The Spymaster's Lady

The Spymaster s Lady She s braved battlefields stolen dispatches played roles from worldly to naive lady to boy But Annique Villiers elusive spy Fox Cub is thrown in prison with British spymaster Robert Grey ordered

  • Title: The Spymaster's Lady
  • Author: Joanna Bourne
  • ISBN: 9780425219607
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Paperback
  • She s braved battlefields, stolen dispatches, played roles from worldly to naive, lady to boy But Annique Villiers, elusive spy Fox Cub, is thrown in prison with British spymaster Robert Grey, ordered to enter France and bring her back Their uneasy alliance holds, but passion builds as they flee.

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    1. Joanna Bourne

      Joanna lives in the foothills of the Blue Ridge with her family, a medium sized mutt and a faux Himalayan cat.She writes Historical Romances set in England and France during the Napoleonic Wars She s fascinated by that time and place such passionate conviction and burning idealism and really sexy clothes.

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    1. My guess at how the publisher’s office works, based on the cover of this book:Publisher: So what’s this book about?Assistant: Hell if I know. Or care.Publisher: Ok. Put an ambiguous guy on the front. That should "cover" our bases.Assistant: Good one, boss. I’ll make sure to make him look like a tool.OR maybe something like this:Assistant: Spymaster’s Lady, huh? That’s a pretty intriguing title.Publisher: Yea. It’s too sophisticated. The cover has to balance that.A: Ok. I’ll use an [...]

    2. Why can't I select ZERO stars? Why, ? Tell me why!WTF is the matter with this author?! We have an amazing heroine, in most respects. Paired with a hero that is fucking unforgivable. After saving their lives, he betrays her, treats her like a whore, and virtually threatens her with sexual assault on a constant basis.Then, heroine helps them again. I don't know why. Personally, I would have left the bastards to fucking die. I would have been rubbing two sticks together to try and light them on fuc [...]

    3. The Spymaster's Lady was a little like reading a historical Ludlum novel plus romance. I'm usually leery of the spy theme in historical romance because it's typically a plot device and a novelty; it's never lent much thought. It's clear, however, that Joanna Bourne not only lent the subject thought, she created two characters entrenched in that world. Grey and Annique are two of the best. They're assets to their nations, Britain and France, respectively, but they've never met before-- until a pi [...]

    4. "Spying is a life of boring, ordinary tasks, performed while death scratches at the window."So perfect that it might be the last romance I ever read. I've had this on my To Be Read list for as long as I've been on , which means a long time, and while I've always meant to get around to reading it I never had. Until now, at a time when I'd given up ever finding another romance I wanted to really read let alone enjoy. So, a couple of months after being on the library waitlist I finally got to read [...]

    5. This book.has the worst cover ever. Thank god for Kindle. As for the actual STORYI really enjoyed the first part of this book, like REALLY did, and then after a while, the heroine becamedumb. And I wanted to kill her. She is so awesome in the beginning, why WHY lose it half-way through the book!??! She goes from badass to imcompetent and not smart about things! WHY??!?!?! WHY MUST YOU BECOME DEPENDENT ON THE MAN HALFWAY THROUGH!?It was a fun read nonetheless, I read it voraciously, but started o [...]

    6. 3.5 starsWarning: Possible spoilers aheadThough I'll try my best not to spoiler the plot. But to explain my issues, I'll have to explain them and that may lead to a few spoilers.I couldn't resist, so I went ahead and read the next one chronologically in Joanna Bourne's Spymasters series.Everything I said about the The Forbidden Rose is true for The Spymaster's Lady. The unique and distinctive voice the author gives her characters, and (something I didn't mention in my review for the previous boo [...]

    7. Another wonderful historical spy/action/love story!The heroine is a young woman who never had a normal childhood, but was enmployed as a runner first and spy later since a very early age!She's at the same tough and vulnerable. She's highly intelligent, but her youth make her reach some rather questionable solutions to some very difficult situations. I usually don't like heroines that are either young or who take such a high risks, but here I just loved Annique. The way she faces life is the prod [...]

    8. Oh, mane stockholm syndrome is strong with this one. The romance is just soridiculous to me. I found Annique's POVs and dialogue extremely annoying to read.Grey. Annique saves his and Adrian's lifed he turns around and pays her back by taking her captive and dressing her in indecent clothing. She saves Adrian's life by pulling out a bullet that would've surely killed himd they turn around by drugging her for days and only rouse her when they need her to get past a checkpoint. She then pretty muc [...]

