Francis Bacon: Anatomy of an Enigma

Francis Bacon Anatomy of an Enigma Francis Bacon was one of the most powerful and enigmatic creative geniuses of the twentieth century Immediately recognizable his paintings continue to challenge interpretations and provoke controvers

  • Title: Francis Bacon: Anatomy of an Enigma
  • Author: Michael Peppiatt
  • ISBN: 9781602397620
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Paperback
  • Francis Bacon was one of the most powerful and enigmatic creative geniuses of the twentieth century Immediately recognizable, his paintings continue to challenge interpretations and provoke controversy Bacon was also an extraordinary personality Generous but cruel, forthright yet manipulative, ebullient but in despair He was the sum of his contradictions This life, liFrancis Bacon was one of the most powerful and enigmatic creative geniuses of the twentieth century Immediately recognizable, his paintings continue to challenge interpretations and provoke controversy Bacon was also an extraordinary personality Generous but cruel, forthright yet manipulative, ebullient but in despair He was the sum of his contradictions This life, lived at extremes, was filled with achievement and triumph, misfortune and personal tragedy In his revised and updated edition of an already brilliant biography, Michael Peppiatt has drawn on fresh material that has become available in the sixteen years since the artist s death Most important, he includes confidential material given to him by Bacon but omitted from the first edition Francis Bacon derives from the hundreds of occasions Bacon and Peppiatt sat conversing, often late into the night, over many years, and particularly when Bacon was working in Paris We are also given insight into Bacon s intimate relationships, his artistic convictions and views on life, as well as his often acerbic comments on his contemporaries.

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    1. Francis Bacon has always been, rather aptly, something of an enigma to me. From a relatively young age I appreciated his works simply because of his vivacious use of bright colour and then, as I grew older, I came to appreciate the compelling and dark figures hidden beneath the seemingly bright veneer.I picked the biography up on something as a whim. It was a book we were planning on getting rid of at the shop I work at and, recognising the name, I thought it sounded interesting. Moreover, as I [...]

    2. I almost went on a date with a girl I met on Facebook once but the day of our date, I called her to confirm and she said that she was sorry, that I seemed like a really nice guy, but it could never work between us. I asked her why, what had I done, we hadn't even been on a single date. And she replied, I'm sorry I just need my space? You can understand that right? And I looked deep into the mirror, there's always a mirror in situations like this, and I nodded my head. She couldn't see me noddin [...]

    3. List of IllustrationsAcknowledgementsPreface--Francis Bacon: Anatomy of an EnigmaPostscript: The Afterlife of an AtheistNotesSelected BibliographyIndex

    4. Often times, when I am on my various museum travels, I will see, in the distance, a haunting image.Many times, it seems to be a Francis Bacon painting. Because of his time in art history, I am often in galleries which support his work. Yet, I never really knew anything about him. When I look back at my little journal book - I see the note"study Bacon." Which always strikes me funny.g a vegetarian and allbut never the lessI finally listened to my notes. This edition is suppose to have "untold" st [...]

    5. A former New York Times book of the year (for those who care about such accolades), and I'm all for books that focus on creative artists receiving such recognition (if only for the hope of audience spill over). Yes, you'll find all the juicy details about Bacon's at times scandalous private life, all the more so given that Peppiatt was a close friend of Bacon's for thirty years and confided in him to an uncommon (or, perhaps, calculated) degree. But what really puts this book over the top for me [...]

    6. A fascinating insight into the excesses and extremes of an artist who embraced both life and painting with enviable energy and dedication. Pepiatt’s close relationship with Bacon enables him to provide a an entertaining account of the characters that amused him between painting sessions, some of whom appear in his work. As an artist I was particularly interested in the way Bacon controlled the information about his work and his personal life throughout his career. Like a formidable press agent [...]

    7. Anyone who's seen a Francis Bacon painting, either in reproduction or in a museum or gallery, has come away intrigued, disturbed, and probably wondering about this person who painted these images, which stick in the mind like no other artist before or since. Whether his popes, crucifixions, portrait studies, heads, or triptychs, his images have a tendency to invade the subconscious and remain there, leaving the viewer to compose strange narratives to explain what they've seen. This revised and u [...]

    8. The recent retrospective at Tate Britain got me a bit hooked on Bacon. I picked up this biography randomly and am so glad that I chose this one rather than the range of others which take a more gossipy, scandalous approach to his life. Peppiatt starts of the book by confessing his own near obsession with Bacon and then goes on throughout the book to remain completely professional and genuine. The firm focus of the book is Bacon's art so it helps to either be very familiar with his work or have s [...]

    9. Francis Bacon, self taught artist, somehow rose from utter obscurity to become one the greatest icons of art in the late twentieth century. His meteoric rise, coupled with the extraordinary carnality and brutality of his art, with its screaming popes and anguished, quasi demoniacal, portraits, marks him out as strange and different to any artist that went before him - even considering Goya and his monsters. Congratulations to Mr Peppiatt for exploring and explaining some of the demons and drivin [...]

    10. Written by someone who knew him for over three decades, Francis Bacon: Anatomy of an Enigma (1997) is a thoroughly engaging biography. The research and resources are impeccable. Anecdotes are balanced by analysis, both of Bacon's life and work, an appropriate approach since the two are so deeply intertwined. Francis Bacon lived from 1909 to 1992, experiencing---and thriving on---any number of extremes. From lowlife and rough trade to the highest realms of society and the art world, Bacon enjoyed [...]

