Back to Normal

Back to Normal Is it normal for a romance to blossom between a man who s in the closet and a man who s never wanted than a hook up How about when a clairvoyant grandmother and the ghost of a dead aunt are thrown int

  • Title: Back to Normal
  • Author: Wren Boudreau
  • ISBN: 9781607378655
  • Page: 198
  • Format: ebook
  • Is it normal for a romance to blossom between a man who s in the closet and a man who s never wanted than a hook up How about when a clairvoyant grandmother and the ghost of a dead aunt are thrown into the mix, along with a stiletto wearing twin sister, an Irish pub, a detective brother, and a mother who thinks her son just needs a good woman Greg Capello thought thIs it normal for a romance to blossom between a man who s in the closet and a man who s never wanted than a hook up How about when a clairvoyant grandmother and the ghost of a dead aunt are thrown into the mix, along with a stiletto wearing twin sister, an Irish pub, a detective brother, and a mother who thinks her son just needs a good woman Greg Capello thought that he d feel normal if he pretended he wasn t gay, and now it s making him crazy that he can t stop thinking about his new boss Finn Sparks Finn thinks it s not normal that instead of wanting to hop into bed with Greg, he d like to know about the man, like what s under that starchy exterior, and who he s talking to when it appears no one s there They can t fight the attraction between them every time they touch it s electric So Finn finds himself taking it slow and going on dates, for crying out loud And Greg has to accept himself, or accept the consequences of staying hidden Sowhat s normal anyway

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    About "Wren Boudreau"

    1. Wren Boudreau

      Wren Boudreau likes to think she s wild and bohemian, a charismatic character who sees magic everywhere The reality is that Wren Boudreau is quite ordinary, an introvert who prefers nesting in the warm comfort of her home and going on great adventures in her head In her youth, she played with Barbie dolls, learned to play piano, slept with stuffed animals, and had a pixie hair cut In her teens, Wren wrote stories about lost love, sang in the choir, learned how to use a blow dryer and cried on New Year s Eve She went to college, took a creative writing class, directed a play, spiked her hair, waited tables, worked at a publishing house, got married, had a baby The baby grew up, Wren went back to school, became a teacher and grew her hair long When she discovered m m romance, she decided she wanted in on that She has negligible social skills, does not always play well with others and runs with scissors She is still married, to a wonderful man who isn t sure why she s writing gay romance but loves her anyway.

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    1. Sigh, I am in a lovestruck haze that only a thoroughly engaging love story can bring on. This book is fantastically romantic, the two men have a believable connection with a slow, satisfying buildup, they become friends, they grow and change and they accept other. The secondary characters add so much to the characters as well. I adored it. Seriously, I have no words. Ok, I do have words but I can't repost my review so I'm going to be a jerk and post a link toJERR.

    2. I first read this in Jan 2011, doing a reread.Greg, poor Greg , he is in the closet and suffering, physically and emotionally under the weight of it all. And as if that's not enough, his school is letting all the new teachers go because of budget costs, and yep, you guessed it Greg was one of the newer teachers and the restaurant he works at to make extra money is closing AND as of that wasn't more than enough he has his dead aunt living in his brain, at least part time.Greg does get a chance to [...]

    3. An actual romance without much sex! Do these exist anymore? Anyway Back to Normal offers a look at two men who come together slowly, building a friendship and easing into the sexual attraction. This story stands out immediately because the two men don’t fall into bed immediately but they also don’t lack any sexual chemistry. There is no big tension keeping them apart, they simply move at a slower pace. I really enjoyed this difference and kept the story fresh and interesting, even during the [...]

    4. 4.5 starsNewly divorced and faced with losing not one but two jobs at once could have anyone at the breaking point. Add in the fact that the ghost of his aunt lives in his head and his fear of facing his sexuality and Greg Capello seems to really be heading for a breakdown. When he meets Finn Sparks his safe and orderly life suddenly takes another unexpected turn. As they slowly form a friendship will Greg finally find the strength to accept who he really is and reach out for true love?I really [...]

    5. At twenty six, Greg Capello is facing a divorce and a pink slip. He also longs to be normal -- which is not easy with a dead aunt residing in his head and his surpressed desire towards men. But then his eyes catches the amber eyes of his new boss, Finn Sparks, and he wonders what is normal anyway.Oh, I LOVE this book!!! Okay, the story is part of Loose ID's "Coming Out Celebration", so every participating book has a theme of someone coming out. In this book, it's Greg. I love the pace that Ms. B [...]

    6. This story upset me and made me cry at the beginning, because I feel people shouldn't have to hide who they are. I just hurt for Greg. So glad he had someone like Finn. I loved how Finn was so patient with him. What can I say about Aunt Coco, I really really loved her! I usually like when they fall in love fast, but I have to say I enjoyed the slow build up of their love, it worked for me! I really didn't want this book to end. Great great read!

    7. I really loved this book until it just ended. It is just one of my personal literary kinks but I need the ending to be spelled the freak out. I don't want the big confrontation that I have been waiting the whole book to see how it goes to just be alluded to in the last paragraph of the book. Nevertheless the rest of the book was good enough that I still give it 3 stars (it would have been 4 if there had just been one more chapter).

    8. A unique book. I am sure I would never want a dead aunt to live in my head. I think Gree did a great job of not going insane after listening to her for years. I loved that even after fighting it he still told tha man Aaron about the message from his mom. Finn was a bit harder to connect with but his grandma Miri was a hoot.Overall fun to read.

    9. Sweet romance, but overall a pretty serious coming-out taleWarning: This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS. Rating: 7/10PROS: - There’s an odd and intriguing story element that comes out right at the beginning, and I couldn’t figure out at first whether it was psychological or supernatural. Either way, though, I was hooked from the start.- Greg’s life takes several difficult turns throughout the course of the story, and I admired his fortitude in dealing with them. Ra [...]

