The Virgin Queen's Daughter

The Virgin Queen s Daughter As captivating now as it was than four centuries ago the reign of Elizabeth I with its scandal intrigue and resilience has sparked the imaginations of generations In her sweeping historical debut

  • Title: The Virgin Queen's Daughter
  • Author: Ella March Chase
  • ISBN: 9780307394804
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Hardcover
  • As captivating now as it was than four centuries ago, the reign of Elizabeth I with its scandal, intrigue, and resilience has sparked the imaginations of generations In her sweeping historical debut, Ella March Chase explores a thrilling possibility that the Tudor bloodline did not end with the Virgin Queen.Tucked away in the country estate of her beloved father, LoAs captivating now as it was than four centuries ago, the reign of Elizabeth I with its scandal, intrigue, and resilience has sparked the imaginations of generations In her sweeping historical debut, Ella March Chase explores a thrilling possibility that the Tudor bloodline did not end with the Virgin Queen.Tucked away in the country estate of her beloved father, Lord Calverley, young Nell de Lacey feeds her hungry mind with philosophy, language, and studies of science Her mother, once a devoted lady in waiting to Henry VIII s last wife, Katherine Parr, would rather her daughter stop dabbling in the grand affairs of men and instead prepare for her eventual duties as a wife She knows all too well what menace lurks in royal courts.But Nell s heart yearns for something , and a chance meeting with Princess Elizabeth, then a prisoner of the Tower of London, pushes her closer toward finding it Now, years later, Nell s chance arrives when she is summoned to serve as a lady in waiting to the newly crowned Queen Elizabeth Nell is entranced by the splendor and pageantry of royal life, unaware of the danger and deception that swirls around the monarch and her courtiers But a lingering rumor about nine unaccounted for months in the Virgin Queen s past reignites when the flame haired Nell a mirror image of Her Majesty both physically and intellectually arrives at court Quickly she catches the eye not only of the cunning Elizabeth, but of those who would see the queen fail With strong evidence to connect Elizabeth to her newest maid of honor and the politics of England in turmoil, the truth could send Nell and those she loves to the Tower to join in the wretched fates of those who ve gone before her.Engrossing and enlightening, The Virgin Queen s Daughter brings to life one of the greatest mysteries of one of the greatest monarchs Ella March Chase s vivid storytelling gives due credence to a daughter who might have been and a mother who never was.

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    1. Ella March Chase

      When Ella March Chase was in third grade, she informed her teacher she didn t need to learn multiplication tables because she was going to be a famous writer when she grew up At twenty five, she combined her passion for researching history and spinning stories Her daughter Kate claims even the family dogs were discovered while researching King Charles II Cavalier King Charles Spaniels When traveling to England she fell under the spell of the Tower of London the infamous Traitor s Gate, the chapel where beheaded queens lay buried, the story of the two princes allegedly murdered by Richard III Ella began unearthing the obscure historical details that make larger than life figures painfully human While reading biographies of Elizabeth Tudor, she kept stumbling across references to rumors that the Virgin Queen secretly bore a child Fascinated by the possibility, she delved deeper, discovering that a midwife actually claimed to have delivered a baby to a very fair lady she vowed was Elizabeth Ella began to imagine what if the midwife, now nurse to a fiercely intellectual red haired girl claimed the child was Elizabeth s daughter The queen was constantly beleaguered by those who labeled her Anne Boleyn s bastard with no right to the throne The existence of the Virgin Queen s daughter even in rumor could mean disaster If the child were real it would be a weapon that could topple her from her throne Elizabeth Tudor claimed in her famous speech at the crisis of the Spanish Armada I have the heart and stomach of a king Would she have the ruthlessness of her own father, Henry VIII, to save her crown from such a threat

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    1. This book is hilariously awful. The protagonist, Nell, does NOTHING but go to court and then fret about danger in melodramatic and passive self-indulgent agony. That's it. That's the story. Life at court isn't particularly fleshed out, but apparently it's very, very dangerous. I know, because every character says so. Over and over. Yet the precise source of danger is often murky and weirdly inconsistent (and, as is usual for female protagonists these days, Nell is SOOOOOOOOO STUPID in handling i [...]

