The Book of Gold

The Book of Gold Young Isaac Gutenberg isn t a curious boy that is until he meets an old shopkeeper who tells him about The Book of Gold This special book hidden somewhere in the world holds all the answers to ever

  • Title: The Book of Gold
  • Author: Bob Staake
  • ISBN: 9780553510775
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Young Isaac Gutenberg isn t a curious boy that is, until he meets an old shopkeeper who tells him about The Book of Gold This special book, hidden somewhere in the world, holds all the answers to every question and turns to solid gold when opened Isaac is determined to find the book it will make him rich He opens many books in his search, but quickly closes themYoung Isaac Gutenberg isn t a curious boy that is, until he meets an old shopkeeper who tells him about The Book of Gold This special book, hidden somewhere in the world, holds all the answers to every question and turns to solid gold when opened Isaac is determined to find the book it will make him rich He opens many books in his search, but quickly closes them when they don t turn to gold That changes one day when he opens a book, looks at the page, and a question pops into his mind From then on, he reads every word Time passes and Isaac ages, but he still scours dusty attics and flea markets, crisscrossing the world, searching for The Book of Gold.

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    1. Bob Staake

      Bob Staake has authored and or illustrated than forty two books, including The Red Lemon, a New York Times Book Review Best Illustrated Children s Book of the Year His work has graced the cover of The New Yorker a dozen times, and his November 17, 2008 Barack Obama victory cover was named Best Magazine Cover of the Year by Time magazine He lives on Cape Cod, in Massachusetts.

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    1. I was sent an unbound galley copy of this interesting children's picture book designed to tell the story of a young boy who is desirous to discover the path to riches. And he learns through various means that there is a book of gold somewhere. Hence he pursues that book by reading all he could get hold of.He learns a valuable lesson in that the book or books don't turn to gold, but they enable him to have the knowledge he needs to succeed in life and that is worth more than gold.The illustration [...]

    2. A children's librarian recommended this book to me, during a discussion about how we still read picture books even though our kids may have technically out grown them. She said, "My daughter didn't like this as much as I did. It's a picture book that will mean more to adults than to their children." I read it and broke out in goosebumps at the end. This book is a love story to all the wonder, knowledge, adventure, and mystery that can be discovered between the covers of a book. If you're an adul [...]

    3. As a Children's Librarian, I loved this book. There was alot of text, so I won't be able to use it during storytime, and I'm not sure how much children will enjoy it. Nonetheless, it's a beautiful story.

    4. Oh My goodness you 'guys', this book! It is going to be hard for me to tell you just how much I enjoyed this story. The art is beautiful, it is active and engaging, it is muted yet vibrant. I could happily simply stare at the pictures all day with out the words and still have an amazing story play out in my mind. This is one of those books that you can go back to over and over again just to look at the art and find something new every time. And the story.Okay, imagine Pixar and their movie Up. I [...]

    5. Digital illustrations filled with color and detail follow a boy's journey into literacy and a lifelong love for reading. Isaac Gutenberg was bored by the world around him and is not easily impressed. Even though his parents are avid bibliophiles, he is bored by books. A shopkeeper happens to tell him a legend about a book that turns to solid gold. This information captures his interest, and he sets out to find it for himself. Although he begins his journey intent only on finding that prize, he d [...]

    6. "You'll need patience and fortitude to find The Book of Gold!"Isaac Gutenberg is incurious, uninspired and not much interested in the world around him. His parents try to engage him with books, but he just doesn't care. They even take him to the New York Public Library. "An entire building filled with books? Do we have> to go in."Then an elderly shopkeeper whispers "Have you heard of The Book of Gold? It has the answer to every question and when you open it, it turns solid gold. That's enoug [...]

    7. Staake, Bob The Book of Gold PICTURE BOOK Schwartz and Wade Books, 2017. $17.99 Content: G. A little boy named Isaac isn’t interested in much of anything. His parents try to peek his curiosity because they love books so much, but Isaac finds most things boring. One day at an antiques shop, an old shopkeeper asks Isaac if he’s heard about the Book of Gold that can answer any question and when opened turns to solid gold. Isaac begins a life-long quest to find the book, and along the way he beg [...]

    8. Young boy Isaac doesn’t seem very curious. His parents loved books, often tried to interest him in things, especially out of books, like “look how tall this skyscraper is!” Isaac only replied, “skyscrapers are always tall.” He was alarmingly uncurious. One time on a city trip the family entered an antique store to buy a gift for a family member. The shopkeeper tried to interest Isaac, too, in the tin toys or a steam locomotive. “Nope,” Isaac was not interested until that shopkeeper [...]

