Incompetence Bad is the new good In the not too distant future the European Union enacts its most far reaching human rights legislation ever The incompetent have been persecuted for too long After all it s not the

  • Title: Incompetence
  • Author: Rob Grant
  • ISBN: 9780575074491
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bad is the new good In the not too distant future the European Union enacts its most far reaching human rights legislation ever The incompetent have been persecuted for too long After all it s not their fault they can t do it right, is it So it is made illegal to sack or otherwise discriminate against anyone for being incompetent And now a murder has been committed anBad is the new good In the not too distant future the European Union enacts its most far reaching human rights legislation ever The incompetent have been persecuted for too long After all it s not their fault they can t do it right, is it So it is made illegal to sack or otherwise discriminate against anyone for being incompetent And now a murder has been committed and our possibly incompetent detective must find out who the murderer is As long as he can find directions to get him through the mean streets.

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      enpedia wiki Rob_GrantWrites under the name Grant Naylor when collaborating with Doug Naylor

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    1. Incompetence begins fabulously, and I'm not just talking about the first page, or even sentence. Take a close look at the cover: notice the misplaced "e"? That's what caught my eye at the bookstore, and having never before heard of Rob Grant, I bought the book based solely on the strength of that cover alone. "Surely," I thought, "anyone who can purposely misspell the word 'incompetence' on the cover of a novel is a writer to be dealt with." In many ways I was right, but in many ways I think thi [...]

    2. I've been keeping this book on my "currently-reading" shelf forever because I wanted to give it a worthy review, with examples of all the things that led me to believe that this is the worst book I've ever read.What a shame that a good idea can turn out mediocre because someone didn't have the patience to work on it properly. I've noticed that a lot with books and movies recently. I was so eager to read this book after I saw it in the bookstore. I expected something splendidly satiric from it, b [...]

    3. This, according to a friend, was the funniest book he had ever read. He had been looking for it for years. As we walked away from the shop, he was chortling away as he read.It was funny but the world’s best? I guess it must be more about the time he read it.Nothing really “happens” in this book. The love interest just “is” and appears in one scene. The great mystery of the killer is kind of obvious.But you’re not reading this for the biting plot. You’re reading it for the setups an [...]

    4. The author obviously has a flair for writing. Unfortunately this flair may be limited to haiku, as on or about the eighth line I started to get sever pain in the front right lobe of my brain: This is the first time I have ever experienced deja vu as other than an existential event.The first chapter was tough going. The author has a particular style and likes to hammer it home paragraph after paragraph remorselessly. Things got better for me further in, but I think this was a combination of my ac [...]

    5. In the all-to-near future, the European Union is well on its way to becoming a single federalised state. Unfortunately, due to the passing of Article 13199 of the Pan-European Constitution ("No person shall be prejudiced from employment in any capacity, at any level, by reason of age, race, creed or incompitence,"), the continent is grinding to a halt. One detective is assigned to track down a dangerous killer, but finds his investigation complicated by blind nightclub bouncers, octogenarian mal [...]

    6. Incompetence is a comedy noir-esque novel by Rob Grant, best known for his work as one half of Grant Naylor, the writers of Red Dwarf. Set in the near future where United States of Europe Article 13199 has banned basing hiring and firing practices on a person's competence level, Harry Salt - deep undercover agent for an British/European intelligence agency - has to unravel the mysterious death of fellow cell member Klingferm, committed by the anonymous and dangerous Jack Appleseed.If that sounds [...]

    7. Incompetence is full of great humour, witty one liners and amusing thoughts. Rob Grant has a unique and old school sense of humour, which is undeniably English to the core. Incompetence is a great showcase for Grant, unleashing his style in a futuristic Europe, where stupidity is norm. Incompetence fails in the long term though. Despite the persistent humour, the actual story is rather mundane, through to a rather routine finale. With a better structure this book could have been great, however a [...]

    8. Review from dwjjones1 Harry is an deep cover agent for Europol dealing with security issues and possible international incidents. These occur almost on a minute by minute basis Europe is now one entity (The United states of Europe,) and is now tolerant of incompetence, and where everyday farce is almost mandatory.Harry uses a number of different identities, including Harry Salt, Cardow Vasuler and Harry Tequila and communicates with other Europol agents via the medium of the personal ads section [...]

    9. Incompetence is the second of Rob Grant’s non-Red Dwarf solo fiction books, and is number 31 in the 2017 Reading Challenge. Set in a not very distant dystopian future, in which the European Union has enacted a brand new human rights legislation in favour of the incompetent, which states:“No person shall be prejudiced from employment in any capacity, at any level, by reason of age, race, creed or incompitence” – complete with spelling mistake. Rob’s most recent novel is a crime thrille [...]

    10. Incompetence is a book that loves to rant. In fact, it is about 85% rant, and 15% plot. Which makes it a bit difficult to review without giving too much plot away. In a nutshell, the story is set in a near future where the EU and political correctness have led to discrimination based on competence being abolished. The result? A society where the vast majority of things don't quite work, and most people are annoying nincompoops. In the middle of all this, a kind of super secret agent is following [...]

    11. When I first waddled into a small bookstore located in Lanzarote, this little book caught my eye straight away as it seemed like it would be perfect: a detective novel with a twist of black humour that seemed unknown to most people. Immediatley, I payed the 4 euro it cost to buy it; I'm honestly disapointed, and about 1/3 of the way in I dropped reading it.Don't get me wrong, after the first chapter I was hooked; I was near to tears in laughter and it left plenty of room for it to pick up and ge [...]

