How to Beguile a Beauty

How to Beguile a Beauty The lonely life of a spinsterWhen her beloved dies in battle Lady Lydia Daughtry assumes she ll never love again Until a deliciously handsome duke awakens a part of her she never knew existed But how

  • Title: How to Beguile a Beauty
  • Author: Kasey Michaels
  • ISBN: 9780373774333
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Paperback
  • The lonely life of a spinsterWhen her beloved dies in battle, Lady Lydia Daughtry assumes she ll never love again Until a deliciously handsome duke awakens a part of her she never knew existed But how can she have such feelings for Tanner Blake, who is a constant reminder of all she has lost The least likely man to the rescueTanner Blake, duke of Malvern, promisedThe lonely life of a spinsterWhen her beloved dies in battle, Lady Lydia Daughtry assumes she ll never love again Until a deliciously handsome duke awakens a part of her she never knew existed But how can she have such feelings for Tanner Blake, who is a constant reminder of all she has lost The least likely man to the rescueTanner Blake, duke of Malvern, promised his dying friend he d take care of his dearest Lyddie So how dare he covet the lush, lovely young woman for himself especially since he is all but betrothed to another His solution find Lydia a suitable husband immediately But when both their lives become fraught with mystery and danger, Tanner s vow becomes intensely his desire to keep Lydia by his side forever.

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      Kasey Michaels is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of than 100 books she doesn t count them Kasey has received three coveted Starred Reviews from Publishers Weekly, two for the historical romances, THE SECRETS OF THE HEART and THE BUTLER DID IT, and a third for contemporary romance LOVE TO LOVE YOU BABY that shows diversity, you see She is a recipient of the RITA, a Waldenbooks and Bookrak Bestseller award, and many awards from Romantic Times magazine, including a Career Achievement award for her Regency era historical romances She is an Honor Roll author in Romance Writers of America, Inc RWA Kasey has appeared on the TODAY show, and was the subject of a Lifetime Cable TV show A Better Way, in conjunction with Good Housekeeping magazine, a program devoted to women and how they have achieved career success in the midst of motherhood short version with great difficulty.A highly praised nonfiction book, written as Kathryn Seidick, OR YOU CAN LET HIM GO, details the story of Kasey and her family during the time of her eldest son s first kidney transplant.Kasey has written Regency romances, Regency historicals, category books including novellas and continuities and a few series launch books, and single title contemporaries She has coped with time travel, ghosts, trilogies, the dark side, the very light side, and just about everything in between Hers is also the twisted mind behind her ongoing Maggie Kelly mystery series starring a former romance writer turned historical mystery writer whose gorgeous hunk of a fictional hero shows up, live and in color, in her Manhattan living room to melt her knees, to help her solve murders, and to leave the top off her toothpaste And, says Kasey, she s just getting started Series His Chariot Awaits Lion On the Prowl Crown Family London Friends Chandlers Request The Trehan Brothers Maggie Kelly Mystery Romney Marsh Sunshine Girls

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    1. This book was just a mild, lukewarm romance.I had looked forward to seeing Lydia come out of her shell, especially after her twin's book How To Tame a Lady. I hated Nicole (Lydia's spoiled selfish twin). I was prepared to love seeing Lydia sprout her wings and emerge a butterfly, but the few times she became more vocal or impassioned fell flat for me.I liked our hero, but I got sick of the "I'll be her friend til she needs something more from me" routine. It's been a year and 3 books. She needs [...]

    2. I don't think I've ever read a Kasey Michaels historical before. I do know that I read one of her contemporary romances, ages ago and loved it. It was Catch Me if You Can. I loved that book, I think I even had pages highlighted and notes in the margin. Then the sequel to that book came out and I didn't like it so I never picked up another title by her.So, I forgot how much I loved her books. I forgot how funny they were, how quickly you get sucked into the situation and the characters. As I read [...]

    3. Lydia is Nicole's twin sister and the difference between the two is night and day. And, I'm glad I didn't throw the entire series against the wall. This one actually helped me understand Nasty Nicole better.Digressing with a true story: Once upon a time in a grocery store, I happened to see a mother and her two daughters. There was one walking beside the cart and another riding inside the cart. I looked at the one walking. She was a sweet little girl about eight or so. She had brown hair, brown [...]

