Skin Heat

Skin Heat Veterinarian Geneva Harper finds herself irresistibly drawn to Zeke Noble the mysterious young man to whom wild is second nature When a killer threatens Neva Zeke s need to protect her is as fierce

  • Title: Skin Heat
  • Author: Ava Gray
  • ISBN: 9780425239209
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Veterinarian Geneva Harper finds herself irresistibly drawn to Zeke Noble, the mysterious young man to whom wild is second nature When a killer threatens Neva, Zeke s need to protect her is as fierce as his desire to claim her as his mate.

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    1. So, this was more like a romantic suspense story than paranormal one? Duh.I had mixed feelings about this book. I enjoyed almost everything about it, except for the romance aspect of it. Not that there was an absence of chemistry between Zeke and Neva. But I just didn’t like that Zeke often had these annoying habits of shutting Neva out and pushing her away. I felt disappointed when he broke up with her in order to protect her from himself. He thought he wasn’t good enough for her and she wa [...]

    2. I will try with my review to do this book justice. I LOVED IT! Now you really should have read the book before this one, in order to appreciate what Zeke has gone through before we meet him 6 months after his escape from his captors. He has made it to his home but a changed man has taken his place. Now he has skills and can do things that would scare most people. But somehow he has to hide that side of himself in order to get a job to start rebuilding his life. When Neva Harper gives him the cha [...]

    3. 3 ½ stars. Although a few parts were incomplete. I enjoyed the experience. It’s good paranormal romantic suspenseE SKIN SERIES:You do NOT need to read them in order. The reason I’m talking about the previous books here is because as I read book 3, I couldn’t remember enough about books 1 and 2. I felt a need to refresh my memory and reread my earlier reviews. Seeing these notes would have satisfied that.Skin Game (Book 1): Kyra can gain abilities from people for a short time. Foster works [...]

    4. After six months imprisoned at a secret facility where he is experimented on, Zeke Noble finally escapes. Having no idea why he was kidnapped, he is left bewildered and confused. Worse, he notices he has super hearing, speed and can read other people and animals. Coming home to his desolate farm, with only a nearby aunt, Zeke is at loss for what to do. His mother went insane and killed herself, and he fears he may be on the same path. He is angry at what happened to him and so scared at what he [...]

    5. Six months ago, Zeke Noble was kidnapped and taken to an underground facility where he was put through the worst kind of tortures and tests. He and the other test subjects were able to escape, and Zeke is now a changed man. He has always been a loner, but has to re-learn basic social skills. He ends up back at his dilapidated farm in Harper Creek with no job prospects. He’s desolate and afraid since he has no support from his neighbors and family, except for his Auntie Sid who is just too nosy [...]

    6. Question: Where do I sign up for a man with an innate love for animals and for pleasing women?Answer: Skin Heat, the third installment of the Skin series by Ava Gray.Zeke Noble has returned to his farm in Harper Creek after being kidnapped, mentally tortured and experimented on like a lab rat for six months. He doesn’t know why he was abducted, but the experiments have had a permanent effect on his physical senses as well as his mind. Never the less, he’s determined to establish a normal lif [...]

    7. Skin Heat is book 3 of the series and while I was reading, I was sure it would end up as my favorite. Though I did thoroughly enjoy the book, I've ended with a preference for the first two books. Zeke and Neva were excellent characters and I love how Gray writes with more depth and care for her setting and secondary characters than most other authors I have read in this genre. There just always seems to be a little hill I can't quite climb to reach those 5 stars and in this case, it was a combin [...]

    8. Review originally posted at yummymenandkickasschicks/?Skin Heat the third book in Ava Gray’s ‘Skin’ series. I have read the previous books and really, really enjoyed them. Creative story building, strong and interesting heroines and heroes that make you glad you’re a woman. I remembered that about this series. I also remembered how I found Ava to be one hell of a story teller. What I had forgotten about this series is how, once you reach the ‘pinnacle’ of the story, it’s impossible [...]

