Bombshell WATCH OUT FOXY POO THIS BOMBSHELL IS ABOUT TO DROP Ladies I think I speak for the majority of us on the face of the planet when I say we all have that guy who s grown on us like a delicious fungus Y

  • Title: Bombshell
  • Author: Kellie Hart
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • WATCH OUT, FOXY POO THIS BOMBSHELL IS ABOUT TO DROP.Ladies, I think I speak for the majority of us on the face of the planet when I say we all have that guy who s grown on us like a delicious fungus You know the kind I m talking about maybe he is your high school teacher or best friend s dad some piece of man candy so hot and edible that no matter what you do, you can WATCH OUT, FOXY POO THIS BOMBSHELL IS ABOUT TO DROP.Ladies, I think I speak for the majority of us on the face of the planet when I say we all have that guy who s grown on us like a delicious fungus You know the kind I m talking about maybe he is your high school teacher or best friend s dad some piece of man candy so hot and edible that no matter what you do, you can t get his taste off your mind even if you haven t tasted him yet For me, that guy is my big brother s best friend, one Fox Montgomery Doctor Professor Author Here s the problem though not only is he the most gorgeous male specimen I ve ever laid eyes on black hair, steely grey eyes, and a lower lip you just wanna suck he s also a rich academic prick AND I HATE HIM I hadn t seen him in years, and when I finally did, the vision before me bought a one way ticket to my personal pleasure town Then, his beautiful eyes roamed all over me, and I knew I knew he didn t like what he saw Yeah, I m a big girl, curvy, smooth, and round in all the right places I m also covered in tats, and six inch heels are my go to footwear So, let me be frank about something I m sexy, and if I wanted a man, I d have one.Yet, with one look, Fox turned my years of longing and long distance eye f cking into a big ole mountain of hate.Here s the thing, girls hate and love are effin evil twins And if my heart gets its way, Doctor Fox and I are going to end up participating in some very strenuous sextracurricular activities Here s to our chemistry getting an A This is a stand alone novella that is the opener of the Up Close Personal series It s hilarious and dirty and raunchy and perfectly short enough to be read in a single sitting That s what Kellie Hart delivers pocket sized smut with a capital P wink wink And you ll never finish a story without a total HEA Due to adult content, however, Kellie suggests you be 18 before getting your kicks on Route Sexty Six Trust me you wouldn t want your kids reading this, you dirty girl, you.

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    1. Kellie Hart

      By day, I am a sedate, however accomplished, young adult novelist By night, though, I become a foul mouthed vixen with a penchant for expensive coffee, thrift shop clothing, and bad 80s comedy and scifi P.S I really, really like cats, unicorns, and anything that glitters glows shits glitter while glowing Just sayin All in all, morphing into a dispenser of smut is a natural outlet for my talents Or, so I hope.And hell if it ain t a lot fun than writing teenage angst which I m most known for Now, it s all the dirty ways we can get our kicks on Route Sexty Six Anyway, if I can leave you with anything, ladies, it s that I took a chance in writing Bombshell Up close Personal Novella No 1 It ll either sink or swim You ll love it or hate it But you know what In the end, I threw a middle finger to the life I knew, and I stepped out on faith that something, anything, could happen from telling Jacque s story in Bombshell In telling hers, I kinda sorta told mine, too So, let s all take her mama s advice, shall we Just live Every damn day LIVE Kellie H3rt Want to stalk me I love a good stalker Follow me at the links below Newsletter eepurl czwU8LFacebook Author Kellie HartInstagram authorkelliehartStreet Team Sign up goo forms WkfVSVhTkOdvjms43ARC of Knockout, sequel to Bombshellgoo forms PO0QcU92J5AYbxYy1

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    1. **FREE! Dec 19-23 ONLY!**Bombshell is an AWESOME little bundle of sex, fun, love, friends & family!!! Jacque is so entertaining I binge read this Novella in one sitting! Can't wait to read more from Kellie Hart!

    2. I loved this book! It's F-ing funny, hot, and best off all weird. Wait not weird just told differently than most romance smut. 5 golden stars for Kellie and Jacquie. When an old crush becomes your now it's not instalove, It's what I call about-damn-time! This book might be a novella but with a long history behind the characters there's no denying it felt like a full story. Of course given Bombshell is apart of a series I'm very happy to say the storyline doesn't truly end here

    3. Some funny & sexy moments but I just couldn't fully escape into this novella read.I kept asking questions in my head about the motivations & decisions of the characters, and it would take me out of the story.I wanted to love it, the premise had me intrigued, and I liked that the heroine wasn't the stereotypical for an erotic romance read. It's highly possible that my mindset at the time of this read may have played a part in how I felt about it, so there's that.I think that this is the a [...]