    4. A Fun read. The author has a way with words that had me laughing most of the time. She made Justin Wilde so intriguing as well as exasperatingly clever and annoying at the same time. I am truly Aghast and Agog at the plethora of witticisms and mix of adjectives and descriptions that are literally endemic during that genre. This book has managed to overwhelm and entertain the reader with a barrage of Wit.

    5. abbandonato dopo 33 pagine. Troppo insulso e noioso. Lady Lydia mi stava già sulle scatole nel secondo della serie, figuriamoci in questo seguito in cui è l'indiscussa protagonista!

    6. It wasn't bad for what it was, I don't expect anything earth shaking from a Regency romance novel. But the ending was terrible enough to knock off a star. It tried to go for a twist (which wasn't really one if you paid attention), but it was very convoluted and, after three different versions of what happened, not really resolved. Plus it was very rushed after a rather slow paced book.

    7. How to Beguile a Beauty is a tender, sweet, regency romance, tinged with a hint of mystery.A year later, Lady Lydia is still mourning the lose of her beloved Captain (Fitz), after the war violently took him from her. Tanner, who swore on the Captain's deathbed to watch over, protect and take care of Lydia, is starting to develop deep and ever growing feelings for her, that reach far beyond those of protector. How can he convince Lydia that his feelings for her, far outreach those of his promise [...]

    8. I'm not even sure I made it to 20 pages, let alone my usual 100 page testing limit.The writing style, and the dialogue in particular, was so clunky and unnatural that I actually laughed aloud at one point and it was most certainlynotthrough good humour. I actually do enjoy it when authors introduce certain linguistical features that have echoes of real regency language, but there is a line between entertaining linguistic flair and this "Oh, speaking of Rafe, he's downstairs with our friend Tanne [...]

    9. How to Beguile a Beauty by Kasey MichaelsEven though the war on the Continent is over Lady Lydia Daughtry is still mourning her beloved who died in battle. Captain Swayne Fitzgerald asked his best friend to swear that if he were killed, that Tanner Blake, Duke of Malvern would look out for his dearest Lyddie. This puts Blake in a bit of a quandary, first he is engaged to be married to his 3rd cousin Jasmine and second he falls in love with Lydia.Lydia is too lost in mourning to realize that Blak [...]

    10. It's hard to describe how I feel about this book. In this book we are introduced to the Baron Wilde, but I have to say that I did NOT like his character at all in this one. I thought he was very annoying. But I loved his character in How to Wed a Baron. Tanner and Lydia's characters were ok. I just thought the story was slow to pick-up, and then when it did advance, it was so sudden that I was kind of surprised at how quickly they went from dancing around their feelings, to sharing a bed and dec [...]

    11. This book seemed to have so much promise. It has several things that I particularly liked: a kind hero who is clearly in love with the heroine from the beginning. And the writing style was not that bad. But there was something off in the plotting in this and the ending was so nonsensical and convoluted that I'm still not quite sure what the author's point was with the murder/mystery story (oh, and there was never a more annoying character to read about than Jasmine). I could barely finish this a [...]

    12. I found this book horribly boring. Lydia and Malvern were BOTH boring. The novel was just so long and tedious with NOTHING happening that I didn't know how I persevered. What disappoints me most is that I'd had a hazy idea of how I'd wanted this book to go but it didn't end up that way at all. I don't think I've come across a more boring book. The ONLY things that sparked my interest was the Baron, Justin, who on occasion could be amusing and that crazy plot about the thieves. The latter didn't [...]

    13. This is my first historical novel by K.M and I dare say it will not be my last! I had some issues with the book - and I believe most are because of the way the books must clearly be intertwined within the series. When we get started, our main characters are already in love with one another, all that is left is for both to admit it really. So there is a lack of romance, or rather the "getting to know each other, falling in love" bits that I so love about the genre. But there is adventure, interes [...]

    14. Lydia and Tanner are perfectly suited for each other. He's a duke, she's a duke's sister. See how it works out perfectly? Except that he knows it can't work. Every time she looks at him, he knows that she remembers him breaking the news of her (almost) fiance's death.And Lydia knows that she can't marry him. He's practically engaged to his cousin. It was a deathbed wish of his father's.So Tanner decides that he's going to do the next best thing. He's going to find her the perfect husband. So he [...]

