Far Reaches

Far Reaches The year is and World War II in the Pacific rages on with Americans engaged in desperate battles against a cunning enemy Coast Guard Captain Josh Thurlow is on hand at the invasion of Tarawa as

  • Title: Far Reaches
  • Author: Homer Hickam
  • ISBN: 9780641944956
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The year is 1943 and World War II in the Pacific rages on, with Americans engaged in desperate battles against a cunning enemy Coast Guard Captain Josh Thurlow is on hand at the invasion of Tarawa, as the U.S Navy begins the grand strategy of throwing her marines at island after bloody island across the Pacific But nothing goes as planned as young Americans go up againsThe year is 1943 and World War II in the Pacific rages on, with Americans engaged in desperate battles against a cunning enemy Coast Guard Captain Josh Thurlow is on hand at the invasion of Tarawa, as the U.S Navy begins the grand strategy of throwing her marines at island after bloody island across the Pacific But nothing goes as planned as young Americans go up against fanatical defenders, who revel in snipers, big guns, and human wave attacks from which there is no escape save death As blood colors the waters around Tarawa, Josh flounders ashore through a floating graveyard of dead men and joins the survivors, determined to somehow wrest victory from disaster Critically woundedJosh expects to die Instead, he is spun off on one of his greatest adventures when Sister Mary Kathleen, a young Irish nun, nurses him back to health, then shanghais Josh, sidekick Bosun Ready O Neal, and three American marines to a group of beautiful tropical islands invaded by a brutal Japanese warlord Josh and his little band must decide whether to help the Sister fight the battle she demands, return to Tarawa and the real war, or settle down in the romantic splendor of the South Seas Hickam expertly weaves the adventures of these hot blooded characters tighter and tighter until the Sister s secrets and sins are finally revealed during a horrific battle in the lair of the warlord With an incredible eye for historical detail and the talent of a master storyteller, Homer Hickam delivers another tour de force.

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      293 Homer Hickam
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    1. Homer Hickam

      Homer Hickam also known as Homer H Hickam, Jr is the author of many best sellers including his latest, Carrying Albert Home An eclectic writer, he wrote the Coalwood Series, which includes the 1 New York Times best selling memoir Rocket Boys, the popular World War II era Josh Thurlow series, the juvenile sci fi Crater series, the adult thriller The Dinosaur Hunter, the romantic Red Helmet, and many others His first book, Torpedo Junction, a military history of the U boat battles along the American coasts during WWII, has recently been optioned for a major motion picture Among his many writing awards, he has received the University of Alabama s Clarence Cason Award and the Appalachian Heritage Writer s Award for his memoirs and fiction plus an honorary Doctorate of Literature from Marshall University For information on Mr Hickam and his books and cats and everything else, please go to homerhickam.

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    1. This book was a good story but lacked critical elements. I listened to it on Audio CD and the audio narrator was excellent. He had very good cadence and flow and he did a really good job of individualizing each character's 'voice'. I think he is a really great narrator and will readily pick up any other book for which he is the reader!As for the book overall, however, I feel it only earned 3 stars because it lacked really significant component - any kind of emotional current. The book begins at [...]

    2. Hard to rate, after first 2 books of the Trilogy Hickman was contracted to write, that were top notch, to find the 3rd a let down. Capt. Josh and his Coast Guard crew from the Outer Banks ends up fighting on Tarawa with only his Bosun left. So we don't know unless Hickam will write a 4th and unite his crew at the end of WW2. Special interest was Josh teaching So. Pacific natives to make charcoal, That reminded me when my sister went to Africa to be a missionary, she had to read The Ugly American [...]

    3. Here's a cast of characters right out of the cliche locker:beautiful Irish nun, posted to a remote Pacific island during WW II and her retinue of fella boys on the run from a sadistic Japanese officer meet a heroic Coast Guard captain during the bloody battle of Tarawa. The captain, his faithful bosun, three frightened marines, the nun, and the fella boys escape from Tarawa on their seagoing canoes and, using dead reckoning navigation , arrive at a fictional island group, the Far Reaches. There, [...]