    4. What a fantastic brothers best friend romance/erotica story!! This is a Sexy short novella!! Jacque is a size16 curvy woman cover in tattoos, and has been in love with Fox! Chad's best friend forever!! She's the bombshell that Fox has always wanted!! These two have some seriously hot chemistry going on!! And Fox still swooning!!! Awesome debut novel Kellie Hart Thank you for letting me read this!! Can't wait for Char and Chad's story!!

    5. Was gifted a copy by the author for an honest review!That review will be coming, just like . never mind that was rude ;) lol I'll be back with all the words soon.Bombshell (Up-close & Personal Novella No. 1) by Kellie Hart Here it is, all the words… I freaking loved this book, I loved the characters and I loved the story. I mean a brother’s best friend, romance plus the age gap… hello baby daddy!Okay not baby daddy, but still! The age gap I kind of like love with any story and that the [...]

    6. My husband told me that writing a self-deprecating review is the norm for authors on so I'm going to do exactly that. (I think. lol) Why did I give myself a 5 star review? Do I think my novella is perfect?I gave myself a 5 star review because I love my little story. I wrote it for me, first and foremost, and Jacque is so much who I am that it's weird reading her adventure with Fox. Her heart is also my heart, and we're women of extreme emotions. I suffer from sometimes crippling anxiety, and wr [...]

    7. I freakin' loved this book. This was my first book by Kellie and I was not disappointed. As this is Kellies first time writing a smutty novel for us girls, she has done an amazing job, bringing us female characters that you can relate to. Jacquie is my sister from another mister, I love her dirty mind, the way she talks and thinks, she keeps me thoroughly entertained. Jacquie is also my girl crush, looking like a pin-up Suicide Girl but with curves and a confidence that every woman deserves. Thi [...]

    8. This story is sexy and I'm glad I took a chance to read it! Fox is everything I knew he would be. Jacque is such a badass woman. I love the chemistry and history they have together. I can't wait to read more from Kellie! I already love her writing!

    9. So fun. So cute. So funny and SO sexy! Age-gap AND professor trope! Be still my heart. I loved this short fast read.

    10. This little novella is crazy hilarious! I didn't think an author could pack so much in 100 pages, but it's also totally dirty and funny and bitter and sweet. Seriously, it made me laugh and cry and have the feels all at the same time. I freakishly loved Jacque and her internal monologuing. She thinks just like me and that's a tad scary. lol She is also super relatable, especially with her real size. I'd kill to be able to walk around all day in her shoes, too. Fox was yummy (*understatement*), a [...]

    11. Awesome combination! A funny love story with smut!! What more could you want? There's just enough of all three. Looking forward to reading more from Kellie Hart! Can't wait to find out where she can go with these characters that she makes you fall in love with! For those that just wants a little dirty read, then this is what you want. Not so much graphic but just enough to tickle that sweet spot.

    12. I love finding new authors for me to stalkd now Kellie has a new stalker a big girl with tats.dly a brunette though lolI love when bigger girls get there man! and Jacqueline got hers in big brothers best mate fox.rt hot Doctor Fox d as we all knowue love never runs smoothly, but this book ticks all my boxes of what I love about a book, 1) humor 2) hot and I mean hot sex scenes 3) happy ever after 4) pulled heart strings, I absolutely loved this book and will definitely reread again so on that bo [...]

    13. This was such a fun novella to read. We get a little bit of everything: Brothers best friend, age gap, sexy professor, full figured curvy woman & a sassy best friend. The chemistry between Fox & Jacque was hot, hot, hot!!! Their story ended up being so sweet. She crushed on him for so long & just could not get him out of her mind even when parted by distance. Now he's a professor at her college & things are about to get steamy. I really loved this story but just wanted a little b [...]

    14. This book will have you laughing one minute and fanning yourself the next.Jacque is sassy and hilarious, while Fox is panty-melting and smart. Jacque has had a crush on Fox since her early teens but after he left for college she did not see him much anymore. Then during her senior at college he turned up at her school as a professor and give her a hateful look. Until one day she found out the truth from him. This short book is a must read! Only bad thing I can say about it is that it's rushed in [...]

    15. Quirky, Funny, SexyMoments that will have wine squirting out your nose, moments that will make you teary-eyed, and moments that require a fan and an iced beverage - they're all here in Bombshell! Hart's unique voice created dimension in her quirky characters and had me feeling every high and low along with them. Even though it may have ruined Spider-Man movies for me, I highly recommend this sexy, sassy rom-com.