    9. A book about the wonders to be found in books? Yes please! Add to that beautiful illustrations depicting not only our young lead and his family, but the majestic New York City Library in all its golden glory. Ah, yestely a book for book lover's and a wonderful way to introduce new readers to the fold. The only thing that kept this from getting a five star rating (because we all know how I hate rating a book one way or another) is that the actual message, the real deal so to speak, is a little mo [...]

    10. I've been following Staake's work since the beginning and his graphic style is amazing and his narrative stories can be fun and dramatic. The Book of Gold gorgeously tells the story of a young nonreader who is led into reading by being enticed with the possibility of a book of gold that turns to solid gold when opened and answers all the questions in the world. The search begins and what the young boy Isaac discovered in a lifelong search for the book is the real value of reading. The story come [...]

    11. This book borders on five stars. I love the premise of the book and the artwork within. However, I feel the tale has been told in various ways. I am not sure what is new with this story versus a silly rendition of the plot like the book eating boy. Sure they are different, but on a whole they carry the same weight. This book will be loved by book readers and receive 3 stars from those who do not care as much for reading. Though computer rendered, I thoroughly enjoy the art within.

    12. This is a very cute story of how one reluctant reader learned to love books. I really like the message of the story and the pictures are great. I gave it a 4 out of 5 because, as a storytime book, there are far too many words on the page and I don't think it will read well in a large group of young kiddos. It might do well as a read aloud in 2nd grade and up, when the kiddos begin to have a little bit longer attention spans.

    13. You know that feeling when you read a book and find yourself completely mesmerized?Being a children's book reviewer and working at a children's book subscription box, I believe one of the most wonderful reads for 2017 and my 50th read book for 2017 had to be The Book Of Gold.If I as a 24 year old can be spellbound with this book, I believe any and every 4 to 8 year old are equally going to be fascinatedST 2017 READ!

    14. This is a great book for older readers (elementary school), especially those who may be reluctant readers. Isaac hates books, until one day when a shopkeeper tells him about a fabled "Book of Gold" that turns to gold when it's opened. From then on, he becomes interested in books and learning and travels the world in search of this treasure. Excellent and engaging illustrations exist throughout the story.

    15. Beautiful illustrations and lovely story about the “magic” of books. V (5 years old at time of reading) was engaged, loved the pictures, and we talked a lot afterward about what the book meant, the library, and where Isaac traveled. “Tomorrow we will wake up early and go right to the library to find a book about different places in the world,” she told me.

    16. Summary: Isaac doesn't like to read. But he does was to find the Book of Gold.Why I Read This: It was on a 'best of' list. Review: I really liked this book. I like books about books, as do the patrons at my library. But it's a good tale about learning to love reading, chasing your dreams, and more. I am ordering a copy for our picture book collection.

    17. I loved that the "Book of Gold" was a metaphor for the library. The kid's last name had me fooled into thinking the book would be about the museum. I like that he learned to love to read, but at the same time it really a crime to hate reading? Like I adore reading, but this push to make everyone love it seems a bit of a mistake to me.

    18. Just like the boy, I picked up this book just to see what it was, and I feel like I've gotten a treasure too just by reading his story. Patience and Fortitude - who knew? Love the way he learns to strive for knowledge, and then passes that desire on. Satisfying and inspiring.

    19. Very few, if any, children's books leave me feeling super emotional. This one did!Following Issac Gutenberg on his journey to find the "Book of Gold" and discover exactly what a love of reading can do to a person.

    20. This is a picture book for older kids and adults. Filled to the brim with detailed digital illustrations, it follows the journey of a bored little boy into the wonders brought by literacy. A love letter to books and literacy, it makes you think of those who first introduced you to The Book of Gold.

    21. I recognize this child, Isaac Gutenberg, in many children you meet at elementary school these day, seen too much, been everywhere, done everything. I think a search for the Book of Gold may work to their advantage even in this present day environment. Interesting. K-3 classroom. Recommended.

    22. This book gave me shivers at the end, it's so lovely.A little boy isn't interested in anything, and no matter how much his parents try to get him to read and learn about things he doesn't care to know.One day a shopkeeper tell shim about a book of gold and his search begins.

    23. Love this tribute to books and reading. I would buy it just for the end papers. This is just a book for librarians and book lovers.

    24. An uninterested reader is transformed in a lifelong bibliophile. The illustrations are somewhat cold, but the tale is lovely.

    25. Maybe it is the librarian in me, but I LOVED this book. Simple and sweet. A great book to share with young and old alike.

    26. Super lengthy and wordy for a picture book, but any true book lover will get goosebumps at the end of this one. <3

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