    10. Back to Normal is the classic gay tale of out and proud meets closet case with a twist. Greg Capello, an about to be out- of-work teacher and part-time waiter is so far in the closet he got married, a serious mistake on his part. Now divorced, Greg is fighting terrible headaches and dealing with the ghost of his Aunt Coco, a resident in his head for the past twelve years. He's also dealing with a very strong attraction to Finn Sparks, his new boss at the restaurant where he moonlights. Finn is d [...]

    11. I really loved the characters, all of them. I don't know how a story with so much going on and so well written left me feeling bored, but it did. Taken in pieces it was probably closer to 4 stars. I try to use the GdRd ratings more objectively than my personal ones, but I just couldn't give this 4 stars. So basically, take this review with a "grain of salt".

    12. A cute book, with an interesting paranormal angle (that a skeptic might say was just Greg's own brain playing with him after his traumatic injury). This is a fairly standard coming-out story - Greg's got the usual hang-ups with himself and with fear of his family's reaction. I like the chemistry between him and Finn, and their individual growth as they become friends and then lovers. But the ending feels rushed and doesn't resolve a lot of the problems that were set up earlier in the book. (view [...]

    13. 4.5 starsGreg is a freshly divorced teacher who works part-time in a fancy restaurant as a waiter. Unusually, the spirit of his dead aunt lives in his head an talks to him. The day after he finds out he's been laid off from his teaching job he finds out the restaurant is closing, but luckily the new owners hope to hire people. He is strangely attracted to Finn, one of the new owners and it's mutual but he is straight and not interested, unless he is of course. Finn is a confessed man-whore but a [...]

    14. I really enjoyed this book more than I thought I would. The premise seemed a bit strange to me with the way it was described but I found myself being sucked right into the story. I thought the "aunt in the head" parts were written pretty unobtrusively and possibly believable except when he was in public. He kept it mainly quiet that he had this gift but then would walk around talking to himself and no one noticed. I felt bad for Greg in general with all of his fears and insecurities. I loved Fin [...]

    15. This book seems to have been written with a sequel in mind, since several issues are left unresolved. I liked both main characters, and this is the kind of paranormal that works best in contemporary novels, I think. But the whole plotline seemed thin: I wanted more depth, and the characters seemed capable of supporting it. Just not crazy about it, but it was a quick read and I didn't find much to dislike in it at all. I just wanted a different book after the first few chapters than the author ga [...]

    16. Slow to start but pickup nicely after the first few chapters. The banters between characters, especially between Greg and Aunt Coco were nicely done.The story then get interesting from maybe 40% onward until the end.However, the book ended just when the relationship began to take roots. Looks like a HFN ending, if the author didn't have a sequel.I can see more stories to tell though. I hope the author will wrote a sequel about Greg and Finn.

    17. It's the classic story of the male being afraid to come out of the closed. What makes this special is the amount of detail that the author put into the story. You really understand the thought process. You truelly feel the struggle. The character detail in this story was amazing and I was really impressed. I got to know them so well that I fell in love and that a mark of an amazing author. Awsome Job!

    18. This was such a sweet romantic story. Poor Greg, living his life in fear of being himself, and suffering physically and mentally. I felt so bad for him. Thank God he had Aunt Coco. She was a wonderful part of the story. Greg’s journey to being himself was well written. I loved how Finn waited for him and their relationship developed slowly. My only complaint is that the ending was so abrupt. I wanted much more of the story. 4 stars

    19. 4-4.5 I loved so much about this story: the characters, the light-hearted paranormal aspect, Greg's journey out of the closet. I expected triteness, but was never disappointed. Given the premise, WB handled both the psychic & psychological aspects with authenticity & the right amount of emotion. My only complaint is that it ended too abruptly. Sequel?

    20. A good M/M romance that could have been better by being just a little longer, as several threads were only half-finished by the end of the novel. Some might disagree with the half-finished assessment, but it resulted in a HFN ending for me rather than a HEA. And I prefer HEA unless it's the start of a series, which isn't the case here.

    21. I loved Finn and Greg. I loved how things progressed and I was dragged into the story and characters almost immediately. I've got my fingers crossed for a sequel because I absolutely want more from all of the characters.

    22. I think what I liked most about this book was the emotional journey Greg went through, and the way his years of hiding his secrets and fears were manifesting themselves physically, which made his relationship with Finn all the more poignant. Also Aunt Coco. I loved Aunt Coco.

    23. I loved this! The writing, plot, pacing, characterseverything was amazing. The only issue I had was the ending. I actually wanted more! I'd love to read about the fall-out of the news program and Greg's own paranormal powers.Highly recommended!

    24. I really wanted to give the book more stars, but there was just not enough conflict in it to keep me interested. I started skipping pages after page 120 (about two thirds of the book). Still, the story was nice enough.

    25. I liked the story, but I feel cheated with the ending. I traveled this rode with Greg and would have liked to see how his mother handled him coming out, and there was more to write about Greg's power evolving

    26. The blurb made Back to Normal appear much more interesting than it actually was. Perhaps the quirkiness was a little forced. It was not a bad read and I liked the main protagonists, but overall it left me underwhelmed.

    27. 2.5/5 This was an alright book. It started off good and then slowly sliding down the hill. The paranormal didn't sit well with me. For some reason the idea of Greg talking to his dead aunt just felt awkward to me. The ending felt odd - frankly speaking the whole book feel odd to me.

    28. 2.8 stars.What I liked about the book was that up until about halfway through the book the main characters could be seen living virtually separate lives, unlike many other books that make it seem like their characters' life had only just began when they met each other.

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