    16. For a novella, I give this book 5 stars. Kellie painted complicated characters and a fairly full story with very few words. I prefer books with more storyline and more secondary characters. so if I was rating Bombshell against full length novels I would give it 4.5. If you want a short read that is different and never slows down this is the perfect book for you.

    17. This was a cute little story, a little bit far fetched in my honest but funny and cute. Fox seems like a sweetheart, it was Jacque a just couldn't seem to get involved in. She just didn't rub me the right way.

    18. I'm really not sure why people are giving this book one star reviews. Is it weird? Abso-effin-lutely (to borrow the MC's words), but it's also got so much heart for a novella. I totally didn't expect the plot line with the mother. I won't mention much b/c I don't want to give away what happens, but I really appreciated the fact this wasn't just a book full of smut. Yeah, the synopsis may say it's raunchy, but I've lost people like Jacque did, and we totally do what she does--shut down and look f [...]

    19. ★1 Star★At first I was disappointed to discover this was only a novella, because the synopsis sounded really promising and I thought I’d want more than 100 pages of it. Then I was grateful it was only a novella, because the synopsis was misleading and I couldn’t wait to be done with it. Hate f*cking? Seems like the author doesn’t know what that is. These two didn’t hate f*ck. If anything they love f*cked. They reunited and blurted their feelings almost straight away. I can’t even b [...]

    20. I was expecting a little more. but I enjoyed the aspect of reading about someone who wasn't your sterotypical tiny girl and rather someone who was busty and owned that shit. It was entertaining, especially the spider man stuff, but the way that character comes back is not too believable, and why? The steamy scenes were angsty and sexy, but I feel like the heroine went from 0 to 60 in her thoughts on Fox. It left me confused.

    21. Je m’attendais à quelque chose d’explosif, j’ai été assez déçue.Jacque est une jeune femme qui aime s’habiller de façon sexy, même si au fond d’elle, elle ne se sent pas sexy du tout.Étudiante en lettre à l’université, elle compte écrire le meilleur livre de tous les temps une fois son diplôme en poche. Sa vie à l’université est plutôt banale, quand elle n’est pas en cours, elle est chez elle, sinon, elle travaille dans un petit café. Toute sa vie pourrait être p [...]

    22. **4.5 STARS**Bombshell is my third book by Kellie Hart. I unfortunately read them out of order. LOL I have to say that if I had started with Bombshell and had never read anything by Kellie before (I'm a traditional romance gal; think Colleen Hoover) I could see why this one would leave you scratching your head. But then, I finally read it, and I loved it.Bombshell is awkward; I'll give you that. You can clearly tell that Kellie is trying to establish her voice in the genre, and it's weak at time [...]

    23. This is my first read by Kellie Hart and I enjoyed this story. Kellie's writing style is refreshing and very true, down-to-earth. Even though there may have been some grammar errors and what not, I felt like I was Jacque's BFF and she was telling me all about her day (& yes, we probably talk to our BFFs like this) so I easily looked over it. I know some people can be a bit of a Grammar Nazi so you've been warned. I loved Jacque's personality and her inner monologue was everything!The only cr [...]

    24. For a debut from this author I’m highly impressed, what took me so long to read Jacque and Fox’s story I don’t know but now I’m hooked. Right off the bat I’m loving Jacqueline, she’s a confident zero **cks given about what she likes when it comes to her style and her beautifully given curves, she’s absolutely hilarious and so is her conscious that makes an appearance time to time. Now let’s give you a little about Fox, holy smokes panty melting Fox is a bit older but oh so delici [...]

    25. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.On a scale of creative writing to English professors this book is your older brother’s sexy best friend.Like wow, Jacque and I  are similar in more ways than I care to admit. She’s smart, funny, and she wants to be a writer when she grows up. If only I had a Fox in my life the way she does. Don’t even get me started on Fox Montgomery, sweet, caring, and everything I want in a husband. I loved him from the mome [...]

    26. I really wish this book had the overall rating it deserves. Is it a classic to go up against the greats? No. But that's what makes it so awesome. It's so NOW! Women deserve the dirty comedies our male counterparts get, like Twenty-One Jump Street or Anchorman, and I don't mean remakes with female leads, either, like Ghostbusters or Oceans 8. Kellie has done with this Bombshell, a cast of female characters who are strong enough to not just lead a little, hilarious novella, but an entire series. K [...]

    27. Light, sexy, flirtyJacques, Char, & Fox were a riot, but there was one character that got me by he down to the core sexy description adn then it all got flipped around and just too fun. I had to laugh out loud a few times. Then of course he was not the good sweet person one would have thought, but enough about him. Jacques and Char are a down right riot together and apart. Their inner monologue too funny. Fox well let me say Jacques had no worries. This man loved her.

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