Carson Crosses Canada

Carson Crosses Canada From the author of If You Happen to Have a Dinosaur comes a funny and sweet cross country roadtrip adventure with a sassy septuagenarian and her quirky canine Feisty Annie Magruder and her dog Carson

  • Title: Carson Crosses Canada
  • Author: Linda Bailey Kass Reich
  • ISBN: 9781101918838
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the author of If You Happen to Have a Dinosaur comes a funny and sweet cross country roadtrip adventure with a sassy septuagenarian and her quirky canine Feisty Annie Magruder and her dog, Carson, live in British Columbia, Canada, and they re setting out to visit her sister, Elsie, in Newfoundland In their little rattlebang car, packed with Carson s favorite toy, SqFrom the author of If You Happen to Have a Dinosaur comes a funny and sweet cross country roadtrip adventure with a sassy septuagenarian and her quirky canine Feisty Annie Magruder and her dog, Carson, live in British Columbia, Canada, and they re setting out to visit her sister, Elsie, in Newfoundland In their little rattlebang car, packed with Carson s favorite toy, Squeaky Chicken, and plenty of baloney sandwiches, Annie and Carson hit the road They travel province by province, taking in each unique landscape and experiencing something special to that particular part of this vast, grand country For example, they marvel at the beauty of the big, open sky and grasshoppers in Saskatchewan and discover the gorgeous red earth and delicious lobster rolls in PEI, before finally being greeted by Elsie and a suprise for Carson

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    1. Linda Bailey Kass Reich

      I was born and grew up in Winnipeg a daydreamer with her nose in a book In my twenties, I traveled around the world, mostly by ship Later, I moved to Vancouver, where I earned a B.A and M.Ed at the University of British Columbia Among my jobs were travel agent, college teacher, instructional designer and editor.For years, I dabbled with writing But I didn t begin to write in earnest until I had two young daughters My first book was published in 1992, and I have since written than thirty others, including novels, picture books and non fiction I live in Vancouver, a short walk from the sea I write full time and still love to travel, read and daydream SourceSeries Stanley Stevie Diamond Mystery Good Times Travel AgencyAwards Arthur Ellis Award Best Juvenile 1997 How Can a Frozen Detective Stay Hot on the Trail Best Juvenile 2000 How Can a Brilliant Detective Shine in the Dark

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    1. Carson is told of an impeding trip across Canada by his owner, Annie. When they finish their journey, a surprise awaits him, though Carson can hardly wait. As Annie and Carson travel across the country, they see all that Canada has to offer, experiencing some wonderful geographic and social happenings. By the time they arrive at the opposite coast, Carson is excited to see his surprise and even more elated when it is revealed. A lovely story that ties Canada together, from one coast to the other [...]

    2. Carson Crosses Canada by Linda Bailey is a cute children's book about a trip across Canada. Annie makes the journey with her dog from the Pacific to the Atlantic across Canada as they sight see. It's colorful and educational. Great for early readers.3***Thanks to Netgalley for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.

    3. Wonderful illustrations in this simple story about a trip across Canada. Light on the details of the places they stop, had hoped to learn more about the Canadian provinces and what they have to offer as travel destinations.

    4. When Annie knows her sister Elsie needs her, Carson finds himself crossing Canada in her van. They visit many different places, and have lot of fun. But the best is meeting Elsie, and Digby, Carson's brother.The illustrations are colorful and funny, and the story is cute. There is not too much going on, though.I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

    5. Oh, what a delightful picture book. What a great way to show kids, and teach them, about what Canada is made up of, just in time for the 150 anniversary of the articles of confederation. (When Canada became independent.)The story is basic. Carson and his master have to travel from the west coast to the east coast by car. At each stop along the way, we get to see the features that that area is famous for. From the Rockies, to the prairies to Niagara Falls, to finally the islands of Prince Edward [...]

    6. This is a cute picture book that will introduce young ones to the wonderful country of Canada. It gives them a taste of each of the geographic areas of the country and tells something about it while Annie Magruder and her dog Carson take a cross country trip. Annie and Carson are travelling from Tofino in the west to her sister's in the east. The provinces they travel through are not named, but it could become a guessing game with the children based on the descriptions. It is just a simple story [...]

    7. RATING: 4.5 STARS(I received an ARC from the NETGALLEY)(Review Not on Blog)Annie, and her dog, Carson live in British Columbia and must travel to Newfoundland to visit her sister, Elsie. We go along on the cross country trip with them. This is a cool picture book that shows different provinces and introduces Canada to young readers.

    8. Read for my son. He doesn't like it much. Not a lot of adventures. The cover has the car, he expected there'll be car and road trip adventures but it was about the dog instead. Thanks to NetGalley for the review copy. Our opinions are honest.

