The King Commands

The King Commands In this eagerly awaited sequel to NORTHLANDER THE KING COMMANDS Tales of the Borderlands Book Two Ellin Fisher now a Healer must choose between her love for the young Northlander king and her duty

  • Title: The King Commands
  • Author: Meg Burden
  • ISBN: 9780979882418
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this eagerly awaited sequel to NORTHLANDER, THE KING COMMANDS Tales of the Borderlands Book Two, Ellin Fisher, now a Healer, must choose between her love for the young Northlander king and her duty to her own people, the Southlings, who are feared and hated in the North.

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    1. Meg Burden

      Meg Burden is the award winning author of Northlander, Book One of the Tales of the Borderlands series, which she began writing when she was twenty two years old She s currently twenty seven and has lived in rural Nebraska for most of her life.At fourteen, she went to college via Mary Baldwin College s Program for the Exceptionally Gifted in Virginia She graduated with a degree in music in May 2000, the day before her eighteenth birthday After taking a year off to spend time with her family, she headed back to Virginia, this time to UVa, and spent a year in a PhD program for music Somewhere in there, she fell in love, got engaged, adopted two cats, and figured out that she wanted to be a writer.Meg and her husband currently live with a lot of cats and their toy Poodle in a neat old house in a tiny Nebraska town.In addition to writing, Meg raises Siamese cats In the past, she has been a waitress, a bartender, a pizza cook, an assistant parrot breeder her mom used to raise birds and a graduate teaching assistant.Meg has been a fan of science fiction and fantasy all her life One of her earliest memories is of crying at the end of the cartoon version of The Hobbit, and she read the book soon after that and was hooked for life Most of her favorite books growing up are still favorites today, and the authors whose works transported her to other worlds when she was growing up, like J.R.R Tolkien, C.S Lewis, Patricia McKillip, Lloyd Alexander, and Susan Cooper, have places of honor both on her bookshelf and in her heart Meg hopes to bring the same sense of wonder, escapism, and possibility to the books she writes.

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    1. This is the sequel to Meg Burden’s Northlander, a highly creative and well written traditional fantasy that came along at a time when I really needed some good ol’ fashioned kings and magic. After nearly being beaten to death with contemporary paranormal and dystopian YA novels, it was nice to go back to what I really love. The story follows Ellin as she returns to her homeland under less than ideal circumstances in search of a better understanding of the royal family’s shared talents, as [...]

    2. Meh. I wasn't very excited by the first book in this series, but I did find it to be moderately enjoyable, if not wholly engaging. This one was even less enchanting. I think the problem is mainly that Ellin gets separated from the princes early on in the story, and their relationship dynamic is pretty much the only thing I found compelling. So, take that away, and we have a very mediocre book. Add a bizarre major character death (which could have been prevented but, for some reason, wasn't) and [...]

    3. I absolutely loved The king Commands. I hope there will be another book added to this series. I think the cover art for this book is cheesy and the book deserves better. Hopefully there will be another book in the series to tie up some of those loose ends.

    4. For this second book in the series, I did a read-along with my friend Chachic -- see the full conversation we had about the book here -- needless to say, I totally loved this one.

    5. Initial thoughts on finishing this book:YES!!! There is going to be a sequelNo!!!! nononono!!! I HAVE TO WAIT FOR A SEQUEL!!I really don't like Alaric that much. What is the big deal about him?Gareth is so sweet Finn is ADORABLE!!I cannot believe that Ellin did not try to heal you know who.But I understand why she didn't . . .Thalia rocks!Review:This book was just as good as the first one in the series. This is definitely not going to be a series that everyone enjoys, sometimes the pacing is a l [...]

    6. Reviewed by Kira M for TeensReadTooAfter healing a Southling traitor's mind, Ellin Fisher is exiled to the Southlands by the Northland royalty. Seen as a member of the royal family, however, the king sends the youngest brother, Garreth, to protect her.While in the Southlands, she discovers a plot by the Guardians, the overseers of the Southlands, to destroy the Northlands and the Southlings who have magical abilities. Torn between her homeland and the Northlands she's come to call home, Ellin mu [...]

    7. I loved the first book and this book but I am pretty upset with the author. Who writes two books, this one with lots of questions unanswered, and then doesn't write a 3rd book. This book has been out since 08 and in 9 years she hasn't written a 3rd book. Maybe she couldn't but it is the most frustrating thing to not have a finished story. This story comes no where near to being done. The bad guys are not brought to justice the love story is not even close to completion. Our characters story's ar [...]

    8. After racing through the previous book, Northlander, I finally got my hands on this one. Plot-wise, this was so much more than I was expecting - Ms Burden covers more in this book then some authors do in an entire fantasy saga! I did think the plot felt as though it was spinning slightly out of her control with a few too many characters, and I found the POV shifts slightly jarring (maybe they could have been flagged a bit more with different headers or typesetting?). Still though, some beautiful [...]

    9. In spite of the absolutely DREADFUL cover art, I found this book to be pretty entertaining. I wish that there weren't so many things left hanging, especially since the third book may be a long time coming, but it was still worth it. I think Meg Burden has a very creative world here with the main problems being that the books are too short and too much is left hanging for the next one! The heroine is awesome though I really don't understand the whole love-sick for Alaric business. The other broth [...]

    10. The first book in this series, Northlander, was such a pleasant surprise, and I was very happy to continue on with the second book. The cast of characters continues to be complex and intriguing, and the theme of cultural conflict and reconciliation is certainly a timely (and timeless) one. Ellin Fisher is a narrator who is very easy to relate to, and her developing powers create tension within herself as well as with others. This series would appeal, I think, both to fans of traditional fantasy [...]

    11. 3.5 stars. I finally was able to finish this one (I discovered my copy had some kind of printing error and there were sporadic blank pages throughout the last 20 or so of the book so I had to get a replacement). I enjoyed this sequel to Northlander, but not as well as the first one. I think my biggest complaint is the switching of point of view between first person (Ellin) and third person (Finn). I realize it was done to tell all the pieces of the story, but it seemed a little awkward to keep j [...]

    12. Just because it's a self-published book with crappy cover graphics doesn't mean it's bad! This is one of the times I wish I had a kindle to hide the cover though.Pretty good sequel. The writing isn't perfect and the story line felt a bit awkward sometimes, but I really enjoyed it. I would like to read the next.

    13. 2.5 starsAgain, solid writing, more emotional and with a wider reach of consequences, but I still was not happy with my characters. I was sort of vindicated when Ellin finally realized Alaric was not for her and began to see Finn's feelings, but nothing is resolved and it is going to be a long wait until the next book

    14. Read this along with my friend Michelle and we have a conversation-type of review at my blog. Sad that there wouldn't be a new book set in this world.

    15. I've liked these stories a lot, but I think I would enjoy the series more if the whole series was written and I could read them start to finish.

    16. I wish Meg Burden could write a third book to this series; the world-building was so good I want more of the whole thing.

    17. Very much improved from the first book. It has a solid plot, but ends on a cliffhanger. I look forward to reading the next book.

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