    15. There was so much dialogue. That isn't automatically a bad thing, but it was boring. Predictable story. Both Justin and Jasmine were tedious characters. Mostly just wanted them to shut up and the story to get going. (view spoiler)[ Jasmine was contradictory too. First she was in inexperienced liar who didn't hold a candle to Nicole. Then she was way better than Nicole. I get what the author was trying to do, but it didn't work. There are other ways to express deviousness. I am probably being mor [...]

    16. Here comes the more sedate of the twins and her story. The story actually introduces the love interest quite unusually and the young lady has fallen in love with one of her brother's friends who has returned to once again fight Napoleon as he tries once again to rule France. The friend dies and the young women's tale of unhappiness turns into romance with, of course, the bearer of the bad news who she has taken an instant dislike to because of his message.

    17. Actual rating 2,5 stars.Although I liked some parts of the novel, my opinion of the book can be described as such:If you're by any chance interested in reading more about my opinion, click HERE.

    18. This book was recommended to me by my co-worker. I couldn't get pass chapter 5. I usually like to read historical romance to get good laughs and to pass the time, but this one I got none and it's a waste of time. The story was told in a very boring tone about a guy who brought bad news of his passing friend to the wife who he ended up falling in love with??? Oh, brother. :/ The story needed better plots and not sooooo predictable.

    19. This one was an impulse buy. I saw it in the store and thought sounds good. WellI'll be watching my impulses from now on. lol. Where to start?? It was boring! It took 200 pages to get interesting! The h/h were just bland to me. The only character remotely interesting was the hero's friend Justin and we didn't get a whole lot from him either. I have to say if the authors other books are written like this, I won't be reading them.

    20. This was the first book that I read in the series although this wasn't the first book. I loved the story and adored Lydia and Tanner. But the most obvious parts where Justin would have been funny wasn't funny. However, It did leave a big question mark in my head on what he'll be up to in the next book? Plus reading of other characters in the book I realised that I had to take a step back and read the Rafe's story (book one) which I hope would be as good as this one.

    21. An ok historical, though I liked the side characters a bit more than Tanner and Lydia, especially Justin and his 2 manservants. It was actually a little boring until the mystery shows up more than halfway through. The wily cousin was well done and I liked the unveiling of the true story, beneath the layers and layers of lies. I'll definitely pick up Justin's story next.

    22. Micheals write this book very well, really, the writing is very fluid and smoothbutere is BUT I think that the story is too thin and sometimes boring, too.I haven't read the books before but I the story don't involve me so muche plot is not new and the characters aren't so beautiful than they could be bad no goodter close the last page I forgot the story in few hours

    23. Oh Dear I am busy but I never take long to finish something I like. This is that bad. OK it started out pretty good. The first couple of pages was actually a bit different and so I enjoyed it. But then I don't know what happened. At times I wanted to shake Tanner and Lydia! Justin at least had sense of humor. But the plot riveted on murder, theft and what not! A big NO-NO for me.

    24. I enjoyed this book, although it didn't quite suck me in like many others of this genre do--although I'm really not sure why. It chronicles the love story (and a small mystery) between the quiet twin learning to spread her wings and the man who has waited for her. There are quite a few humorous bits and great secondary characters.

    25. This gets a solid 3.5 rating from me. The book has nice language that is not overly cliched, interesting plot, well crafted minor characters and a lovely main couple. The only really telling error was when in one page Lydia was called Julia. I was a bit shocked that the book was not proof-read for such a large mistake to be allowed to remain.

    26. I liked it, but too much time getting to the point and I was annoyed with the cousin from the get go. Also a duke would never be named Tanner. KM always makes these kinds of errors. In the first book of the series, the many timed widowed mother of the new duke is referred to as Dowager.correct because her late husband was never the duke before his son. Drives me crazy!

    27. Much better than Nicole's book. Characters were likable and intelligent. They just had the tendency to overthink every action and word. The end was exciting but I still have a feeling that the evil mastermind had such a stupid motive for doing all those things.

    28. Not sure if I've read this author before, but I will again. I picked this up because the cover is so pretty and thought I'd give it a try. It was a enjoyable romance with a little side intrigue. I enjoyed the characters quite a bit and stayed interested all the way through.

    29. I have to admit that I never made it through this book. The language is so heavy and convuluted that it makes it ridiculous to read. I was surprised because I have read other books by this author and like them. Do not recommend this at all.

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