    9. This is a power-differential romance (which is a thing I just made up) and that brings in some uncomfortableness that can be hard to get past. By which I mean that Grey has Annique in his power and relatively helpless for much of the story. She is literally his prisoner to start and functionally so all the way to the end. Which makes the falling-in-love part a harder sell and I'm not sure Bourne pulled that off.But I had problems even beyond that through much of the novel as well. I had a partic [...]

    10. It's clear the currently reading shelf in my world. This was like a 3.75Thatunded bad. It's just that I mostly listened to the audio which was addicting for this book but I am terribly slow at. There's some aspects that just didn't work crazily well for me. We knew Annique so well, but I felt less of a sense of Robert, even though frankly, I was pretty hot for him. I felt like certain plot points were so well developed and others weren't. I was a little disappointed in how neat the ending become [...]

    11. I really enjoyed this book. It's not typical and has lots of twists and turns. Grey was a great character right up to the end and I thought Annique was one strong, resourceful woman without losing her femininity. I liked the sexual tension and how it built up--loved the bath tub scene! I liked "Robert" too and how Annique didn't recognize him because of his voice.I was totally floored when Grey found out she was blind! Holy left field there! I thought the author did that very well.What I really [...]

    12. Nuestra reseña en A la cama con un libro Unas enaguas muy diferentes a las que estoy acostumbrada. Estupenda lectura!

    13. I recognize that some romance readers don't mind a lot of historical errors in favor of a romance that a modern person can enjoy. If I get in the mindset, especially if there's humor (like in Courtney Milan's books) I can enjoy the story and blink past Hollywoodish backdrop and language.But in this one the hero was such an abusive dickweasel, and not very competent. Finally I couldn't believe in the story line when the h/h are supposedly in danger but all they can think about is lusting after on [...]

    14. 4.5 starsI thoroughly enjoyed listening to the audiobook version of this story, which was excellently narrated by Kirsten Potter. I’m not really a fan when American narrators are used to narrate stories which are set at least partly in Britain and in which the majority of the characters are British, by Ms Potter did a superb job on the characterisations and accents, although she opted to read in her native accent.I’m also not normally someone who seeks out spy plots in historical romances. I [...]

    15. I have never been so grateful for the OCD that requires me to read series in order. This book is an absolute gem that I otherwise may never have read. It’s certainly not the kind of book I would normally pick up, and were it not for new_user’s review of The Forbidden Rose (the third book in this series), I highly doubt that I would ever have bothered with this one, and what a loss that would have been. I loved it!Spies are not really my thing, especially in fiction. I pretty much never read [...]

    16. Please note that this review contains more spoilers than what I usually include in my posts. I heard so many good things about this book, and, from a minority, so many bad things, that I was curious to know what the fuss was all about.First of all I have to thank one of my readers for sending it to me and I am sorry that didn't read it sooner. I felt I owed you a review but between work, internet problems and other books It took me some time to get to it.One of things that really defines a book [...]

    17. Very enjoyable read. I'm reading the series in chronological order, so this was my second book. I read the first one (The Forbidden Rose) just a few days ago, so pretty much jumped into number two straight away. And I've really liked both of them!I'm really getting into this 'spy-HR' trope that has never appealed to me before. But perhaps that's because I hadn't read any that were written with Joanna Bourne's level of skill. She is a fine writer. Set during the mad days of Napoleon Bonaparte's m [...]

    18. 4 1/2 starsAlthough it took me over a month to finish this one (my fault, not the author's), I did enjoy the story overall. Annique Villiers is the Fox Cub - one of France's most cunning and evasive spies. Grey is the Head of Section for British intelligence. When the two meet up, they are enemies who are undeniably attracted to one another - and prisoners of the same French agent. Annique has suffered a major accident that has left her blind, but that doesn't stop her from helping Grey and his [...]

    19. Joanna Bourne has a wonderfully elegant style of writing that reminds me a bit of Laura Kinsale. With an adventurous plot, a crafty heroine, a sexy, domineering hero, and sexual tension that crackles, THE SPYMASTER'S LADY is simply gorgeous.

