The Mons Connection

The Mons Connection What they found was than they came for Jon Carson the American military man Doug Digger Johnson The American archaeologist Kathleen Doolan the Irish physician and Mikhail Borznekhov the Russian

  • Title: The Mons Connection
  • Author: Janine R. Pestel
  • ISBN: 9781537533391
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Paperback
  • What they found was than they came for Jon Carson, the American military man, Doug Digger Johnson, The American archaeologist, Kathleen Doolan, the Irish physician and Mikhail Borznekhov, the Russian military man biologist came to Mars to look for signs of life at Olympus Mons What brought them there was something found at a dig in Egypt Follow them as they expWhat they found was than they came for Jon Carson, the American military man, Doug Digger Johnson, The American archaeologist, Kathleen Doolan, the Irish physician and Mikhail Borznekhov, the Russian military man biologist came to Mars to look for signs of life at Olympus Mons What brought them there was something found at a dig in Egypt Follow them as they explore the area around Olympus Mons and then, finally, enter the mountain itself and unlock the hidden, secret mystery of what awaits them They discovered what Olympus Mons has to do with ancient Earth historywill you

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      425 Janine R. Pestel
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    1. Janine R. Pestel

      Born in Coledale, PA and raised in NJ Lived in NYC for about 7 years Met my husband in 1978 and married in 1985 Have been happily married ever since Now, we live in beautiful Mesa AZ.Author of The Mons Connection and Infected and Other Short Stories as well as short stories in the SciFi Occult Horror genre s and an upcoming paranormal occult series.I was always interested in science fiction, action adventure and comedy Tried my hand at writing a book back in the 1970 s but did not have the direction I needed in order to complete it The story was going along great until one day while I was sitting at my typewriter remember those and the thought suddenly struck me that I had no idea where I was going with the story or how it was going to end Now, many years later, I do have the drive and direction to write a complete book My only regret is that it took me this long.A lot of my ideas come from What if For example, What if there were a mountain on another planet that wasn t exactly a mountain or What if we could reanimate corpses and have them perform menial tasks The whole world is full of What if we just have to explore it My favorite color is blue I just love blue Being from NJ, of course, my favorite food is a good, NY style pizza Not much of a ball sport fan, but I love motor racing Doesn t matter if it s cars, motorcycles or boats I m also a big nature and animal lover My husband who also writes, by the way , and I currently have 3 dogs and 1 cat Love them all.

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    1. The Mons Connection is a 101 class of "How to get disappointed in 2 hours."Let's start with an interesting idea, turn it into something else, and - for the twist - let's throw in another thing nobody expects. And while we're at it, let's make it bad, too.This is pretty much a high-level overview of The Mons ConnectionIt's not the first novel Janine Pestel wrote, so it cannot be defended with Inexperience card.I will not go into details and particulars of what irked me as it would take a while, e [...]

    2. I received this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.I found this really boring. It was only two hours long, but it was such a disappointment, especially as it had such a good premise. It was predictable and the narrator was really monotone. It was difficult to tell the characters apart and the entire audiobook seemed to merge into one long drone.

    3. ( Format : Audiobook )"" to tumble in slow motion.""This short novel is well and simply written, directly concentrating on the personalities of the four person team, headed by Captain John Carson, as they arrive at and land on Mars: the first astronauts to set foot on the Red Planet. Their excitement and pleasure of achievement is tangible.Very human.Ostensibly sent as a research team to examine the planet for signs of possible earlier life, there is an underlying reason why this particular spot [...]

    4. 3 astronauts and a cosmonaut go to Mars on a mission. What happens next makes your heart race a bit faster and keeps you on edge. Fantastic short story which grips you from start to finish. Couldn't put it down. Great descriptions and I even felt like I was coming back to earth at the end!! Genuinely didn't think I would enjoy the book as much as I did but have always said I will read anything so I gave it a try amd I'm very happy I did.Recommend to fans of short stories, Sci fi and even thrille [...]

    5. The Mons Connection entwines you into the lives of five Martian astronauts as they discover a mystery. The author's authentic description of technology combined with her humanization of the five main characters makes this short read both realistic and enjoyable. The reader feels the group working together to accomplish their mission yet each of them still alone on the deserted planet. This book is a great read which begs for a sequel.

    6. Man, this was great! I kept thinking I knew what was going to happen at the end, during the exploration of the Mars mountain, but I soooo did not. I love it when a story can surprise me like that. Especially when it's a short story! I think I can official count myself as a fan of this author!Bob says: 4.5 platypires

    7. This book kept me turning pages, wondering what was next. This was a great short story that pulled me in right from the start and kept me interested all along the way. Interesting storyline and characters. Very enjoyable.

    8. ** I have received this audio book for free from Audiobook Boom and the author, Janine R. Pestel for an honest review**Title: The Mons ConnectionAuthor: Janine R. PestelNarrator: Nicholas SantasierLength: 1 hr and 57 minsPublisher: Janine R. PestelDate: 11-4-2016Jon Carson, the American military man, Doug "Digger" Johnson, The American archaeologist, Kathleen Doolan, the Irish physician, and Mikhail Borznekhov, the Russian military man and biologist, came to Mars to look for signs of life at Oly [...]

    9. Review originally published at: lomeraniel/audiobookreA team of astronauts is sent to Mars in order to research if there had been once life on Mars. The reason for looking on this planet is an ancient object found in Egypt. The astronauts will find more than what they initially expected.We get a brief introduction about the characters. I would have liked to know more about them but with a short story the information is always limited. Even like that they were well pictured and I found their pers [...]

    10. This was a very short but very very interesting, and mysterious short story. I was sucked in right at the beginning and finish this one rather quickly despite what my dates on say. The story focusses on our four main characters and is very straight to the point. There's no added fluff and the action does not stop. I really liked how the author used some historical facts in the book to add to her story despite this being a fictional tale I believe some or most of the fax to be real. Ancient Egyp [...]

    11. Great Story! Well Researched, Hard Core Science FictionThis is a great novella with a lot of research behind it. I especially liked Pestel's descriptions of the technical details of space flight and what it would feel like to walk on Mars. She even nailed the slightly different sentence structure Russians use when speaking English. I'm going on about the research Pestel put into this work because that is exactly what I'm looking for in science fiction.It's a great story with a highly satisfying [...]

    12. The book was too predictable and had a lazy ending. The first half wasn't exciting but okay then it just went downhill with lack imagination on the author's part. 100 pages to only end with a one page ending that should be rewritten. The characters were dull and not developed. Could have been good. But Not

    13. The Mons Connection is a novella by Arizona-based author Janine Pestel, who has written and published several short stories or collections of short stories in various genres.The premise for the story is fairly generic: aliens visited ancient Egypt. That established, the way the story has been handled and developed is original and interesting. A group of four astronauts are on a mission to Mars, on the basis that, on a dig in Egypt, a shard of pottery has been found which appears to link ancient [...]

    14. A group of Astronauts land on Mars for a fact finding mission. Things do not go as planned as they uncover an ancient mystical connection between Mars and their home planet, Earth.I didn't love or hate this short story. It took a while to get going and when it did, it flowed nicely to its conclusion. But I think my main issue was my expecting a little more. The whole "connection" thing with our ancient civilizations with extraterrestial life has been done many times before e.g. Stargate etc. I'm [...]

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