Sentenced to Death

Sentenced to Death As the owner of Stoneham New Hampshire s mystery bookstore Haven t Got a Clue Tricia Miles can figure out whodunit in the latest bestseller way before she gets to the last page But these days Trici

  • Title: Sentenced to Death
  • Author: Lorna Barrett
  • ISBN: 9780425241868
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Paperback
  • As the owner of Stoneham, New Hampshire s mystery bookstore Haven t Got a Clue, Tricia Miles can figure out whodunit in the latest bestseller way before she gets to the last page But these days, Tricia is using her sleuthing skills for much than the books on her shelves It s Founders Day in Stoneham and the whole village has turned out to celebrate in the squaAs the owner of Stoneham, New Hampshire s mystery bookstore Haven t Got a Clue, Tricia Miles can figure out whodunit in the latest bestseller way before she gets to the last page But these days, Tricia is using her sleuthing skills for much than the books on her shelves It s Founders Day in Stoneham and the whole village has turned out to celebrate in the square, including Tricia s friend and festivities organizer Deborah Black As everyone watches Deborah give the opening speech, a small aircraft crashes into the village gazebo, killing both Deborah and the pilot While the Sheriff s Department is convinced that it was an accident, Tricia has a feeling that there s to the story And when she reads between the lines of the case, what she finds is worse than the most sinister whodunit

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      The immensely popular Booktown Mystery series is what put Lorna Barrett s name on the New York Times Bestseller list, but it s her talent whether writing as Lorna, or L.L Bartlett, or Lorraine Bartlett that keeps her there This multi published, Agatha nominated author pens the exciting Jeff Resnick Mysteries as well as the acclaimed Victoria Square Mystery series and has many short stories and novellas to her name s Check out the links to all her works here lornabarrett

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    1. 4 stelle e mezzaUn'altra buona addizione a una serie che mi sta conquistando sempre di più. Confesso che vorrei dirigere una libreria dedicata ai gialli come fa la protagonista

    2. Bookstore owner Tricia Miles is devastated when a close friend is killed in an accident. Well, the police say it was an accident, but Tricia isn’t convinced – the more she learns about her friend’s life the more she is convinced it was murder. While Tricia is investigating the murder, things are changing around her and she begins to wonder if it is time that she too makes some changes.“Sentenced to Death” is the well done fifth book in Lorna Barrett’s “Booktown Mystery” cozy myst [...]

    3. Coming off a Vachss ride into the depths of despair of the human race, I needed some little ‘cozy mystery’ to get lost in. Cozy mystery is my definition of a 'no brainer' which I’m sure many cozy mystery fans would emphatically object to. Trish, owner of the mystery bookstore “Haven’t Got a Clue” in Stoneham, New Hampshire, solves another mystery she’s not supposed to get or be involved in. And her romance life which is important to her is picking up finally with an officer of the [...]

    4. I love a light hearted mystery and wrongly assumed this would be one. To begin with she killed a character in a completely ridiculous manner, and threw in an early introduction to the victim's 2 year old son. The reasoning seemed to be that the lead in this story was best friends with the victim something that never translated. If we are to believe this woman watched her best friend die I would expect more grieving. As someone who did lose their best friend while I am aware that everyone grieves [...]

    5. This has to be the oddest mystery I have ever read before. A plane crashes in the middle of the town square, a town square filled with people and kills only one person. Crazier still it was murder and the intended victim was not the pilot but the person on the ground. It made little sense to me how that would work and how no one else was even injured. The plane ran out of gas and so there was no fire but still things fly off planes and buildings in accidents. So with that implausible set up Tric [...]

    6. Up until this book I really have enjoyed the series as as whole. I can't figure out the "who dun it" until the end. This one,while still a good mystery, was a little too farfetched for me as a murder. A plane crash that only kills the intended victim and the pilot with no others injured or killed? I mean really! And this mysterious carry over from book 4 had better be addressed soon, or I am going to lose interest. As for Bob, I royally hope he gets whats coming to him. Angelica,the sister is st [...]