    11. While biographers can't resist psychologizing their subjects in the worst way -- claiming some cause/effect relationship between the artist's life and his work -- this book is worth that nonsense just for the gems that drop out of Bacon's mouth: his analyses of his own work, which come obliquely from his snarky comments on others' lives and works and some moments when he lets his guard down. I compiled a list so I don't have to dig through the chaff for the wheat next time -- maybe biography jus [...]

    12. Often times, in my many museum adventures I am drawn to various haunting figures. Many of these tend to be Francis Bacon's. Some artists follow you more than you follow them. I only know of Bacon because his time period lives among abstract expressionismd I can't help bump into him while I am visiting Pollock and De Kooning, In my little museum journal, many times you will see "study bacon," which seems funny to me.g a vegetarian and all, but nevertheless I am finally reading a biography on Baco [...]

    13. I think artists stay much closer to their childhood than other people. They remain far more constant to those early sensations. Other people change completely, but artists tend to stay the way they have been from the beginning.Francis Bacon quoted in Michael Peppiatt, Francis Bacon: An Anatomy of an Enigma (New York: Farrar, Strauss and Giroux, 1996), 3,To find yourself you need the greatest possible freedom to drift.Francis Bacon quoted in Michael Peppiatt, Francis Bacon: An Anatomy of an Enigm [...]

    14. To be fair I didn't actually know a great deal about Francis Bacon before reading this book other than his rather boozy interview with Melvyn Bragg on the South Bank Show. I was, to be honest, as attracted by reading about Chelsea/Soho of the forties onwards. This is a fairly brisk clip through his life and makes a decent effort of balancing a history of the man as well as the artist. He appeared to have a prodigious appetite for both booze and men (young and old) and many were in his thrallI th [...]

    15. A very good biography on the painter Francis Bacon, but still my interest in the book is not really on the subject matter, but his life in Soho London during the 50's and 40's. And this book has a lot of great information on places and Gay London life during that time period. When I think of Bacon, I think of location. Although his painting don't have 'locations' he was a man rooted in a time and culture that's fascinating.I am going back to London shortly, and if I have the time I am going to c [...]

    16. I have always liked Francis Bacon's work but I didn't know that much about the man behind such great paintings. This was an inspiring, interesting, well written biography about a fascinating artist. His paintings are brilliant but he was every bit as fascinating as the body of work he left behind. Inspiring and interesting. I had to deduct a star for the last chapter which talked more about the not very interesting struggles for power and money over his estate after his death. Even with the some [...]

    17. An excellent read. It goes into great detail about the life and the art of Francis Bacon. I read it on my Kindle so, unfortunately, there were no photos of the art works discussed in the book. However, I just used my tablet to access the images on the internet and that worked fine. Michael Peppiatt give a real sense of Bacon's lifestyle, the places, people and exploits of this artist. Francis himself was not forthcoming about defining his art but Peppiatt give plausible understanding to Bacon's [...]

    18. I bought this after seeing the Tate Britain retrospective. It gives a good overview of Bacon's life, striking a balance between colourful anecdotes and a more serious exploration of the art itself. The book mentions a number of times that Bacon maintained that only a writer of Proust's stature would be able to produce a worthy account of his life. Well, I'm not sure Peppiatt lives up to those impossibly high standards but he has a good stab at the standard biography format. In places I found mys [...]

    19. An excellent biography of an undoubtedly difficult, dissembling artist. I read this after reading Daniel Farson's biography (again) and it's certainly the better of the two. Both are rooted in friendship with Bacon, but Peppiatt places far less of himself in the work, unless directly quoting conversation. Where Farson's take on the story becomes disjointed and meandering, this work seems much more rigorous, providing much to ponder for those with even the most passing interest in one of the last [...]

    20. Although a bit repetitive (however for someone like me, that can be a plus) - extremely profound. I borrowed it from the library in the morning and by seven in the evening I had finished the entire thing. It's an extensive overlook into one of my favourite painters and it felt like a true analysis of one of the biggest enigmas in art. An absolute must if you're at all interested in Bacon and his works.

    21. Wow. It's really amazing to fantasize about being this man. I keep catching myself pretending that we have things in common, but he actually got to live in berlin pre ww2. he loved seducing straight men, and would get incredibly drunk and stumble over to his studio to paint disturbing and beautiful things completely un-british. sigh. je suis un poseur, je crois.

    22. At the moment I am obsessed with Francis Bacon. As with most biographies, parts of his personality and behavior were most likely exaggerated but I enjoyed this book because it balanced discussions regarding his work with information regarding his personal life and social circle. After reading this book I am totally into rough trade. Paint on!

    23. A fascinating and thorough counterpoint to the Tate restrospective; yes, Bacon was mad, bad and dangerous to know but so much more . . . wonderful insights into his transition from drifting misfit to the most thrilling British painter of the 20th century.

    24. For anyone interested in Francis Bacon's extraordinary life this is a fascinating read. I'm a huge fan of his art and this made for an interesting insight into the man. Well researched and expertly written.

    25. Certainly one of the most involving biographies I have read. Bacon is a fascinating character and Peppiatt writes brilliantly about the art and the life.

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