Painted Devils: Strange Stories

Painted Devils Strange Stories Aickman lures us into eerie psychic realms where the commonplace becomes horrific where fantasy and reality interweave where the innocent are unwitting prey And we too become victims of the unknown

  • Title: Painted Devils: Strange Stories
  • Author: Robert Aickman
  • ISBN: 9780684159997
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Aickman lures us into eerie psychic realms where the commonplace becomes horrific, where fantasy and reality interweave, where the innocent are unwitting prey And we too become victims of the unknown forces he conjures Against a wide variety of settings, Aickman s chilling stories unravel with the psychological subtlety and uncanny vision of a true master of the genre.

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    1. Robert Aickman

      Author of close to 50 strange stories in the weird tale and ghost story traditions, two novels The Late Breakfasters and The Model , two volumes of memoir The Attempted Rescue and The River Runs Uphill , and two books on the canals of England Know Your Waterways and The Story of Our Inland Waterways.Co founder and longtime president of the Inland Waterways Association, an organization that in the middle of the 20th century restored a great part of England s deteriorating system of canals, now a major draw for recreation nationally and for tourism internationally.Grandson of author Richard Marsh.

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    1. Painted Devils is both beautiful and strikingly eerie all at once. A Seventies supernatural short story collection, the atmosphere of the times seeps through the pages and makes it all the more creepily nostalgic.

    2. My average rating for the stories in _Painted Devils_ comes out to 3.38. My three star rating for this short story collection by Robert Aickman might surprise some people. The poet W.H. Auden made the point that not everything by Shakespeare is outstanding. Similarly, I judge that some of Aickman's lesser stories are in this book."Ravissante" is about a symbolist painter whose checked sensuality is awakened by a visit to the widow of a famous painter. The widow urges him to rifle through the sh [...]

    3. Eerie, atmospheric, almost Victorian, Aickman's stories are all about hints and omens, tension and suspense. Very few of the mysteries in these stories are solved; instead one is left with an uneasy sense that there are some Very Nasty Things out there. Just around the corner or down the alley. In the dark.I think my favorite was "The View," in which a man recovering from some unspecified illness goes on holiday, on his doctor's recommendation. On the boat over to the island that is his destinat [...]

    4. Robert Aickman is one of my favorite writers. He's a great supernatural fiction writer and pretty much everything he wrote can be put under that genre but at the same time you could also put him up there with Kafka, in terms of bizzare and unsettling little stories which poke at bigger questions. I have to say, that everything I read about him talks about his vagueness as a writer, which could be true but I feel it is more that he chooses not to reveal information that could undermine his story. [...]

    5. Robert Aickman was an expert at spinning strange, uncanny stories full of symbolism that touch on the horrors of daily life. They're so multi-layered that they almost require several readings; even then, I wasn't sure I had picked up on everything. Even when he's writing a standard ghost story ("The Waiting Room"), he's better and more interesting than pretty much any other writer who attempts it. Unfortunately, Aickman is still relatively unknown in the U.S and a good chunk of his stories are s [...]

    6. Aickman's open, slippery narratives take one on uneasy journeys through bewildering situations."Ravissante" is inspirational. I'm not the only one who thinks so:themenaceofobjects.wordpress.I also enjoyed "The View" and "The School Friend". The rest are hit-and-miss.

    7. Aickman's short stories never quite go where the reader expects them to, often straddling a particularly unsettling line between metaphor and non sequitur. Most of the stories in this collection fell just short of achieving the tone of truly weird that marks the stories of H.P. Lovecraft or Brian Evenson, and left me feeling like there was some secret at the heart that I failed to unravel.

    8. Respected this more than I enjoyed it. I'm not sure if I've read Aickman before, but he's good--great prose, terrific sense of mood, willingness to let the creeps settle in without ever overselling. But about half the stories in this collection, I felt like I was missing some crucial piece of information that would've made them really click in my mind. I assume that's more my fault than the author's, but it meant I felt at a remove throughout. That might be the intended effect, but it also meant [...]

    9. Painted Devils by Robert Aickmam is a collection of his modern British ghost stories.This rarely happens to me, but when reading the ending of Marriage, it actually got to me and I almost dropped the book. Perfect stories for Halloween and October or a scary Summer read.

    10. Stephen King recommended author and book. Noted as "important to the genre we have been discussing" from Danse Macabre, published in 1981. Author discussed in chapter 9.

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