    7. What more can one say about a cozy mystery that starts with the victim being killed when a small plane comes down and crashes into a gazebo in the town square while she is given a speech. Stoneham, NH, which has molded itself into a tourist destination by the establishment of a group of used and rare book stores and businesses nearby that have adopted a book theme. Tricia Miles, the owner of Haven't Got a Clue (a mystery book shop) finds herself thrown into the center of another mystery when the [...]

    8. This was another well-done mystery in the Booktown series. Tricia Miles continues to grow as a character, as do the others in the small town of Stoneham. Tricia is not always a nice person or the most tactful when questioning people during her sleuthing, but I think that's what makes her so relatable. She has human flaws and less than desirable attributes at times and isn't some perfect super woman solving mysteries right and left. The relationship between her and her sister, Angelica, is comple [...]

    9. A Booktown Mystery is probably one of my favorite series, and so when I was able to get my hands on book number 5, Sentenced to Death, of course I was all over reading it!It;s Founder's Day, a celebration that Bob Kelly had cooked up to drive more tourist traffic into town and promote the town. Of course Bob couldn't be bothered to do the leg work or give the opening speech, so Tricia's good friend, Deborah Black is doing it all. There is a plane pulling a banner behind it that is circling all a [...]

    10. We have all had 'bad' days, but, the horrific day that our sleuth, Tricia is forced to endure beats them all. Tricia encounters the dramatic and chilling death of a close (or she had thought close,)friend, then her loyal (or was she?)head clerk quits, finally, the man she hopes to grow closer to, announces he may be leaving Stoneham for a new life/job. Honestly, what is a girl to do?If you found yourself holding your breath as you just read the top paragraph, let me tell you that is nothing to w [...]

    11. All I can say is it's wonderful to find an author you can rely on. Characters grown with situations. Relationships grow with amateur sleuthing. AS usual Lorna gave me believable characters that interacted with each on a level that was realistic and not overblown. This is a favorite series of mine and thankfully this author has not written herself into a corner. Situations leave openings for further development. A REAL COZY.Characters: Tricia Miles-owner of Stoneham, New Hampshire's Haven't Got A [...]

    12. Sentenced is the 5th book in the "A Booktown Mystery" series. I'm a mystery reader that enjoys being told a story that's not cumbersome to read and has a nice mix of mystery, humor and enjoyable characters. This book and series has all of them.It is the Founder's Day weekend in Stoneham and a big celebration has been planned. As Deborah Black owner of The Home Domestic shop, is ready to begin the activities as soon as a private aircraft pulling a banner leaves the area. On it's last pass it's en [...]

    13. I have read all of the Booktown Mysteries by Lorna Barrett and I must say this one is a little disappointing. Almost as if this is the start of a shift in the series and the author was not exactly certain how to take those steps of change.Tricia, who is a character I love (how could a librarian not love a book seller?) seems to be in a quandary about the men in her life: her ex-husband sends her expensive presents, one past boy friend makes innuendos even though they have broken up long ago, and [...]

    14. I truly enjoy my time spent in "Booktown". I like the characters and the development of the relationship between Tricia and Angelica is always interesting.When the Founders Day picnic is just opening and Tricia's friend Deborah Black is getting ready to make a welcoming speech, tragedy happens. A small plane pulling a banner announcing the festivities crashes into the gazebo, instantly killing Deborah and the pilot.Tricia (of course) can't believe it was an accident and sets out to find out why [...]

    15. This was by far the weakest book in the series, I particularly didn't care for the "murder weapon". I just found it too unbelievable. The writing is still good, but the main character's obvious unhappiness with her life, even after making one of her life's dreams opening the mystery bookshop successful even in a poor economy makes for a lees enjoyable read. Another thing missing from earlier books in the series is Trish doesn't seem to read anymore and talk about the bookshop and classic mystery [...]

    16. This is the fifth book of the series. In this book, Tricia's friend is killed by a plane crashing into the gazebo she is standing in, getting ready to deliver a speech for Founder's Day. Tricia is upset by the things the woman's husband does, and investigates her death. She discovers many things about the woman she never knew. In addition, her assistant at the store is given the chance to take over the dead woman's shop, leaving Tricia short-handed. Can Ginny handle this store on her own?