    4. Third Josh Thurlow book focuses more on Ready O'Neal, Thurlows Outer Banks friend and Coast Guard companion, as they get mixed up in the Marine invasion of Tarawa in the Pacific. Both men get mixed up in the tail of Sister Mary Kathleen, an Irish nun who escaped from Japanese capture on another island and came to Tarawa to encourage the Americans to come back with her to free her captive island from Japanese rule. But the sister has a secret that drives the story.Hickam writes in straightforward [...]

    5. It's funnyi picked this book up when my mother was reading it, I read this one and then found it was the last of the series!! I was dissapointed I read it out of order, but, when i went and read the first one then the second one, then read all three in order, i personally preferred reading them out of order! It adds more thrill to them all, because if you read this first, when you read the others it seems that much more interesting to find there past and who they're referring to. Overall, amazin [...]

    6. This my least favorite of Homer Hickam's books. The invasion of Tarawa is described in bloody, explicit detail. Almost 1000 Americans lost their lives in this battle in 1943. I forget how many more Japanese died. While it was an American victory there was a huge price paid. The second part of the book delves into the fictional account of a Catholic nun who had escaped from her Japanese captors after being raped and beaten. The ending is incomprehensible to me but I read about similar things in t [...]

    7. A really great war novel that captures the mixture of religion, morals, values with war and death. It is a powerful read that brings strong characters to life. I really enjoyed the description of battles and scenes. It tells an amazing tale about the Pacific theater during WWII. Its one of the most emotionally charged books I have read but it in many ways is predictable which makes the book lose some of its appeal. I still enjoyed the book a lot and thought it was appealing to guys and people in [...]

    8. Hickam’s memoir was made into the movie October Sky, but his own fiction is greatly disappointing. Staring characters from one of his previous books, this begins at the Battle of Tarawa, where the protagonist goes around taking part in the battle’s most famous actions, despite getting riddled by flesh injuries, before he, and several other Marines, are kidnapped/rescued by a nun and several natives, who take them to a fictional island chain in order to combat the commander of a small Japanes [...]

    9. Violent but fascinating continuation in the Josh Thurlow series. A great farce in the South Pacific about the intrepid Josh Thurlow and his eclectic gang of Coast Guardsmen, a nun caught in the onslaught of an island-hopping war against the Japanese. Though unlikely, it's difficult to put this one down with the fascinating characterizations, action and never-ending plot twists. I saw the ending coming on this one, but not the very ending.

    10. Another home run from Homer Hickam. The Josh Thurlow series is captivating, tense, and full of rich characters that make it hard to put down. Hickam makes it easy to get lost in his tales of the South Pacific.

    11. Adventurous, fun characters, villains, heroes, some romance. Historical fiction. Good writing. I'll definitely be reading more by Hickam. Since it's a war book there is some language- but it's fairly minimal for a war book.

    12. The weakest of the series. I did not care for the book that much or the ending.It seems that the author feels the need for the main character to cheat on his girlfriend in every book in the series.

    13. I rated it only 3 stars because I got tired of reading about all the nympho native women whose lives were dedicated to waiting on men -- especially the foreigners -- hand and foot and loving every minute of it. Quite the male fantasy.

    14. Very well written book about WWII in the South Pacific. 3rd in the series. We listened to it on CD on a long car ride. Both Hubby and I enjoyed it. Not a 'feel good' book, though, definitely a 'war' book so be warned.

    15. 1943. Polynesia. An interesting (if graphic) point of view of WWII in the Pacific. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that this is the third in a trilogy. I wasn't invested enough to go back and read the first two books.

    16. This book falls somewhere between "South Pacific" and "Winds of War." It treats its material gently and with some humor, given the horrific nature of war. And just when you've about decided it is purely light entertainment, it gets very tragic.

    17. I love all of Homer Hickams books, both the autobiogrphical and the fiction. This one is no exception. He tells a great story!

    18. Although the battle scenes were difficult for me because they were so vivid, I could not put the book down. I look forward to reading other Hickam books.

    19. Enjoyed reading it. A little WW2 history plus marines going native on paradise islands, and a pathetic guilt-ridden nun to turn it into a romantic plot-boiler at the end.

    20. I liked this book. To me it was the best of the three books about the,character. I do wish that Josh would,set sail again.

    21. Thoroughly enjoyed the Josh Thurlow series, even out of orderGreat story and WWII historical. Fun for those long road trips.

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