    9. This book had its ups and downs, but ultimately I'd give it a 3+/3.5 stars.The story, briefly.Zeke isn't himself after he escapes six months of captivity and experimentation. He can hear things he shouldn't be hearing, and he smells in Technicolor. In his attempt to pull his life back together, he gets a job as a vet tech at Geneva Harper's veterinarian practice. Circumstances throw them (and their various body parts) together multiple times, but Zeke's struggles with his animalistic nature pull [...]

    10. My friends on GR have probably noticed I don't have the energy lately for lengthy reviews, so I'll keep this short and sweet.If Skin Tight was the strongest of this series so far, then IMO Skin Heat is the weakest. It's like this novel couldn't decided what it wanted to be when it grew up. That said it's not the horrible or anything, just merely "OK". Zeke and Neva make a fine couple. I really felt for Zeke as he struggles to rebuild his life and adapt to society again after captivity, and the t [...]

    11. 4-1/2 starsI really enjoyed this book. The hero was very different. He had been damaged as a result of being captured and experimented on and was not normal and the author didn't suddenly make him normal by the end. I really enjoyed that and how his "voice" stayed consistent throughout the story. The relationship between him and the heroine was the main thrust of the story. He was a beta hero who had loved the heroine from afar for years and spent a lot of the book thinking he wasn't good enough [...]

    12. Background story, I have read this series along with a good 40-50 other books I read but disliked and therefore, didn't write reviews for them at the time. I have made it a mission to go back and reread all of these so I can post a review about why I disliked or hated them for my own personal reference. I've done well so far in getting halfway through my list by giving each reread a fresh and fair review. With that said, I was surprised to learn that for some odd reason I disliked this book enou [...]

    13. แม็กซ์ชอบงานเขียนของเอวา เกรย์ ชอบมาก ๆ ตั้งแต่ได้อ่านเล่มแรกของเธอเรื่อง Skin Game และก็คงต้องบอกตามตรงนะคะว่า เราเลยไม่แน่ใจเท่าไหรว่า เล่มต่อ ๆ ไปในชุดจะสนุกได้มากน้อยแค่ไหนกัน [...]

    14. Zeke makes it back to his home after months of travel. He and his fellow captives were released from the secret facility that had him imprisoned and all he wanted was to go home and live his life as normally as possible. But Zeke knows that that’s not going to happen. First there’s the fact that his senses have intensified and he knows no normal human can hear things so far away, or see in the dark or run with the speed of a gazelle – all things he can now do. But he has to have money to f [...]

    15. Zeke Noble is totally "swoon" worthy!!!!I started this book with lowered expectations, based on reviews I had already read, But was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it.We first had a brief meeting with Zeke at the end of SKIN TIGHT, which is the only thing that really connects this book to the last one. I didn't mind so much because the two prior books seemed to do their own thing, but there is more of a connection between the first two books. This didn't take away from the story for me [...]

    16. Oh my, Zeke. The only reason for me to give the story a 5 star was Zeke. Sweet, loving and untainted by what was done to him. The only thing that he wanted was to live a peaceful life and love from distance.I was disappointed that there was no continuation to the cause against the foundation but the story plot and mystery made it up.

    17. Joint review with Has over at The Book Pushers:Where did you get the book: Bought/Author copyWhat publisher: Berkely SensationRelease Date: Out Now!Has: I have been eagerly awaiting for Skin Heat because this is fast becoming, scratch that, it is one of my favourite paranormal series. I love Ava Gray’s trademark of gritty romance which has heaps of emotional intensity.MinnChica: I’m a huge fan of the Skin Series as well, and after the way we left things in Skin Tight, I was anxiously awaitin [...]