    17. Trish did it again. Trish and her sister Angelica have done it again. They figured out who killed the main speaker at the Founder's Day Celebration. It took a little while but they, well, Trish with a reluctant sister in tow, did. It was a fast read and very enjoyable. Of course I recommend it to anyone who enjoys Lorna's books or who just loves cozy mysteries in general. I've read all the others and will continue to read them as long as she writes them .

    18. I can't figure out why I like cozy mysteries because in real life I hate these nosy busy-bodies. lolInteresting enough to keep my attention but the basic premise seemed rather implausible. A plane crashes in the center of town during a festival and only one person is hurt (well 2 including the pilot)? I liked that Tricia thought it was suspicious and investigated to find out the truth because really who would think murder in that situation?

    19. Founder's Day in Stoneham and festivities in the village square. A small aircraft crashes into the gazebo killing the pilot and another person.Was this just an accident!?Tricia starts to nose around and investigate. I love this series and this one has not only mystery but humor along with my favorite characters.

    20. Sentenced to Death by Lorna Barrett is a cozy mystery. The fifth in her Booktown Mystery series. Tricia Miles is a owner of the mystery bookstore, Haven't Got a Blue. In this story, the town of Stoneham, New Hampshire is rocked by a plane crash. Not the kind of fireworks they wanted to mark Founders' Day. Tricia's friend is killed, leaving her young son motherless. Soon the apparent accident is turns to murder.Barrett leaves enough clues from past stories leaves new readers not struggling to und [...]

    21. Tricia Miles is a witness when a plane crashes into the gazebo at the Stoneham Founder's Day celebration. Her friend, Deborah, was just starting to make a speech when she was killed along with the pilot of the plane. In her grief, Tricia and the other shop owners in the town, are shocked and dismayed when Deborah's husband is seen with a date celebrating with champagne the very next evening. He also sells her store and decides against having any kind of funeral for his wife. Deborah's mother is [...]

    22. Sentenced to Death is the 5th in the Booktown Mystery series by Lorna Barrett. The main character is Tricia Miles, the owner of a mystery book store with little impulse control or judgement. The story starts of with a small town founder's day celebration which is cancelled when a small plane with an advertisement for the celebration crashes into the gazebo which is used as the stage/focal point of the celebration and kills a bookstore owner about to give a speech. One can only hope that all poli [...]

    23. As the owner of Stoneham, New Hampshire's mystery bookstore Haven't Got a Clue, Tricia Miles can figure out whodunit in the latest bestseller way before she gets to the last page. But these days, Tricia is using her sleuthing skills for much more than the books on her shelves . . . It’s Founders' Day in Stoneham and the whole village has turned out to celebrate in the square, including Tricia’s friend and festivities organizer Deborah Black. As everyone watches Deborah give the opening speec [...]

    24. This book wasn't my favorite in this series so far. In some sections of the book, I found Tricia to be annoying due to her codependent ("doormat-like") personality traits. I guess that is how the author wants to portray her in this series, but it doesn't mean I have to agree or like it. Also agree with other reviewers that to have a plane crash where only the pilot and one other person dies, and no one else injured, is not really true to reality. I will continue to read this series and hope that [...]

    25. I'm going to hope that the method of (accidental death? homicide?) isn't a sign that the author needs to keep looking for some new means of holding her readers' interest. Tricia Miles can't accept the obvious explanations, and so must dig a little, observe, stitch together comments, reactions, and the observations of others into a hypothesis which sets her on that now-familiar path of small-town snoopage. Local folk continue to provide some light relief, and her own personal life's ups/downs/ pr [...]

    26. Killed in a plane crash, Deborah, Tricia's friend, had many secrets in her life. Tricia believes that Deborah was murdered and she wants police to investigate, but they keep passing the buck.

    27. I enjoyed this book much better then the last one. I am curious to find out more about the investment company that is buying and investing in the businesses and also what is going on with Tricia's ex-husband. I was glad that the romance equation was not in this book it was a nice break.

    28. Sois one was just plain silly. Goofy. My suspension of disbelief died in the gazebo along with Deborah Black. I guess I can give credit for the use of deus ex machina to CREATE the problem rather than solve it. Ha!

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