    2. This book is historical-fiction to the max. It takes a purely hypothetical case and runs with it. The plus? It runs with it in the richest way possible!Based on the speculation that Elizabeth I was impregnated and gave birth in the country side with a secret mid-wife, Ella March Chase creates a story on a young child (Elinor) who is brought to court and realizes a close bond with Elizabeth. They both soon realize that this bond may be deeper. As deep and mother and daughter. Sound too fluffy to [...]

    3. I'm half way through and can't put it down! I don't want to give anything away but I'm at the part that is jaw droppingly shocking!! A must read for history buffs and romantics alike!!UPDATE: Since I have finished reading the book at 1:30AM I can say it was suspenseful to the end!! I couldn't put it down until it was done because there was just too many questions that didn't get answered until the last 10 pages or so!!! AWESOME!!

    4. The Virgin Queen's daughter is an fictionalised account of what could have happened if Queen Elizabeth had had an daughter from her illicit and infamous 'affair' with Thomas Seymour (her step-father). Nell, the main character, was quite fiesty, intelligent and stubborn which I quite liked very much. In a day and age where women were not given the same liberties in pursuing education as men, Nell is an vibrant young woman who craves to learn about the world-which sets out to also to nearly become [...]

    5. This book was hauntingly spellbinding. The suggestion that Queen Elizabeth had a daughter as a result of her scandalous liaisons with either Thomas Seymour or Robert Dudley made for a truly fascinating read. I loved how Chase introduced the character of Nell de Lacy, revolving the narrative around her, and then interweaving the possibilities of her being the secret daughter of the Queen. Queen Elizabeth is painted as the scholared, disciplined, bitter ruler that most historical sources portray h [...]

    6. This historical fiction book was a hoot to read. I knew very little about Queen Elizabeth the first and it was fun to learn more about her and those that surrounded her during her reign as England most beloved Queen. The book sort of has it alltension, romance, history, mystery, and wit The main character Nell is intelligent and realistic and I loved watching her character grow and change. I loved the chemistry between her and Sir Gabriel. I thought Queen Elizabeth was protrayed very well. She w [...]

    7. A little girl sees a beautiful princess locked up and scales a fence with a magical key to set the princess free. This action will start her future when that princess is Queen Elizabeth Tudor. Elinor de Lacey runs from her mom after her father dies to start a life at court. Many surprises await her there and not all are good. She is only gifted her intellect to get her through these years where she will learn what is really important to her. Highly recommend to love story enthusiasts and history [...]

    8. Who knew there was a rumour about Elizabeth I having a daughter? And what a great premise for a novel. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

    9. Nine months of Elizabeth Tudor's life unaccounted for. Suspected dalliances with Thomas Seymour and Robert Dudley. And a young woman with the same red-gold hair and sharp mind as Her Majesty.The Virgin Queen's Daughter is the fascinating tale of Elinor (Nell) de Lacey, daughter of Lord and Lady Calverly of Lincolnshireor so she thinks. If her nurse's mad ramblings are right, she might be the daughter of Queen Elizabeth herself - and if she is, she's in terrible danger. Against Lady Calverly's wi [...]

    10. There are rumors that Queen Elizabeth had a child in the years that she stayed with Catherine Parr as a young adult. This story imagines what might have happened if Elizabeth had had a daughter in secret. Nell de Lacey grew up knowing nothing of the terrible circumstances surrounding her birth. Elizabeth thought her daughter had been killed after birth to destroy the damning evidence of her affair. In secret, the midwife had taken the child and delivered her to a mother unable to have children o [...]

    11. Filled with tidbits and info again that are fun like midwives cutting a bit of the bedding from the sides of wealthy women to prove they were there.d perhaps verify hidden births. A fun read, filled with enough history to be informative and enough speculation (elizabeth with a daughter) to be fun.[close:] As captivating now as it was more than four centuries ago, the reign of Elizabeth I—with its scandal, intrigue, and resilience—has sparked the imaginations of generations. In her sweeping h [...]

    12. Sometimes I love a book that starts with a premise, a what if. What if Queen Elizabeth Tudor had a baby when she was a young girl after being seduced by her stepfather. I know historical fiction, is just that: fiction. But putting the issue of historical accuracy aside, a reader does learn some history while reading this genre. I was fascinated by the Elizabethan court and all the intrigues that went with it. I found myself questioning which characters were real, and which made up. It made me wa [...]