    18. This book was a solid 3 stars until about 50% where the "I love yous" came out. After they slept together once. Once. I'm not saying "characters can't love each other unless they banged X times already" (Mariana Zapata's books are proof), but up until 30%, Neva and Zeke barely talked. They were just strangers giving in to lust and that's apparently love.Then there was the killer and he was such a cliché: he sang nursery rhymes, he kept hearing his father's (abusive) voice in his head, he had a [...]

    19. Steamy sensuality meets diabolical deadliness in Ava Gray's newest release, Skin Heat.Imagine being kidnapped, held hostage for months on end, being tortured and probed, the unthinkable done to you – experimented on like some kind of lab rat. Imagine escaping and returning to civilization, unable to read, write, do life's basic tasks. Imagine part of your humanity gone, replaced by animal instincts and abilities. Imagine the unimaginable.Zeke Noble has never had an easy life. With a family his [...]

    20. Source: 8 out of 10 – GREAT READ!First line: All the animals were gone.Memorable Scenes: - Neva listening/spying on Zeke’s self-pleasuring > this was an important scene to the romance and for the balance between Zeke and Neva…not to mention it was HOTZeke Noble is one of the escapees from the underground facility from SKIN TIGHT. Zeke is something else. He had my admiration from the very start of this book with the way he tried to cope with what had been done to him and getting back his [...]

    21. Skin Heat by Ava GrayParanormal Romance Jan 4th, 20104 ½ starsSkin Heat is a very touching romance. It is not a fast paced or an action/intrigue filled story like the author’s 2 prior books in the series, but it is a sweeter romance about 2 people who are isolated, lonely and find real love. The paranormal aspects do not play as big a role in the story except towards the end of the novel. Zeke Noble has finally returned to his rundown home. He has never had much money. In this small town he i [...]

    22. Alternating between Zeke and Geneva's points of view Zeke had a tough childhood (depressed mother who committed suicide, angry, alcoholic father) and was looked down upon by the townspeople. And a year ago, Zeke was kidnapped, taken across the country, and held in a facility where they experimented on him holding him in a cell, or tied to a table poked and prodded. He escapes with a few others, takes a few months to hitchhike back home - to a run down farm house. and he knows he is different his [...]

    23. I LOVED the relationship. So different from anything I've seen- almost like a gender swap on the traditional cliche relationship you'll find in paranormal romances. Very neat.

    24. I don’t know what to make of this book or this series. Is it a romantic suspense or paranormal romance? Or a combination of the two?At the end of Skin Tight, Zeke is one of the “patients” that escaped from the facility. He has hitched hiked his way back home and finds his farm neglected and his animals gone. Zeke isn’t the same man he was when we was abducted 6 months ago. He now has extrasensory abilities, bordering on animal instinct. He doesn’t know what to make of it but he is dete [...]

    25. Totally without a doubt for me the best read of 2011!I started Skin Heat late Saturday afternoon and stayed up until 1 am to finish because this story and these characters were so absolutely delicious that there was no way I could go to bed without finishing the book!Ava Gray started the series with book 1 Skin Game, which introduced us to the original and suspenseful world that she created that has characters with scientifically engineered abilities In book 2 Skin Tight she continued the premis [...]

    26. First off from other reviews I've read, I am really glad that I read this third book in the series before reading the second - so I avoided the disappointment for what was apparently a deviation from the series arc. So, I was just expecting expecting a romance with one of the leads having a special talent. And my expectations actually weren't that high because 'The Veternarian hooking up with The Guy with animal magnetism' theme has been a whole bunch of times in shapeshifter romances, but this [...]

    27. Read Full Review HereAfter reading quite a few ho-hum reviews I was skeptical I was going to like Skin Heat as much as the first book, Skin Game (coughs page 49). Perhaps my expectations were lowered or my ever-changing hormones were for once on an up swing, but Skin Heat pleasantly surprised me.Zeke returns to his hometown after being kidnapped for a year and brutally experimented on. He needs a job and sees the help wanted sign in Neva Harper’s veterinary clinic. A changed man of few words, [...]

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