    20. 3,5 stars.Fun book to read, enjoyed the journey. Well written and nice characters but in the end it fell a bit short, would have wished for more detail in story and characterization. Took me some time to get into it as well, but once I hit 15% or so I really started to enjoy it.If you’re looking for a fun, enjoyable read then it’s a good choice. Don’t expect too much though.

    21. Truly still one of my very favorite romances, and I'm surprised I never wrote a review of it when I first read it years ago. I remember beginning this book the first time with some trepidation over a plot device I usually detest, which is the capture narrative of a heroine. Annique Villiers is a French spy extraordinaire and the motley crew of English spies roaming France during Napoleon's reign are itching to get their hands on her for interrogation. Master spy Robert Grey is especially eager t [...]

    22. Update 5/8/13: After three reads, I still maintain that the first half of this book is pretty much the best HR ever written. But then in the second half I get sad and wish for a return of the first half, which is why I just can't bump this up to more than 4 stars. Still overall awesome though, and high on the list of my favorite romances of all time.Original review 8/10: Don't be fooled by the hilariously awful cover and marginally sexist title (since the lady is herself a spy in her own right)- [...]

    23. Reread: July 2017I realized that I still haven't finished this series so I'm planning to do it before the new book comes out. I reread The Forbidden Rose before this one and basically swooned every time William Doyle appeared on the page. Still want to marry Grey and have his babies tho. First read: Nov 2015OKAY so I read this one early this year and I loved it and I rated it 3????? why @ past!Lisa, why did you ????after finishing this, I decided that this deserved a solid 4 just because THE CHA [...]

    24. The first book in The Spymaster's Lady series. I have mixed feelings about this one. I liked it and will read more by this author but I can't help mentioning that something was off in this story. These people are supposed to be spies and yet they seemed juvenile and childish at times. I wasn't convinced of the romance in the story either. It happened too quickly and I just didn't feel it. Still, it was a little different fare from the normal Regency era stories.

    25. I really like Joanna Bourne’s writing, but I am super uncomfortable with the consent issues present in this book. While I understand that power struggles are a large part of the draw of historical romances, I find that it isn’t the draw for me. And this book seems to have more issues with consent and power than many I’ve read.I understand the draw between Grey and Annique, but the power imbalance between them is entirely too large. She is his captive for most of the book, skewing the power [...]

    26. Despite the gawd-awful cover (unabashedly posing as if he’s on a Parisian catwalk ? LOL…), this is espionage romance @ its finest. Even tho’ it’s historical, this book somehow reminds me of ‘Alias’ (cult-fav TV show that catapulted Jen Garner into stardom) w/ the whole enchilada : maze-like twists & turns, conflicting loyalties, forbidden passion, action & adventure galore, a sexy hero, an ingenious heroine who’s led an extraordinary life & got the biggest b@ll$ in roma [...]

    27. I've been asked to shelve 5 of my favorite romances for Romance Week Feb 9-13. Here's my first one: Joanna Bourne's Spymaster's Lady. Joanna's characters are always well-rounded and many layered--this novel has an unusual heroine, Annique, who has grown up with spycraft in the Napoleonic War era. She's going through ordeals I won't spoil, but she does so with great courage and resourcefulness. One of the best historical-spy romances out there. Highly recommended.

    28. I'm so glad I read this as an e-book--this cover is just too damn embarrassing. In order of most interesting to least interesting:1) the heroine2) the plot3) the secondary characters4) the hero (Bla!!!)I'm somewhat curious about the other titles this author has published, but I probably won't race out to pick them up. Maybe someday

    29. She listened to the fire for a while. “When one says, ‘I will not let myself feel anything for that man,’ it is already too late.”Forget the ridiculous cover and just listen to me when I say that this is a fabulous book. I've given a precious few five star ratings this year and this is one of them. It's certainly not a perfect book, and grew a bit slow and plodding at points near the end. Its material may not be for everyone, particularly if you don't like your historical romances with a [...]

    30. "Do you know, when I am with you I am not afraid at all. It is a magic altogether curious that happens inside the heart. I wish I could take it with me when I leave."Honestly, I have no words. This book sucked me and from the very first page. What delightful characters Ms Bourne has created, and what a story! I cannot wait to start the next book.

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