    12. This book for bought for me by a friend on the last day of college. In it contained a note explaining how I should still be myself regardless of what the rest of the world is like. Interestingly enough, I see myself as a particularly incompetent person, I feel I'm terrible at my job, awful at keeping girlfriends and generally unable to grasp social situations without over-thinking everything.So what a relief Rob Grant came along. Rob Grant, Rob Grant. Rob Grant was one of the original writers of [...]

    13. I enjoyed this. The ostensible plot is really just a framing sequence to allow a sequence of interludes, but that's ok since they're funny. The internal logic doesn't always work, e.g. at one point the protagonist gets stuck in a lift and blames himself for being foolish enough to trust it, but later he criticises a paramedic for choosing the stairs over the lift. Also, even if there are plenty of incompetent people being given jobs, what happened to all the competent people? Colony handled that [...]

    14. This is a somewhat of a curious book. A kind of futuristic, comic noir. Its strengths are some very well written, clever and genuinely funny scenes. The weaknesses the unevenness and disjointedness of the whole work and the fact that story is pretty much all surface and no depth. Essentially the book consists of a set of linked set pieces framed within a future united Europe that is overly bureaucratic and largely dysfunctional. Everything is subordinate to the gags in the set pieces, which mean [...]

    15. Like Red Dwarf, this is stuffed full of social commentary where, due to gross incompetence in others, Harry Salt struggles to achieve the most simplest things such as hire a car or board a train. In fact so much time and energy is spent on each mundane activity, that the book reads more like a series of episodes or sketches with a loose overriding arc over the whole thing. This is more of an observation than a criticism because each scene of jam-packed full of very funny moments - the priapismic [...]

    16. ha ha ha. Truly funny. A very good break from what I am currently readingort stories by Alice Munro. This felt a bit like Vonnegut and Tom Robbins together. I loved the vegetable shoes, NSS or non-specific stupidity and the episode with the train ticket clerk and the bell. Reading the entire chapter about the Paris car rental was frustrating only because that type if incompetence is only too real. And I love Harry's internal rage"I am prepared to hire another car. Can we do that? Can we do that [...]

    17. A hilarious, well written romp of a book.It's the story of Harry Salt, a dectective cum spy, who lives in a world straining under the burden of a European Directive that makes it impossible to fire someone just because they are incompetent at their job. Hence pilots with vertigo, a geriatric male bunny girl and a police captain with anger management issues - serious issues. Through all this, Salt has to find who murdered his colleague and work out where his luggage actually went!I laughed out lo [...]

    18. This book is a brilliant look into a future that is much closer than you may think I'm a world where incompetence is not grounds for being fired, anyone can do any job, no matter how poor they are at it. The narrator may be an excellent secret agent, but in a world where no one can agree which streets are one way and where vegetable leather shoes are the only shoes readily available thanks to animal rights activist, catching a murderer is next to impossible. This book made me laugh till I cried, [...]

    19. Do not go into this book expecting it to be about what it says it is.This is an amusing and unpredictable detective novel- at no point is the incompetence of the title elaborated on, it serves as background and little else. Obviously if you look into the world painted here, you would see a total lack of sense- just because you cannot discriminate against someone for being rubbish at their job doesn't mean the worst person will get it every time. This aside, Rob Grant is humorous and though the i [...]

    20. In theory, this should have been terrific; the premise is a good one (and topical), and I was fully expecting Rob Grant's humor to shine through. Unfortunately, this is a mess of a book; the character's are flat, the humor is forced, and the whole thing has the feel of something bashed out over the course of a few weeks.The book is mercifully short, meaning the suffering is short, and in fairness, does move along at a pace. However this feels like a huge opportunity missed,

    21. I found this when I started packing up to move, and re-read it. I'd forgotten just how funny it was. It made me laugh out loud. I'm not sure the humour would suit everyone, and if you're looking for a smart who-done-it, then give it a miss. What it is, in a slap stick type of way, is incredibly funny. Rob Grant wrote Red Dwarf, so if you don't like that, you may not like this book, but he has a genius way of taking the mundane and seeing a situation in it.

    22. I liked this but in places I found it hard going. It is slow to start and some of the jokes are quite amusing in a dark humour way but a lot of it comes across as a bit of a rant. Some of the scenes go on for a little to long.I enjoyed the mystery, and although I guessed who the villain was I was not expecting the ending.Not as funny as the Red Dwarf books but overall an amusing read if you like sarcastic humour.

    23. Although this book was written before the current string of crises, it does do a great job of painting a dystopian but also sadly very realistic picture of a future Europe, kind of like the movie Idiocracy did for the United States.If people don't awake from the political correctness stupor, then we will indeed soon have as unqualified and inept idiots in position of responsibility like in the novel. So please, let's make sure this remains fiction!

    24. A terrible, terrible book. I haven't given up partway through a novel in a long time, but I could just no longer justify wasting my time on it. Absolutely, laboriously unfunny. An annoying, tired and viciously overlong complaint about ham-fisted caricatures of the world done in an narrative voice that manages at once to be intolerably smug and utterly inane.

    25. A strange and somewhat vent-ful story which demonstrates a frustration with modern society tied up in a comedic film noir yet futuristic setting. Somewhat tougher than some Red Dwarf fans might be ready for, but in the same vein as the later Red Dwarf novels. Silly and enjoyable with aggressive undertones.

    26. Whimsical, and definitely amusing in places. I found the central premise a bit odd, since it seemed to be implying that the logical next step after outlawing racism and sexism was to outlaw meritocracy, and I'm not sure I agree. All in all, a nice light-hearted read but I'm not sure I'd rush to recommend it.

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