    13. WOW - I knew Elizabeth was vain and always worried about keeping her crown, but this book sure plays that aspect up. Whether it is real or imagined, the portrait of Elizabeth is harsher than I realized. I found the main character Nell De Lacey entirely believable and enjoyed the constant intrigue from the court. I enjoyed the role that science and the new scientific ideas played in the story What a cruel time to live in!

    14. Captivating story of Queen Elizabeth I.A different twist on history,and the intrigues of Tudor court life. It was a fun read to see what the next page would bring. Loved it!

    15. IntriguingVery well written, enthralling story about the daughter Queen Elizabeth might have had. Those were turbulent times when justice was scarce and the monarch and their henchmen could murder at will. I was hoping for a happy ending and I'm glad it happened.

    16. Is she or isn't she? We never find out for sure. The characters are great and it's a possibility, that Elizabeth had a child if you follow the reasoning if Ms. Chase. There has certainly been c!aims throughout history, and those claims have been put into a great fictional read here. The story certainly follows history closely enough to imagine reality and enjoy the intrigue and romance.

    17. Great Story!Wonderful story, great characters and an interesting take on the history of Queen Elizabeth. The story kept my interest until the very end.

    18. (kind of spoilers but without revealing any particular plot details)I have vacillated between two or three stars for this one; I have settled on three simply because the story was ultimately enjoyable and somewhat engaging, though quite transparent. There have been a few times I have been irritated by the plot developments in a book but have never thought deeply enough to identify what it was that bothered me so. In this book, I was able to clarify that irritation. So the protagonist has a deep, [...]

    19. I am a big buff of historical fiction especially dealing with the Tudor line so I was really excited to delve into this new series. This book had it all. The court life during this period is just fascinating. People changing loyalties at the blink of an eye. This book deals specifically with the What if. What if Queen Elizabeth had a daughter she didn't realize existed? (I know that sounds impossible but read the book! You'll see). What if she came to court? What if Queen Elizabeth suspected she [...]

    20. I thought it was an interesting take on the life of Queen Elizabeth and the "what if" scenario. It never occured to me that such a thing could have possibly have happened. Who knows? this book explores it well and what I loved the most about it was the realistic account of court life during that specific time period. There was no romanticizing court life, it's more cutthroat, like being in a lion's den and no one is really safe from anybody. One little rumor and everything could fall like a pack [...]

    21. I love to read stories about this time period. The authors caught my attention immediately and kept it throughout the entire book. I wish the Queen could have acknowledged Nell as her daughter but that would have been too far from the truth.

    22. Another one I was not quite sure about. But it has a fun story, it's historical fiction, I didn't know much about Queen Elizabeth. There was some suspense that made that last 100 pages hard to find a place to stop.

    23. This is an interesting story about Elizabeth I of England. The premise is that a midwife is brought to a woman blindfolded to deliver a baby. Afterward she sneaks the baby away before she is smothered. That baby is then given to a woman who has been unable to deliver a live baby and is raised as her own with the midwife as the girls nurse.Nell de Lacy is brought up with learning by her father who introduces her to some of the great minds of England. When she is only 5 she and her family travel t [...]

    24. I really, really liked this book, although I see by the ratings that not everyone did. To introduce, it is a book about a woman who may (or may not!) be the daughter of Elizabeth I, the "Gloriana" of sixteenth century England.So, we all know the story of Elizabeth I, one of the most well-known of the Tudor monarchs along with her wife-devouring father, Henry VIII. This book is less about Elizabeth herself (although there's plenty here about her and even some of her inner thoughts) and more about [...]

    25. I loved the audio book. But the story is a little weird. Elizabeth I has a woman tortured and the ends up dying. But she knows the terror of the tower and the time. She did this because the woman said something to the girl in the garden. How on earth did they know? And why go though so much? On top of that they didn't approach her mother which was a part of the so conspricry. I wish that Elizabeth I would have admitted it to her. At there last talk, she would have said that she believes she is h [...]

    26. 3.5 rounded up to 4 I was caught up in the story of Nell from the very first chapter. It was full of dangers and excitement; enough so that I had trouble putting the book down. It seemed to drag on at times, but perhaps that's because I wanted less 'building' of the story and more action - therefore a 3.5.but the satisfying ending brought it up to a 4 star book for me

    27. A Very Good StoryI enjoyed this novel. I highly recommended for any one who likes historical fiction. I do not like dissertations as reviews. Short and to the point works for me.

    28. This book gives us a different look at the Tudor family. Even though it is fiction it gives you something to think about.

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