also. Syd and his sad story grabbed me I can't believe I laughed so much and cried. Symones is still the witty funny nerdy girl with a whole lot more to decide. This is a must read and will have you giggling and thinking of fruit differently lol.

    20. Great ending!The ending had me in major suspense. So glad it all worked out the way it did. Sid and Symone were great characters to follow. Their story was so fun to read. Book 2 did have a couple chapters that dragged a bit for me, but it picked right back up and had a killer ending. I recommend this series for a quirky, fun, romcom read.

    21. Still making me lol. Whew. The ride is over and it was everything I had hoped it would be. Symone and Sid are just so much fun. I wish that Sym would of gotten to her senses sooner but the ending made it worth it. Romcom at its finest.

    22. I laughed so hard at some points of this book I actually made myself choke. It was an awesome second book. :D If you haven't read Pop! or Popped! you are missing out on some insane laughs. I will never hear Baby Got Back again and not laugh.

    23. Absolutely hilarious! I was crying with laughter most of the way through!My full review is on 2OCC Reviews

    24. Very humorous and enjoyable. The many twists that came with this story made it one of the best reads I have ever come across.

    25. O.M.G, what can be said, such a brilliant book, from a brilliant author who's books I love to read again and again, can't wait for more of her books, V. Kelly I just love all of your books

    26. I was lucky enough to read an advanced copy of this book. Pop! was my absolute favourite of V. Kelly's books to date and so going into this she had a lot to live up to. I am glad to report she did not disappoint.After a cliffhanger of an ending in Pop! i wasn't sure what to expect. We catch up with Symone and Sid not long after the end of book 1. Without going into detail and adding spoilers i will just say that there were times i was laughing out loud and other times where i wanted to hit Sym a [...]

    27. I finished this book a few days ago & I needed some time to process. It also left me with a book hangover. I'm abashed to say that I bought this book soon as it was available as I fell in love with Simone & Sid in POP, but it ended with a devastating cliffhanger so I was petrified to read this one. Popped takes you on a expedition that will have you crying, & laughing so loud & hard. The witty banter between the characters will keep you highly entertained. I wasn't sure what to e [...]

    28. Popped perfectionSo I finished Pop at around 2:30am this morningd was so damn glad Popped was already available that I immediately got it and started it this morning before I even got out of bed! Symone and Sid had me addicted. I needed to know what happened. I was rooting for them to work from book 1 and seeing they obstacles they facedlet's just say when you see characters go through it all and you feel every emotion with them you can't put a book down.I will say thisyou'll laugh cry get angry [...]

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