    9. 'Carson Crosses Canada' by Linda Bailey with illustrations by Kass Reich is a pretty cute story about a long road trip across a beautiful country.Annie lives on the West Coast of Canada in British Columbia with her dog Carson. One day, she gets a letter from her sister Elsie, and Annie decides to take a road trip to visit her sister. Carson doesn't have a suitcase, but he's happy when Annie remembers to pack his toy, Squeaky Chicken. Annie promises Carson that he will have a surprise, but as the [...]

    10. Hmmm. Not as interesting as I thought it could be. I was kind of expecting a little background to Canada. So many places could of at least been mentions. Basically, it's just a story about an older woman and her dog driving across the country and camping along the way with little or no words about where they are! I know it's written for little ones and parents can likely fill in some details, but really, one mention a day of where they are, were, were passing, visiting, a line, maybe an illustra [...]

    11. I love a road trip and as a transplanted Canadian I was eager to share this with my little ones. The story is sweet enough, but it is a little light in the details. I was expecting more description about Canadian landmarks, instead it is more about a dog's excitement about being in a car. It didn't really engage my little readers, but the illustrations are beautiful and rich with detail.

    12. As a citizen of the United States I find it interesting to read books - especially illustrated books - about other countries. In the children's picture book Carson Crosses Canada we have a little doggie and a little old lady packing their suitcases (dog's and suitcases? Well, this is a children's imaginative book.) and get into their little yellow car and hit the road. They are crossing Canada to see her sister.The illustrations done in watercolors capture the essence of Canada's mountains, beau [...]

    13. ~Disclaimer~ I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affected my opinion of the book, or the content of my review. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Carsons owner receives a letter from her sister and they take a road trip east to visit her. Their trip takes them across all of Canada. They see: the Rockies, the Prairies, Niagara Falls, etc. Finally they arrive at their destination Elsie's house. Carson is su [...]

    14. 4.5 to be exact. my boys and I really enjoyed driving through Canada. we referred to the map everytime Carson explored a new surrounding. the map really helped determine how long the ride must have been, the names of the places, the provinces crossed. gives a good clear understanding of the vast views of Canada in a fun way. for my eldest especially it was a lot of fun, who has just discovered the fun of maps(he's 6). might be a little hard to follow for younger kids, since there is a lot of wri [...]

    15. This is a cute picture book about an older lady who travels with her dog across Canada to visit her sister. My 3 year old liked it and asked to read it multiple times. He likes the map page the best :)I enjoyed having a woman without children as the main character--not because it's emphasized, but I think that's relatively rare in picture books. I like how they included a variety of places in Canada that look different, as many folks in the States just think of Canada as a frozen-over field of s [...]

    16. Carson Crosses Canada is a charming book that takes you on a sight seeing journey through Canada as Annie Magruder and her dog Carson travel to see Annie's Ill sister Elsie. The book captures the essence of discovery and adventure while traveling all through the eyes of a little dog names Carson. I read this one to my little sister and we both loved it. This book is perfect for little kids learning the provinces, but also a great road trip or bed time story. Linda Bailey's charming story fits pe [...]

    17. Adorable book. Carson the dog goes with his owner from the Pacific Ocean all the way across Canada to the Atlantic Ocean to visit his owner's sister. On the way they see dinosaur bones, flat plains, mountains and trees, and lakes. Beautiful land and they enjoy the ride and eating different things. At last they arrive and he gets the best surprise, seeing his brother he hasn't seen since he was a little puppy.

    18. A nice trek from west to east across Canada with Carson, a sweet gluttonous dog, and his owner Annie, in their rattlebang car. Absolutely stunning illustrations make this book a must for any classroom!

    19. A pleasant read. The illustrations provided an ideal background to start a discussion about the landmarks that Canada is associated with. Bonus points for the simple yet effective map that young readers can use to track Carson's journey

    20. Loved this picture book - an older, adventurous woman and her doggy best friend, Carson, take a road trip across Canada. They see many wonderful sites while they travel, with good geographic detail, before arriving to visit her sister, and her doggy best friend, in Newfoundland.

    21. What a fabulous book about a cross country trip in Canada! Giant kudos to Linda Bailey for the story and to Kass Reich for the gorgeous illustrations! Everyone needs to read this beautifully done storybook!

    22. This whole book, I was inexplicably worried that Rubber Chicken would go missing???Happy story, Happy Canada, Happy puppy! I was pretty pleased to watch this old lady and her dog road tripping around, since it's pretty high on my list of #lifegoals

    23. This is a great way to introduce kids to the special things all across Canada. A sweet story and beautiful illustrations.

    24. This was a really sweet story of a dog, Carson, and his owner Ellie traveling across Canada. This would be a great read for dog lovers!

    25. Cute little book that grabs me with its title as I have been entertaining the idea of a road trip. It may just be enough to actually make me get down and plan for one.

    26. A lovely story about family and geography! How Carson and Annie went across Canada. The story, although it is about Canada, is not flat at all. The characters are full and illustrated with love. Reich has a very lovely kid-friendly style. Love the giant bones !

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